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  1. ...and you can always point out that you ran the risk of the reverse happening, too.
  2. Here in Atlantic Canada it's not uncommon even for non-Catholics to settle on a symbolic renunciation during Lent, though my family never did. My GF was raised Catholic, but she's currently keto-ing so A) going meatless would be a severe challenge, and B) she feels she's given up quite enough at present, thank you. I cracked her up the other day by quoting Tom Lehrer at her: "You're the girl my money's spent for, you're the girl I gave up Lent for..."
  3. Camping, Princess Style

    The commercially frozen ones (Welch's in the US, and President's Choice in Canada) are typically treated with citric and/or ascorbic acid to inhibit browning. That's about all the special preparation involved. Your plastic wrap seems to have done the trick on that front, though. I'd suspect if you have a FoodSaver or similar, just vac-packing would probably keep them from browning too much as well.
  4. In the end we were able to track it down ourselves. It was an unexceptional Reinhold Merkelbach of no particularly great value.
  5. Is anyone knowledgeable about vintage beer steins? There's a lengthy back-story, but my daughter and her hubby were gifted one, and they'd like to convert it to cash and turn that back to the previous owner (who's about to be homeless, which is why he's giving his stuff away to the handful of people who have shown him some kindness recently). ETA: They're looking for some kind of guidance on value, and how to go about selling it. Pictures will be available shortly.
  6. Valentine's Day Plans??

    My sweetie is keto-ing, regrettably, so that rules out most treats and eating-out meals. So instead I'm taking her out for a bit of retail therapy, and probably there's some sort of avocado-based chocolate mousse in tonight's plans.
  7. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    The joke among my classmates and I at culinary school was that such dishes are "deeply caramelized." If it makes you feel better, my nickname for a while was "Smoky" for the painfully obvious reason. It could have been worse: One of my classmates was "Stitch" for his uncanny ability to get a pinkie finger underneath the blade of his knife on a regular basis. We joked that it was from taking tea too often with his granny (ie, raised pinkie finger). He did eventually stop cutting himself, but that didn't stop the teasing. We told him it was only because his finger was now too short to reach the blade.
  8. Kickin' it Old School

    The distillery is located in what was historically a blacksmith's shop in the old part of town (Lunenburg is a well-preserved example of 18th-century British colonial architecture, and a UNESCO World Heritage site).
  9. Kickin' it Old School

    They came up to the farmer's market in Wolfville when I lived there. I think it may have been my first market after moving to town, in fact. It was a special occasion of some sort, and the dozen or so local wineries were there, as well as a couple of microbreweries and Ironworks. I tasted their rum and one other thing, which eludes my recollection now...because I'd also tasted at a dozen wineries and two microbreweries. I remember it as a full-flavored rum, but I'm no Ed Hamilton to begin with and my recollection is a bit fuzzy. I didn't get much work done, that day.
  10. Kickin' it Old School

  11. Cooking on a Big Green Egg

    The XL has a larger cooking surface but isn't as deep as the large, so you might find it a bit problematic for long cooks.
  12. One year, for Canada Day, I served moose curry over couscous. Just 'cause.
  13. Fast Food Localisation

    No green beans here in Canada, and I'm not sure when they started offering biscuits and mashed but those certainly weren't available when I was growing up. The only sides I recall are fries and the three vile salads.
  14. I usually eat breakfast before 8, lunch between noon and 1 and then dinner around 6. My GF will nibble a few bites all day, be ready for an actual (light) meal between 6 and 8, and then devour twice her bodyweight sometime between 10 and midnight. For me as the cook, this creates a few logistical issues.