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  1. https://gizmodo.com/whats-the-most-dangerous-food-of-all-time-1830979433
  2. https://qz.com/quartzy/1487485/the-scientific-case-for-eating-bread/
  3. chromedome

    Food funnies

    Sherman's Lagoon had one of my favorite food-related strips, which alas I can't find online. Sherman asks Ernest (IIRC), "Have you ever eaten something you haven't tasted in years, and it just brings back all kinds of memories you've forgotten?" Ernest: "It's a well-known phenomenon. In fact the great French novelist, Marcel Proust, wrote a whole series of novels about it." Sherman, incredulous: "Boogers?"
  4. chromedome

    Cheese Fondue

    Well, that makes sense. I mean, Spam's popular, but not a real staple like veal kidneys.
  5. chromedome

    Cheese Fondue

    My GF has three fondue pots (!!!) so both the cheese and hot oil variants can happen at once and in a reasonably large company. We've only done that once in the few years we've been together. Viewed as a meal, it's rather a disproportionate amount of fuss (to my mind, at least). Of course, the whole point of the exercise is that it's not simply a meal, it's a social occasion. And it takes less time than, say...a game of Monopoly.
  6. chromedome

    Foraging for favorites

    At the restaurant where I worked in Edmonton, the chef preferred Kenwood stand mixers because you could get a mouli/food mill accessory for them. The screen insert sat in the bowl, and there were angled paddles that attached to the mixer and pressed the food through. I don't remember what we used it for, probably fruit for sorbets, but it worked great and was a huge time saver. On the downside, those Kenwoods sound like a cement mixer when they're running. Real workhorses, but loud.
  7. Yup. Scratch whichever itch is itchiest that week.
  8. LOL I had to look at that a few times before it fell into place... I read it originally as "-38C," and I knew that just couldn't be right.
  9. Sooooo....taking a break from the keto thing? (No judging here, my GF has to do that once a month or so as well.)
  10. I'm a sucker for syntax humour myself. The first year we were together, my (now-) ex asked me to throw her over a dish towel. So I did. I found it much funnier than she did. (To clarify, for those who wonder, she became my ex almost 20 years later so I doubt that was part of it...)
  11. chromedome


    I do that periodically in the summertime, though I use my venerable Cuisinart. My Vitamix is the old-school variety with the stainless steel jar, and I find it needs help with anything thick/chunky.
  12. chromedome

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    There's no plaice like home! (...hangs head, slinks away...)
  13. I have a slight preference for a double sink, but I do appreciate the versatility of having one large one. My last place in Nova Scotia had the big old-fashioned sink, and I "doubled" it by the simple expedient of using a small plastic tub as my washbasin for dishes. The rest of the sink then became the functional equivalent of a second. When necessary (big roasters, etc) I'd just lift out the basin, and have the full space for oversized items.
  14. chromedome

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    That's what I know as Swiss steak as well, though there's a sharp division among those who make it with gravy and those who make it with a tomato-based sauce. I was raised with the tomato version, but I'm broad-minded enough to appreciate either. Dr. Salisbury was a 19th-century physician and crank, who theorized that the widespread diarrhea he saw among Civil War troops could have been avoided by a diet of coffee and minced lean beef. He developed the ancestral version of the Atkins/paleo/keto diets, and "Salisbury steak" was one of the dishes he recommended. Because vegetables and starchy foods were full of toxins, doncha know.
  15. chromedome

    Camping, Princess Style

    I'm a yellow-pea guy, myself. Green pea soup reminds me rather too vividly of an illness my son had, back in my diaper-changing days. I actually like mine more pea-forward and with fewer pieces of actual ham in it, which is another reason why hocks work so well for me. I'm not entirely certain why pea soup is more of a "thing" here than bean soup. Certainly there were plenty of beans grown and used in my neck of the woods, as well. It might just be a cultural thing...the Acadians here would have had an ancestral connection to good ol' potage St-Germaine, while the Anglophones of us would have had our "pease porridge hot, pease porridge cold." There's also the issue of peas' lesser reputation for provoking flatulence. When your winters are cold and (in the days before central heating) your house is buttoned up as tight as you can make it, that might have been a factor.
  16. chromedome

    Camping, Princess Style

    Much the same thing, but the other way around. I braise them in sauerkraut, usually with a piece of fresh pork as well and a few sausages added late, then serve it with boiled potatoes and a few different kinds of mustard. My longtime best friend's family was from Germany, and I learned this from his mom. I do also use them in bean soups, but - this being the East Coast - more often it'll be pea soup. I like mine to have a good ham flavor, and a hock works better than the bone left over from a ham. That being said, if I have a ham bone or ham skin I'll bag them and freeze them for soup days, and throw those in as well or instead.
  17. I'll second that. I usually whisk my leavenings into the dry ingredients to incorporate them evenly, or - if they happen to be on the counter anyway - use my stand mixer or Cuisinart to do the same thing.
  18. chromedome

    The Final Table on Netflix

    Finished the series last night. Overall it was fun to watch, though I had a few quibbles (especially about how the final judging went down). I won't get into that, though, because it'd be pretty difficult to discuss or even reference tangentially without spoilers.
  19. chromedome

    Breakfast! 2018

    That's quite interesting. I studied German back in 8th grade, which is exactly the wrong time for a roomful of boys to hear any word that sounds like "fart."
  20. chromedome

    Camping, Princess Style

    Picnics are still widely available here in Atlantic Canada, and typically less costly than actual hams. I'll buy a ham for a holiday meal, because of the larger, prettier slices, but for ordinary meals I do prefer the picnic. I also pick up smoked hocks from one particular Superstore when I'm in Nova Scotia, because none of the others seem to stock them.
  21. Alas, mine often arrive prematurely in the "shirts that don't matter" category because I forget to change before cooking. Perhaps one of these days I'll manage to form the habit...
  22. chromedome

    Christmas Cookies Redux

    I intend to at least do cinnamon stars and shortbreads. If time and ambition hold up, I'll add decorated sugar cookies (the grandkids are young enough to find those super-cool) and perhaps some kind of stuffed cookies with date or quince filling. A very small batch of mince tarts, just for me, because nobody else eats them and I don't get through a lot of sweets.
  23. chromedome

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    My GF keeps a few of those Snickers on hand with the snarky adjectives on them ("irritable," "whiny," "dramatic," etc) to give out to her daughters and friends as opportunity arises.
  24. chromedome

    Food funnies

    I dunno, I've changed enough diapers to believe that a filter cartridge might just be an excellent idea.