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  1. The limitless joys of Google Mistranslate!
  2. liuzhou

    Dinner 2021

    Slow cooked beef ribs and stovies. Cabbage (not pictured). A very nice Chilean Malbec/Cabernet Sauvignon.
  3. liuzhou

    Breakfast 2021

    A bit of a (partially) failed experiment. I intended to pimp up the popular standard Chinese scrambled egg and tomato with scallion dish (which I've made a million times) by adding some green chillies. I fried the tomatoes and chilli in one pan and the eggs in another. When the eggs were almost set I added the scallions, then the tomato and chilli mix. However, I guess the tomato mix was too wet or the eggs weren't as set as I thought, but the whole dish turned almost soupy. Served it anyway (only to myself) over flatbread and was delghted with the taste. I'll revisit for sure
  4. liuzhou

    Dinner 2021

    Last night was the Lantern Festival (元宵节 - yuán xiāo jié), which is the 15th and final day of the Spring Festival, which starts on Chinese New Year's Day. Traditional festive dinner excuse!
  5. I didn't make this. I've complained before that bread in China is more like cake. I can get what look like baguettes but ain't great and I can get some pita-like things which aren't sweet, but that's it. There was a good baker in town, but they closed years ago. I think I was their only customer. Anyway, yesterday I passed a new place and thought to take a look, expecting total disappointment. It got close, but then I noticed this, labelled "nut healthy bread". Bought a loaf. It was nutty and had a little dried fruit, but very little. Not actually too
  6. liuzhou

    Lunch 2021

    Was busy. Near-instant lunch. I just boiled some water.
  7. Does it matter? It's a joke. Not a recipe!
  8. Forget the debate on whether or not it's acceptable to put pineapple on your pizza. Try this!
  9. I'm thinking of making carbonara for lunch. Do you think I should use green or red Sichuan peppercorns?
  10. There's another article here with a slightly different take on the story and some more detail.
  11. liuzhou

    Dinner 2021

    鄺記食品公司 = Kong Kee Food Company
  12. ‘Each of us tastes the world with a different tongue’. John Thorne, Simple Cooking 1980
  13. Vegetarian soups (or vegetarian anything) are very rare in Chinese cooking. I can't think of one! Even if they contain no actual meat, they are almost always going to be made with chicken stock. There are many fish soups, but 99.99% contain actual fish or seafood. I would suggest you just find a soup recipe using chicken stock and sub some vegetable stock (or just water) instead. You may want to look around the soup topic right here on eG. It has been running for many years and contains hundreds of soups of all kinds. For more on vegetarianism in China, see here.
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