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  1. Seems like the app is doing a bunch of computing. So you'd need a standalone computer-type device? Seems a more expensive method.
  2. I'm eating it for lunch as we speak! 🤣
  3. @Shel_B, when you get interested in the Instant Pot say so on the forum somewhere and I, and others, can point you to some really helpful accessories for the IP. I.e. that could make cheesecake easy in the IP.
  4. That's what I think @Duvel said, but maybe we should wait until he confirms it.
  5. I think @Duvel was suggesting that you reduce the recipe by the number of whole eggs (i.e. divide everything by 7, then multiply by 3 (or 4) to get a half-size cheesecake.
  6. I just made @Tropicalsenior's New York style cheesecake in the Instant Pot. I did a million things incorrectly and, still, it was delicious!
  7. Jo, truly, I love you. Thank you for your adventures. They're so impossible that they're almost funny. I'm sorry for your troubles, and I will continue to read every darn thing you write.
  8. Hello @Roshani. Lots of great folks here, you'll soon have plenty of friends. Welcome!
  9. @Smithy, link doesn't resolve. This perhaps? (eG-friendly Amazon.com link)
  10. Thanks so much for this lovely trip to Ireland and the great visit with the charming Duvel family. Now I'm hungry, of course.
  11. @blue_dolphin, what does BLM mean?
  12. Hello @lastpick. You have a fine voice. Welcome!
  13. TdeV


    Hello @Miss K. This is a great place - hope you make lots of friends soon. Welcome.
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