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  1. Goat

    My first goat meal was roast cabrito in Barcelona in the mid 1980s. I have the idea it was at Els 4 Gats, though their menu today looks very different from what I (very vaguely) remember. It was great; why is goat such a rarity in the US? Judging by what I see in our local markets, I have to think that many people in my area never eat lamb, either.
  2. I'm not sure I understand this... or should the first sentence say "Even the best closed burner designs..."?
  3. Relatively new Anova user here... looking to improve the work flow for Easter dinner: Can I use the circulator to hold hollandaise sauce for an hour or so? Google has provided me with various versions of the Modernist hollandaise recipe but I have a relatively traditional method that I like--I would just like to be able to hold it longer, with less anxiety. I'm thinking a mason jar in the water bath might be just the thing. Can anyone suggest a temperature? Any other advice?
  4. (I'm not a regular in this sub-forum. I hope someone will move this if a different topic would be more appropriate.) "Hershey's Gold", what is it? Hershey's website uses the term "crème" as though it means something in English--maybe it does in the industry(?) but I am skeptical. I am ambivalent about tasting this but I am curious about the concept.
  5. Since it's going into a relatively large amount of water, could you measure one (or ½, or ¼) teaspoon, dissolve in some manageable volume of water and then take the appropriate fraction of that solution? Requires arithmetic, but not a high-precision scale.
  6. Ours has been the same for over a year. I know it has been that long because I thought to replace it with a Cuisinart steam oven for Christmas 2016 but then BBB didn't really have a CSO to send me, in spite of accepting the order online. So we kept on using the Breville. Sometimes the problem seems a little better for a while, then a little worse. I assumed that eventually I would be forced to replace it but I fantasized that Cuisinart might bring out a larger steam oven if I stalled, so I keep on jabbing at that button.
  7. Now you made me want to know some of the finer points of hen anatomy that I had previously ignored! I can't vouch for the accuracy but this page has a nice illustration and a description that is easy to follow: http://www.afn.org/~poultry/egghen.htm (scroll down about halfway to two diagrams under the heading The Hen's Perspective on Laying Eggs). The gist of it is, the egg is pretty clean as it exits. When I had some occasional henhouse chores during childhood summers, I had the impression that there was plenty of opportunity for eggs to get soiled once they hit the straw, however.
  8. Last Word When I finally made my first one, my only regret was that it had taken me so long to invest in Chartreuse.
  9. Carnitas started in Instant Pot (30 min at high pressure, waited 1 hr in Keep Warm mode while I was elsewhere), then transferred with all the juice to the Falk copper sauté pan that @JoNorvelleWalker persuaded me to get. The liquid was rapidly boiled off and the meat browned nicely to complete a totally eG-enabled approach to the dish. Yum!
  10. I've tried to come up with a plausible interpretation of this but I can't. What do you think it was supposed to mean--and what do you think it really was?
  11. Kitchen Lighting Color Temp

    Having grown up in NYC in the 60s/70s, I remember the bright white of mercury vapor streetlights before they were switched to the sodium vapor lamps. I like incandescent/2700K inside my house but I was never a big fan of the pinky-yellow sodium vapor streetlights.
  12. https://www.falkusa.com/copper-cookware/ For US shoppers: 20% off on Falk for a few days. I don't know if they ever go lower(?). I am thinking of putting a sauté pan on my Christmas list. ETA: "Free shipping on orders over $50" Not sure what they sell that could possibly be <$50....
  13. Apples and Pesticides

    When I'm washing apples, bell peppers and other produce with relatively sturdy skins I usually use some "dishwashing liquid" (not automatic dishwasher detergent) and rinse well. (I don't use detergent for delicate things like raspberries.) I guess I have no way to know if baking soda would be more effective; the dish detergent is very convenient. One might think that the wax on apple and citrus skins (even the endogenous wax) could trap some substances like pesticides and I always imagine that the mild detergent is increasing my chance of clearing that residue but, really, it's magical thinking on my part--I have no data.
  14. Prepping Ahead - Yea or Nay?

    @Porthos, If you're grating rather than shredding with the food processor, does that mean you are using the steel blade, rather than a disc? Does the Monterey Jack grate nicely that way? The kind I usually get is significantly softer than cheddar and I feel that it might get clumpy, but I'm just speculating.