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  1. Vivian says she is planning to cook from This Will Make It Taste Good live on Instagram, one flavor hero per month. This month, she made Nacho Normal with Community Organizer, answering live questions along the way. If interested, you should be able to watch at this link. Edited to add that someone asked her if the recipe yield of each flavor hero was sufficient to make all the recipes in that chapter and Vivian said yes, that it was planned that way. Nice touch.
  2. Two more uses of Community Organizer. This morning, I made the Barbecue Potatoes from the book (p 196) and put an egg on top: The potatoes get par-boiled, smashed, roasted then tossed with puréed Community Organizer and back into the oven. I suspect my potatoes were bigger than Vivian's and I smashed them enough that they fell apart when I tossed them with the CO but they tasted good. The salty feta is a nice contrast to the sweetness of CO. The puréed CO kinda tastes like ketchup but a lot better so I tried it as a dipping sauce for tots. What's not to like?
  3. blue_dolphin

    Breakfast 2021

    Scramble with sharp Cheddar and the pepper & tomato relish Vivian Howard calls "Community Organizer." Toast and a side of organized black-eyed peas.
  4. I've noticed the same. They used to be slightly fatter and only marginally longer than serranos but now they are much bigger in both dimensions. I've seen plants and seeds for sale labeled Jalapeño Gigante or something like that and touting their large size being perfect for stuffing. I wouldn't be surprised if they are easier to pick, separate from other plant debris and pack so they may be appealing to growers, too.
  5. blue_dolphin

    Breakfast 2021

    From @Ann_T's sublime to my ridiculous! A bowl of black eyed peas and toast. These are the Organized Peas (or Beans) from Vivian Howard's This Will Make It Taste Good. They get kicked up with her tomato/pepper condiment, "Community Organizer." I put some sharp Cheddar on my plate but didn't eat it. Fromage fort coming up?
  6. Ouch, ouch, ouch! I've had enough bad blistering sunburns on the tops of my feet to know how thin and sensitive that skin is. Sorry for the mess and RIP to the sauce.
  7. Ditto that! I recently used Herbdacious to make a batch of the Chef Mix. Then used what was left to make some garlic bread and a small batch of croutons. I've still got a little log of Herbdacious butter in the freezer that's handy to slice off to put on vegetables. For the mix, I used Wheat Chex, Cheese-Its, pecans, small pretzel twists, pita chips and a few different kinds of crackers. Couldn't find bagel chips or the Gardettos rye things that @Shelby recommended and didn't feel like buying saltines for just a few crackers. All good except the pita chips kind of shattered i
  8. I hear you - I bought the hard copy in anticipation of holiday baking that didn't happen. Fingers crossed that I get some use out of it later this year!
  9. Three 2020 releases with Kindle versions priced at $3.99 on both Amazon.com and Amazon.ca: The Kindle version of Sami Tamimi's Falastin (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) The Kindle version of 100 Cookies (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) by Sarah Kieffer of The Vanilla Bean Baking Blog The Kindle version of Bryant Terry's Vegetable Kingdom: The Abundant World of Vegan Recipes (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) All are listed as "Deal of the Day" not sure what that means for the longevity of those prices. Edited to strike out the books that are no longer
  10. blue_dolphin

    Breakfast 2021

    I thawed, split and toasted another one of those parsley & Parmesan drop scones and used them as a base for egg salad
  11. blue_dolphin

    Lunch 2021

    That's right, no breading. Ingredients, from the TJ's website, are: 70% Pacific White Shrimp and 23% wild-caught Pollock, held together with rice flour and sunflower oil. They are seasoned with garlic powder, dried basil, salt, and black pepper. So they use rice flour instead of cornstarch but otherwise the same idea.
  12. blue_dolphin

    Lunch 2021

    I like them. They are not huge burgers. I think they're 3 oz each. They have some decent-sized pieces of shrimp in the mix (TJ's website says they are mixed with 23% pollock) so the texture is nice. They are individually wrapped, 4/box @ $6.99, I think, so not the cheapest thing - even more than certain loaves of bread 🙃 I've been pan-frying them with a little oil, directly from frozen for ~ 4 min/side, and I cover the pan, which seems to help the middle cook through without drying out the exterior. Do post if you try them.
  13. blue_dolphin

    Breakfast 2021

    Yeah, and I would give my eye teeth to try your biscuits and be able to make bread like you do! The drop scone recipe in Greenfeast omitted the bacon that's in this online version but is otherwise pretty much the same. The US version of the book calls for 180g all purpose flour and 2 3/4 tsp of baking powder and 1/4 tsp salt
  14. blue_dolphin

    Breakfast 2021

    The other day, I made some parsley & Parmesan drop scones (posted above with the squash hash) and froze the extras. This morning, I thawed one, split and toasted it lightly and made an egg sandwich with a country ham biscuit slice: A very satisfactory use for these leftovers. I'll have to try a sausage patty next time.
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