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  1. The first thing that came to mind when I saw these was they must have had a brain storming contest to see who could come up with a concept to use all the discarded vegetables that didn't pass inspection for their regular production products. They probably got a trip to Jamaica ;))
  2. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    Duck rillette
  3. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Dinner tonight was Mahi pan seared with a medley of roasted baby new potatoes and brussel sprouts along with a side salad with an orange based dressing
  4. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    Yes. White anchovies
  5. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    Still eating like a Spaniard
  6. I just pulled duck legs from the fridge that had been salted in a dry brine of salt with a little sugar, orange peel and thyme then pressed for 2 days. I guess I’ll follow the Anova rec of 12 hrs at 170f and SV in reserved duck fat. I’ll get this started this evening so it will be ready in the morning
  7. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    Chicken is what I usually use for the confit dish. Lunch today was a bowl of chickpeas, salt, cumin and olive oil. Kinda like a deconstructed hummus without garlic and tahini. Working today and garlic breath is not a good thing when you’re inches away from a patients face
  8. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    Still torn if I want to eat the confit as is or make a rillette out of it which is what I had initially thought of doing
  9. Lunch! What'd ya have? (2017)

    Lunch was the liver from a duck I broke down this afternoon. Fine dice shallot and thyme sauteed in duck fat before the liver went in and then finished with Armagnac The duck will provide a few meals. The breasts will be cooked tomorrow, the legs and wings are being salted and will do a confit prep in a day or two. The carcass made stock and the skin was rendered for fat and made cracklings
  10. Scratch Guacamole - Labor Intensive

    Thanks Kay. The menu looks excellent but a bit too upscale for this particular entourage of family members . My wife and I would love it.
  11. Scratch Guacamole - Labor Intensive

    Would love to know where your restaurant is. Heading to Birmingham for Thanksgiving. Wife’s family lives there. Good authentic Mexican food would be a good find. If you do a good authentic chille relleno that would be icing on the cake. My Dad’s family all live in Mexico City. Mexican food in Central West Coast Fla has a lot to be desired. Birmingham has become a surprisingly good food destination if you bypass the chains
  12. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    This morning was a light breakfast I called a mushroom tart. Sounded fancy. A seedy sandwich bread toasted and topped with sauteed sliced brown mushrooms, fresh thyme leaves and topped with a French cheese picked up at Costco (can't remember what it was but was kinda like Gruyere) finished under the toaster oven broiler until the cheese just melted and cut into wedges. Simple, quick and tasty
  13. I have 4 loin chops chugging along at 125f. Will finish on the grill or CI skillet while seasoned potato cubes roast in the oven
  14. Costco meat quality decline?

    Could it be that fact that they mechanically tenderize, aka needeling, all their meat?