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Oakland to SF

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#31 tanabutler

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Posted 02 December 2004 - 12:12 PM

Tana, my apologies.  I didn't mean to offend.  I was trying to extend a compliment, actually, from my personal experience.  I find myself occasionally going along with a hungry crowd of friends to the nearest burger/pizza/Mex joint for some grub.  Sometimes we're just in the mood for grub, not a 'meal.'  And I must say, I enjoy those evenings as much, and sometimes more, than a fine meal if the company is lively and fun.  I do not think that being urged to join friends makes one by extension young or stupid.  It takes several Tequila shots to do that.

Melkor, I'm with you on the In 'n Out Burgers.

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I wasn't offended, but amused. I'm always the dragger, not the draggee!

#32 Blether

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Posted 12 August 2012 - 05:10 AM

I found myself in Oakland last month. Amongst other good dining experiences, I was lucky enough to be shown District early in my week, and to be staying within walking distance (it's on 9th, a block west of Broadway). The staff told me it's only been open a couple of months, and it's a branch of the original District in SF (near the ballpark ?). It's a big space with a horseshoe bar, and sofa seating round the rest of the room, nice for just drinks or for some relaxed eating.

I thought the it really worth writing up here on eG (and this looks like the most active Oakland thread !). I brought back a copy of their menu, wondering if it'd be OK to post it up - to find they have it on their own web site already -



Stand-outs for me -

- the Moroccan spiced lamb meatballs are excellent, the flavours very well balanced
- the cheeses - a wonderful selection - are in great condition and served exactly right
- the wild mushroom pizza ('pizzetta'), perfectly cooked and with a beautifully-judged hint of rosemary in the crust
- the all-available-by-the-glass wine list. (The Unti Zinfandel especially kept me coming back)
- lastly, the Point Reyes oysters are superb, and you don't have to queue in the sun for more than half an hour like you do at Point Reyes, on the weekend ! $1 oyster happy hour ?!

The charcuterie is perfectly good - only the "rillettes" are a smooth, unctuous mousse, not unctuously fibrous as I expected, and the pate de campagne veers more toward jellied and block-like and away from fat and crumbly than I'm used to.

Overall, I was disappointed only that I didn't have the opportunity to eat my way through the whole menu.

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