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  1. It's for a gift for a friend wants to beef up her drinks for non-alcoholic friends.
  2. I'm looking for online sources for squid (US). TIA.
  3. Howdy @kikochople. Welcome to eGullet - many fascinating folk here. Incidentally I have a Auber Instruments ECT-100 controller which I once used for sous vide which I'm giving away. PM me if you're interested.
  4. TdeV

    Dinner 2021

    We now have two smallish round tables on our patio, so each couple has their own space. And most dishes were plated one to a table. Missing from these photos is a second appetizer of cooked shrimps with cocktail sauce. I've discovered (yet again) that I don't actually like cocktail sauce, but I ate my shrimp with the other appetizer: Smoked Salmon made with ramps, fresh goat cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, cream and a huge amount of white pepper. Some salmon and wilted chiffonaded ramp leaves folded in for texture. Here's the branzini before and after
  5. Sheer and permanent chaos reigns here. 🤣
  6. What's in it, @Alex?
  7. @Alex. Which flour?
  8. This is like a mystery story . . . one little clue at a time! 🤣
  9. Howdy @GloriousDawn, you write an intriguing intro. And you'll find there's many friendly and obsessive folks here. Welcome!
  10. I have that book! (Someone on DL was writing about it). As you can tell, I didn't recognize the name, so you know I haven't actually got around to reading it yet. 🙄
  11. Howdy @SonOfNoun. Lots of great Sephardic cooking here too . . . Welcome to eG!
  12. @Nancy in Pátzcuaro, sounds curious. Would you mind posting the recipe, please?
  13. TdeV


    @Bryna, I love sous vide beef tongue. My last one was done 147°F for 55 hours. I have notes that @Kim Shook recommended 48 hours at 158°F but I have always done mine rarer. P.S. For @FeChef. If you use the @ sign and then wait a moment or two, you can type in the User Name of an eGulleter. When that person next signs in to eG they will receive a notice that they've been mentioned in a post.
  14. Having recently made my first successful mayonnaise (thanks, Bamix), I'm on fire to mix in new and interesting items. What I'd really like are some cookbooks which explore some of those possibilities, with reasons for making various decisions. Suggestions?
  15. TdeV


    Hello, Bryna. What a lovely introduction! Welcome to the wonderful land of eG . . .
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