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  1. I think that's putting a strain on workers in vacation/resort areas across the country. I recently read this article about the Lake Tahoe/Truckee area: No housing, no employees.
  2. I'm waffling on The Nom Wah Cookbook: Recipes and Stories from 100 Years at New York City's Iconic Dim Sum Restaurant (eG-friendly Amazon.com link). I don't think I would cook from it but it looks like it would be a good read...at least until I can feel OK about actually going to a crowded dim sum place in person. The Kindle version is $3.99 on both Amazon.com and .ca
  3. The Kindle version of Julia Turshen's recent book, Simply Julia (eG-friendly Amazon.com link), is currently $3.99 on Amazon.com and .ca It's marked as a deal of the day, so I don't expect the price to last. I've been cooking from it quite a bit as it's the book of the month in a Facebook cookbook group that I belong to and I've been kind of surprised how much I've been enjoying it. Every recipe has not been a hit but there are quite a few excellent ones, like the Kale & Mushroom Pot Pie that's topped with triangles of puff pastry that's both easy and fancy-looking. The
  4. Yesterday, I made Jennie's Sorrel, from Simply Julia. This version of the hibiscus/jamaica/sorrel-infused beverage is from Julia's childhood babysitter, Jennie and has lots of fresh ginger and dried clove and is barely sweetened. I loved the ginger and tartness but the cloves were overpowering to me. However, used as a base for these Blackberry & Sorrel pops, I find the clove flavor interesting rather than offensive.
  5. blue_dolphin

    Breakfast 2021

    Made the egg in a cheese skirt again
  6. Between January and April of this year, with fewer restaurant reviews, Jay wrote stand alone pieces on each of those books plus Marco Pierre White's White Heat. I guess the bad boy didn't make the top 10!
  7. You're OK. They're your point of contact for the order and it certainly wasn't right. They can go after their shipper or not, as they choose. Probably not for that amount. The intended recipient of the metal parts is likely complaining to their vendor as well!
  8. Anybody watching? I’m catching up. I think I’m up to episode 7 although I went ahead and watched to tofu episode because I heard it was good. It was as was the surf and turf challenge with local foods harvested by indigenous peoples of the area. Minimal silliness in the challenges, aside from having to do their prep work on tree stumps in one episode. The drive-in movie thing was close but quite timely given their pandemic popularity. No silly house drama since they are staying at a hotel.
  9. TJ's is offering one of my favorite cheeses, Mobay, in 7 oz wedges for $6.99. The name is a play on the French Morbier although this stuff has separate layers of semi-soft sheep and goat cheeses separated by a layer of ash while Morbier is generally from one type of milk, most often cow. The TJ's label doesn't name the maker. I have only had the stuff made by Carr Valley Cheese in Wisconsin and they have a trademark on the name Mobay so I'd guess it's theirs unless they are leasing out the name to other makers.
  10. Thank you so much for sharing, @shain, I am enjoying this immensely!
  11. No, I have not. I just got the book recently and this is the first thing I’ve tried. Her videos seem to be extremely popular!
  12. Soft and Crispy Focaccia from Claire Saffitz's Dessert Person I would have liked to have tried the overnight rise that she advocates for more flavor but no way does a half sheet pan fit in my side-by-side fridge. I'll stick with Ottolenghi's recipe as I know it adapts well to whole grain flours. https://youtu.be/NGnMrM9qDtE
  13. Amazingly, yes. I immediately took them off and worked laundry pre-treatment gel into them, let that sit, soaked overnight with Biz and Oxiclean and washed the next day. I air dried them to avoid setting a stain and they came out OK. The shoes were Crocs so I was able to scrub them with hot soapy water.
  14. They are a good option. I have 3 sizes, 14 oz, 17 oz and 30 oz. All purchased a little over 10 years ago with no casualties yet. All small enough that the weight has not been an issue for me. I believe I have 6 each of the smaller sizes and 4 of the 30 oz and they can be stacked for storage. They don't fully nest like some plastic containers so you are not saving much space but they nest enough that the stack is pretty stable in the cupboard. The lids are plastic with a silicone gasket so there is some potential for odor transfer if used for stinkier items. Hasn't been an issue for me thus
  15. blue_dolphin

    Breakfast 2021

    Kale & Mushroom Pot Pie from Simply Julia. Recipe available online here. I made a half recipe in a smaller pan. Kale-phobes could easily use a different, fairly sturdy green. Not baby spinach. I liked the use of puff pastry shapes to make a pretty topping, roasting the mushroom and onions and the quick, flavorful "sauce" of sour cream, Boursin and black pepper.
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