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  1. I blew $1.99 the day before on one of those Fix it and Forget it books. I should have looked closer before pulling the trigger on that one. It is full of errors and canned soups.
  2. I just use the original bag it comes in. I don't know how they are wrapped where you are, but here they are vacuum sealed in plastic.
  3. I do it at 145F for 18 hours. They come out really moist.
  4. Those smoked picnic hams are the best and they are the hams that we buy. I have taken to cooking them sous vide and they are amazing.
  5. This is an interesting topic. Who knew there were so many kinds of rice out there? Kind of sad, I know, but I only have some Uncle Ben's converted rice and some aged carnaroli rice labeled Acquerello if that means anything. When I feel really daring I pick up some basmati.
  6. I think the phrase "cooked to perfection" ridiculous. Whose idea of perfection?
  7. Some of us have never heard of cubeb. Learned something today, thank you.
  8. @teonzo I agree with you that metric is better but imperial measurements is what the recipe is in. The recipe calls for 3 1/2 cups of flour which as per the King Arthur Baking site is 420 grams. They list flour as weighing 120 grams per cup. Using a 50:1 ratio, that means using just over 8 grams of baking powder. King Arthur says 1 teaspoon of baking powder equals 4 grams so I would use just over 2 teaspoons. Is that correct? The recipe, calling for 1/4 cup means it is calling for 12 teaspoons, 6 times as much. Googling around, I see most scone recipes call for 1 tablespoon of baking
  9. Reminds me of this..... John was directing an on-line duplicate bridge game a couple of weeks ago and got chatting to this person in Phoenix, Arizona. She was complaining about how cold it was. It was 13C there, and 15C here. John said something along the lines of we think that is balmy this time of year. She was on-line today and since the temps have dropped here, suggested that she had sent the colder temps our way. He sent her a picture of the snow on the trees outside our windows. These trees are evergreens. Her response was "OMG you have Christmas trees outside your house"!
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