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  1. I sometimes/often pressure cook beans, but my goal is always for the beans to be quite underdone. That way, the beans can mosey on up to almost-done (my perfect bean texture). So, the other day, I soaked one pound Rancho Gordo beans in an IP inner pot. In another inner pot, I put some ham hocks and veggies which I cooked on Slow Cooker Medium overnight. The next day, into the IP went the inner pot with RG beans which had now soaked 16 hours. Worried that the beans wouldn't be done in time, I went to switch the IP from Slow Cooker Medium to Slow Cooker High. Unknowingly, I switched the IP to 30 minutes High Pressure! Tasty, but mush. So once again I relied on the fine advice of @weinoo and made this.
  2. TdeV

    First Ground Elk

    Hello @Cleobeach. Many fabulous folk here. Welcome to eGullet.
  3. In SF Bay Area, California, I grew basil outdoors in more than half sun. Some internet search says 6-8 hours sun every day, with temp range 70-85°F (about 21-29°C) is ideal. Minimum is 50°F (10°C), and maximum is 90°F (32°C). See also https://hgic.clemson.edu/factsheet/basil/ If you're growing the basil indoors, it needs to be positioned nearly up to the window. There should be no curtains blocking the windows. There are charts for how quickly the intensity of the sun diminishes as one moves inches away from window, but I can't find any at the moment. Footcandles (FC) is the unit of measurement for determining the intensity of natural light. One footcandle is approximately the brightness of one candle, one foot away. Outdoor, direct sunlight has a peak intensity of about 10,000 FC. Light intensity depends upon the distance of the light source from the plant and decreases rapidly with increasing distance. Source: https://extension.umd.edu/resource/lighting-indoor-plants
  4. Another crazy question: As you probably know by now, I hate throwing things away which might have some good left in them. Rooting through the fridge for items to add to stock pot, some old fennel root was discovered. Part of some of the fronds had blackened which were tediously removed. The edges of leaves of the bulb had discoloured, so were sliced off. This removal was quite time consuming. The remainder was bright green and white, and was added to old carrots, with water and ham hocks for an overnight slow cook. I'm wondering if the careful removal of brownish bits was necessary. The liquid in the slow cooker is just shy of 200°F (3 hours in), so I don't think it could have become dangerous. Or could it? Had I left those black/brown bits of fennel attached, would it have add a bad flavour?
  5. Lovely adventure for us reading your posts. Thank you. Again.
  6. Toast from the APO is definitely a drawback, @blue_dolphin! 😂
  7. Anova Precision Oven is 25% off, ending today. My adblocker blocks the link but PM me and I will send it to you.
  8. Many Central and South American peoples do not have trouble with excessive farting. I have always been advised that one just has to eat more beans. 😂
  9. Well, Katie, I think more dark, leafy greens are needed in my/our diet, so thanks for this topic!
  10. Looks delicious, @wellfoodrecipes. Is the potato raw when it goes into a stir fry? If so, how small do you chop it? (I'm wondering how such a long cook item gets done). Always lots to learn. Folks here are mostly friendly, humourous, and tough on one's pocket book! Welcome to eGullet.
  11. TdeV

    Rinsing rice

    I think I remember that Zojirushi said not to use the insert for this because its surface has been engineered, so should be handled with care. Guess I should affirm this.
  12. eGullet, such a lovely lot of enablers! 🤣
  13. Thanks for answering, Elsie. I do everything via the front panel, so one would think that the Anova brain would be listening! As it so happens, the machine has reset itself a few times since the August update, but that error is a factory reset, and I'm noticing those. This is the Anova not able to reset the temperature thermometer and run at a cooler temperature after I have cooled the inside by opening the door. I suppose it's possible that all the metal inside the oven is still hot, so the temp keeps rising. I guess that means I should ask Anova about it. 😕
  14. Recently I steam roasted eggplant at 400°F. It was done before the rest of the meal. Somewhere I read that food can be kept indefinitely at something like 145°F and 30% steam (this is my memory we're talking about, so those numbers might not be exact) So, I opened the oven door, cooled the oven way down, set the temp to 145°F and put the eggplant back in. In no time, the heat was up around 200°F (and climbing). What do you do to stop cooking but keep a dish warm?
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