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  1. chromedome

    Meeting-friendly snacks to bake

    That's the gold standard, right there (IMO, anyway...).
  2. chromedome

    Dinner 2019

    I think of Kali whenever I hear the expression "forewarned is forearmed."
  3. chromedome

    Dinner 2019

    To me the calculus is simple: Tuna packed in oil retains much more of its flavor. Given that it's not a daily staple for me, the price difference is meaningless and the caloric impact of a ml or two of oil equally so. I just want it to taste good when I do eat it, so I buy oil-packed.
  4. "Sorghum nouveau" sounds like a brilliant marketing idea.
  5. chromedome

    Dinner 2019

    It turns up in Canadian supermarkets, though it's certainly not a popular/mainstream item. If you look in the wee section of shelf where they keep specialty versions (tuna in mustard, tuna with herbs and lemon, etc) you'll also see tuna with chilies. Personally, I'm happy just to see tuna in oil finally getting some traction. For the longest time Clover Leaf was the only brand I could find consistently, but now Rio and a couple of others are reliably available. I don't eat a lot of tuna these days, but oil-packed is so vastly superior I just refuse to buy the water-packed kind.
  6. chromedome

    Food recalls

    Ontario only, botulism in bar clams. http://inspection.gc.ca/about-the-cfia/newsroom/food-recall-warnings/complete-listing/2019-03-15/eng/1552702897100/1552702899415
  7. chromedome

    I need a toaster

    That's a deceptively simple request, isn't it? I bought and returned about a dozen at different price points before settling on my current one. It's Calphalon-branded, and God only knows who actually makes it for them. Working well for the...uh...five? six? years I've owned it.
  8. chromedome

    Happy Pi Day!!

    I'm on the road, and therefore settled for store-bought. At least it was locally made, with local apples.
  9. chromedome

    LG "SnowWhite" Concept...

    I'd bet against that. I have the same ambivalence about it that @EatingBen does...part of me says "wow, I'd invest in that!" and part of me rolls its eyes and mutters "here we go again..." That being said, I think there's enough awareness now of the downside to Keurig's disposability that a new product would probably try to mitigate that criticism in advance. At my home we use refillable, reusable K-cups for those who want the convenience. My mom buys a brand that's in fully compostable pods, and lives in a province that actively composts food waste.
  10. chromedome

    Freezing bonbons

    I don't use mine for chocolate, but on the Foodsaver you push a button to put it in manual-vacuum mode and then hold down the vacuum button for as long or as short a period as you wish. When you let go it stops, and then you use the separate "Seal" button to close the bag. I played around with it a few times while trying to seal easily-squished items such as hot dog or hamburger buns, before realizing (duh) that it was easier and better to freeze the buns before vac-bagging them. I'm guessing Greweling uses his machine that way, just holding down the button long enough for the bag to form itself gently around the pieces.
  11. At some point one of the major cookie-makers had a peanut butter cookie called the Nutterbutter, so I suspect that's why the name got changed.
  12. chromedome

    Food funnies

    It's kinda food...
  13. chromedome

    LG "SnowWhite" Concept...

    ...is the first "Keurig for [x]" concept I've seen that I thought was actually a pretty cool idea. Execution will be everything, of course, but still... https://www.engadget.com/2019/03/12/lg-snowwhite-ice-cream-maker-keurig/?sr_source=Facebook
  14. This. When I'm making a big holiday meal the prep dishes/utensils/etc are ready to come out of the dish washer by the time the meal is over, and then the dishes from the meal itself can go in and I fire it right back up again. It makes life a lot simpler and guests don't feel impelled to come in and assist with the washing up, which to me is a worst-case scenario. I appreciate our friends and family, but the kitchen is where I go to maintain a bit of space between myself and them. (From which you might accurately infer that I'm not a fan of those "open-concept" floor plans that look so nice for the TV cameras, but are problematic in real life.)
  15. chromedome

    Food funnies