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  1. Which knife would you recommend? (I'll show myself out...)
  2. Updated: https://recalls-rappels.canada.ca/en/alert-recall/hankook-korean-characters-only-brand-original-kimchi-recalled-due-e-coli-o157h7-0?utm_source=r_listserv
  3. I would make a distinction here, based on what parameters Liuzhou is setting. If we're referring specifically to the preparation shown in the photo - sliced meats stacked on the skewer - then Nova Scotia also knows that as shawarma, and it's plentiful under that name. If we're talking in a broader way of "any ol' meat preferred in your locality, as long as it's cooked on a vertical skewer and served on a flatbread," then yeah..."donair" is the local version and it's beef.
  4. Halved chickens are a common thing here. A half-chicken is a good size when cooking for two, so I've always assumed that was the reason.
  5. President's Choice Lemon & Ginger Italian Soda is being recalled nationally due to the possible presence of glass fragments. https://recalls-rappels.canada.ca/en/alert-recall/pc-brand-lemon-ginger-sicilian-soda-recalled-due-possible-presence-glass?utm_source=r_listserv
  6. chromedome

    Dinner 2022

    The distinctive trait of our variation is a sweet-ish sauce made with condensed milk, for those who don't know. It's the official food of "well, the pub just closed, what do we do now?"
  7. Definitely something that caught my eye (we're waiting for an opening for my mom to go into care). https://www.therecord.com/news/waterloo-region/2022/01/31/food-tracking-artificial-intelligence-system-aims-to-reduce-malnutrition-in-long-term-care.html
  8. Up here it was emus. There's one hardy survivor still showing up at the local farmer's market. A few places have llamas or alpacas as well, and one sells the prepared alpaca wool directly to crafters.
  9. The whole discussion of his accent put me in mind of Mrs. Doubtfire. Pierce Brosnan: You're accent's a bit...muddled. Williams: So's your tan, dear.
  10. Hankook brand kimchi, sold in the four western provinces, is being recalled for E.coli contamination. https://recalls-rappels.canada.ca/en/alert-recall/hankook-korean-characters-only-brand-original-kimchi-recalled-due-e-coli-o157h7?utm_source=r_listserv
  11. (shrug) We have lots of threads on SV, and certainly if there are any significant advances on the technology or its underlying science I'm sure it'll turn up on the board one way or another. Perhaps here, perhaps in a sv-specific thread. Either way's good. Not all food science correlates directly to a cooking technique, or indeed to cookery directly, just as not all medical research correlates directly and immediately to clinical treatment. This thread, by design, casts a wide net (I can say that, I'm the OP). If a particular post doesn't catch your interest, just skip on to the next one. That's the whole point of a catch-all thread.
  12. No, I expect I'll also stick with my Brita for home use. If it proves practical and scalable it could save a lot of lives in parts of the world where waterborne illnesses like cholera are still public health crises, though.
  13. LOL Whatever makes you happy. It wouldn't hold my interest for long, as I have no particular use-case for SV.
  14. LOL News flash! (In the interest of fairness, I suspect Canadian numbers would make equally grim reading) https://arstechnica.com/science/2022/01/even-before-covid-americans-were-failing-at-health-basics-diet-exercise/
  15. My GF shared this one on FB, with the comment "...and a bar in my shower..."
  16. I've gotten past the "it's not a meal without bread" aspect of my upbringing, and can't say that obligatory toast is something I've seen as a general rule. I just like it with my eggs (and my porridge, fwiw) as a textural contrast.
  17. https://arstechnica.com/science/2022/01/kombucha-cultures-make-excellent-sustainable-water-filters-study-finds/
  18. Probably not a huge risk for anyone who hangs out here, but two nationally-distributed brands of prepared sandwiches, burgers and donairs sold at convenience stores, gas stations etc have been recalled for listeria contamination. https://recalls-rappels.canada.ca/en/alert-recall/certain-quality-fast-foods-brand-and-hygaard-fine-foods-ltd-brand-sandwiches-0?utm_source=r_listserv
  19. I don't have it in me to enjoy a fried egg without toast, whatever other starches might be present. Can't have one without the other, as the song says. In my case it's usually in the form of "breakfast for dinner," since that's when fried eggs usually make sense for me.
  20. Hmm. A couple of local vendors had tried to organize something like that here in New Brunswick, but their respective ambitions outstripped their financial resources. One foundered (in part because of an all-advised expansion designed to underpin this scheme), while the other teetered on the edge of bankruptcy for a few months (because of expansion not directly related to this scheme) before being bought out by another local business. Currently the idea is on hiatus, as one would expect in Plague Times. Perhaps someone else will pick it up and run with it.
  21. Further to the same general topic: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2022/jan/22/were-pricing-the-poor-out-of-food-in-the-uk-thats-why-im-launching-my-own-price-index? I won't get into it here, but Jack's own story is compelling reading for anyone who wants to do a bit of Googling.
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