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  1. Hi @rotuts, I googled "Pork Chef's Prime Roast" (with quotes) which brought me to this which was, in 2014 as well as 5 years later, a complete mystery! The scraps were given to the birds so no photos this time, but I will try to remember to show you the results of my labours next time.
  2. From the university meat market, I just had another one of these "Pork Chef's Prime Roast" which I did (3.5 lbs in 2 bags) at 131F for 4.5 hours. Then finished for a few seconds per side in a hot pan. I put "Pork Chef's Prime Roast" into egullet search and came up with this post (from 2014), so I'm guessing this cut is something university students have to learn how to do. Per @rotuts' instructions, I cut out most of the fat in the middle. I'm supposing my knife skills could be improved; how long would it take you to perform, rotuts?
  3. Oh good, I can stop fantasizing about a Paragon. (here) 😑
  4. TdeV

    Dinner 2019

    I will not buy a Paragon, I will not buy a Paragon, I will not buy a Paragon, I will . . .
  5. TdeV

    Dinner 2019

    Has the chicken thigh been sousvided first?
  6. TdeV

    Dinner 2019

    @Raamo, looks enticing! Recipe for Ratatouille, please?
  7. Eggs are such perfect food, it's a shame when they don't work out right.
  8. TdeV

    Nasty Ingredients

    Me neither. Very fortunately.
  9. Nn, have you investigated sous vide?
  10. Complicated. I'm trying to replace the toaster.
  11. I'm interested @ElsieD, how do you like your toast?
  12. TdeV

    Aging / curing fish

    Hello @PeterS. Welcome. Your fish looks tasty.
  13. @Okanagancook, Chris McDonald (Canadian) has cup onions at 190F (87.8C) + 3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar + salt for 55 or 60 minutes. I found this to be too much liquid. I don't think the size of the onions matter. He also has a variation using Cipolline onions which he recommends only 50 minutes (because they are less dense than pearl onions). He only says to make sure the onions are in one layer. (Chris McDonald: The Complete Sous Vide Cookbook here)
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