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  1. Turns out they're in the Superstore flyer at that price, too, as part of their Black Friday promo.
  2. Scratch Guacamole - Labor Intensive

    Completely OT, but every time my eye sees this title I read it briefly as "Scotch guacamole" and have a bit of a moment. Of course, I see it for the first time each day while I'm winching my eyelids open with my first mug of strong tea, so there's probably some sort of connection there.
  3. Sausage Roll Question

    On our side of the border, the current football dynasty - Laval's Rouge et Or - punched their ticket back to the national championship game, where they'll meet the University of Western Ontario Mustangs, who were one of the great dynasties a couple of decades ago. The Mustangs have a truly dominant ground game...in their playoff this weekend against the Atlantic champion Acadia Axemen, their three running backs and QB accounted for over 450 yards on the ground in an 81-3 (!!) victory. Looking forward to the championship game, it should be a doozy. It's next Saturday, 'cause our football season ends before yours. It's cold up here, doncha know.
  4. ...but how do you deliver a Mjölnir cake, when only Thor can raise it?
  5. Aldi

    They charge $2 for it at No Frills. Superstore and Sobey's here don't use the coin/return system, but I'm guessing anywhere Superstore *does* use coins they probably sell the keychain thingie.
  6. Aldi

    At my closest supermarket it's a dollar coin (because we *have* that option, I suppose) and there are no cart corrals in the parking lot. They do sell a token you can clip onto your keychain that fits the coin slot, so you never have to root around in your purse or pocket for a loonie.
  7. Lasagna Wars

    It's a personal preference thing. For some people, that crunchy top layer of baked noodle is the whole point, like the crisp skin of a perfectly roasted chicken or turkey. For others - including myself - it's something to pick off and discard.
  8. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    It's always hard to judge from a photo, but I'd say your assessment is probably correct (and yeah, being "ooze-phobic" won't help). The other thing is that it thickens further as it sits, so can be absolutely just-so but then become drier again if you don't plate it immediately.
  9. Need restaurant for my wedding!

    He wrote comedic fantasy novels, but that's like saying Alain Ducasse might know his way around the kitchen. They started as a loving spoof/tribute to the pulp fantasy tales of the 40s, but quickly grew into something entirely other. He has something of the same off-kilter sensibility as Douglas Adams (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), but with more depth and, thankfully, he was much more prolific. Under all the silliness the Discworld series contains some highly intelligent and impassioned writing, and Pratchett has been described as "the best satirist England has produced since Swift." A.S Byatt, a winner herself, lobbied hard but unsuccessfully to have him shortlisted for the Booker Prize. The character Natchbull Smeems crops up in one of the late Discworld books, Unseen Academicals, which is set at Unseen University (the Disc's premier school of wizardry). He's the Candle Knave, responsible both for overseeing the candle-making crew and for seeing that all the sconces and chandeliers are fully fitted with candles.
  10. Waffles!

    I go the opposite way and bump up the butter in most recipes, finding it improves the texture.
  11. Need restaurant for my wedding!

    I have no information to contribute, having never been to Brooklyn, but I have to at least give a warm hello to anyone who chooses a Terry Pratchett character for their username. As it happens, I've been reading "Unseen Academicals" aloud to my GF this past few weeks.
  12. Getting Rid of Mice in the Kitchen

    I live in a neighbourhood of old houses and lots of green space, so mice are a year-round thing but spike at this time of year when they begin looking for indoor nesting sites. I don't mind, because they pose endless entertainment for our three resident kitties and the two frequent visitors (my daughter's cat, and my GF's daughter's cat). Our younger two are still just youngsters and I actually got to watch "mouse school" in session when the GF's daughter's cat was here to visit. He came trotting up with a very unhappy mouse in his mouth, spat it out - pah! - on the floor between them, and then sat back and watched. Our two dabbed at it gingerly with their paws, for all the world like adolescent girls facing a plate with offal or tentacles on it, much to my amusement. Periodically the mouse, with laudable determination, would spot a gap in the felinity and make a break for freedom, but Marshmallow, the older cat, would chase it down and bring it back. All the while my elderly Willow kitty, a fearsome hunter in her younger years, was watching them with a hilarious expression of incredulity. Cats can't roll their eyes, but her eyes were the only part of her that wasn't an eye-roll (if you know what I mean). She was for all the world like a pensioner volubly despairing over "kids these days" and their inferiority to the sensible, hard-working cats of her youth.
  13. I'd been making progress, but the No Frills near me had whole pork shoulders at $0.50/lb. If I had more room, I'd have bought the 10 or so remaining in the case.
  14. I LOL'd at "Sidewalk Tart." That probably means I've lived in sketchier neighbourhoods than you have.