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  1. chromedome

    Food recalls

    The most recent one I've gotten was for salmonella in some Hello Fresh and Chef's Plate meal kits. Distribution is national, or nearly so...from the Maritimes to Manitoba. http://www.inspection.gc.ca/about-the-cfia/newsroom/food-recall-warnings/complete-listing/2019-01-21/eng/1548130312229/1548130314953 I'll try to keep up on it, for the benefit of Canadian regulars here, but be warned in advance that "life stuff" and absentmindedness make me an unreliable correspondent.
  2. chromedome

    Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    Schools here in Atlantic Canada have a zero-peanut policy, so peanut-free snacks are a must regardless of your own child's allergy status. I expect it's the same in other provinces. Halloween candy is uniformly made in peanut-free facilities, presumably for similar reasons.
  3. chromedome

    Question about dried bean varieties

    I got hooked on falafel in my native Halifax, which had a great influx of refugees during the Lebanese civil war of the 70s. I worked in a mall with a surprisingly good Lebanese place in the food court...it got to the point where the local indie paper retired the Best Falafel category of its annual "Best of Halifax" reader's poll, because it just went to this place every year without fail. I've made them occasionally, but not nearly often enough. On the upside, a pair of recently-arrived Syrian women have opened a cafe right in side the YMCA where my GF and I go 3-5 days/week, so I can get my "fix" there.
  4. chromedome

    The Great Freezer Clean: 2019

    I find that mine frosts the *most* in summertime, because that's when the air is at its most humid. Kerrie's 8-year accumulation of ice roughly equals mine after 6 months.
  5. My mom's War Cake recipe is very similar in style and technique, though hers has more sugar and less fat. Hers has more water and flour as well, so I expect this version makes a softer cake. I always liked the flavor of mom's (made it several times as a kid, just learning to bake) but found the texture to be somewhat chewy.
  6. chromedome

    Food recalls

    In practice, their emails seem to arrive late in the evening for whatever reason. But no, I don't specifically check before eating. I don't buy a lot of processed foods, or even prepared salads, so it's pretty seldom I have to actually check a product to see if it's been recalled.
  7. chromedome

    Food recalls

    I don't know if the equivalent US agency has an email mailing list, but I get updates from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency all the time. The subject line/header tells you what the recall is about (E. coli, salmonella, listeriosis, allergens, etc).
  8. "Divided by a common language," as they say.
  9. chromedome

    Unusual & unknown kitchen gadgets

    Cool. I use a Mason jar lifter for ceramic ramekins, but it's not as good with custard cups and their sloped sides.
  10. Black cake is a tradition in Nova Scotia as well, probably because of the Caribbean rum/molasses connection. Someone, probably Peter the Eater IIRC, posted a recipe here once upon a time.
  11. chromedome

    Camping, Princess Style

    LOL Speaking as an older brother, "younger sibling" *is* a reason.
  12. chromedome

    Camping, Princess Style

    I spent the summer and autumn of '80 working the inshore fishery in Newfoundland with my father and my uncle. My uncle tried repeatedly to teach me the necessary handful of basic knots, and failed miserably. I think he thought I was deliberately screwing it up, in order to avoid responsibility, but in truth I was just as frustrated as he was. I was never any good at 3D puzzles, either, or anything in general that requires spatial perception (I bang my head a LOT).
  13. I ate a lot of rabbit growing up, as well. My father snared them and occasionally potted one with his little .410 shotgun, and we also raised them occasionally. We mostly ate them as stew, though fried was not uncommon either. I could skin and gut one with my pocketknife by the time I was 7 (during those brief intervals between losing pocketknives, at least...).
  14. chromedome


    I find the texture is improved the second day. I usually make mine up ahead, and reheat a portion each morning for breakfast. If I forget (which happens occasionally) I'll make 'em up but won't eat them day of. I'll have something else, and then have the new batch the next day when they're "right" in my estimation.
  15. On a Daiso-related note, I don't know if you saw this on your local news: https://www.narcity.com/ca/on/toronto/news/japans-version-of-dollarama-just-opened-in-ontario-and-you-wont-be-able-to-resist-their-products