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  1. What fruit are you using? Many fruits contain enzymes that can interfere with gelatin setting. Overly acidic fruits can do the same.
  2. +1 for testing. I can't imagine cooking potatoes on a timetable.
  3. This video from Chris hints at some of the techniques that may be emphasized by Combustion Inc. and the smart app that will be paired with the device. The technique he examines here uses two probes: one to measure the core temp of the protein and one to measure the temperature just below the surface. You start out with your oven at a relatively high temp (he uses 400F) and then turn the oven down to a much lower temp (like 225F) after the surface reaches the desired doneness. This technique requires the use of two thermometers, or requires you to use one probe that
  4. This isn't a Kickstarter; they're not asking to be funded in advance. Waiting is the only option.
  5. btbyrd

    Sous Vide and Sauces

    Bag juices are a mixed bag. They're shot through with all sorts of protein and gunk that requires a separate step to deal with in order to make the bag juices useful. One way to do this is a quick boil and strain. The chunks will flock together and form a raft which can be removed easily. The resulting juices are clear but flavorful and gelatinous. They're useful as a liaison to sauces and stocks, but won't alone yield a traditional pan sauce because those are built around browned protein bits (fond) that you've removed in the boiling step. This leads us to the second strategy, which is to red
  6. I have a glass top induction burner and a glass top electric range. I shake my pans all the time and have never scratched either and have been using both for half a decade. I can't imagine putting anything underneath my cookware to try to spare the cooktop or allegedly make cleaning easier. Update: Okay, so I looked at my cooktop closely and there are some fine scratches on the most used burners. They’re not immediately visible unless you’re really looking for them, and I’d consider them to be part of normal wear and tear, especially given how much the cooktop has been used (a
  7. You can get the exact same sharpener Wasabi sells for $120 for $30 on Amazon. It's -- how shall I put this nicely -- low quality. And their knives are garbage. Stay away.
  8. Zingerman's is having their annual spring sale, which focuses mainly on cured pork and cheese. I always take the opportunity to pick up a good amount of Neuske's applewood smoked bacon. I'm also trying out some Arkansas long pepper bacon this year.
  9. It's not uncommon to use shitloads of soy sauce in marinades.
  10. You can always dope less spicy mustard with powdered mustard or mustard oil.
  11. NaCl influences the water binding and water holding capacity of meat. It can also change the texture. A dry “brine” can make protein juicier when cooked, even if no extra water is added. Liquids high in NaCl like soy sauce or fish sauce (or just a saltwater brine) can affect similar changes while also drawing exogenous moisture into the meat. Phosphates are also useful for increasing water holding capacity in protein. For both NaCl and phosphates, it is dubious whether osmotic pressure is responsible for these changes. In stews and conventional braises, the
  12. btbyrd

    Dinner 2021

    Meatballs. Had some tortellini on the side.
  13. The Joule app itself doesn't have a SV risotto recipe. The Joule app's search function can search within the app itself (which provides no results for "risotto") or the ChefSteps website (several results for "risotto") or both at the same time. All of the recipes actually contained in the app are free and aren't behind a paywall. The recipes on ChefSteps.com are mostly free, but there are some behind paywalls. And it's been that way for many years.
  14. ChefSteps started selling recipes and classes in 2013. None of the recipes in the Joule app require additional payment, and anyone can download the app and check them out for free.
  15. You say that like it's a bad thing.
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