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  1. btbyrd

    Dinner 2020

    Big box surf and turf: Japan edition. Found some Wagyu NY strip at Walmart of all places and some massive U13 shrimp at Target. Brushed the shrimp in mayo mixed with yuzu kosho and kanzuri. Grilled over binchitan and served with donabe rice and stir fried veg. My first civilized meal in quite some time. Not bad for the plague times.
  2. Seems kinda random and spammy to inject talk of low-end (probably Chinese factory-made) Laguioles into a discussion of Japanese chef's knives.
  3. I do it frequently for ramen eggs. Chefsteps developed the recipe before ATK, and they go a minute longer (which is recommended). You can get a sense for the relative texture in this video from Anova. The yolk is similar to a 63c egg but with less loose egg white (at least at 13 minutes).
  4. btbyrd

    Dinner 2020

    Nope! Thanks! That was all sliced by hand using a 12" Victorinox granton slicer. I have much fancier Japanese slicing knives at my disposal, but that Victorinox just seems to win when it comes to delivering thin, even slices. Works great on country ham too.
  5. btbyrd

    Dinner 2020

    Reuben. SV brisket cooked @ 68C for 24 hrs.
  6. I roast the potatoes and carrots separately and sauté the cabbage with onions in pork fat. It’s worlds better when you cook things separately and doing so doesn’t require much extra work.
  7. Why are you cutting it in half? Just take the legs and breasts off and use the rest to make stock. This is the easiest (and one of the most delicious) ways to cook turkey. I've done it for the past three or four Thanksgivings. I tend to go a little higher in temp on the breasts (136F-ish) but everything else is spot on.
  8. Bulletproof coffee without MCT oil isn't really bulletproof coffee. MCT oil provides a tangible energy boost that plain butter coffee doesn't offer. The recipe cited by the OP is "the" recipe for BP coffee, so I'd start there. Brain Octane Oil (a refined MCT oil) is expensive. But it offers only one form of MCT (caprylic acid aka C8) that is supposed to be the most bioavailable energy source. There are cheaper all-C8 formulations of MCT oil available online, but even regular MCT oil provides a qualitatively different coffee experience than using only butter or coconut oil.
  9. I also keep MTG chicken and beef on hand. They have no added salt and are best suited toward pan sauces or boosting flavor of existing stocks, though they can be diluted down to "soup strength" in a pinch. They are extremely high quality and deliver on higher-end "restaurant taste." If looking for a bullion/broth replacement, MTG is an expensive proposition; Minor's is a better option, though its saltiness works against it for saucework. Minor's is superior to BTB and Knorr products, and they can be used as a seasoning in the manners that Marco Pierre White suggests you use Knorr stuff (i.e., season meat, veg, and stews with bullion paste instead of salt).
  10. Steel makes the problem worse, as it causes the bottom to cook even faster than a pizza stone does. You need something above a stone radiating heat back down on the top of the pie. KettlePizza makes a "Gas Pro" model that's basically a pizza stone with a slab of stainless steel sitting over the top of it, working on a similar principle to the MPO mentioned earlier. I can't say how well these things work, but they're promising attempts to solve the problem.
  11. This was my experience trying to make pizza on my Genesis.
  12. btbyrd

    DARTO pans

    Did somebody say "fried chicken"?!
  13. btbyrd

    DARTO pans

    I've used Dartos to make cornbread. It works fine, but the shape is different than you get from classic cast iron skillets... flared edges along the bottom and side rather than a hard corner. The only thing I use my cast iron for anymore is nachos (in a 12" Lodge) but now that I think of it, my No 34 paella would probably work even better.
  14. btbyrd

    Black Garlic

    There doesn't appear to be any pH tweaking going on in the Hunter-method, at least as it was described in episode 256 of Cooking Issues. Here's the quick and dirty summary of the method as described at the end of the show: "Take the garlic (unpeeled, either single cloves or full heads) and wrap it in foil, then put a damp towel at the bottom of a crock pot and then another damp towel on top [with the garlic in the middle]. Then put the lid on the crock pot and wrap the whole thing in cellophane to keep everything sealed and put the crock pot on high (around 180F) and go for at least 24hrs, and maybe more.... you can test it periodically."
  15. btbyrd

    Lawry's Seasoned Salt

    FWIW, celery salt also contains no MSG.
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