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  1. By the way, that’s me with my back to the camera. We were packing up and leaving, this is the Vemeer painting of my life!
  2. @kayb Nah. My daughter sends me a text at 2pm with a count. heres the biggest crowd I ever cooked for, the last supper in our old loft, had 54 for dinner. I cooked everything, had somebody helping with the cleanup in the kitchen the new place I have a table set up for up to 16-18 all the time and with a little reconfiguration I can have 36. If it’s above 20, I’ll know in advance. Usually!
  3. Thank, love this! I’ve made pkhali with spinach, chard beets and leeks but never eggplant. Gonna give this a spin
  4. @eugenep I always figure if I took my adult daughter out to a restaurant for dinner it would cost us about a hundred bucks and I usually average about that. I’ve encouraged everyone to bring wine but I’ve never asked anyone to chip in. we do this in NYC and I have quite a diverse crew with not always a great wine background. I’ve encouraged them over the years to bring better wines, but I’ll still get a bottle of cheap sweet wine every so often from a newcomer. one of my regulars has become a pretty ambitious cook and for the first time ever, I’m going to let him guest chef. This dinner is my hobby and my passion. It costs what it costs and I’ve done a bit of good in the world as a result of doing it.
  5. Yeah, I was one of the last of the commercial soho loft dwellers. Lived on Broadway and Broome for 21 years, landlord tossed me out with 30 days notice in 2012. Moved to Brooklyn Heights, another open loft, this one has an actual room with a sink, toilet and shower, that, while it's right next to the kitchen, is actually not a part of it. Moving up in the world!
  6. New Yorker here, I feel your pain! Do you have a utility closet or an AC closet? You can hang a coat rod in the closet and get some hooks that will store a boat load of pans in a pretty small amount of space. This is a shot from a loft I used to live in, had these two rods with everything hanging. The hooks that I used I got from my cousin the drycleaner. Conveniently, if I got a little sweaty from all the cooking, I could just jump in the shower.
  7. You remind me of the day I spent a solid ten minutes in a kitchen supply store pondering the difference between the Ruhlman spoon and the Kunz. I have four Grey Kunz spoons in my kitchen flatware drawer now. Most expensive spoons in the drawer.
  8. I was looking to do the same thing about a year ago and I walked over to the Oneida food service showroom (it's a block from my office) to look at their range. They have an imported Italian brand called San Andrea that's very nice, feels like fine restaurant stainless because that's what it is. https://www.wasserstrom.com/restaurant-supplies-equipment/sant-andrea But while I was up there, I saw an Oneida line called Perimeter that I liked even better, I bought service for 24. Definitely get Euro sized dinner forks. I got the round bowl soup spoons and the American sized teaspoons which was a bit of a mistake, the sizes were too close. I'd get the Euro sized teaspoon (smaller) if I got a do-over. https://www.wasserstrom.com/restaurant-supplies-equipment/perimeter#facet:&productBeginIndex:0&facetLimit:&orderBy:&pageView:grid&minPrice:&maxPrice:&pageSize:&catalogMode:& None of this stuff is "consumer" priced, but it's comparable to something like Christoflle (ok, not quite that nice) at a much friendlier price point. Service for 12 was less than $300. ps, first post after my intro, I'm talking about loving cucina povera, and here I am recommending $300 table spoons. //sigh
  9. Hello everyone, I'm a long time lurker in the forums, decided to finally sign up. I'm an avid home cook and I love to use cooking to create communities. I have two kids in their thirties (unfortunately, one lives 2000 miles away) and for the last 16 years I've made a weekly dinner on Wednesday nights for my kids and their friends, my friends and the family. I get somewhere between 10 and 20 people (from an extended group of probably 75-100 people in all) on a typical evening and I never know how many are coming until 2pm the afternoon of the dinner. Naturally, I'm a firm believer in appetizers, first course, main course. I'm really into cooking cucina povera, but from all over the globe. I've recently started trying to learn a bit more about Chinese cuisine, and there's a rich trove of ideas to be mined from there! Anyway, hoping to learn a few things around here, nice to finally meet you all! Rick ps-Shout out to @Toliver I've been following the bargain cookbooks thread for a while and it's really expanded my horizons. Now if you could find me some Fuschia Dunlop books on sale...
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