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  1. It's not as big a deal with garlic as with, say, carrots or something else with a similarly small seed. You lay down the cover, you poke a clove into the ground pointy-side up, you cover it. Done deal. Even if you're a bit off-center, your plant will do the rest by heading toward the light.
  2. Mine will be going in over the next few days, as opportunity permits.
  3. In Canada we have two national chains, Loblaws and Sobeys, and a few regional players. Where I live I have a Sobeys nearby, a (Loblaws) Superstore a bit further away, and a No Frills (Loblaw's discount brand) across town. I tend to shop the specials and time-sensitive markdowns at the main supermarkets, while pantry items and bulk packs come from No Frills or Costco. Our local pharmacy (Loblaws-owned Shoppers Drug Mart) is usually cheapest for milk, eggs and butter, so that's where I buy those. I have three small independent outlets near me, and my produce largely comes from those. T
  4. This recall has been updated and is now "possibly national." https://www.inspection.gc.ca/food-recall-warnings-and-allergy-alerts/2020-09-24/eng/1600987173845/1600987179781?utm_source=r_listserv
  5. It's not your imagination. It's an unavoidable truth that the conditions required to help 'em sprout (ie, warmth and moisture) also favor bacterial growth.
  6. Ontario only, some batches of Sunsprout brand sprouts and microgreens have been recalled for possible salmonella. https://www.inspection.gc.ca/food-recall-warnings-and-allergy-alerts/2020-09-22/eng/1600807598962/1600807605335?utm_source=r_listserv
  7. I totally understand that feeling, but with what's already a niche product it would cost at least as much (probably more) to create a supply chain for two different (with/without phone) versions of the oven.
  8. BC and Ontario, Manila clams from Evergreen Seafoods, risk of paralytic shellfish poisoning. These were sold in bulk, so there's a high likelihood of followup recalls as they trace them through the food system. https://www.inspection.gc.ca/food-recall-warnings-and-allergy-alerts/2020-09-22/eng/1600812242248/1600812248453?utm_source=r_listserv
  9. Supposedly Ho Chi Minh spent time working in one of Escoffier's kitchens when he was a young man and living in Paris. I haven't actually researched that, so it may be apocryphal. Whether any of his countrymen were serving their own food during that era, as opposed to simply being line grunts, is a whole other question.
  10. The only other one I've made was for my daughter, in 2015 (I know I have photos around here somewhere). I'm a fair baker, but cake decorating requires a whole host of skills that haven't been much exercised since I left culinary school. I have two more stepdaughters, and have already committed to do cakes for them should the day ever come. I also cherish the hope that my daughter will ditch the current husband at some point (long story, don't get me started) and I would be entirely delighted to do a "start fresh" cake for her as well. ETA: Found a photo. Not a good one, but su
  11. LOL That's crazy talk! In fairness, molasses is another of those polarizing flavors, like licorice. I love it (love them both, actually) but of course Atlantic Canada, like New England, is part of the traditional "molasses belt." The bit Crosby Molasses refinery is just a few blocks from where I currently live, in fact. You know those big storage tanks they have for oil, near petroleum-shipping ports? There's one of those on the Saint John waterfront that's full of Crosby's molasses. It's quite a thing to see. The refinery itself just has trains of tanker cars backed up to it, which is eq
  12. I went with (averts eyes) boxed mixes, just to eliminate a few variables that I really didn't want to deal with. The portion of the "show" cake that was actually cake was a DH lemon mix, tarted up (quite literally in this case) with lemon zest and fresh lemon juice, and with more in the buttercream between the layers. I also brushed lemon-scented simple syrup onto each layer before assembling it. The buttercream was French buttercream, as mentioned upthread, from the Serious Eats recipe, with just a splash of vanilla. I made 4 slab cakes (only 3 fit onto my itty-bitty counter for the phot
  13. It turned out that my pink gel had gotten a bit lumpy after sitting since last year, and gave streaks through my buttercream. Ordinarily that would have had me fuming, but in this case streaks were consistent with the theme we were looking for so all was well (and I knew enough to microwave my red with a few drops of water before using it). Finished result: The bride had already changed out of her dress (temperature was dropping quickly) before they cut into it. The effect wasn't as neat as I'd hoped, but it looked okay. I even dressed up the complement
  14. Thanks to all of you for your input. The question of color accuracy was me getting sidetracked on nonessentials, the original point of concern with me was just making the colors vivid. I have purchased ribbon for the bottom of each layer, having caught that detail at about the 200th inspection of the photo ( ). I'm aware that the buttercream will have a yellow hue from the yolks; French is my go-to buttercream, and familiarity was part of the reason for doing it this way. As MokaPot suggested, getting the colors "accurate" is the last thing on my stepdaughter's mind right now (you schedu
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