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  1. So WISCO is the largest steel manufacturer because it operates over 1000 supermarkets and breeds pigs? Your contention that China is happily tucking into wine, cheese and steaks is fantasy. A handful of people at best A 1% increase in 1% is negligible. I'd love to see you finding all this "excellent" western food here in this city of millions. It isn't there. The vast majority of "steak houses" are selling the garbage I posted. But you clearly know a China I've never encountered.
  2. I'm glad you agree that something I didn't say is correct. It is so obvious and irrelevant I seem to have missed it. But I agree that China is unlikely to change size any time soon. That some people in New York are eating American steaks with their banquets has zero bearing on what people are eating in China and even less bearing on how they butcher their beef, which was the point under discussion. I have no idea what you are trying to.discuss. It is just as likely all New Yorkers will start eating their steaks as in the picture I posted The chap from WISCO (which isn't China's biggest steel company, but perhaps it's most corrupt - lost two executive chairmen last year to corruption charges - 15 years imprisonment and a huge fine) could buy all the wagyu in the US and it would be but a drop in the ocean. And it still wouldn't be butchered to US standards.
  3. Even if that paean to the administration were true, it is utterly irrelevant to the point in discussion. There isn't going to be an army of American butchers neatly cutting bovines into steaks before shipping them to China. They will be shipping whole carcases as I already said. And these will be butchers by Chinese knife wielders. Beef is very much a fourth or fifth choice meat in China and I see no sign of that changing. Expensive imports aren't going to suddenly change everyone's diet.
  4. The USA has been shipping beef to China* for decades. Nothing will change. They ship whole carcases which the Chinese butchers then hack at random. *Although New Zealand seems to send more.
  5. Dinner 2017 (Part 5)

    Actually, mine were less fresh than I would have preferred, but they were OK. Yes, you need to peel them - an easy job. Stick a thumbnail in where the stem was and peel away. The papery / leathery skin will tear off Then suck the white pulp away from the hard inedible seed. The skins range in colour from red to dark brown. I think the red ones are fresher, but I've never tested the theory. Here is one fully peeled and another partly peeled.When partly peeled like this, it is easy to pop the whole fruit out. Close up. Seed.. Inedible.
  6. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    I was making myself some sausage meat as a stuffing for vegetables when I was overcome by a sudden urge to chow down on some mini sausage rolls, so I took off my sausage hat, put on my pastry hat and away I went. Low marks for presentation - one partly unrolled and almost burned. But hey, it was only for me. They might be 'mini' but they were filling.
  7. Interesting article linking the birth of the Mafia to lemons.
  8. Dinner 2017 (Part 5)

    In Chinese, these are known as 花蟹 (huā xiè), literally 'flower crabs'. Bright blue when raw. I buy them live. Stir fried with lots of chopped garlic, grated ginger, chopped green chilli,. Added Vietnamese fish sauce and Chinese oyster sauce. Finished with chopped chives and coriander leaf. With rice to mop up sauce. Skipped vegetation tonight. Messy finger food - there is no dignified way to eat these. Followed by more fresh lychees than is probably safe.
  9. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    Edamame "hummus", boiled chicken egg, home made flat bread. Mint tea (not shown).
  10. The Angry Chef

    I have followed him for some time. There is lots of publicity now as he's about to publish a book. I'll be ordering it.
  11. Indeed. Those are very alien concepts.
  12. I doubt it. Beef is still a very low priority meat in China. My local market has around 25 pork vendors and one beef vendor. My nearest supermarket doesn't carry beef at all.
  13. Bay leaves

    Many years ago in England, I had a bay plant. I always felt that, while I liked the plant, the flavour difference was negligible. Here in China, I can buy fresh leaves in the market, but seldom do. The dried are just more convenient. On an aside, I had never associated bay with China till I got here, but it's very common.
  14. They label them in categories, but again apparently at random. Chinese meat butchery is, to say the least, odd. I can accept that American, English and French cuts are different and make sense of it. But Chinese cuts vary depending on which assistant serves you.
  15. No. It's a random slice of meat from somewhere on a cow (or a water buffalo).