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  1. spatchcocking fowl

    When Lee Valley (US and Canada) first introduced these scissors they were $4 USD. The points are not sharp and they cut through anything. I have dozens of pairs all over my house. To clean, I open them and put in the dishwasher. http://www.leevalley.com/us/wood/page.aspx?p=59398&cat=1,64488
  2. Living Cookbook software

    I use Evernote, purchased (along with a scanner) because I was moving across the country and didn't want to schlep all those recipe books.
  3. I have ordered some ham hocks from Father's and will report back. I intend to taste every single one of the hams which have been recommended!
  4. Also, what exactly is "country ham" flavour?
  5. These hams look very interesting. What do you recommend if one prefers low smoke flavouring?
  6. Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam

    I believe that spam is more than 50% fat.
  7. Actually I'm using a tagine. I used already-cooked rice, duck, veg and added fresh leek and still-frozen peas (damp). I added oil and duck fat and about 1/2 cup of mushroom stock. The leek had been soaking in water, so that added more liquid. So, the pot was not dry. Should it have been? The instructions I found seem to heat up the pot (above halfway) at the finish for about 5 minutes.
  8. Because Maple Leaf Farms sells duck leg meat in 2 lb bags,I have to be creative about using it in a hurry. Hard as it is to believe, one might have too much duck fried rice, eh? As one of my dishes, I've tried "Chinese" clay pot rice which has formed a crust on the bottom of the pan. I'm not sure what I was doing wrong. Too much liquid? Too hot? Here's another good example. Hassouni posted in 2013 this picture (which is not on his website). Can you tell me how to achieve either of these crusty-bottomed rice textures?
  9. Query about lamb stew meat

    I'm going to a Burns Supper (Robert Burns) next weekend and my contribution is Scotch Broth (my favourite soup). My local agricultural college being lambless, I bought packets of boney "Lamb Stew" from a Middle Eastern grocery store. I've been cleaning the meat for hours and it occurs to me that some parts will dissolve during long cooking. But I don't know which parts though. Do I need to cut away (i.e. what happens to): skin? (does lamb stew meat ever come with skin attached?) opaque white connective tissue (~1 mm) nearly transparent, thin silvery layer (is this fascia?) fat cartilage white things that look like veins but there's no blood in them other connective tissue I, personally, don't like messy, gristly stew. I am taking most of the meat from the bones, then broiling the bones for about 30 minutes at 425F, then putting the bones into the stock pot water. I'll add the (somewhat cleaned) lamb meat later. Also, how do these requirements for cleaning the meat change if I'm sous viding the meat at 133F? P.S. Large fat deposits are removed because we feed them to the birds.
  10. Chop chicken leg bones?

    @btbyrd, is that true even when the bones are surrounded by chicken leg meat?
  11. Chop chicken leg bones?

    @HungryChris, can I ask for the recipe?
  12. Russet Potato Flavor

    I'll be interested to hear other opinions (as well) on how to select the most flavourful potatoes.