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  2. Paul Bacino

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Hatch Green Chile Stew
  3. Well look what I found this weekend. As the Holiday season approaches every year I go through my collection November and December issues of old food and cooking magazines. In the past couple of years I've scattered them in different bins with the decorations. But I decided it was time to go through them, search them and pair them with their cousins. The collection is mainly old issues of Bon Appetit and Gourmet. So I found this October 1978 issue of Bon Appetit, and what did I find? A feature story on curry--"Start the Season with a Glittering Curry Party." It's really interesting and an insight into how passionate home cooks were making curries back some 40 years ago. I have to admit I was surprised at the depth of knowledge and detail in this piece. These are just a sampling of the pages that cover the curry topic.
  4. I meant the difference between ordinary green cabbage and the savoy type.
  5. Today
  6. Hello new friends. Spent the weekend working on a batch of bon bons and I wanted to share my latest creations ("Earth-like Objects"). I am probably not the first person to think of this design, but I am super happy with how it came out.
  7. I've got nothing new here - except that Sosa products are wonderful and quite true to flavor.
  8. HungryChris

    Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    I was so taken by the freshness, size and price (75 cents each) of the local (Noank, CT) oysters I bought for dinner yesterday, that I made another trip to my go-to fish market this morning. They had gotten a fresh delivery and I was able to choose from an excellent collection buried in the ice today. These were bigger and fresher still! Noank Blue Points and Dogs and Boats makes the sun shine, in spite of this cold and rainy day. I even got out the ice shaver and put them on a bed of the stuff. HC
  9. Toliver

    Waffle Varieties

    There's a famous mini-chain in Los Angeles called "Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles" (click). I think it's the salty-sweet taste combination that brings customers in.
  10. Chocolot

    Freeze Dried Fruit Powder

    Just buy some freeze dried fruits and put in food processor. Drying your own, unless you have a freeze drier will work, but not as well.
  11. shain

    Breakfast! 2018

    As whether was finally getting colder, we got a sort of heatwave (at least it's still much better than the summer weather). Soba. Walnut dipping sauce (walnut, miso, vinegar, a touch of sugar). Sesame paste dipping sauce (with soy sauce, miso, mirin). Reduced soy dipping sauce (soy sauce, miso, vinegar, mirin). Scallions. Wassabi (we needed much more than shown in the picture). It's a nice light make-ahead meal.
  12. shain

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Baked ciabattas. I did the mistake of not letting the oven bottom heat enough and crowding the breads too close to each other. Both things caused an uneven raise and alveoli. Oh well, tasted great. Filled them with fresh mozz, tomatoes, basil and some salt. A short reheat to crisp up and melt the cheese a little.
  13. chromedome

    The Quintessential eG Kitchen Tips/Trucs

    Both cabbages? I only used one. I doubt there'd be much difference between a boiled, steamed or IP'd cabbage at the end of the day, if you're doing cabbage rolls in tomato sauce anyway (I presume that's what you're asking). Done Japanese-style, as per Anna, might be different.
  14. mgaretz

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Meatloaf casserole made with the leftover meatloaf, multi-color rottini noodles, peas and panko on top. Served with salad.
  15. TdeV

    Query about lamb fell and sous vide

    @Okanagancook, thanks. I vacuum sealed the partial leg in a food safe bag already, but I'm going to bring it out for a dinner party this weekend. I've already paid for the bag and would be disinclined to spring for a second one, but I get very anxious around dinner parties and try to do as much in advance as possible. Question: Is the fell easier to remove when the meat is cooked? (Hence I should wait until after cooking)
  16. Yes. I also like how I can work with a wetter dough, and it sticks to the frozen filling as it starts to freeze, itself. I also like how I end up with no flaps. Flaps break off during freezer storage.
  17. Anyone have any updated info on this?
  18. Chester86

    Freeze Dried Fruit Powder

    Has anyone tried to make their own fruit powders? I am going to attempt to make some from Rhubarb this next spring... any tips would be helpful!
  19. Chester86

    Old School Buttercream Candies

    Nice! I just sent @Chocolot a message about this! Glad I found it. thanks for sharing.
  20. Chester86

    Unflavored fudge base?

    Shut the front door!!! There is this lady that travels around to local shows selling her homemade fudge! Told me she had a fudge kettle and made each batch from scratch! But she had all these different flavors! I was like “how in the world does she do this??!” As I’ve made fudge before.... and it didn’t look anything like her super creamy, smooth and 50 flavors of fudge... These Egullet Forums are amazing!!! 😁😁
  21. Ann_T

    Breakfast! 2018

    Wings were suppose to be on the menu last night but got postponed until this morning. Cooked on the grill with homemade potato chips.
  22. Kerry Beal

    Cashews in caramel

    If you want to prevent moisture and fat migration with nuts then a gum Arabic solution is usually used.
  23. What?! How did I not know this! I have his Professional book. I did go to college for Culinary Arts but not pastry! I’m going to have to find his At Home book!
  24. BeeZee

    The Hot Sauce Topic

    I tried some Cholula Chipotle hot sauce at a local Mexican place and it was a nice blend of sweet and not too much heat. I'm not into super hot sauce, it was just a nice little extra flavor on some chips/guac. Bought a bottle at the local supermarket.
  25. KennethT

    Cashews in caramel

    Nuts will absorb water, regardless of how well roasted, I would think. I think they should be coated with some kind of moisture barrier (cocoa butter?) before putting in anything other than chocolate, which is basically fat with solid particles suspended.
  26. TdeV

    Spice Storage Ideas

    Does anyone else keep spices in the freezer?* I've been looking at these freezer safe jars from Lee Valley but I can't see any reasonable way to organize my inadequate freezer space. Edited to add: * Could you post some photos, please?
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