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  1. ElsieD


    I wouldn't think the innards, head, feet and feathers would make up the three pound difference, but I could be wrong.
  2. ElsieD


    Thank you. That's close to ours if my memory of 1.2 kilos us correct. Maybe ours are 1.4 kilos which would bring the size to the same as yours. I wonder why the article kept referencing 6 pound birds?
  3. ElsieD


    "Bird weights are expected to continue rising, presenting a problem for Costco. Costco needs birds around six pounds to cook in stores." That is the quote from the article above. I'll ask again because I'm curious - are the rotisserie chicken in the United States Costcos really 6 pounds? I think ours are around 1.2 kilos, a far cry from 6 pounds and they charge $7.99. Still a good buy and we both like them.
  4. That's what happens when you shake Mississippi punch after a Mai Tai (or two). 😀
  5. ElsieD


    Are Costco rotisserie chickens in the US 6 pounds in weight as the article seems to suggest?
  6. ElsieD

    2019 Farmers Markets

    We have only gone to Atwater once and decided we preferred Jean Talon. Did you see/talk to the mushroom guy? He had an astounding variety. I hope you enjoyed Montreal. If I remember correctly, you were planning on eating at Joe Beef?
  7. @blue_dolphin.. Thank you. I have a couple of scales that weight really teeny amounts of stuff and since he gives ingredients by weight I won't have a problem. I'll watch for this book. I'm guessing the reviewers don't weigh ingredients. I do, at least the important ones.
  8. ElsieD

    2019 Farmers Markets

    I think it depends on the day of the week. We have gone the night before and hit the market first thing and then fled for home. That works out well. Weekends are not too bad. Weekdays are not so great, especially if you have to take route 15 to get on the 40. The traffic won't stop me from going as I think it is a fabulous market and most of the vendors are keen to tell you about their products. Nice produce shots.
  9. I just read some of the reviews on the Vetri book. Does it really ask for yeast to be measured in 1/132 and 1/128 teaspoons as some reviewers stated?
  10. ElsieD

    2019 Farmers Markets

    This is not part of the farmers market per se but it is one of the reasons we went there, mainly so we could go to Schwartz's and also Patisserie Kouign Amann. At Schwatz's John had the smoked meat sandwich (I don't know what happened to the picture but the sandwich was huge) and we bought 4 pounds of smoked brisket and a big jar of their pickles. At Patisserie Kouign Amann we bought a 12" kouign amann and 2 chocolatines. All in all a great day except for the driving in downtown Montreal. Edited to add: the picture of Schwartz's is for @rotuts. It was taken when we left the place. When we first got there, the restaurant was jammed and I'd guess there were at least 50 people lined up to get in.
  11. ElsieD

    2019 Farmers Markets

    In this same market, there are butchers, a place that sells olive oils and olives, a shop devoted to nothing but spices, eggs, charcuterie, maple syrup, more cheese, etc. There are also places where you can grab a bite to eat, including a place that sells arepa, churro, empanadas and the like. It is very diverse which is why we like to go once or twice a year. We'd probably go more often but the traffic there is nuts, absolutely bonkers. At the market we purchased the following items: 1 pound Scotch Bonnet peppers for hot sauce At the mushroom place we bought some fresh yellow foot chanterelles, wild mushroom oil, wild grape "balsamic" and wild mushroom vinaigrette. At the olive oil store, we bought three different kinds of olives, not shown. The last picture is of Portugese eggs tarts and canelles. This place was next to the place that sold churros but we ate those before I remembered to take a picture.
  12. ElsieD

    2019 Farmers Markets

    We went to the Jean Talon market in Montreal yesterday. It is about the size of a city block, maybe bigger with an assortment of shops around the perimeter. I took some pictures to show you the diversity of goods on offer. I did not take any pictures of the vegetables because I figure once you've seen one carrot, you've seen them all. In addition to the vegetables, fall fruit was on offer, including many varieties of apples. Here are some of the more interesting items for sale: The first two pictures is of our favourite stand - hot peppers. Next is a pastry shop, followed by flowers, one of several cheese shops, a stall specializing in mushrooms and a display of oysters at a fishmongers.
  13. @Kim Shook I thought I was the only one who doesn't go weak at the knees over chocolate chip cookies. Just thought you might like to know that there is one other person in the world who feels about CCC the way you do.
  14. @blue_dolphin Wow! Just wow!
  15. @Katie Meadow A friend of ours who is a chef gave me detailed instructions for actually roasting the turkey (and of course the gravy) a day ahead and packing it up so that it really doesn't dry out and can be heated the next day. What did he say to do? I don't like turkey so we never have it, I roast a capon instead. We cook it up the day before and make the stock the day before do I can chill it and remove the fat before making the gravy the next day. The beauty of capon is that it is moist unlike turkey which can be dry. I usually re-heat the meat covered, in the oven, but I wouldn't mind knowing a better way to do this.
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