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  1. scubadoo97

    Dinner 2022

    I occasionally use a torch to blister string beans
  2. scubadoo97

    Lunch 2022

    A tin of sardines with sriracha drizzled over them. Been a favorite quick lunch. My wife thinks I’m nuts
  3. scubadoo97

    Dinner 2022

    Been using a Masterbuilt smoker for years. Similar to yours just an older model. I was going to get a Cookshack when it died but has yet to die and I’m at a point of not wanting to spend a lot of money on something that doesn’t get a lot of use. The Masterbuilt is on its last leg or maybe toe. The chip tray has a big hole in it and is covered over in heavy aluminum foil. But did smoked some salmon belly just the other day. Trying to get our house ready to sell and downsize. But sure will miss my pool house with a sauna and shower. Never use the sauna except to store bags of green coffee. I live In Florida. It is a sauna!
  4. I have become very lax in my knife care. As long as it can cut a hunk of cheese I’m good 😊
  5. A ceramic rod is not like a grooved steel. Think of it as a round fine grit ceramic stone
  6. Yes I have a ceramic honing “steel” which I use to remove the possible burr from just sharpened knives
  7. scubadoo97

    Passover 2021 -

    I made a very large pot of black-eyed peas for our very large family Passover gathering last night and tonight. Used frozen black eyes instead of the dried. We are Sephardic so peas and beans are ok on our kosher for Passover list of foods
  8. Soaking in fresh water to leach out the salt, and do one or two water changes until the water no long taste of salt Usually when cooking in water this occurs naturally. More often than not, I use these prepared corned beefs to make my version of pastrami. After desalination, the meat is dried overnight in the fridge and covered in a pastrami spice blend. I use mustard as the binder to hold the spices on. Then it goes in the smoker and finished in the oven over steam. I set up a foil pan with water off the boil and a rack on top to hold the meat and cover with another pan with clips to hold the top on and pop it in the oven to steam finish. May not be Katz Deli but it gets close
  9. I usually cheat and buy prepared corned beefs when on sale. Desalinate them add spices and smoke them to make pastrami
  10. Agreed. SV works well for a lean roast. Although your bottom round rump looks more marbled than most
  11. I briefly had that model but had nothing but problems. Even with the assist from the company it never worked right. Sent that boat anchor back and was too bummed from the experience to consider spending even more money on a higher end unit. I’m still using a FoodSaver, but based on my usage and the cost of bags I’m still doing ok. Just have to be creative to vac wet items
  12. scubadoo97

    Name this grain.

    Looks like barley
  13. Just had one today that I had to cut out brown spots in the center of the spud
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