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  1. Hello @Snoopy15. When were those photos taken; is that car from the 50s? Hope you enjoy yourself here on eGullet; there are some very fine members. Welcome!
  2. Hello @MaryIsobel. Congratulations on retirement! I have had to postpone a trip with my sister to visit famous gardens in Québec and the Maritimes. Welcome to eGullet.
  3. Hello @43bakes. I know very little about making pies, but I love to look at them and read about them. So, please post about what you learn! Welcome to eGullet.
  4. TdeV


    Hello Chris. I think you'll find the folks here at eGullet very friendly. Looking forward to learning more about you!
  5. Hello Anthony. Welcome to eGullet. I look forward to learning more about you!
  6. TdeV

    Sous Vide and Sauces

    @gfweb, how far in advance do you make your sauce?
  7. I'm sorry that this post is so roundabout but I'm hoping to paint a clear picture of my dilemma. In anticipation of a post-Covid world, I need some help resetting my mental orientation. Some part of my learned behaviour is designed around entertaining. I'm a very distractible person. I really don't like the anxiety of worrying about the state of dinner combined with wine and socializing, so I tend to want to get completely underway early. For nearly 10 years, my first step when returning from the butcher is to cut meats into cooking sizes, then vacuum-seal each in sous-
  8. Hello Tia. I'm fascinated by your ideas. Looking forward to hearing you develop them. Welcome to eGullet.
  9. Curious people want to know, @JoNorvelleWalker, do you have spares of everything?
  10. Hello @ellamacrow. Welcome to eGullet where there are many, very opinionated folk!
  11. The Lodge 10 1/4" (25 cm) fits diagonally with room to spare, so I think that 12" skillet might fit.
  12. @JoNorvelleWalker, do you plan to put the Demeyere in the Anova oven?
  13. TdeV


    Welcome, Laura. I'm not much of a dessert baker, but read about them all the time as there are many enticing photos and posts from members of eGullet. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!
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