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  2. Indeed Tourist are in-deed questionable I do enjoy the French on the signs no need to go to France !
  3. chromedome

    Newfoundland Re-Visited

    Tourism information center.
  4. JoNorvelleWalker

    Do Brita-type filters work?

    I now have Hach test strips as @rotuts recommended. My Mavea pitcher reduces total hardness considerably. I plan to try double filtration. I just ordered a Brita pitcher of the same type from amazon UK since the only remaining Mavea seller on amazon US is demanding $70 (with free shipping). Price including shipping was $41 from amazon UK. Fortunately amazon US is still selling the replacement filter cartridges. This article helps explain the Mavea/Brita business: http://kitchenboy.net/blog/mavea-exits-north-american-market-frustrating-water-filtration-pitcher-owners/
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  6. @ElsieD what does the ' question mark ' mean on the road sign ?
  7. A couple of pictures of Woody Point, the town in one, the direction we came from is the other. The scenery is spectacular.
  8. Anna N

    Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    Rice, braised pork belly, sugar snaps and shiitake mushroom.
  9. We are in Woody Point at the moment and the restaurant we had planned to go to had scaled back on their offerings. This is a very small place, population of 281 so our other options were limited. We ended up with a very good fish chowder and a ham and cheese sandwich. The bread is made on the premises and was very good. That is the thing with Newfoundland - you are not going to get fancy food in these small places but you can expect well prepared tasty food. No fancy swirls of sauce or dads of this and that on your plate.. We did spot an ice cream place so will have that for dessert. When we leave here we will be going to Springdale where we will be staying tonight. We have stayed at this hotel, the Riverwood before and quite liked it. We aren't sure but are thinking of hitting up a food truck there for dinner. I'll let you know.🙂
  10. Costco seams to be steady at 245. not a member ? ask a friend who is.
  11. I don't think the CSO was ever offered on PrimeDay I might be mistaken on some very early PD's I don't think Cuisi makes enough of them to be offered other than a one hour Lightning sale , should that sort of think exist.
  12. ...or it could go back up to $299.
  13. JAZ

    New composting options

    I should explain why I'm interested in this appliance. I don't have space for a compost bin; we have a patio that's large enough for a few potted herbs or maybe a tomato plant. Even if we wanted to turn the patio into a compost bin, we would not be allowed to. My interest is for environmental reasons. I don't think we waste a lot of food, but there are always ends of vegetables, meat scraps, and the like. If I can turn them into something useful, it seems like a good thing. The area where we live doesn't offer a compost service as do some cities (and probably never will -- ours doesn't even provide recycling services) -- if that were an option, then a bucket on the counter would work. So if this recycler works -- even if it doesn't make perfect compost -- I figure it's the best option for my circumstances. It seems like it's that or the trash.
  14. rotuts

    New composting options

    that's true I grew up in the Bay Area I used to hunt for palates to set up a few composting bins for my mother there were none to be had anywhere. I also used them to make ' cribs ' for staking my wood for the wood stove.
  15. heidih

    New composting options

    Since Los Angeles is a major port, pallets are like gold here. An entire industry is centered around re-habbing them for re-use. Also Pinterest projects have made them trendy. Have to be careful also about the chemicals if repurposing.
  16. kayb

    All Things Mushroom

    I ordered some Forest Glory dried morels, as I'm in a part of the world where we never seem to get, and certainly don't find, fresh morels. Any tips on how to use them?
  17. Or you could wait until July 18 and see if it gets any lower on Prime Day.
  18. I was just going to say the same. Amazon prices over the last year:
  19. heidih

    All Things Mushroom

    Stepbrother returned from Poland last night and gifted us these dried mushrooms. I'm going to grind some for "flavor powder" , make a riff on XO sauce, and we are planning soup tonight. USDA beagle snagged the sausages..... ETA: image
  20. No, I'd go with the one that's sold and shipped from amazon. Amazon's price is currently $237.01... http://amzn.com/B01JRT2WOG
  21. As am I. @ElsieD I'm enjoying following along. Thanks for posting about your trip.
  22. Kim Shook

    Richmond Virginia

    Ok - so my child says: "Nota Bene, SB’s Lakeside Loveshack for breakfast—which they serve all day, Whisk for dainty snacks and sweets, WPA Bakery, Proper Pie, Pik Nik, Salt & Forge for breakfast or lunch, Shaved Duck, Peter Chang’s, Metzger’s, The Jasper for cocktails, Greek on Cary, Alamo, Red Cap Patisserie for good baked goods, The Jefferson is always great for a wow factor. " I'd add Garnett's, Kuba-Kuba, Heritage, L'Opossum (one of our favorites), Perly's delicatessen, and Shagbark - we haven't been there, but it is getting great reviews. To me, the best bakery in town is Sub Rosa on Church Hill - the croissants are as good as the ones we ate in Paris. Be thinking about where you want to have lunch, @robirdstx!!!!!
  23. Apparently NYC didn't get the memo.... https://ny.eater.com/maps/best-german-restaurants-nyc
  24. I enjoyed the interview. So candid and down to earth https://soundcloud.com/user-306003081/david-lebovitz-on-renovating
  25. Thank you!!! So, this one?
  26. Thanks for mentioning this. I went back and re-read the whole Part I CSO thread. Good stuff there!
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