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  1. A couple of years ago my GF was working at a call center. She's a tiny, pretty, fun little redhead with dimples and a ready laugh, and always much-cherished by her co-workers. One day she was out on her break having a smoke, when one of the supervisors - a vegan - made a face at her faux-fur coat and commented that she could never have worn one of those. "You do know it's not real fur, right?" my GF asked. "Yeah, I know, but...it looks like fur. I just couldn't do it." she replied. My GF looked at her incredulously for a moment, and told her "Sweetie, if I was cold and you were slow...I'd wear you." Her supervisor's reaction, apparently, was priceless.
  2. If you don't care for grains in general orzo is a good option, but you'd be better to cook it separately and add it when the soup is done. Like any other pasta it will expand and get mushy as it sits in the leftovers.
  3. I'm sure those aren't mini-marshmallows on top of the Moroccan chicken, but for the life of me I can't think what else it might be...
  4. chromedome

    Dinner 2019

    I hear you. My GF and I watch a lot of reno shows and sometimes what an enthusiastic realtor or designer describes as a "chef's kitchen" makes me cringe.* Glass behind the stove seems like a really bad idea even by that standard, though. *(ETA: Seriously, people, how the hell are you supposed to clean a backsplash made of reclaimed barn wood? How?)
  5. I converted the Emerson's inner dimensions from metric, but didn't write them down. It was something like 13.5" wide, 9.05" deep, and 11.8" high.
  6. Oh, I'm not seriously interested at present. One day *somebody* will make one large enough for a 9x13, in decent quality, at a price point of $150 or lower. That's when I'll start to consider buying one.
  7. Oddly, that link won't open for me. Anyone care to post the un-shortened version? Looking up the user manual for the Emerson, It appears to be large enough inside to accommodate a 9x13 pan. So that's something.
  8. chromedome

    Lunch 2019

    I love the look on the dog's face. "Couldn't cook something with a bone in it, could ya? No, no, no...gotta be all virtuous..."
  9. chromedome

    Dinner 2019

    (shrug) Nothing wrong with the occasional super-premium burger.
  10. When my grandmother died, the keepsake that came to me was her copy of the American Woman's Cookbook. It was one of those classic all-in-one books. like Joy of Cooking or Fanny Farmer, and I'd grown up with my mother's 1950s-era edition (the book has an interesting and unlikely history, which I'll come back and share after I've done work for the day). My grandmother's was the wartime "Victory" binding, with an added section of rationing-friendly recipes. Throughout it I find her little annotations on recipes, sometimes making corrections/improvements to the recipe as written, and sometimes noting "good," "v. good," and occasionally "don't bother." In between the pages were a number of recipes cut from magazines and newspapers, and one in a letter from one of my aunts. Aside from the recipe it's filled with chit-chat about my uncle's job and the doings of her two small children, now - like me - in their mid-50s and parents of grown children themselves. I also have a raft of recipe booklets from different sources, and find them occasionally interesting (or ghastly) to browse through.
  11. chromedome

    Dinner 2019

    Is the rice your usual brand? I recently bought a bag of "whatever," and discovered to my disgust that it needed several minutes' rinsing to get rid of the excess starch. The first time or two I cooked with it, "gooey" would be a polite way to put it.
  12. A couple of recalls that hit my inbox while I was away from home: For Ontario and Quebec, an update of an earlier recall of pates, terrines, rillettes etc sold under a variety of brand names. http://inspection.gc.ca/about-the-cfia/newsroom/food-recall-warnings/complete-listing/2019-09-12/eng/1568345193713/1568345200763 Also Abbott Labs' Calcilo XD calcium supplement for infants, which I suppose is pretty niche. They aren't calling it "national," but every province except NB and PEI is listed. http://inspection.gc.ca/about-the-cfia/newsroom/food-recall-warnings/complete-listing/2019-09-13/eng/1568425849063/1568425849551
  13. chromedome

    Dinner 2019

    Tomatoes here are racing to ripen before the frost, as usual. It's supposed to get down to 1.3 C (34-ish Fahrenheit) on Wednesday night/Thursday early AM. I'll be putting covers over much of my garden tomorrow.
  14. I usually tell people "picture pecan pie without the nuts," but I just googled "chess tart/pie" and there certainly seems to be a family resemblance. No flour in the butter tart filling, though. Butter, eggs and brown sugar are the core ingredients, and old-school recipes generally include some vinegar to invert the sugar (modern recipes, like pecan pie recipes, sometimes call for corn syrup instead). Some add cream, as well. The crust should be pie crust, not the cookie-crumb crust I saw in the chess tart recipes I looked up. In the smaller individual-tart size, the crust balances the sweetness of the filling.
  15. I did a double-take when I read that. I'm still a bit bleary after a few nights of sleeping erratically while camping, and at first I thought you'd said "azaleas." Couldn't quite see how that would work...
  16. You should be fine, as long as the jars sealed properly. The massive quantity of sugar required to set jelly isn't random, it's required in order for the pectin (whether natural or added) to gel. That's because it binds up the available water in the juice, strengthening the bonds the pectin is able to make (a certain amount of acidity is also necessary to make the chemistry work). A side benefit of binding up all that available water is, of course, that it becomes unavailable to pathogens as well.
  17. I can see I'm in the minority, but butter tarts just aren't...right...without raisins. Neither are oatmeal cookies, though I can enjoy them plain or with chopped dates if needs must. Chocolate simply doesn't belong.
  18. ...annnnnd, yet another update to the date codes involved. https://inspection.gc.ca/about-the-cfia/newsroom/food-recall-warnings/complete-listing/2019-09-05/eng/1567719387503/1567719388014
  19. Someone Photoshopped the "butter flavor" variety for an easy joke. That's the Loblaw "No Name" brand, sold in our largest grocery store chain, and I can assure you that the label has been tampered with.
  20. https://heated.medium.com/the-chef-who-can-teach-us-a-thing-or-two-about-grit-adc3e1f0c6ab
  21. I'd assumed the tail was self-explanatory. Perhaps I'm wrong.
  22. That would be the bit we call the "oyster."
  23. chromedome

    Old Menus

    There was a Pig & Whistle pub in Vancouver decades ago, when I first moved there. I'm in no position to say how authentic it was, having never been to the UK, though the couple who owned it were Brits. I don't have a menu, but I don't remember the food so that probably says something in an of itself. There was also a television show by that name on the CTV network for several years, but the "pub" where it took place was just a set. The entertainers played traditional Irish/Scottish/English music.
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