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  1. No but barley flakes are. And probably the cause of the stomach distress.
  2. My toaster has died. So far I'm using the oven broiler. I like hearing everyone's opinion. One step closer.
  3. We've been eating a lot of Rancho Gordo beans and I'd forgotten how much I like split peas. Recently made a split pea and carrot soup to which I added 1/2 cup of barley flakes. On the top was added chopped pork belly. It tasted great at the time. A day or two later, the soup is like concrete! And produces such flatulence!
  4. @blue_dolphin, the dough I was wondering about was willing to be stretched but it had turned into a long thin rectangle and I didn't know any way to rejoin it, other than folding it on top of itself (which didn't work). The dough in Ken Forkish's video is much looser than the dough I am used to. My kitchen registers 72°F today. My usual dough workstation is a slab of granite which is quite cool to the touch (Termoworks Infrared also says 72°F on the granite, but there seems to be trouble getting the thermometer to read a surface which has no fat on it) . The video does
  5. Thanks @blue_dolphin, I'll look at that video again before I make the second pie. Still, what do you do if the dough turns into the wrong shape? Smush it together and . . . ?
  6. I couldn't find a topic for pizza problems, so I'm posting here. My dough is made in the bread machine (60% hydration, two 490gm dough balls, 3/4 tsp yeast) and then rested in the fridge for 3 days (up to a week or so). This time I used the first batch after about 3 days. The dough sits out of the fridge for about 2 hours before I try to shape it. I don't know anything about throwing a pizza, so I usually woman-handle it by pressing, drooping and pulling. Because of the shape of my pizza peel, my pizza is usually shaped roughly 13" (330 mm) square. The pan in this image
  7. @rotuts, normally at my house a skirt steak is marinated in something vinegary, sweet + spice. You're suggesting not to marinate? Maybe I have my head screwed on backwards, but I usually don't make sauces for after the meat comes out of sous vide. And sometimes I think the sous vided meat is a little too plain. So you're suggesting I think differently about this?
  8. I have a fresh pineapple part of which I was thinking of turning into a marinade for skirt steak. A few questions: - how long is too long to marinade? My internet prowls suggest that the enzyme bromelain will turn the meat to mush. - does one pour off the marinade prior to sous vide? - how long for the sous vide? - temp?
  9. Hi Joy. Lots of diversion to be found here on eGullet. What is your favourite dish this week? Welcome!
  10. Thanks @gfweb. How is the pan measured? I.e. outside edge to outside edge across the open top, inside edge to inside edge across the open top, from the bottom across the base?
  11. From where would you suggest finding a cast iron pan with grill ridges?
  12. The sole reason I still have my old slow cooker is to caramelize onions. I put a lot in there with a cube of butter and cook them at 150°F for a few hours (to generate moisture), then a bit higher, then low again for 24 hours. If necessary, I could figure out what temperature I should be cooking the onions for 24 hours. But, as far as I can sort out, the Instant Pot Ultra will not set a 24 hour time. Is this correct? How do you other IP owners carmelize onions?
  13. So, I sent the BF friend who gifted me the mushrooms this Chantrelle Soup Recipe where Hank Shaw discusses Better Than Sex mushroom soup. BF asked: "Do you know much about French cooking? I’m wondering about what you can make in advance and what you should not make in advance. Or, can you make the soup, put it in the fridge, reheat another day?" I said I would ask.
  14. On another site someone said "I had the same problem with a toaster I had. It turned out that it just needed to be cleaned. It's a magnet that makes the handle stay down and when there is an accumulation of crumbs and/or oil on the magnet, it won't stay down." Most concrete explanation yet. Thanks all!
  15. I was just gifted with 2 pounds of Chanterelle mushrooms and a pint of heavy cream. Ideas?
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