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  1. I bought these last autumn but never posted this picture here as I couldn't identify the ones on the left. Today I finally managed. They are 黑皮鸡枞菌 (hēi pí jī cōng jūn), 'black skin chicken fir mushroom', Oudemansiella raphanipes. Cultivated from Yunnan Province. They are pleasant enough but very mild in taste, compared to the morels.
  2. 82 Vintage Cookbooks, Free to Download, Offer a Fascinating Illustrated Look at Culinary and Cultural History
  3. liuzhou

    Dinner 2019

    Lemony, garlicky, chilily, shrimply orzo.
  4. liuzhou

    Lunch 2019

    I have made my own here - just once. They were good, but not perfect as I can't get the right seasonings in China. But I'm 100% with you on the energy and enthusiasm issue. PS. I hate most Chinese sausages.
  5. liuzhou

    Lunch 2019

    It's about 25 years since I lived in England, but I can say that your "banger" looks wide of the mark. It does look to be an emulsified, industrial effort probably made from mechanically separated meat (MSM). A true English banner is seldom to be found in supermarkets (there are exceptions, though), but more in old fashioned butchers' shops, where they are hand made from real meat and appropriately spiced. My own preference was for Cumberland sausages made by my local butcher. Sadly he and his shop are long gone. When I was back in UK this summer I did have one excellent sausage from a pop-up food cart in London's Covent Garden. It was meaty and well-spiced.
  6. Not a specific recipe, but keep it away from water. Boiled or steamed are insiped. Stir-fry or roast then mash. Garlic, bacon of some sort. Good to go!
  7. liuzhou

    Dinner 2019

    Last night. 窝窝头 (wō wō tóu) buns stuffed with beef and Hunan pickled vegetables.
  8. No. It's all over. Tea is often served lukewarm or just room temperature.The exception is in more serious tea tastings, where the tea is central to the event, and it is normally hotter, but never boiling hot.
  9. liuzhou

    Dinner 2019

    You'll get no pooh-poohiing from this Scot. The last batch I made (and posted) for dinner reappeared next day for lunch and definitely tasted better (not that they were bad first time round).
  10. liuzhou

    Dinner 2019

    Vegetarian? Good Lord! I can be accused of many things, but vegetarian? I do occasionally make vegetarian dishes - like some salads. Or a poached egg. But please be reassured, this was not in the least vegetarian. 晒兰 (shài lán) is ham, ham, ham! Any rumours to the contrary are fake news and lies.
  11. liuzhou

    Dinner 2019

    Cauliflower stir fried with 晒兰 (shài lán), green and red chillies, garlic, ginger, Shaoxing wine and soy sauce. Served with rice and wilted spinach.
  12. liuzhou

    Dinner 2019

    Looking forward to that !
  13. 紫苏杨梅姜 (zǐ sū yáng méi jiāng) means "purple perilla, bayberry, ginger" and that's what we have here. 紫苏 (zǐ sū), known in Japanese as "shiso", is Perilla frutescens. 杨梅 (yáng méi) is Myrica rubra and 姜 (jiāng) well, you know what ginger is. The yangmei are slightly, but pleasantly tart, the ginger is spicy and the perilla adds a herbal note. Fresh Yangmei
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