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  1. Yes, please explain! I'm beginning to have these terrible images running through my mind.
  2. Tropicalsenior

    Dinner 2019

    That's why I say befriend your local vendor. If you are true to your word about picking them up, they will usually bring you some the next week. Or get their phone number, and ask them a couple days ahead of time. My local vendor is very accommodating about this,because I give him a couple English lessons each time I see him .
  3. Tropicalsenior

    Dinner 2019

    I'm sorry, I forgot that up there you don't have year-round farmers markets.
  4. Tropicalsenior

    Dinner 2019

    Has anyone ever thought of making friends with a tomato vendor at a farmers market? My husband loved Fried Green Tomatoes and that is where I always got mine.
  5. Thank God, I thought that it might be something that came from Costa Rica.
  6. I have no idea where this is, it just showed up on my Facebook page. But wherever or whatever it is, I think I'll pass.
  7. Yes, lindag, it was sad, because as relatives, we were expected to eat them and that woman had a memory like an elephant. I was always on her list.
  8. A really great article. Thank you, I enjoyed that. I won't say that my mother-in-law's food was actually dangerous but it certainly was stomach-turning. Another of her favorite tricks was to save bacon grease in great big tins in her pantry and that was what she used to make pies, cookies and cakes. Everyone that knew her was either on a diet or too full when they got to her house to eat any kind of sweet.
  9. It reminds me a little bit of a sign I saw in a butcher shop here in Costa Rica. Bistek de cerdo. Translation, pork beef steak. And trying to explain the absurdity of it to the butcher was like trying to explain it to the animal that it came from.
  10. If it didn't look like it had enough flavor, she would add half a bottle of ketchup.
  11. Wow, does that ever bring back memories! My mother-in-law was, without any doubt, the world's worst cook. When her refrigerator got full she would pull everything out, dump it in a pot, cover it with water and boil it for about an hour. That was soup for 3 or 4 days depending on how many leftovers she had. My father-in-law ate at our house whenever he could.
  12. Perfectly all right, but check for salt. Sometimes the rubs can be pretty salty.
  13. @liuzhou I was going through some cooking videos on Facebook and found this one with our knife. It is at 1:58 And it is identical to the knife that I bought here.
  14. Tropicalsenior

    Dinner 2019

    My husband cut me some fat dowels the length of a half sheet pan. I just draped the tortillas on their side, around the dowels and baked them in a hot oven until they were crispy.
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