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  1. It's not that you can't do it - I have - but the dough is fairly stiff and it takes a LOT of hand/wrist strength to do it (at least, with any spritz cookie dough I've used). I'm old enough now to respect my susceptibility to tendinitis, and use the cookie press instead. ETA: You'll also need an old-school canvas piping bag. Disposables or a Wilton "feather light" will just burst under the pressure.
  2. (shrug) Personally I'd argue that "craveable" is the more grating of the two.
  3. I'd forgotten for a moment which thread I was reading, and thought "Hmmm...interesting salad!"
  4. Update to an earlier recall (which apparently I'd missed) specific to Ontario and Quebec: eggs from Les Oeufs Richard, for salmonella: https://www.inspection.gc.ca/food-recall-warnings-and-allergy-alerts/2020-11-24/eng/1606254873300/1606254873675?utm_source=r_listserv
  6. Sadly, that one goes well beyond the food world. I see it on pretty much every LinkedIn profile, resume, blog...(sigh). Don't tell me what you're passionate about. I can figure it out on my own after I've been around you for a while, and it's probably not what you'd like to think it is.
  7. There's an update to the Miss Vickie's recall: https://www.inspection.gc.ca/food-recall-warnings-and-allergy-alerts/2020-11-23/eng/1606188309617/1606188310070?utm_source=r_listserv
  8. My GF and I are planning a Thin Man marathon at some point over the holidays.
  9. Stores here sporadically sell 'em with an external wire frame, for just that reason (it's otherwise a fairly standard deep foil 1/2 pan size). Since they're not always available, I eventually had an epiphany and kept a couple of the frames. Now I can just buy a disposable foil half-pan when I want, and don't have to worry about it (I also have permanent roasters, and sometimes use one...depends on my mood).
  10. Yeah, that. As I explained somewhere upthread a year or more ago, I'm not bothering to post the ones that are allergen-specific or lack wide applicability (a recall by one small producer, confined to a specific region of Nova Scotia - to pick a random example - wouldn't apply to most here).
  11. This isn't quite a peeve of the same order, but I'll add it just because it's explicitly a "venting" thread. Although I seldom watch it, my GF likes to have the Food Network running as the background to her day, so - as she puts it - "I don't watch it all the time, but when I *do* look up I see something tasty." Often, this involves a whole day of those road-food shows, which seem to revolve primarily around examples of artery-clogging excess. Truthfully, if I ever again hear a grinning host use the phrase "...this over-the-top burger..." it will be too soon.
  12. Thinking "inside the box," as it were.
  13. ...and pretty meaningless, especially in the role of adjective (ie, "gourmet" processed cheese product.. (I know it once actually *had* a specific meaning, but that has long since been shed)
  14. Some batches of Sobeys' "Compliments" brand smoked beef pastrami are being recalled for possible listeria. Currently listed as NS, Ontario and "possibly national." https://www.inspection.gc.ca/food-recall-warnings-and-allergy-alerts/2020-11-22/eng/1606105850558/1606105856067?utm_source=r_listserv
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