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  1. True that. My late wife had a neighbour in California who raised two pigs. On slaughter day, they simply shot the first one right in the pen, alongside the second, and dragged it out to bleed, gut and rough-butcher it. The second pig spent that entire two hours screaming at the top of its lungs before going the same way. She was gifted several pieces of pork by way of apology for the noise, and said it was pretty clear which cuts were from the stressed hog.
  2. chromedome

    Camping, Princess Style

    LOL My GF and I camped a month or so ago, but it was in the back of a plain ol' Chrysler minivan. I suppose we can call it "princess" camping though, because there was a feather bed over the air mattress and a down duvet over us.
  3. I love those little butane single-burners. I had four that I used for catering and farmer's markets, and have kept two of them (the other two went to my daughter and my GF's daughter). They're great to have for when the power goes out, and I usually throw one into my vehicle before any long highway drives in winter, just in case. I also pull one out for wok cooking, every once in a while.
  4. When I was a farmer's market vendor, the farmer at the next stall raised Berkshire and Tamworth hogs. He labeled his lard as "Happy Fat," which was a great conversation starter. He was perfectly up front about it being lard, but the labels got people to stop and ask. Once he had their attention, he could explain to them about the differences between his lard and the hydrogenated product on store shelves, and for that matter the (then) universally hydrogenated, trans-fat-containing vegetable shortenings. He was quite the character. One of his favorite sayings was that "TV is for people who don't have pigs to watch..."
  5. That article has now been retracted. Apparently the lurid early version of the tale was not accurate.
  6. Wow...those UK restaurateurs have definitely been "seen and raised." https://www.vice.com/en_au/article/9k7ena/a-vegetarian-chef-killed-a-customer-and-then-served-him-to-other-customers
  7. They were tasting three plates: one of cacio e pepe, one of carbonara, and one of tripe. ETA: The penny just dropped. I thought that you'd thought the guy in the video had mistaken cacio e pepe for carbonara. Rather embarrassing for someone with my history of smartassery to overlook it in someone else. ("Sar-chasm: n, The gulf between the person making the joke and the one not getting it...")
  8. https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2018/10/31/657853587/illinois-farmers-put-rare-pig-back-on-dinner-table-to-save-it-from-extinction
  9. chromedome

    Kitchen / Dining Area Renovation

    "But it all makes work, for the workingman to dooooo...."
  10. chromedome

    Restaurant flatware thoughts

    They're still around. I have two or three left from when my restaurants were open (the rest have fallen by the wayside somehow over the years).
  11. chromedome

    Foraging for favorites

    Actually two kinds. Gyromitras are basically edible if you cook the hell out of them, though some people do react badly to them. Verpas are just bad news. It's not hard to tell real morels apart from either kind of "false morel," though.
  12. I had a woman and her mom come into my kitchen one day to ask whether I could accommodate a seafood allergy, given that my menu was pretty seafood-centric. Hubby had life-threatening allergies to shellfish and fin fish, and had not brought an epi-pen with him (!!??). I showed them my setup, and assured them that I could prepare uncontaminated food for him as long as they advised the server when they sat down that they were *that* table. So what did they order? Wife and mother-in-law both ordered the lobster bisque and seafood appetizers, followed by fish entrees. I couldn't help but wonder if poor hubby had recently bought life insurance...
  13. On a related (but broader) note: https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2018/10/25/658588158/5-major-crops-in-the-crosshairs-of-climate-change
  14. LOL I consider those to be "just nicely ripened." They gotta go a bit longer to be consigned to baking, in my house.
  15. Got my new batch of kraut put together through the course of the day, to the tune of about 4kg of cabbage. There are just the two of us, so that should get us most of the way through winter depending how often we get the urge for choucroute garnie...