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  1. It’s taste really good :))))
  2. All recs are solid I have a trashy thing I do with leftover rice. Warm slightly and add a dollop of mayo and grocery store yellow curry powder and thawed frozen green peas. Trashy as all get out but I can’t stop eating it once I get started
  3. scubadoo97


    My mistake, I miss read beef as beet. Never paired beef and goat cheese
  4. Often shredded, sometimes cubed. Usually with mayo. Though my wife is not a mayo fan. Me I love it.
  5. scubadoo97


    Absolutely! I was just getting ready to post the same
  6. scubadoo97

    Mustard Greens

    Bacon is nice with greens but my wife won’t eat porky foods. So my typical meat addition would be oxtail, short rib or maybe sliced turkey sausage. Diced onion and garlic a must. Maybe a bit of oregano depending
  7. JD single barreled bourbon and rye are excellent products. Even if you are not a JD fan those two products score very well. I’m not a basic JD fan but those single barreled selections which are a higher proof are very good
  8. The mashbill is >51 % corn, aged in new oak charred barrels and distilled no higher than 160pf and bottled to at least 80pf so meets the criteria and definition of bourbon. Bourbon does not need to be made in Kentucky. They would just be very happy if their product was not lumped into the large playground of bourbon so by calling it Tennessee whisky there is less competition in that market but it meets the definition of bourbon in every way
  9. Nice selections, every one of them. Bourbon that is excellent and won’t break the bank. I’m a fan of WT 101. Enough rye and proof to keep it interesting and you can’t beat the price
  10. Have a few Anovas. The first one as well as a couple second generation models. I had plans to give one to one of my kids but no interest. Never know they may change their mind as they get more into cooking
  11. scubadoo97

    Dinner 2021

    @shain looks amazing
  12. scubadoo97

    Dinner 2021

    @shain Looks like black lentils, one of my favorites
  13. scubadoo97

    Dinner 2021

    @scamhi Fabulous marbling on the steaks. Drooling 🤤
  14. scubadoo97

    Dinner 2021

    Picked up a couple prepared corned beefs on sale, post St Patty’s day. Desalinated and coated in pastrami spices, then smoked
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