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  1. I'm probably the one who recommended 3 min @ 300°F on steam-bake as that's what I used to defrost an English muffin or a roll and I don't pre-heat. In my hands, at that point, the middle of the English muffin is no longer frozen but still quite cold and I can easily split it with a fork. I wouldn't say the exterior is dry as a bone, but I wouldn't call it wet either - it's nothing that's not taken care of during the toast cycle that comes next. That said, you've clearly experimented to find a slightly longer and cooler setting that better suits your needs, so it's all good. I'd guess that you might be using a slightly shorter toast setting than I do (since I'm likely starting to toast with a muffin that's a little damper on the outside and cooler on the inside) so it probably all comes out in the wash....or the CSO!
  2. blue_dolphin

    Lunch 2019

    Late lunch/early dinner. Penne with @ElainaA's slow roasted tomatoes, broccoli and kalamata olives
  3. blue_dolphin


    A few "leftover" pops. I had pumpkin purée leftover from yesterday's breakfast waffles and there was some heavy cream hanging out in an iSi whip in the fridge so I made these pumpkin pie with whipped cream pops: Very similar to the recipe in People's Pops except that I just used a generous spoon of Penzey's Pie Spice instead of making a spiced simple syrup. Tastes fine and I don't detect any grittiness from the ground spices. I had some strawberry and blueberry purées leftover from the other pops so I made a few berries & cream pops: My freezer is now full. I gotta give some of these away before I can make any more. If anyone wants to swing by with a cooler, I can load you up!
  4. blue_dolphin

    Breakfast 2019

    Stewed Spinach Eggs (Ägg med stuvad spenat), recipe available online here. In the video about this recipe at the link above, Rachel calls this Swedish shakshuka. I had my doubts but the warm, creamy spinach is generously seasoned with nutmeg and white pepper and tastes very Swedish indeed. The cool, crisp, lightly pickled garnish of red onion, fresh hot chili and herbs provides the perfect contrast to the richness of the spinach. I had to use a jalapeño because the called for red chile that I'm sure is in my fridge was hiding. Since I was lacking that color, I cut up a bunch of little gold tomatoes and added them to the vinegar and felt they were a good addition. I'd make it again.
  5. I've been using a hot air popper and saving up so I can splash out on the Behmor 1600. The new model is ~ $50 more than the previous one which has given me pause but I like that I could roast 1/4 lb on the regular but go up to 1/2 or even a full lb when I have guests visiting. The quiteness of the Behmor 1600 is also appealing as I hate the noise of the air popper so I appreciate your comment on how quiet the SR540 is. More to think about!
  6. I don't know how they compare to the commercial version but the recipe that @Anna N linked to upthread in this post makes an excellent cookie that I bet would be just the thing to enjoy along with your homemade peach ice cream!
  7. blue_dolphin

    Lunch 2019

    @Franci, I couldn't decide whether to click on "Like" for that gorgeous pork and amazing-looking sopressada (would you say it's at all similar to 'nduja?) or click on the sad face because this: is what you had for your own lunch while looking at the rest!
  8. blue_dolphin


    Peach & strawberry pops Seascape strawberries from Harry's Berries and O'Henry peaches from Tenerelli Orchards. Also, a serving suggestion for the roasted peach pops from the other day. Just pour a little Elijah Craig or your choice of bourbon into an icy glass, add peach pop and enjoy.
  9. blue_dolphin

    Breakfast 2019

    Pumpkin waffle (from this recipe) with banana and walnuts. Sausage patty in the back there next to the maple syrup.
  10. blue_dolphin


    Roasted Peach: Blueberry & Peach:
  11. I suppose it depends on the dishes in question. The bowls I use for pasta have no problem going from the fridge into a room temp CSO, then turning it on to steam-bake @ 250 or 275°F. Usually takes ~ 8 min for one serving. The same is true for most of the plates I've tried. I don't have any fine china nor have I subjected anything delicate to that treatment. Often, I prefer to heat things separately. Say, rice in one bowl and a saucy meat or veg dish in another. In such cases, I usually store the leftovers in various Corning or Pyrex dishes that I know can handle the temp.
  12. In an effort to be even handed here, while it's not enormous, it is a sizable unit. The diameter of the element itself is 12" but there's ~ an inch of housing around that and because of the way the legs angle outwards, you're looking at ~ 17" diameter at those widest points. It stands about 3.25" high, so it's not wafer-thin either. That design makes me feel comfortable using larger, heavier pots on it but it does add to the storage size and the countertop footprint when in use. The only outlets in my kitchen would place it below upper cabinets, so that's not ideal. I knew all of this going in and plan to store it in the garage, which will make me less likely to use it. All that said, the $69 price is very good 🙃
  13. What's the other Chinese cookbook in your top two? My favorite Chinese cookbook is also out of print. Irene Kuo's The Key to Chinese Cooking.
  14. It sounds like you wouldn't want one so go ahead and mark yourself safe from this temptation! I have a gas cooktop and ordered a Paragon at the $99 price. The precise temp control isn't my main rationalization but I'm interested in exploring options. Factors in my decision: After the Northridge earthquake, my electric power came back on within a few hours but the gas wasn't back for well over a week so having an electric cooktop option is appealing. I've been curious about induction cooking, have never used an induction unit and thought this would be an inexpensive way to play around with it. I don't deep fry often but I like the idea of being able to set this up on the patio or carport to avoid the mess in the kitchen. There are a few other smelly...um...aromatic cooking tasks, like the stovetop smoked corn I made the other day, that would also be nice to do outside.
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