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  1. liuzhou

    Dinner 2020

    Part of the dinner tonight, was the oil tea ceremony the Dong and other ethnic minorities insist upon as described in this topic. Here are some pics of the restaurant and oil-tea ingredients etc. Welcome Oil-Tea Ingredients Oil-Tea Makers Glutinous Rice Wine Ritual with Singing Waitresses
  2. liuzhou

    Dinner 2020

    First restaurant meal since January 2nd. A light repast in a Dong ethnic minority restaurant. Everything, we were told, was organic. Pork with waterchestnuts Duck with orange Pumpkin Smoked fish Bamboo, jelly fungus and chilli White cut chicken Water Spinach Pork Ribs I forget what this was. Pork and bitter melon (half eaten) There was also rice and jiaozi in case we hadn't had enough.
  3. Indeed! But my 91-year-old mother still does order it.
  4. I’ve just come back from the supermarket. Always an interesting experience. Having climbed over piles of destruction construction debris from the open cast mining roadworks outside Jia Yong No. 1 Supermarket, I then have to negotiate the much more difficult entry to the store. For some unfathomable reason, they have posted guards at the door to catch anyone rash enough to try to enter their store carrying a plastic bag from any other store. These have to be deposited in a left luggage office by the entrance. Any other kind of bag is OK. I regularly carry my large empty
  5. I wrote this a few years ago and have updated it since, but still relevant. If you are visiting, or especially working, in China, at some stage, you will be invited to a banquet. Despite attempts by the all-powerful communist party to curb excessive use of public funds on banquets, they still happen, albeit more quietly and less often than in the past. There are a few rules to remember if you want to survive the experience. 1. Arrive on time. This will give you the opportunity to sit on a sofa and study the decor while you wait for everyone else. Then, as
  6. liuzhou

    Lunch 2020

    Lunch at a friend's house. Cooked by friend. Typical Chinese home made food. Pork soup with shiitake and carrots, seawater clams (Paratapes undulatus), stir-fried rape and fried rice.
  7. As I mentioned over two years ago on the "Ahh, Bisto! The Gravy Mix" topic:
  8. It's the end of civilisation! The only good news is that the 300 staff now in quarantine for three weeks are still being paid their full salaries.
  9. liuzhou

    Dinner 2020

    We aren't having a competition; just sharing our efforts. And anyway, I have seen nothing you have posted that is "lowbrow" or you should feel embarrassed about.
  10. liuzhou


    What a ridiculous article! It posits that avocados are in danger because of water shortages caused by climate change, then goes on to "solve" a totally different problem - how to preserve avocado shoots - which it claims can be done using cryopreservation. Later, the shoots can be thawed and planted. And will still have insufficient or no water! It doesn't even address the reason it gives for them being in danger in the first place, but assumes that, in some fairy tale future, climate change will reverse itself and the water will miraculously come back and i
  11. liuzhou

    Roasting tomatoes

    Looks good to me.
  12. The nearest branch of Ye Olde McD's may well suffice to satisfy your urgent needs. It is said among the sages of olde that the facilities in such hostelries are purged and blessed by Druid priests every hour to prevent the spread of plague, sexual perversion and general lunacy. I'd give the "food" a miss though! As Chaucer said "What is this *%^$?"
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