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  1. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    That looks gooood. I wasn't familiar with Raos until I read about it on this forum. I tried the Arrabiatta and was hooked. As it happened, the store where we bought it was running a promotion with the Arrabiatta at half price. We are now fully stocked until possibly into 2019.
  2. Russet Potato Flavor

    You have to buy Costco's bag of onions to find a bad one. Because there will be one. Always.
  3. I Bought a Tutove--Now What?

    I'm curious - how much did you pay for it? Did you buy it from a pastry chef? I have never heard of but but it looks like an interesting piece of equipment.
  4. That's a hoot! You certainly are resourceful.
  5. One Click Butter Cutter

    @gulfporter You may not be looking for sympathy, but I'll extend mine anyway. That is tough.
  6. I have one too. I used it when we had the house and I used to cold smoke my own salmon. It's a great knife for that. Nowadays it gets used on occasion to thinly slice ham, and not much else.
  7. I Bought a Tutove--Now What?

    I use a medium size food saver bag for tte butter when I make laminated dough. Works perfectly.
  8. Including the carrot and red pepper?
  9. @Okanagancook I only have a Foodsaver which as you know, doesn't work with liquid. If I use the water displacement method I'd be worried about how the Foodsaver by would hang in for a lengthy cook. Any suggestions? I've had those beef cheeks for a while (and pork cheeks) and it really is time I did something with them. I kinda like tge suggestion of the IP.
  10. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    @blue_dolphin I like everything on your plate but what I am sitting here lusting after are those tomatoes.
  11. Gochujang

    This is the one I use. I don't know how it ranks with the others. I buy it at a Korean store.
  12. Gochujang

    I have. We like it a lot. I think I am on my third tub. If you want a few tried and true recipes send me an pm and I will send you some.
  13. And for how long do you cook them in the pressure cooker?