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  1. GERD is never happy. Ask me how I know.
  2. https://www.seriouseats.com/braised-chicken-aji-amarillo-coconut-milk-recipe
  3. I'm (almost) embarrassed to say this but we have freezers in our two large refrigerators as well as a big stand up freezer. They are jammed, so the idea is to not freeze everything and to leave some of it in that refrigerator drawer. I can keep the temperature at 31F, no problem. That drawer would seldom be opened. I have 4 packages of short ribs and 6 of beef cheeks so maybe I'll put them all in there. If I get near the 8 week mark and still have some, I can always freeze the rest at that point, no?
  4. I have a bunch of bone-in and boneless short ribs along with beef cheeks about to get pulled and chilled after a 48 hour bath at 133F. Once iced down, how long can they be safely stored in the refrigerator? We have a spare fridge that has a separate drawer and I can set the temperature to as low as 31F. Thank you.
  5. I'm not so desperate that I'll be watching. I tired of his shtick long ago.
  6. @curls. That was really interesting. Thank you.
  7. I like @heidih's suggestion and if you don't have dried potato flakes maybe cook up and mash a potato and use tha5?
  8. A quick question - how long does one need to cook a tough cut beef sous vide at 132F to pasteurize it? Doug Baldwin does not list beef over a thickness of 70mm which pasteurizes in about 6 hours. I usually do tough cuts for 48 hours. Would a 100mm piece of beef be pasteurized in that 48 hours? I want to sous vide it, freeze it and use it at some point in the future.
  9. FWIW, Rao's makes a good pizza sauce.
  10. If anyone has the book Chez Jacques by Jacques Pepin, I wonder if they could check a couple of things for me. Does he pre-heat or pre-freeze his molds and secondly, does he initially bake them at 300F and after 30 minutes, crank the heat up to 400F for a further 40 minutes? I ask because a came across a recipe on the internet that purports to be from his book and the baking temperatures are reversed from any other recipes I've seen. The recipe linked to below does not discuss the mold freeze/heat I guess because she is using silicone molds. https://apoundofyeast.blogspot.com/search?q=Canelés
  11. Thanks. Just finished writing a comparison of the different recipes from the links you posted. I haven't really looked at them, but the recipes, at first blush do not seem to differ all that much.
  12. Today I decided to use the last of the mix and make two canelés. I poured this batter into two molds; the amount of batter I had was a bit shy of the amount that would usually go into them. I decided to use room temperature molds as I am curious as to what happens when you neither pre-heat the molds nor freeze them. The oven was preheated to 400F. When they went in, I baked them for 5 minutes and then turned the heat down to 325F and baked them for 60 minutes. For me, they were perfect. Nice crunch on the outside, no "white ass" the inside sort of a cakey custardy texture if that makes any sense. I an going to make up another batch of batter today and test the baking times on a batch of 6. I expect I'll need to adjust the time a bit for the larger batch. I did test them for color as I went along by quickly upending them to see what their bottoms looked like and with this little bake, added time in 10 minute increments to check on them. That is how I arrived at a local bake time of 65 minutes. Edited to add: these were baked on the convection setting of my oven.
  13. I agree with that but given the vast differences in temperatures I'm simply trying to devise a baking starting point. I have tried 5 recommended settings so far, ranging from starting temperatures of 450F to 375F and continuing the bake with temperatures ranging from 325F to 375F. The best one so far has me pre-heating the oven to 400F and when they (in my case it) goes in to bake, reducing the heat to 325F and baked for 90 minutes, using a preheated mold. Can anyone tell me why some recipes say to pre-heat the molds and others say to freeze them? Thank you for those links. I'll check them out tomorrow.
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