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  1. Certainly not! That was just my intro to the topic. My two kids, born, bred and still in Britain, were always and are still adventurous eaters, but I'd heard and read parents talk about difficulties with their children, although I never thought about it much. Then, one day I realised I wasn't hearing those stories any more. The only significant thing that had changed was I'd moved to China, so I started loking closer. I am mainly just interested in exploring whether or not there are cultural differences in children's food choices and aversions. But it's not my thread. I just sta
  2. liuzhou

    Dinner 2021

    It's been 38℃ / 100℉ for most of the day. Now it's 9 pm and 35℃ / 95℉. So, this made for a quick, simple but satisfying and tasty dish. Followed by a bowl of cherries and some Marvin Gaye. Orzo with squid, shrimp. snow pea slivers, garlic, ginger, chilli and white wine.
  3. Lay's China seems to be on a roll. I spotted these today. Never seen them before. Rich Chestnut Flavor This one baffles me. It reads 'Mouthwatering Chinese Bayberry Flavor', and the red berries portrayed are bayberries, but berry chips? I love bayberries in season - sweet but also slightly sour. Didn't buy these. Rich Sea Salt and Black Pepper Flavor Another oddity. The nearest I can translate is 'Flower Steeped Rice Wine Flavor. No thanks! Refreshing Lime Flavor.
  4. Indeed, but I'll just add that the paper itself admits its data is flawed.
  5. Yes, the link you provided is not to a Chinese source, but where did they get it? As they say Everything about the paper (language, layout etc. ) tells me it is Chinese in origin. In fact, the study was funded by a Chinese dairy company and carried out at Chinese universities.
  6. That is typical. Hedge your bets! I'd be very careful with 'academic papers' from Chinese sources. About a decade ago, the Party decreed that all members must produce such papers and have them published or risk being passed over for promotion. This lead to the setting up of 'paper farms' which churn out these papers for a sutable fee. People buy them then 'publish' them in magazines set up just for the puurpose. The 'writers' of the papers pay to have them published, too. They are not peer-reviewed; they are only cash reviewed. I know of no western universities who accept them. They are
  7. liuzhou

    Dinner 2021

    Yeah, but I've overdone that Lao gan ma! I prefer a different dressing on my lice, these days.
  8. liuzhou

    Dinner 2021

    I may give that a miss! 🤣
  9. Oh dear. I guess you know how to cook chicken. Do you serve and eat it the same way every time? I also know how to cook potatoes. I certainly don't always serve them the same way every time, either.
  10. No, I don't. They are both long established descriptors. Calling them 'brats' would be. Also, 'fussy' or 'picky' do not include the parents. Yes. The poorer classes dont tend to hang around restaurants much.
  11. Thanks, but perhaps I should have been clearer. I know how to prepare and cook it. I was more looking for what to do with it thereafter.
  12. No one said it was better. It was just used as an example. I see no overtones of morality or judgement other than as noted below. I already said, this was only my personal observations and there may well be fussy eaters, but in England I know many - usually regarding vegetables, especially greens. Also. anecdotally in most western countries. Isn't it surprising that I've never met one in 25 years in China? And children are most certainly taken to restaurants. I seriously doubt any fussy eaters are left behind at home to fend for themselves. Ha
  13. Please don't misunderstand me. Despite the stupid, racist saying that the Chinese eat everything on legs except the table, many Chinese people are very conservative about eating foods they have never seen before. But that's as adults. I've never seen children with the same reaction. They still pile into KFC and McDonalds', but also still eat the greens and pig's tongue and goose intestines that their parents eat.
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