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  1. No idea. I just let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Never been in that much of a hurry.
  2. Just stick some lemon juice or white wine vinegar in regular milk. Wait 5 minutes. Buttermilk (as near as damn it).
  3. Nothing new about that. I remember it happening in the 1950s
  4. liuzhou

    Breakfast 2020!

    Square crumpets? Blasphemy!
  5. liuzhou

    Dinner 2020

    I'm not quite sure what to make of this dinner, although I just ate it. I wasn't feeling on top form and kind of threw it together. Egg fried rice with cabbage. Red lentils with onion, cumin, fennel seed, turmeric, chilli and scallion. 1-10-10 chicken breast finished with Shichimi Togarishi. It was a lot better than anticipated or the images suggest. The rest of the chicken breast is in the fridge to be incorporated into breakfast - somehow.
  6. liuzhou

    Lunch 2020

    The burger patty was seasoned with the usual s+p, plus chilli flakes. No brushing involved.
  7. liuzhou

    Dinner 2020

    Agree 100%. Nothing like lobster apart from texture. But I like it! Sadly, I can't find monkfish here.
  8. "It smells like pickled vegetables!" Perhaps because of the pickled vegetable, as you've already been told! There are several other points in the video I could argue with. The instant variety is no comparison to the real thing. Amusing to see her parents eating it with forks! That's a first. It is a type of aramanth, but I've never encountered purslane in China.
  9. liuzhou

    Lunch 2020

    Porkburger and Chips
  10. liuzhou


    Juliet: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet." Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)
  11. liuzhou


    Random (larger) picture of cape gooseberries.
  12. liuzhou


    Look like cape gooseberries to me. Same thing; different name?
  13. liuzhou

    Dinner 2020

    Seafood with tagliatelli. Shrimp and baby scallops in a buttery wine glaze.
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