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  1. TdeV

    Canned corned beef

    My parents were both in London, England during the war, so canned corned beef was a treat for us. So were sardines. Both on toast. The former with mild mustard, the latter with watercress. I'm interested in your recipe, @Thanks for the Crepes, though I'd likely substitute modern corned beef (meaning recently made, not canned).
  2. I had to leave town in a hurry and left some carefully prepared lamb stock in the fridge. There's a layer of fat covering the stock in each container but there's definitely mould growing in the fat. I know I'll be throwing out the fat, but is there any way to save the stock?
  3. I bought Bamix NSF Commercial Pro Series Model G200 Pro-2 today! Interesting that I just found this comment by @DouginCMH from 2014 which was exactly my problem with my old KitchenAids (2):
  4. Most of the time I eat with a dessert fork--it's lighter and easier. I find big heavy knives very awkward.
  5. TdeV

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    @Norm Matthews, how did you marinate the ribs?
  6. TdeV

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    @shain, yes please. Recipe, please.
  7. TdeV

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    @shain, could you please tell us more about that quick bread?
  8. TdeV

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Dinner for 6 last Sunday night First finger food prep: cherry tomatoes, sliced in half, then roasted at 275F for several hours to become Cherry Tomato Chewies from Mollie Katzen's Vegetable Heaven p. 60 And after On left are finished Cherry Tomato Chewies. On right are Roasted Pecans which came from farmers' market and rinsed in warm water a few times and then drizzled with a little oil, some brown sugar and cayenne pepper based on post by @JAZ and p 56 Of Katzen's Vegetable Heaven. Next were crostini with thin slices of pear topped with a dollop of mixed cheese: Point Reyes Blue, Taleggio and Italian Fontina which was then broiled for a few minutes (sorry no photo) Shaved fennel, grapefruit, and red bell pepper matchsticks with mint and parsley salad with a sauce made from fennel seed, sumac, honey, lime juice and zest from Dining In by Alison Roman p 103. Barley and pomegranate salad from Yotam Ottolenghi's Plenty p 238 included celery, pomegranate balsamic vinegar, allspice, dill, parsley, pomegranate and barley. Carmelized Squash with Toasted Coconut Gremolata from Dining In by Alison Roman p 48. I used butternut squash. Also herbs, lemon zest and juice, coconut oil and chips, honey, and a Turkish cayenne pepper. Here is the squash before the gremolata. and Turkish cayenne pepper (some of which were very hot!) and presto! Carmelized Squash with Toasted Coconut Gremolata Roasted Chestnut mushrooms (from the farmers' market) Black beans and slow-cooked carmelized onions topped with Whipped Ricotta. Carmelized onions came from egullet. Can't remember where I saw whipped ricotta so ended up googling it. Used ricotta, cream cheese & cream. Sprinkled with and black sea salt flakes. The black beans came from one of my favourite persons at the farmers' market, so nice and fresh. Sous vide leg of lamb at 131F for 24 hours (from egullet, with a check from Douglas Baldwin Sous Vide for the Home Cook) Creamer potatoes and tiny sweet potatoes (cooked sous vide). In the beginning I perused a few recipes and made lists of possibilities, went to the market and bought fresh items which looked good, came home and assembled a timeline for making dishes. Actually I had the makings of, and started, a couple more dishes than I ended up finishing. I had roped in DH to assist and he pointed out that I had much too much food, so some of it's still in the fridge! . . . and my friend brought dessert. I was comatose on Monday!
  9. Here is a leg of lamb done 24 hours at 131F last Sunday.
  10. Better and better!
  11. I know there are many threads on egullet about Instant Pot and read many of them some time ago. Some threads are quite old–there's a sense of delight and discovery about the new device (toy). What's harder to determine is the comparison between Instant Pot and a true pressure cooker. Is there anything which a pressure cooker can do which the Instant Pot cannot? I know the Instant Pot Ultra model can cook at high pressure as well as low pressure. Also I'm interested to know how many features are used by experienced owners? (Everyone on Instant Pot's website has owned the device for 2 weeks). I'm concerned that the Instant Pot has a whole lot of buttons which I may never use. How many different cooking methods do you use? Do you customize any of the settings? I'm wondering why one is focussed on migrating away from the stove; is there a reason to prefer an Instant Pot?
  12. TdeV

    Query about lamb fell and sous vide

    @Okanagancook, thanks. I vacuum sealed the partial leg in a food safe bag already, but I'm going to bring it out for a dinner party this weekend. I've already paid for the bag and would be disinclined to spring for a second one, but I get very anxious around dinner parties and try to do as much in advance as possible. Question: Is the fell easier to remove when the meat is cooked? (Hence I should wait until after cooking)
  13. TdeV

    Spice Storage Ideas

    Does anyone else keep spices in the freezer?* I've been looking at these freezer safe jars from Lee Valley but I can't see any reasonable way to organize my inadequate freezer space. Edited to add: * Could you post some photos, please?
  14. TdeV

    Spice Storage Ideas

    Here is my new spice cabinet. It is 4.5" deep, 41" wide, and 87" tall.
  15. TdeV

    Spice Storage Ideas

    I am unable to link to another post, so here is my former spice cabinet: