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  1. Interesting. I am able to buy frozen mango puree at a Mexican store and I imagine that they would have the canned as well. I bought frozen mango chunks at Costco and didn't care for them. A number of the chunks were not very ripe, thus not very sweet. I can adjust for not having 40% whipping cream but not for it not being ultra pasteurized. I don't know if it is worth my while to get the book given those constraints.
  2. Barcelona:   10th Friday, July .. 


    26 degrees centigrade .. 


    Very nice warm day but breezy ..  


  3. For the SV part did you use the probe or the pot setting?
  4. I only have one recommendation and that is for the induction cooktop. I have a Thermador and love it. Since we bought ours, they have come out with a design that lets you cook anywhere on the cooktop. You don't have to stay on the rings.
  5. Might this be of interest to you? https://www.seriouseats.com/2011/04/the-food-lab-how-to-make-scallion-pancakes-chinese-appetizers.html
  6. Amazon.ca had it at the $2.99 price. I had my finger poised over the buy button when a thought went through my head. Sure enough, I have the hard copy.
  7. ElsieD

    Salad 2016 –

    The cauliflower is raw?
  8. Speaking of jalapeno jelly, a mint japapeno jelly goes really well with lamb.
  9. ElsieD

    Ice Cream!

    Thanks for this. I took some time and read through the preview. One thing I noticed is she used 40% ultrapasturized cream which I don't think I have ever seen here. She says if you use this, there is no need to temper the yolks. She does say you can up the cream% by adding butter. So i guess I can use the cream i get here, add butter and temper the mixture. Our whipping cream is 35% BF. Any thoughts?
  10. I keep green onions in paper bags in the fridge. They keep quite well in paper, in plastic they get slimy.
  11. We did our big shopping run yesterday. Our first stop was the T & T grocery store which sells mostly Asian products. It was reasonably busy but what struck me was that everyone was wearing a mask.i did not see one person without one. Our second stop was Costco. Maybe half the people were wearng masks despite the fact they were handing them out at the entrance. GRRR. Also, I have never seen such a line-up for the cash. The line-up went all the way to the back of the store, across the back and half way up the furthest aisle. The rest of the places we went to also seemed to be afflicted with the "I ain't wearing no stinking mask syndrome". Idiots.
  12. I love scones. I made some savoury ones the other day using old cheddar cheese and made another batch today. Today's were supposed to be orange cranberry but dang it all I was out of cranberries so I used dried blueberries instead. I came across a different way of adding butter and cream/milk/buttermilk to make scone batter. Place the wet ingredient in the freezer and melt the butter in the microwave, just until melted. Don't let it get too warm. Get the rest of the stuff together. Take your really cold wet ingredient and pour the butter into it, stirring it with a fork while you do so. You will get tiny bits of butter evenly distributed through the wet ingredient. Dump it into the dry mixture and stir until it comes together. Works like a charm.
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