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  2. me either. But the ones above of the restaurants with that light - swoon worthy
  3. I just checked, also these guys have the mahachanok mango…I saw I can get the mix box, 6-8 pounds for $30. I will get next week. I am all happy now, at least fruit wise. The owner told me that they sell more vegetables in the fall. For now I got zucchini and butternut squash.
  4. Indeed I have! All of the countries you list fall under the "they" category. "We" referenced middle America. OK - your first post was referencing Asia and the way vegetables are treated in Asia is often quite different than in many Western countries (but both are often very good). I would also argue that many US places have excellent vegetable dishes, like many restaurants in CA
  5. Nice!! I just got a shipment of tree ripened nam doc mai mangoes from a grower in Homestead, FL. He also threw in a few mahachanok mangoes for free since this is now the third time I've bought from him this month! The mahas are small but unbelievably sweet and fragrant. The nam doc mai remind me of what I used to have when on vacation in Thailand... so good. Sweet, a bit of acidity for balance, perfect.
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  7. A day trip destined at Agia Kyriaki at the far Southern end of the Pelion peninsula. We drove along the South-Western shore [map]. Our first stop was a small sea side town, Kato Gatzea. A narrow road separates the front row of houses from the shore. Most houses are well maintained, with flower gardens and vines. Some houses are abandoned and the vegetation overgrown. Among them are ample coffee shops and a couple of taverns, many closed due to the combination of covid and of it not yet being high season. Still, groups of older locals are found sitt
  8. Shish! I got all out of order here. Imagine this being posted a bit before :P Take note of the restaurant in the 2nd photo. We shall meet again.
  9. Kneeling at the altar of Campbell's Cream of mushroom or chicken.
  10. Ick on pork loin, but pork tenderloin can be lovely quickly grilled. I slice or cube and skewer and marinate and just kiss it with high heat. The US National Pork Board marketing campaign for lean pork for years was "the other white meat". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pork._The_Other_White_Meat
  11. Maybe get some whole chickens, separate out the legs / thighs but leave the breasts attached to the bone that way you can slow roast them on the bone then carve off the bone after resting. How about doing something with Mortadella ? it doesn't get more fine textured than that! Cube and skewer, brush on some HP sauce (make your own mortadella if you want to go all out -actually not that hard!) Pork loin IDK I wouldn't do it if I couldn't do some kind of yogurt/onion/spices type marinade with it. I guess you could do it Cuban style (just google cuban pork loin) nothing challenging
  12. I opened the mango and it was very juicy and sweet, also the goldfinger bananas super good! Thanks @weinooyour research was fruitful, for real 😁
  13. Indeed I have! All of the countries you list fall under the "they" category. "We" referenced middle America. :)
  14. Boston is also notorious among American cities for its appetite for ice cream, and we definitely eat it year round.
  15. that is a big passionfruit!
  16. K-R has made multiple designs over the years — the newer ones work like this, and they're amazing: I have lots of stuff from the Guardian article, of course: Ice cream maker — found an old Simac at a thrift store for $15 (!) and I use it occasionally to good effect. I hated my "freeze the bowl" one that I had prior. The compressor is really necessary for me to be bothered with it, but I'm not entirely sure I'd spend the money on a new one. Honey dipper — ok, I don't use it much, but it's also one of the smallest and cheapest things in my kitchen -- who care
  17. Definitely in the latter category here — hoping my CSO will hold out until Anova has a v2 and I have a new kitchen to put it in
  18. Yep and not confined to areas in the USA. No housing.
  19. Then you haven’t eaten good vegetables dishes in many part of especially southern Europe, e.g. France, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Portugal… I very much doubt that the quality of the dishes makes the difference.
  20. Love the pics esp the eggs against the beach! The resto food too looks better than one might expect for a seasonal tourist area. Enjoy! And how bout the lobster farmer who wasn't tasty enough for the humpback? I happened to come across this: https://nypost.com/2021/06/17/cape-cod-divers-believe-lobsterman-was-swallowed-by-whale/
  21. We're closer to gfweb than Franci is, and we haven't had anything like his issues — I think the problem is far more granular than the East Coast.
  22. Yep, exactly. I have 2 other sous vide gadgets but could maybe see myself using this. I would likely dedicate counter space to it, if I had one... and hooking up its circulator MIGHT be easier, or as easy, as hooking up one of my other gizmos. But, without more reviews, it is too risky. Even the Control Freak seems to have some quirks at 3x the cost.
  23. Same wattage as the (US) Control Freak, no? The sous vide bit is useless to me, but in other respects I really like some of what Njori has designed. The storage case is really beautifully designed, and the "reduce by weight" feature enabled by the built-in scale is pretty cool. I secretly hate recipes that say "reduce by 1/2" because it's so hard to gauge that in the quantities one uses for a lot of home recipes. Price is too high for me to take a chance on it from an untested vendor, though.
  24. I think that's putting a strain on workers in vacation/resort areas across the country. I recently read this article about the Lake Tahoe/Truckee area: No housing, no employees.
  25. Finally my first order from Fruits ‘n Cahoots arrived. It looks promising
  26. I feel like the chicken breast and the sausage give you some options here that will please both of you. You didn't specify it had to be boneless or skinless chicken breast — so why not do a spatchcocked chicken, or a beer can chicken? Breasts for them, legs and thighs with crispy skin for you. I feel like a whole bird on a platter, surrounded with grilled vegetables and maybe even grilled fruit, always punches above its weight. Likewise — their preferred sausage fits nicely into a mixed grill, with boring sausages for them and interesting ones for you and yours. Maybe t
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