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  1. Here's the LGD Goes Ranch dip/dressing from This Will Make It Taste Good p 18. I recommend it highly. Vivian suggests adding some chopped Red Weapons and I'll try that with the leftovers but, as is, it was really good. Much better than any ranch dressing I've had - though I haven't made the Momofuku version yet. I've dipped into it with raw carrots, celery, cucumbers and snap peas and a Triscuits or two. All excellent. Below is a crappy photo of this stuff with roasted beet stalks. That was to have been served as a salad on mixed greens but the gre
  2. Walmart Neighborhood Market is the closest grocery store that carries name brand stuff so I stopped in there the other day to get Ruffles chips to have with the caramelized onion dip. I neglected to check for endive but while I was there, I picked up the Castelvetrano olives (the Mezzetta brand), a container of black garlic, Huy Fong Chili Garlic Sauce, Chaokoh coconut milk and Crystal hot sauce. And more onions to caramelize πŸ™ƒ
  3. You can find that one and most of the recipes that use it via Amazon's "Look Inside" feature. Today's lunch, featuring LGD, was the Tuna Salad Snack Crackers on p 26 This was really good, assuming you are a tuna eater. If not, consider salmon or sardines. You can put it in the avocado or a tomato or on a plate as a salad. I consider onion a must with tuna salad and didn't think the 2 shallots in LGD were going to do the job. I fully expected to go back and add more but this was just fine. I also mixed up a half batch of the LGD Goes Ranch dip/dressing
  4. Epicurus Gourmet in North Hollywood. A bit of a drive for you, but it would get you out of the apartment for a bit πŸ™ƒ
  5. I just finished up the last bar of Bordier butter so I need to stock up. The local shop where I pick it up offers quite a few flavors. I usually just get the demi-sel but I heard the seaweed (agues) is good. In addition to sweet, demi-sel and seaweed, they currently list smoked sea salt, piment d'espelette, garlic, fresh herbs & szechwan pepper, lemon olive oil, yuzu, vanilla bean, buckwheat, fennel and raspberry in stock. Any recommendations? Their fridge after arrival of a shipment
  6. I tried! There's a 1" thick glass weight in there and it's pretty much level with the top of the jar. If I find something thinner to use as a weight, I might get a little more in.
  7. I think I had a bite of sauerkraut from a can once as a child. I saw no reason to try it again but Vivian convinced me so I picked up a cabbage from the farmers market yesterday and decided to start some of the Can-Do Kraut. The recipe calls for an English cucumber. I used a regular one. Not sure if that will be bad. The recipe also calls for 1 head of cabbage but does not specify a weight. Most other recipes I see specify the amount of salt by weight of cabbage. Maybe it's forgiving. The recipe also says it will fill one 2-quart jar or two 1-quart jar. My ca
  8. A 2018 article about Cecilia Chiang, written by her granddaughter: Six Lessons on Becoming a Cooking Legend from Cecilia Chiang
  9. blue_dolphin

    Pasta shapes

    I don't care for pasta in that awkward size range that's too small to be stuffed but too big to eat in one bite. Rigatoni, shells and some other shapes can fall into this category. I ordered some rather expensive lumaconi for a recipe where they were to be stuffed. They turned out to be too small for that but still annoyingly large for a single bite. It might do me good to smash them up to cook like orzo πŸ™ƒ
  10. Great idea! Using a link that @Shelby posted over in the Gardening forum a while back, https://3quarterstoday.com/2014/07/06/cowboy-candy-recipe/ I was able to find the recipe that way! Saved and printed! Edited to add that the archive version of that link above referenced this website as the source for the recipe so you can go directly to it here: https://www.sbcanning.com/2010/10/cowboy-candy-check-this-out.html
  11. Maybe @Okanagancook has it written down somewhere. She has referred to β€œ@Shelby's Cowboy Candy” a few times. Of course, now I want some, too πŸ™ƒ
  12. For this purpose, I want cold water circulating, no heat. The lowest temp my Anova can be set to is 41Β°F so that's what I use. My "cold" tap water isn't particularly chilly so I add ice to get the bath temp down in the low 40's to start. My bath is set up in a small cooler so it holds the cold temp pretty well and I can depend on it staying in a safe zone. The time is going to depend on how big and what shape your hunk o'meat is. If I'm sure I'm going to cook something right away, particularly something small that will thaw quickly, I'll go ahead with warmer water but if it'
  13. My book arrived a little while ago. It does look very dense! The Food52 cookbook club chose this book as a year-long bonus book for 2021. I can see now that it could be a bit much to get through it in just one month. I'll be happy to take my time with it!
  14. Over on Eat Your Books, someone commented that they used basil instead of mint. I think that would work well if it's more available. I actually made this because I had a ton of mint!
  15. @Ann_T and @lemniscate have both mentioned it in posts.
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