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  1. @andiesenji I'm starting to think you must have a museum or a display centre of some sort. Just when I think you can't possible surprise me anymore, you do. Thank you for sharing them.
  2. @Smithy Smoked turkey tails? I need to get out more. @kayb I had a look at that recipe. Looks good. I need to cook mine up.
  3. BTB beef nutritional label:
  4. I have used More Than Gourmet and Savory Choice products. I really liked Savory Choice but I cannot order it directly anymore and the one store that I know that carries it here charges more than I want to pay. Then I switched to More Than Gourmet and I was very happy with those but I can't order direct from them anymore either and I don't know of a store that carries them here. @blue_dolphin The mushroom one is very good. So now I have to rely on store bought ones and I use Better Than Bouillon, both the chicken and the beef. I also save chicken bones and when I have enough, I'll make a stock, just the bones and water. This then gets reduced as much as possible and I portion it out into ice cube trays. The jellied blobs I then keep in the freezer.
  5. I haven't made them yet but will post when I do.
  6. I just had a thought. I think I'll brown the panko in some bacon grease.
  7. Yeah, I've been googling recipes too. I also now have a dozen or so jalapenos in the fridge. I like the idea of topping them with panko crumbs, toasted, I think. Then, I wonder about cooking up some bacon while they are baking and sprinkle some bacon bits over the finished product rather than fiddling with bacon slices.
  8. Thank you Kerry. I really, really, wanted to dive into those pastries. All of them.
  9. That worked. Did not work. I got the picture of the soup but no recipe.
  10. Well, this is truly weird. I tap on your quote and I get an error message saying that the page does not exist. Anyway, thanks for quoting it in full. I appreciate it.
  11. Try cracking the egg into a strainer and those wispy bits will fall through the strainer and then you won't have those bits.
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