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  1. The only reason I can think of is price. Bamix tends to be above the average price line. But not by much All Bamix products I own preform ether better than the average and look and feel well built to last a long time
  2. no these are plastic but they still come in handy for storing things in the fridge and freezer
  3. We have a plenty and they are currently holding a lot of chicken stock and maybe a 1/2 pint of gelato they are perfect for storing stock. The gelato is the bonus
  4. When it comes down to an electric mixer Bamix is hands down the winner. The quality of the motor is top notch as well as the ergonomic design
  5. no beet green or other green top gets wasted in my kitchen no bone goes in the garbage unless it has given up it’s flavor just pulled a couple bags of chicken carcasses from the freezer. From the pressure cooker. 5 and 3/4 pints of stock
  6. @paulraphael Thanks for the public service announcement. They use the same tools to sharpen axes and pruning shears Certainly not where you want to take your kitchen knives
  7. yes it’s a magnifying lens used to view the retina. It was one I rarely used in my office. The optics are excellent.
  8. Forgot about this one. I was in the acquisition phase quite a few years ago. Now I tend to use the four pictured on the cutting board above I do have a clever which is a Joyce Chen
  9. And this big 308mm which I have rarely used
  10. Rotuts, the 2 middle knives are cheap Japanese carbon steels. Forgot what the brand was but they take a wicked edge. The one on the right is Tojiro. Here two more Tojiros
  11. I went deep in when I purchased my first and subsequent Japanese knives. First an EdgePro and then a set of Shapton glass stones which were the rage at the time. I recently pull out my gear and sharpened my most used knives. And found these little angle guides to help keep you at the proper angle when freehand sharpening
  12. scubadoo97

    Rosh Hashana

    A lonely Rosh Hashanah Seder. Was hoping to have my son and his gf over but she developed a cough and so they backed out. BIL had to much work to do. Did a zoom Seder with my extended family in Tampa and elsewhere. Had all the traditional dishes that go along with the Seder I roasted a 5.5 lb chicken with roasted root vegetables.
  13. scubadoo97

    Breakfast 2020!

    look good! what’s the filling?
  14. scubadoo97

    Rosh Hashana

    Usually spend time with my large extended family of cousins in Tampa after services. Looks like we will still be zooming as we did for Passover.
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