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  1. The round shape of a steel, no matter the material tends to be less effective than the flat surface of a stone. It only affects a very localized area of the blade YMMV
  2. Try to use a fine stone to remove the burr. The steel is not as effective
  3. Don’t know if I’m too late to help but check the installation clearances before you buy anything. My guess is that lg expects more ventilation around that unit. There are minimal clearance built in units sold but they’re much more expensive. There’s probably nothing wrong with your fridge that an inch of airspace wouldn’t solve
  4. I’m a bit of a knife nut, I have 6 gyutos in my drawer. When my daughter was setting up her household this is the knife I bought her as a good first nakiri. It’s much more nimble than the wantanabe Jo recommended; they’re both good knives, both nakiris, couldn’t be more different https://www.macknife.com/products/japanese-series-6-1-2-japanese-vegetable-cleaver-ju-65
  5. I do a lot of fish and chicken like this too; moderately hot oven and moderate amounts of steam. I often like it better than sous vide. I’ve learned with that much steam 350 -375 cooks about as fast (or faster!) than 425 in a dry oven.
  6. I go to a place in Chinatown on grand street called aqua best and swear by them for super fresh affordable fish. https://www.aquabestnyc.com/pages/about-us For fancier stuff I think eataly is the best fishmonger in town.
  7. heres mine for scale I would definitely get an apo before I got a microwave.
  8. I stick a microfiber towel on the bottom right side all the time. Wicks the water away and evaporates it. I also don’t put pork shoulder in a bag, I just use a deep roasting which someone here recommended. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B089N65N19/ref=ppx_yo_mob_b_track_package_o0_img?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. Made a rolled up version in an Anova oven a few weeks ago. 24 hours at 158 then I blasted it for ten minutes to crisp the skin. Great stuff! next time I do I’m putting the seam down.
  10. If you happen to have say a 9” wood bowl laying around brown an onion, sauté some chicken livers pretty delicately, braise them in a little port, add some capers and put the results in the wooden bowl. Hand chop this with your souvenir uluu. Best reason I’ve found to keep one around. Oh, and they’re pretty easy to sharpen
  11. You could try to use a rectangular cambro instead of a round bowl. Kitchen sinks don’t have overflow drains like bathroom sinks do so they’re not designed to seal well.
  12. D’artagnan is great. I usually can get the stuff locally so I don’t really mail order but they have great ducks and other poultry and great sausages. They have overall a pretty broad line available. https://www.dartagnan.com
  13. I don’t get all this blending and whisking. I just put the ingredients in a jar and shake it like crazy for a few seconds. Everything emulsifies fine, especially with a dab of mustard in the jar.
  14. I’m a big fan of this Moroccan one. I roll cut and parboil the carrots instead of shredding them and keeping them raw. Have to say though, this would be nobody’s idea of faux tuna salad. https://www.onceuponachef.com/recipes/moroccan-carrot-chickpea-salad-citrus-mint-almonds.html
  15. I’ve been making this nice Chinese cucumber salad this year https://omnivorescookbook.com/recipes/easy-chinese-cucumber-salad
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