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  1. blue_dolphin

    Cooking with Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden

    Grilled Green Tomatoes with Avocado, Feta & Watermelon from Six Seasons p 271. I thoroughly enjoyed this salad. The tartness of the grilled green tomatoes is a perfect partner for the sweet watermelon and the char on the tomatoes and scallions adds depth to the flavors. I don't usually encounter green tomatoes but wouldn't hesitate to make this again when I do. I used a stovetop grill pan and most of the char on the tomatoes stayed stuck to the pan 😢, maybe oiling the pan would have helped but there was no problem with the scallions sticking so I'm not sure. The recipe says to slice the scallions on a sharp angle before grilling. I cut them in half (longitudinally) before grilling, and then into shorter segments after. The recipe also called for purslane, which was absent at yesterday's market but I'll pick some up one of these days. Fun fact - for the avocados, I used one of the Western Hole avocados that I picked up at the farmers market from Rancho Santa Cecilia in Carpinteria, CA. They are small, with a thin, dark, purple-green skin and don't need to be peeled. Not a lot of guacamole to them with that fairly large seed but @ 3/$1, they're fine to put in salads like this.
  2. Penzey's is offering free shipping with a $20 order this weekend. Beginning Monday, their shipping rates will increase with the free shipping option kicking in at $40 vs the current $30. Free 1/2 cup jar of granulated shallots with a minimum $5 order with code 49155C. For some reason, I always unearth some decrepit old spice that should be replaced immediately AFTER I've placed an order with them. Last time it was white pepper. Now that I've placed another order, I'm sure it will be something else .
  3. blue_dolphin


    Peach Cheesecake pops v 1.1 I was going for something like the pop on the left, with the ricotta "cheesecake" mixture swirled into roasted peach purée with fresh peach chunks. Clearly, I need to work on my pop to pop variability so more work is needed. The first version was more cheesecake-like. These are OK but not that different from a peaches & cream pop. I used up the rest of the sweetened condensed milk from that cheesecake mix in a batch of David Lebovitz's Vietnamese Coffee pops. I forgot that I wanted to try swirling in some cream. You can't swirl in the sweetened condensed milk as it won't freeze on its own but I could have added a little cream at the end. Next time. I bought yellow peaches (Zee Lady were this week's variety), nectarines and white peaches at the farmers market, along with some pluots but I'm out of popsicle sticks. Oh the horror!
  4. blue_dolphin

    Breakfast! 2018

    I'd say that looks like industrial strength bacon, too ! I had a Vietnamese Coffee popsicle, made from David Lebovitz's recipe, which calls for coffee that's "chest hair-raisingly strong" - not sure how that compares with industrial strength but I can attest that they are seriously caffeinated.
  5. blue_dolphin

    Cooking with Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden

    A long-cooked soup made with roasted tomatoes would be more flavorful but this one was so quick - less than 20 minutes from slicing onions to eating lunch - that I figured I'd give it a try. I was thinking that maybe I should have made gazpacho instead. This one warmed me up more than I needed - good thing I have plenty of popsicles for the cool down !
  6. blue_dolphin

    Cooking with Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden

    If you're going to make soup with mid-summer tomatoes, this Tomato Soup with Arugula, Torn Croutons and Pecorino from Six Seasons p 270 is probably the one you should make. There's a bit of onion, a little garlic, a dash of hot sauce but it's all about beautiful tomatoes, cooked for just 5 minutes and then puréed. The garnishes add texture and depth so don't skip them. I added a teaspoon of honey to balance the acid in the tomatoes but otherwise made it as written. I've reserved some to try the variation with white beans and sausage but that will have to wait for a cooler day.
  7. blue_dolphin


    I haven't tried nectarine pops! Maybe I will pick some up from the farmers market today. My guess is that there's probably as much difference between some of the different peach varieties and roasted vs unroasted as between peaches and nectarines but I should try them before drawing that conclusion. The cucumber, lime & ginger, watermelon & cucumber, blueberry & corn and spicy corn pops all went to my local farm stand yesterday. I wasn't sure how the spicy corn would go over but they were a hit with at least 2 of the workers and I got lots of positive feedback on last week's offerings. I used the recipe for the Fig and Ricotta Cheesecake pops that I made last year to make these Peach Cheesecake pops: Even though I upped the ricotta and decreased the sweetened condensed milk, based on last year's experience, the "cheesecake" mix was still very liquid. It worked well to flow around the large slices of figs in the molds in the original recipe but I wanted to swirl a peach purée into these. The thick fruit and thin cheesecake mixtures were difficult to swirl in the molds, especially since I'd put thin slices of peach on both sides that I didn't want to dislodge. I think these are too melty for me to take to the peach guys at the farmers market unless I go buy dry ice to pack them in so I have another batch in the freezer with mostly peach purée, blended with a smaller amount of cheesecake mix and chunks of fresh peach.
  8. blue_dolphin


    Roasted plum & pluot: The deep color layer is from Santa Rosa plums and the lighter pink is made from Flavor Jewel pluots. I asked the peach guys at the farmers market what kind of pops they wanted for this week and Peaches & Cream was requested These were made from Elegant Lady peaches which didn't have as deep a blush on the skin or the amount of red flesh as last week's July Flame.
  9. blue_dolphin

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    That pine nut vinaigrette is really good! I think it would work with most any nut you like.
  10. blue_dolphin

    Movies/Films with Food-Related Themes

    I'm going to see the traveling edition of the Broadway musical based on "Waitress" so I watched the movie last night. I really wished I could have sampled a few of those pies, too!
  11. blue_dolphin

    Boat Cookery

    @JohnT, I must say your menus sound much better than I would have imagined on a boat with a small crew! I imagine it makes for a happy crew. Was the reputation of your galley skills a drawing card in recruiting as well as retaining crew members? Were you always the only cook on board or did you ever end up with crew members interested in culinary pursuits?
  12. blue_dolphin

    NYT pay to play recipes

    So it is your feeling that the archive should be curated in a way that wedge salad and grilled cheese recipes would either be free or culled from the site while more complex or innovative recipes might be deemed worthy of a subscription cost? Or do you have an objection to paying any fee to access the NYT recipe archives?
  13. blue_dolphin

    Cooking with Six Seasons by Joshua McFadden

    Last week, I made the Corn Fritters with Pickled Chiles from Six Seasons p 232 and froze the extras. Today, I reheated a few in the CSO and tried them with the Classic Salsa Verde and a Couple of Variations p 44. From left to right in the photo are the Classic, the Pickle Salsa Verde made with Six Seasons pickled carrots and zucchini and purchased sweet-hot chiles and the Radish and Mint Salsa Verde. All were very good with the fritters and it was fun to play around with a basic recipe.
  14. blue_dolphin

    NYT pay to play recipes

    I get home delivery of the Sunday paper which includes digital access. Like others have said, I wouldn't pay extra for NYT Cooking but given the difficulties newspapers are dealing with, I don't begrudge their efforts to generate income via the recipe archives.