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  1. It is no longer recommended to boil the single-use metal lids, assuming they have been purchased since 1969 when Ball switched from latex, which required softening to create a good seal, to plastisol, which does not need that step. In the questions on this page, Ball says they have never recommended boiling (212°F) lids, only simmering (180°F)
  2. Thanks to @patris & @Kerry Beal for sharing with us. Looks like so much fun! I came ever so close to buying Rice Krispies today so I could make the caramelized variety....for which I have no use whatsoever 🙃. Do put me on the reservation list for the trees though. I don't know that I could invest in an entire forest but a small grove would be lovely!
  3. A bit of a mash up where I used the toppings from this Broccolini and Charred Lemon Flatbread on the Al Taglio Dough (50% bread flour + 50% stone ground, whole grain Glenn wheat flour) from Mastering Pizza. I had a lot less goat cheese than the recipe called for so I added some mozzarella midway when I turned the pan. I also blanched the lemon slices because of a previous and very bitter experience with lemon slices on a flat bread. Excellent flavor combo with roasted garlic purée, broccolini, sliced shallot and lemon, goat cheese and a bit of Parmesan.
  4. At one point in my work life, each of our laboratory group meetings had 3 people assigned - one person was assigned "Research," and presented their own research project, a second person was assigned "Journal" and presented a recent relevant scientific publication and a third person was assigned "Trophic Factors" aka snacks. I think those titles make clear what drew us to those meetings 🙃.
  5. Looks like a Danish Kringle but I can't tell which flavor.
  6. Thanks for asking. I'm curious, too. Wondering if it might be this?
  7. Oooh! One of my favorite holiday events is about to happen! I am in love with these - your beautiful work?
  8. If I'm cooking a liquid directly in the pot, I consider 2 cups the minimum volume. For smaller volumes, I do pot-in-pot cooking, with1 cup of water in the bottom. Ditto that 1 cup when I'm using the steamer basket.
  9. You can find various spreadsheets with suggested Instant Pot cooking times for Rancho Gordo beans, soaked or unsoaked. Here is one:Rancho Gordo Bean Cooking Times.pdf I am not a huge fan of using the IP for RG beans but it can be a timesaver. I'd recommend going with a shorter time than indicated, then after the pressure is released, put them on sauté to simmer until they have finished cooking to your liking. I routinely cook most RG beans without soaking but the bigger beans do benefit from a soak for more even cooking. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "And what to cook them with?" but unless a recipe specifies otherwise, I add a couple of cloves of garlic, smashed, 1 bay leaf and 3 de arbol chiles to a pound of beans.
  10. I might use mine more for thawing than for cooking. The other day, I put a bag of frozen chicken thighs that I'd bought at the farmers market in to defrost, then cooked them in the CSO. The best of both worlds!
  11. Thanks for sharing that! The spiced sugar mixture sounds kinda like toast dope, some form of which I usually have on hand so this would be easy to try even with just a few leftover sheets.
  12. @rotuts and other TJ's winos, you many want to look for this Trader Joe's Diamond Cabernet from the Napa Valley. It's $20/bottle. At my store, they were limiting it to 1 bottle per person and said they didn't have much. My wine guy raved about it and said it was a $100 bottle of wine. Maybe call and see if your store has it. Edited to add that this is the first "Diamond Reserve" and also the most expensive TJ's label wine they have offered. Their Platinum Reserve wines are priced at ~ $15. I generally try them, even if it's not a wine that I normally gravitate to and they are usually very good. With the other TJ Reserve wines, I stick with my preferences, taking advice from the staff to pick others. Edited again to add that my TJ's wine guy recommended letting it breathe for at least half an hour.
  13. A thin coating (and once you're up over 250, the coating will be pretty thin) shouldn't really cause that much trouble as it dissolves back into the hot sugar pretty quickly once you put it back in the pan. It will slow down your response a tiny bit but it shouldn't be a huge issue. I usually do as @JoNorvelleWalker suggests and use a probe that can clip on to the side of the pan. I used to use an old school candy thermometer, which was not accurate but I knew that it read ~ 15 degrees low so it was OK. Now, I use a probe that plugs into my ThermoWorks Dot.
  14. blue_dolphin

    Dinner 2019

    I'm resisting looking this up and will wait for your version before I go down the rabbit hole!
  15. My friend's mom drinks gin & tonics. Her little daughter calls the gin, "Granny's wine" 🙃 I just checked and the 5 L box is $11.99 at Total Wine. When I come to visit, I'll just fill up the the trunk 🤣
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