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  1. Drinks! 2017 (Part 1)

    Yes and it's delicious!
  2. Drinks! 2017 (Part 1)

    @Craig EIn the same vein (a gin-based Penicillin), you can try Michael Madrusan's Son of a Beesting!
  3. Kicking back in Manitoulin

    You are not missing much! I am sure there is worse, but I wasn't too devastated when I finally finished my bottle.
  4. Kicking back in Manitoulin

    That's a nice one from beta cocktails. How do you like the Luxardo apricot liqueur? I've given up on apricot for now because I couldn't find a liqueur that I liked, so I've been using Briottet peche de vigne (wild peach) instead.
  5. These plums make a really wonderful jam! I am not disappointed. Just the right amount of tartness to keep things interesting. I mixed super ripe and less ripe fruit.
  6. Santa Rosa plum jam Day 1 Day 2
  7. Help me learn to make cocktails

    If you need suggestions for cocktail books, I would recommend reading the following thread.
  8. You could try filtering it if you have a Brita!
  9. I know, I know. Rookie mistake on my end. But a quick Old Fashioned with the 80 proof was good, so I will have no trouble finishing the bottle I am sure.
  10. Crap. That's super annoying.
  11. That's too bad. It might be worth looking into ordering it online then. Hi-Time has it for $22!
  12. I should have bought the bonded version apparently. Still it seems ok.
  13. Nice selection. I needed a bottle of Buffalo Trace bourbon which for some reason my local BevMo is now selling for close to $35 (!). I used to pay that price for a 1.5L bottle. So in protest I bought one of the cheapest options (Old Grand Dad for $16). Let's hope it's decent. The ryes were also crazy expensive, and I was happy to see Rittenhouse for $24.
  14. Help me learn to make cocktails

    Here you go. Personally I am a fan of the Koriko with the two metal tins.