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  1. Stuffed Poblano Pepper

    I love any kind of mild pepper but I do think that poblano is my favorite. Once in a while we'd find them here but it's few and far between. However, my housemate is allergic to peppers and to onions and to garlic so it makes for interesting cooking.
  2. Stuffed Poblano Pepper

    We used Anaheim peppers, roasted and peeled and we had a little scoop that took out the seeds. The Abalone was raw. It's one of those things that needs very little cooking. The heat from wrapping with the egg and the time in the extremely hot oven was enough to cook it through. I'm not sure that abalone is even available now and if it was I know that I couldn't afford it even if I could get it here. I'm not sure about the flavor or the texture of the clam but possibly a thin slice of tuna or mahi mahi might work. Probably for the flavor and the texture, I would go for the mahi-mahi. Squid or octopus would also be an option. We used the Anaheim because they were the only thing available to us at that time, but this would be delicious with Poblanos.
  3. Love it, that is hilarious.
  4. Stuffed Poblano Pepper

    I forgot to mention that it is important to season the egg with salt and pepper. It makes a world of difference in the flavor.
  5. Stuffed Poblano Pepper

    Some of the best chili rellenos that I ever ate were the ones we used to make in the Mexican restaurant where I worked. They had abalone in the filling. The way we made them was this. We first took a small strip of Monterey Jack cheese and wrapped the thin pieces of abalone around it. The pepper was left whole and the filling was put in through the top. We then beat one egg, poured it onto the grill and spread it out into a thin circle. Before the egg was completely set we placed the pepper in the middle and folded both sides over. We placed it onto the plate with rice and refried beans and smothered the chile relleno with fresh grated cheddar cheese. It was then placed into a 500 degree oven for 5 to 6 minutes until it the egg was puffy and the cheese was melted. I still do that to this day but I use a large non-stick egg pan to do the egg. It's rather unorthodox but that was how the owner's grandmother had taught him to do it and it's a lot less messy then dipping and frying in hot oil and it's probably a lot healthier. I have done this with large shrimp. First I score the underside of the shrimp so that it won't curl, then I butterfly it and put the cheese inside. The heat of the 500-degree oven is enough to cook the shrimp perfectly.
  6. Is it a kitchen product? I don't have a smartphone but I have a 9 inch Samsung Tab 4 that is also my cell phone. I have a list app on it that I add to all the time and when I'm ready to go out the door I grabbed my phone and I have my list. I have a 64GB SD card in it with sufficient room to store my personal cookbook and all my most used recipes that I have converted to PDF files. In Google, I have all the recipes that I have found and want to try bookmarked in files so that I can find them easily. If I need a conversion, I just ask Google. If I want to find a new recipe for something, I just ask Google. if I'm trying out a new recipe and making my own changes in it I bring up Google Docs and dictate what I've done so I don't forget for the next time. If I'm out somewhere and someone asks for a recipe or for a copy of my cookbook, I can bring out my phone and email it to them on the spot so I don't have to remember to do it later. I use my cell phone tablet so much in the kitchen, that I don't even want to think about being without it. That's why I also have a 7-inch Samsung tablet with all the identical information in it. I'm so paranoid about it that I'm even thinking about adding a spare to my pair. Now that you've really made me think about it, I think I would nominate my Samsung tablet. There are probably none of my other appliances that I couldn't live without if I had to, but don't make me give up my tablet.
  7. If you hear of any others, please don't hesitate to let us know and I will be the first to try it. I'm always on the lookout for a good app.
  8. I installed it and was very disappointed. Not only did it not work well, it had a very limited selection of recipes. Yes it had some of Barbara Schieving's recipes, but they are all recipes that you can find on her website. All the rest are recipes that are just taken directly from the internet. And if you are like me, you have already been to all of these websites. They said that they added new recipes all the time but I had it for 3 weeks and nothing new appeared. I uninstalled it.
  9. I don't know whether it is the greatest product, but my grandson works for Amazon and they were told in a sales meeting the other day that the instant pot is their top-selling product worldwide right now it is on the way to being their top selling product of all time.
  10. Stuffed Poblano Pepper

    @Darienne is right, therein lies your problem. As one who cooked in a Mexican restaurant, and has made and eaten way more than my share, I can tell you that the only way to make these is to stuff them first. The less you handle them after they are roasted, the better the appearance. It doesn't matter if you deep fry them or bake them in the oven.
  11. Urban honey

    Do you know if this would work for ant hills?
  12. Road food

    It was. We soon learned to identify and classify the restaurants. The good ones had matching folding tables and folding chairs from the beer company (given as premiums for their purchases). The fine restaurants had wooden chairs and tables with the name of the beer company carved on the back.
  13. Road food

    In 1991 my husband and I moved from Seattle to Costa Rica and he thought it would be a great adventure to drive there. Most of the food that we ate on the trip is just a blur but one meal was particularly memorable. One morning we had just entered Mexico, and had been driving for about two hours. We were hungry and we hadn't seen any place to eat for miles. Finally, we saw one place off the side of the road with tables set up under some sort of an awning. The place seemed busy with about 20 customers. It didn't seem particularly impressive but we were hungry. We stopped. There were no open tables but the people make room for us at one of theirs. Without even ordering, we were brought mugs of delicious Mexican hot chocolate and big plates of food from the kitchen. We had beans and rice, quesadillas, carne mechada, and big bowls of menudo. I had to decline the menudo but my husband loved it. We stayed longer than we meant to and fortunately, we knew enough Spanish to be able to hold our own in the conversations. As we got up to go, we asked how much we owed them. We were told no, no, no, absolutely nothing. This wasn't a restaurant it was just the family sitting down to breakfast. They were happy to have us as guests. We left not knowing whether to feel ashamed or honored so we chose the latter. This was easily some of the best food we ever had in Mexico.
  14. KFC 2012–

    I haven't seen any here in Costa Rica, but then, I haven't checked for a while. They serve something here that is almost as bad. A chicken fillet topped with beans and rice, (called Gallo Pinto, Costa Rica's national dish) and coleslaw.
  15. KFC 2012–

    I went to that link to check out the ‘Chizza' pizza. Absolutely revolting! The chicken crust sounds bad enough butt chicken ham and pineapple and a sweet sauce, I don't think so. Even worse, I checked out the links for the Burger King burgers. Bright-red Samurai hell-burgers: https://www.cnet.com/news/burger-king-japan-debuts-red-samurai-burgers/ and Burger King Japan unveils burger dark as night: https://www.cnet.com/news/black-cheese-burger-king-japan-unveils-burger-dark-as-night/ Can you imagine eating one of these for lunch before a business meeting or a job interview?