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  1. But would that have an impact on the texture of the cookie?
  2. Yum. I've never made them but I do like them. Will she part with her recipe?
  3. I love peanut butter but don't love peanut butter cookies. The trouble with all the ones I have had is that they are so sweet they make my teeth ache. If anyone has a recipe for peanut butter cookies that are not overly sweet and would like to share their recipe, I'd happily make them.
  4. ElsieD


    I too am a Clamato fan, especially the spicy one. V8 not so much.
  5. I just made some muffins and took the picture below. I use it for any loose batter/dough (e.g. pancakes, yorkshire pudding) as it makes really short work of mixing. It works really well on wet bread doughs such as foccacia and no-knead dough.
  6. Yes indeed. I think every kitchen should have one.
  7. They're great, aren't they? My current one has a wooden handle also but the wood has split. I just ordered an all-metal one.
  8. If you don't have one, you need one of these. https://www.amazon.com/Jillmo-Danish-Dough-Whisk-Stainless/dp/B083532915/ref=sxin_7_ac_d_mf_rf?ac_md=5-2-U2lsdmVy-ac_d_rf&crid=9URWROJUQGUV&cv_ct_cx=danish+dough+whisk&dchild=1&keywords=danish+dough+whisk&pd_rd_i=B083532915&pd_rd_r=a3112516-069a-4263-a22b-91a860855d9c&pd_rd_w=OcUM5&pd_rd_wg=gX3bU&pf_rd_p=89fa575a-c44e-401e-be03-82c92ec5e029&pf_rd_r=XVBMZ184BM1P5P9WQFN5&psc=1&qid=1620231241&sprefix=Danish+%2Caps%2C203&sr=1-3-89f8c401-73d8-4caf-b340-e9b34f2a8bae
  9. A cousin of mine and his wife came for a visit a few years ago from Holland. They couldn't believe the size of the meat portions they were served in restaurants. It was way more than they were used to.
  10. That's the one we had when we had the house. You'll love it.
  11. Thanks. My peel skills suck too.
  12. Do you bake it on what looks like a pizza stone?
  13. ElsieD

    Ice Cream!

    Her mango ice cream was really good. I couldn't find her recommended brand but the one I did use had a 5% sugar content so not tooth-achingly sweet.
  14. ElsieD

    Ice Cream!

    Ordered today.
  15. I have had a Thermomix for a number of years and I hardly ever use it. I will occasionally use it to make one particular dish, a risotto, but I have found the Instant Pot does a great job of that. I just registered on the Cookidoo site and maybe having a good look at that will inspire me to use the machine more. Thanks, @EatingBen, for your post. It may have given me the nudge I needed.
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