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  1. billyhill

    Lunch 2024

    Home cured bacon sandwich with avocado and bruschetta style tomatoes
  2. billyhill

    Dinner 2024

    Steak au poivre with a touch of dijon and smashed baby Yukon golds. Apparently left the squash at the store or it would have been served with Ina Garten's squash au gratin. Steamed broccoli was no consolation
  3. The other are smoked chicken wings. The bacon was very good. I gave my venison supplier a pound and he returned with 2 pork bellies. It is cut and weighed out and ready to start curing this afternoon.
  4. Bacon turned out fine. 1 3/4" 7 days of curing. Smoked with apple, cherry, and maple mix. I use a little water when I cure my canadian bacon to try and even out the cure. Most is absorbed during curing. In this case, I infused the water with bay leaves. Went light on the sugar and a little maple syrup.
  5. Its about bacon, My lack of faith bothers me. 2.5% (2.25/0.25%) salt/#1 pink salt? Or, do I need to modify my cure? I see a range of numbers. I am also alienated by most recipes having a fixed weight of pork. I like to be able to adjust and calculate. With Canadian bacon and speck, I run 5 kg at a time. 2-2.5 kg packages. I add 50 grams of water each and curing mixture to bring meat and water mixture to 2.5%. Most of the liquid is usually absorbed by the time it is cured. I usually soak the loins before smoking for an hour or 2 and hot smoke at 225-250 till 140 internal (~4-6 hours) and then SV for a few hours @150. Is this the path? The seasoning, I am comfortable with the seasoning, but... I have read Ruhlman and Polcyn, and other books, a host of websites, including this one, and have achieved paralysis by analysis. So now, I turn to my security blanket. Oh mighty egullet, help me. 10.77 lbs. Honestly, It is the only pork belly that ever spoke to me
  6. When I discuss the Endangered Species Act with my students, I have what is hopefully, a very serious discussion about the "paupers of love" (Calvin Trilling, IIRC). Who is going to protect those that are not cute, cuddly, majestic, or marketable on a t-shirt or stuffed animal? Calves/veal are cute and cuddly. Foie gra brings with it a sense of violation people can identify with on some level. There is a lost battalion of other creatures deserving the same consideration, but endangered status/protection of any type is ultimately a political process. What is to become of the paupers of love?
  7. Maybe not the most conventional path, but I chopped some up and combined it with Dianne Kennedy's chili colorado sauce and made nacho's for the kids. Enchilada's would work. I lean toward saucing it.
  8. Was asked to teach carne asada today, and I will.
  9. Its a good bunch of kids, I do not dread this trip. I love lamb, a few of them have had lamb before when I made smoked lamb nachos with leftover lamb and chili Colorado. Black beans and rice might be a good choice.
  10. Other than sneaking away 1 day to go deep drop fishing for swordfish and barrel fish, i plan on doing nothing other than cooking. Even if we get skunked fishing, my brother has a 9 lb chunk of sword loin in the freezer for me. I do not know if I am willing to feed that to teenagers.
  11. Yep chili is added to the list. Pulled pork, if there are enough leftovers could repurposed into a tamale pie/casserole
  12. I make jerky, zucchini chips and dried tomatoes. Nothing else, as of now.
  13. Pulled pork, maybe made before we leave is on the list. Son mentioned making chorizo today, again before we leave.
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