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  1. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Can I come eat at your house?
  2. Looking forward to travelling along!
  3. You're going to love it!
  4. Food funnies

    I love Pickles. Our paper doesn't publish on Sunday but I managed to find it on-line. Thaks for drawing attention to it.
  5. Today the Instant pot mini 7-in-1 is on sale at Amazon.com for $51.99 and Amazon.ca for $67.99. This is a Public Service Announcement!
  6. Instant pot mini 7-in-1 on sale today. Amazon.com has it for $51.99 and Amazon.ca for $67.99.
  7. It looks liken it although they call it Air Fryer Convection not toaster oven.
  8. I went to the Cuisinart site and they show the CSO and no mention they are being discontinued. I did see a new product, called the Air Fryer Convection.
  9. Breville Smart Oven Air

    I made some French dough in the bread machine and then shaped it into small baguettes. I had put a quarter sheet pan on the bottom rack and let it heat up along with the oven. When i put the bread in the oven, i put some ice cubes on the bottom pan. I checked back 10 or so minutes later and was very impressed with the oven spring. Thought you would like to know.
  10. @suzilightning you didn't miss much. I am referring to the IP segment. You can watch it on-line at CBS.com
  11. Well, dang, I guess I missed it.
  12. I just read this again. They fail to mention the size of the jar to be used.