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  1. ElsieD


    I ended up using fettuccine the most.
  2. ElsieD


    I agree with what @jimb0 said. We used them in stir fries calling for noodles or anything saucy and for that they were fine. For us when we were losing weight they were a great alternative to wheat pasta. They also make "rice" out of Konjac which we did not care for. It was like eating little rubber pellets.
  3. ElsieD


    @jimb0 https://www.supplementking.ca/catalog/product/view/id/4972/s/zeroodle-premium-shirataki-fettuccine-with-oat-fiber-400g-zeroodle012 I used to buy these a lot when we were dropping a few pounds. The composition look to be the same as the ones you linked to. I have never seen them at Costco though, have you?
  4. Dumb question here. Our local food store sells a jalapeño corn bread. It is in loaf form. I'm sure i can find a recipe to make this or something very similar but the recipes I've seen call for it to be baked in a cast iron or an 8 x 8 pan, in other words, anything but a loaf pan. If I bake it in a loaf pan will that affect the rise at all?
  5. ElsieD


    Perhaps we could let @jimb0answer the question as i was asking him the question.
  6. https://nextfood.ca/vietnam-home/ This is what one of our enterprising chef's has come up with. He runs a high-end restaurant. As you can see, he features different countries and so far, hasn't repeated any. As far as street food goes, in our cold and wintry city there isn't any at the moment but then in the winter there never is. An exception is a wood-fired pizza food truck that is mainly open only on Fridays. I don't know what was open last summer as we were never "oot and aboot".
  7. ElsieD


    I'm not sure but I don't think @jimb0 is talking about Healthy Noodles.
  8. ElsieD


    Costco has konjac noodles?
  9. ElsieD


    Also new to them in these parts is a dessert made by Laura Secord. I am not a fan of Laura's chocolates as they have that waxy consistency and I have never found them particularly chocolatety. But I sure do like these little desserts. Chocolate cake, mouse on top, ganache on top of that and a Laura Secord chocolate on top of that. Two flavours - all chocolate and a dulce de leche one. It comes in a box of 10 and can be found in the frozen section.
  10. I bought a bag of potatoes once that were red on the outside but had yellow flesh. I didn't bother looking very closely at the package, I just put them in my basket. These were the little potatoes, I assumed they were some sort of Yukon Gold. I wanted them for making "squashed" potatoes where you boil them first, then squish them down and bake them. I can't quite remember what it was about them that I found objectionable but I haven't bought them since and I will never again.
  11. What i find annoying are the pictures. They go on and on and on. We've all seen onions in a frying pan - no need to show the same picture as each ingredient is added to it.
  12. I just remembered that when I visited my niece in Fayetteville, NY we used to go to the Farmer's Market there. One place, Kriemhild Dairy farms, sold amazing butter. The fat content was a minimum of 85%. I'd stock up whenever we were there and invariably i used to get gifted that butter every Christmas. Alas, my niece has moved back to Canada.
  13. What is the Quebec brand? Given that Quebec is just across the river, I'll check it out.
  14. I was at Metro today, a supermarket chain. These are their current prices for Lanctantia butter. The butter below is Selection, the store brand and it isn't much cheaper.
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