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  1. scubadoo97

    Dinner 2020

    Everything looks great but that crispy brown potato skin is calling me. Nice plate
  2. I know the feeling. Went into a grocery store this week for the first time since this pandemic. Really didn’t want to buy Liquor I have enough for a few life times. But I really wanted some produce and walked away with a bit of frozen vegetables and some apples Not big on frozen vegetables except corn, black-eyed peas and some greens but will make it work
  3. Check you local pool supply store. The liquid chlorine is almost 2x the strength of household bleach. You can dilute accordingly. I imagine powdered chlorine can be dissolved into a liquid but unsure of the concentration
  4. Maybe there was something behind the lack of appetite. Recent diagnosis of right side kidney stone 2 days ago. #2 and it’s kicking my butt Recently I made a good glass of water, lots of them and ate an apple. It was a really good apple
  5. Eating so little while home. Just not hungry. Walking a lot, good for sanity, and losing weight by the day. Maybe not the thing to do during a pandemic.
  6. yes it does. With green I like to make Tostones
  7. scubadoo97

    Dinner 2020

    Shishito peppers obviously before roasting
  8. scubadoo97

    Dinner 2020

    Had friends over the other night. Made fish cakes from steelhead and barramundi portions along with roasted vegetables and salad
  9. @rotuts would never eat that rice. Yuck
  10. yeah I’ve used instant rice but then you have to get the fine coffee covered rice powder out of the grinder. A good hard blow with an air compressor does a decent job
  11. Me, never. Keep all my coffee equipment clean except the grinder doesn’t get a complete cleaning after each use but all old coffee is brushed away daily. Periodically I take that monster Mazzer Mini of mine outside and use an air compressor to blow out as much coffee as possible and brush between the “teeth” of the grinding plate and wash the hopper with soap and water
  12. Bubbles could be coming from it’s reaction to biological enzymes from a biofilm
  13. No question, if your grind is too fine the sludge factor goes up. I’m okay with some sludge, my wife hates it. So no French press for her. When she’s away I often brew with a French press or the Areopress. I like diversity
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