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  1. Fruit

    I'm jealous. We won't see local berries until June.
  2. Rabbit Rorschach

    To me it looks like an egg.
  3. Atelier is not a very dressy sort of place. I have been there in slacks and felt quite at home. I have also been to Beckta in slacks although wearing a dressy top.
  4. If it's fine dining you're after, I recommend Atelier. It is on Rochester Street, near Carling Avenue. They serve a 12 course tasting menu that is fabulous. The chef, Marc Lepine, has twice won the national Gold Medal Plates. Another spot is Beckta, which is on Elgin Street. Impeccable service, terrific food. if it's some other type of dining you're after, please post and I'll make further recommendations.
  5. I will never again ask my husband to take charge of the Instant Pot. One day last week I decided to make lasagna and cook it in the IP. As I am looking after 2 little girls between 3:00 pm and about 7:45 pm it meant that I wouldn't get home until about 8:30. I said, "If I make the lasagna up before I go out, can you put it on at around 7:30". "No problem", he said. So I showed him what buttons to push and told him to pull the plug after it had finished its 20 minutes on high pressure. And away I went. I got home at 8:20 and saw that the plug had not been pulled and it was 23 minutes into the keep warm cycle. When asked why the plug had not been pulled I was told he didn't think it would be ready so soon. Oh well, I thought, the valve thingy had dropped so we could eat. With great anticipation as I was quite hungry, I opened the pot and peered inside. It was empty. He had forgotten to put the lasagna in there. "No problem" indeed.
  6. This past week we have managed to eat another pork chop dinner, now down to 4 left. Also finished the last of the square sausage from a place called McVicar's in Stoney Creek. Since that place is a ways away and we don't get there often, we aren't in danger of stocking up on those any time soon. I also took 2 cooked packages of buttercup squash and made an incredibly easy soup. To the squash you add some chicken stock and heat through. I did this in the Thermomix. Add some salsa, salt and pepper, heat again and purée. Press through a sieve to get rid of any gnarly bits and thin with some cream or milk, whichever you prefer. Fast and delicious. I took out a smoked picnic shoulder which I will be cooking up tomorrow. That brings the number of those down to two. Unfortunately, as old stuff is coming out, new stuff is going in. I'm a sucker for the 50% off "enjoy it tonight" sales. A package of marinated pork chops, 2 racks of lamb and 4 pounds of bacon has been added to the freezer, My bad.
  7. Recipe Question ?

    I'll give you my pointy-headed accountant's viewpoint. These recipes are your property and as such, they are an asset belonging to your business. If you were ever to sell your business, your recipes (and goodwill among other assets) are what you would be selling. If you have given these recipes away or sold them to another person(s) the value of your business has been diminished. I would explain it to them that way. They should be understanding of this because I would be surprised if they gave their recipes away for those same reasons.
  8. The Bread Topic (2016-)

    Does this sourdough starter still look alive? It was started last Thursday.
  9. I read that article n Saveur as well. Great story and I was so happy to read that family is doing so well. I went to their web site but it isn't up and running yet. When it is, I will be placing an order.
  10. I tried making ANZAC biscuits once, maybe a year ago. I can't remember the source of the recipe as I deleted the recipe after making them. They were a dismal failure. Too bad, too, because I love oatmeal type cookies. It would be nice if someone could post a proven recipe. If that were to happen, I'd give it another go.
  11. My starter was going like gangbusters yesterday and I fed it for the first time. It is now not lively at all but since there are lots of tiny bubbles I'll just feed it again this afternoon and see what happens.
  12. @Soupcon If you are near Ottawa you could try Castor River Farm in Metcalfe or Watson's Mill in Manotick.
  13. Inspired by all this chatter about sourdough, I decided to try making a starter. Thursday night I mixed together 50 grams each of flour and water. Tonight there was definitely some action as it had risen and there were bubbles. I fed it another 50 grams each of water and flour and it's looking good. The last several times I tried to make a starter it didn't work so I am hoping this one will. I was successful once and loved the bread and the pancakes - so we'll see what happens.
  14. Fruit

    You can buy Driscoll's fruit everywhere in Canada, too.