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  1. Yeah, I am surprised that nobody seems to be taking over. But who knows, maybe someone will.
  2. Frederic Yarm of cocktail virgin slut is hosting his last Mixology Monday. The theme is the Irish Wake. I wanted to make sure not to miss this one! Full announcement here. Entries are due Monday night at midnight, February 20th.
  3. It does. It is still usable but there is a little less internal space now!
  4. @rotuts@Kerry Beal Exactly, the inside is all buckled now.
  5. Cheese (2008– )

    Bleu d'Auvergne purchased at Bristol Farms. It's not bad but I've had better. It's a bit too salty and could be more creamy.
  6. Cheese (2008– )

    Fenacho cheese with fenugreek which gives it a slightly sweet and caramelized flavor.
  7. Mai Tai Recipes

    35 * 12 = 420 Mai Tais. That's a whole lot of Mai Tais!
  8. Mai Tai Recipes

    Small Hands orgeat - the largest bottle is 17.5 oz which is enough for 35 Trader Vic Mai Tai. That is quite good already!
  9. The braised short ribs were terrific, but the cooler didn't appreciate being at 82C for 24 hours!
  10. The Soup Topic (2013–)

    The funny thing is that I made it and liked it in the past, but it was a lot less caramelized then.
  11. Rhum Agricole: The Topic

    Do you know what kind of rhum agricole they used?
  12. The Soup Topic (2013–)

    Watercress soup (soup de cresson tourangelle). Recipe by Anne Willan in The Country Cooking of France. Comfort food. This has potato but is on the lighter side because it's diluted with milk and water (or broth). A touch of crème fraiche gives it a nice tangy flavor.
  13. The Soup Topic (2013–)

    Modernist caramelized carrot soup. It caramelized so well that I had to bin it - I just couldn't stand the strong butterscotch flavor in a soup! Here it is before I blended it. I had to remove a lot of the butter because it was really too much.
  14. Rustic rhubart tart with frangipane
  15. Five hours later... everything is submerged and looking good so far. But I agree that it would have been a better idea to use a larger container because this one is barely big enough!