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  1. We finally watched this and the finale we watched last night. I was cheering for Shota, he did so well all season. Dawn over-complicated her stuff so much not all of it got on the plates. I'm not unhappy about Gabe winning. He sort of got to me on an emotional level. All in all, the shows were good.
  2. I hate peeling and cooking potatoes, but I sure like eating mashed ones. My solution is to buy my mashed potatoes from Ikea. They come frozen in a bag, in sort of bullet shapes, and I can take out as much or as little as I want. They are the real deal and we like them a lot. If they can freeze mashed potatoes, I'd say you can too. So I'd say cook, mash 'em up and freeze.
  3. @Smithy This is very sad news. I always enjoyed her posts, she seemed like a very nice lady. I will miss her for sure. I tried to open the document but all I got was the screenshot. Is there more to the download? Thank you for letting us know.
  4. Thanks for this. Unfortunately, my stomach no longer likes me eating garlic. Shame too, because I love the stuff. I know @kayb makes pimento cheese. Maybe she can tell me if I can freeze it?
  5. I was going to ask the same thing. Also, does that cat belong to anyone? Fascinating and beautiful photos.
  6. Back to the cream cheese blurb I posted about on the previous page. I have not yet opened it. I'm thinking of making one batch of pimento cheese with it and another batch of it mixed with smoked salmon. Since that tub will make a lot more than we can eat before it starts growing fuzzies, can I freeze it in edible potions?
  7. Is possible to broil a duck breat in the air fryer to crisp up the skin? (Please keep in mind that I know nothing about air fryers.)
  8. Welcome to eGullet! In addition to @Kim Shook's question, can you tell us where you are located?
  9. I didn't like deli potato the few times I tried them, not so much because there was too much mayo but because the potatoes were not completely cooked. I dislike potato salads where the potatoes have hard uncooked centers.
  10. America's Test Kitchen uses 5 ounces (142.5 gms.) per cup.
  11. @shain You take amazing photographs. The scenery itself doesn't hurt, either. Thank you so much.
  12. One thing I would find interesting is knowing which brands those big companies own.
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