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  1. Oh I see, it's good to know
  2. I've been grown up watching the travel, food, wine kinda series. I tried working in restaurants, Hotels, Live Events as a Chef, but the satisfaction was not there coz anyway I am not a job person and also I wasn't getting time for my music career while working. So I left the job! Have been doing great since then, got my own music studio and everything is going great, but the point of me coming here today is not to brag about my decisions or anything else, but to tell you guys that there's still a missing piece of my love for cooking, traveling, exploring different cultures etc. I do cook on re
  3. Who else loves to make fresh pizza's, pasta's or bread?? I know I do!! Unless you touch and feel your food, there's no satisfaction, right? Baking some things for the new year's, what all are you guys cooking or baking? Ps: Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year to my folks here Keep cooking, keep sharing.
  4. Well recently I tried making some chips by a method which Heston Blumenthal follows or he came up with, I am unaware of that, but it's the process that he shared in his cooking series called " How To Cook Like Heston ". I felt to talk about it because the output was so good. He recommends following steps: - As we all know we start by peeling and cutting the potatoes into long batons, common stuff. - Then he suggests to sort of par boil the potatoes, starting up with cold water, cooking them till they are still raw in the middle but the outer layer is cooked. - Strain them aft
  5. Thanks everyone, I'll consider all of your opinions. I expected more of references and experiences but that's fine. I get it ! Looking forward to study more on this topic.
  6. Gastronomy. I know the term consists of many concepts, ideas, study and topics but, if it has to be explained in a word, how can it be ? For me it's "Modernizing" But I would like to know what you all think about it.
  7. Hey guys ! I was willing to work under some food writer or a blogger from home. I get some time from my schedule, so also wanted to give my spare time to the work that I like. I too am working on my own blog, but I need some clarity before get into it. Looking forward !
  8. Well I'll thank to everyone who stopped by my post and helped me out with your suggestions. I am definitely putting those recommendations and questions that some of you asked into consideration and starting to work on it. And yes, the main purpose of asking this question was because am planning to study a Post Graduate course in Gastronomy. I intend to learn about it, at least for now, from some of the books, links and magazines that you all shared. I know it would have been easy for me too Google it all, but I think getting some personal ideas and talking to new people from the same
  9. Can anyone suggest me some good books related to Gastronomy, food history, culture, recipes based on different cultures. Also recommend the best food magazine subscriptions.
  10. Hey everyone ! Thanks for your experiences and opinions, I will really keep all of it in mind before getting into it. PS: I am so new to this community and website, so just coping up in getting all the operations like replies, views etc. properly and in time. Thanks !!
  11. Hey Thanks for stopping by. When I am home mostly, I am cooking some egg dishes and I love chocolate mousse, so ya !! Makes my day !!
  12. I was just wondering that how does it feel to own a restaurant. I know it's more of a practical thing rather than just thinking about it. As I have worked in some of the standalone's and hotel's till now, what I feel is you have to get started at some point. Obviously as it's a business category there are many risks, uncertainties, courage, investment issues and a lot more. But then that's the beauty of it I feel. You live everyday with some kind of responsibility and goal. Every industry and industrialist faced some up's and down's at the beginning but that's what it is. That's temporary. But
  13. Cookwhoplaysdrums, that's what I call myself. Am a student specialized in food production from IHM, Mumbai. Recently completed my culinary training from JW MARRIOTT JUHU, MUMBAI. Have been into cooking and music since a while now and willing to take my knowledge and experience of the same through words. Came across many experiences which made me realize that I can portray the world of food, music and travel more decently with my writing. Some years back, I traveled to Europe with all my artists for a music fest. That experience gave me a different dimension to start thinking abo
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