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  1. Mine is 4" under the cabinet and 2" from the wall. When the oven is steaming or smoking, it hardly seems like enough!
  2. I'm sorry, but I've read this sentence several times and I don't understand it. Rephrase, perhaps?
  3. @rotuts, next time I have a filthy APO, I'll try to remember to try it out. 462°F at 100% steam. Will report.
  4. No steam clean on the Anova oven. A terrible thing, really, because I've had a self-cleaning oven for the last 35+ years. I hope Anova sort it out by the time they get to the next major upgrade. Here's Anova's chicken wing recipe with some descriptive comments about the mess. At high heat the parchment paper browns . . . I keep expecting it to self-combust. My biggest smoke incident occurred when I put old barbecue Grill Grates into the Anova (thinking that what I needed were grill marks). But the oven is really interesting. Right at the moment I'm dehydrating Japanese eggplant in the Anova 135°F for 12 hours. I've never enjoyed meatloaf until one was made in the APO. And here is my best discovery to date!
  5. Ha! I see, Sherry, that you have been around eGullet longer than I have. 🤣
  6. Hello @SherryCobySam and welcome to eGullet. There are some great people here. The Anova oven is an interesting tool and I'm enjoying it very much. I have mine on a kitchen counter, so it's half under some overhead cabinets. Cooking chicken wings makes a real mess in the oven and there's lots of smoke. Most of the mess stays inside the oven though. The oven was quite heavy to raise onto the counter. I have some freestanding Elfa and would be concerned about how well it could hold up the Anova. Are you using shelves or freestanding units?
  7. @JoNorvelleWalker, did you not have a special tray or mat for dehydrating fruit in the APO?
  8. Hello @payok. Lots of friendly folk here. Welcome!
  9. Does anyone use their Instant Pot for canning? My Instant Pot is the Ultra which does high pressure at 10.2 to 11.6 psi. I read that USDA performed their tests at 15 psi, and thus have no experience with a lower psi, so do not recommend using the Instant Pot. Which is not to say that a lower psi is unworkable. Thoughts?
  10. Thanks, @MokaPot, I was actually wondering whether people had experience cooking Maida Heatter's recipes. I did (thought I did) find once that King Arthur and James Beard didn't measure the same weight in flour.
  11. Am learning a lot more about baked desserts. I have a copy of Maida Heatter's Pies & Tarts. Many of her recipes call for a cup (or more) of sifted all-purpose flour. Do you have a suggestion for what that should weigh? Also, I have some very ripe peaches, some just barely ripe plums, and some blueberries. Thinking of making something with a topping. Should I cook the plums a bit first?
  12. Hello Sarah. Welcome to one of my favourite time sinks. There are many entertaining writers and the food porn is to die for! Hope you enjoy yourself here.
  13. Hi @Davecee. You've found a friendly place. Welcome.
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