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  1. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    A couple of 里 (li) and back again, I'd say. 里=0.5 km
  2. 'That's the "scientific name" of a different plant. It isn't "English". It's Latin. (c) pedants' corner.
  3. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    Still in the throes of post house-move unpacking, so lunch was take away from the local Muslim place, which is rapidly turning into my canteen. (I'm not Muslim. I just really like Chinese Muslim (Hui) food.) Today I avoided the usual noodle route and, as I had things to do, decided not to eat there. Here is lunch. The mystery packages each contain a Rou Jia Mo, spicy beef and onions in a type of flat bread. The filling is spiced with green chili and cumin. These were hot. Some of the best I've ever had - and I've eaten thousnds over the years. The bread. And the filling in place
  4. You are highly unlikely to find "cheap" eats or anything else near tourist sites anywhere in the world. Expensive and not very good is more their style. It is possible to eat relatively cheaply in London, by eating like the locals do. At noon follow office workers to see where they eat. It may not be gourmet, but despite all the rumours and lies, the British are not all gastronomic idiots. Shopping areas sometimes have reasonably cheap restaurants, although that is under threat from the plague of chain coffee shops etc infesting the world. Universities and colleges often have reasonably priced restaurant facilities open to the public. Students unions also often have cheap but surprisingly good canteens, although some require ID in the evenings. Pubs (some) offer good to excellent food at good prices. Many more upmarkets have surprisingly cheap lunch or "pre-theater" menus. Often a fraction of their full evening service. I no longer live in London so I'm not recommending anywhere specific but, as you don't like Indian much, how about Chinese, Greek, Caribbean, and literally dozens of other "ethnic" choices. If wre you, I'd be reading as many on-line restaurant reviews as possible. For local reviews I recommend Time Out or the Evening Standard (terrible newspaper, but sound on London eating) or the Guardian/Observer sites.
  5. Food funnies

    There are several.Here is but one - scroll down a bit.
  6. She always does. Her Taiwanese background gets the better of her sometimes! But love her really!
  7. The wonderful Divertimenti in Knightsbridge has them. But be careful. The shop is one of the best kitchen places anywhere, but isn't cheap. Fascinating place, though. Leave your credit cards at home. Lakeland is the UK go to store for cheap and unusual kitchen and cookware etc. On line or they have several stores in London.
  8. Everyone? Get your own pie and leave mine alone!
  9. Everything you mention is easily findable in London. And much more. It is a major world city, after all!
  10. I just eat the whole pie with a spoon.
  11. Dinner 2017 (Part 4)

    Yes, there is a brief glimpse of the kitchen in the video. It's not a great video - cell phone job. My real camera is in a box somewhere! I'll post more when I have finally unpacked - probably around Christmas! I haven't eaten in that particular fast food place before, but they are all much the same. Usually simple dishes like that served over rice. I very seldom use them, though. The problem with Chinese restaurants is that they are nearly always not geared to solo diners or even couples. The Chinese like to eat in groups and that is where the money is for most restaurants. The fast food and noodle shops are really the only alternative. When I was eating lunch the day before in the noodle,shop (see lunch thread), every table was occupied by one solo eater.
  12. Dinner 2017 (Part 4)

    With all my things still in boxes and new house in utter chaos, cooking is on hold for a few days. So, dinner last night was in a nearby Chinese fast food place. Roast pork and cabbage over rice. Not exactly gourmet, but tasty enough and filling.
  13. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    I have just finished moving house (to the extent that everything is moved but nothing has been unpacked) so lunch in the local Muslim place - Hand pulled noodles with beef (牛肉拉面) . The noodles are pulled to order, so you get a bit of theatre for free. And after, I added some optional chilli and stirred things up.
  14. Recipes that Rock: 2017

    Polish Cabbage-Potato-Bacon Casserole Recipe - Kapusta