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  1. LOL News flash! (In the interest of fairness, I suspect Canadian numbers would make equally grim reading) https://arstechnica.com/science/2022/01/even-before-covid-americans-were-failing-at-health-basics-diet-exercise/
  2. My GF shared this one on FB, with the comment "...and a bar in my shower..."
  3. I've gotten past the "it's not a meal without bread" aspect of my upbringing, and can't say that obligatory toast is something I've seen as a general rule. I just like it with my eggs (and my porridge, fwiw) as a textural contrast.
  4. https://arstechnica.com/science/2022/01/kombucha-cultures-make-excellent-sustainable-water-filters-study-finds/
  5. Probably not a huge risk for anyone who hangs out here, but two nationally-distributed brands of prepared sandwiches, burgers and donairs sold at convenience stores, gas stations etc have been recalled for listeria contamination. https://recalls-rappels.canada.ca/en/alert-recall/certain-quality-fast-foods-brand-and-hygaard-fine-foods-ltd-brand-sandwiches-0?utm_source=r_listserv
  6. I don't have it in me to enjoy a fried egg without toast, whatever other starches might be present. Can't have one without the other, as the song says. In my case it's usually in the form of "breakfast for dinner," since that's when fried eggs usually make sense for me.
  7. Hmm. A couple of local vendors had tried to organize something like that here in New Brunswick, but their respective ambitions outstripped their financial resources. One foundered (in part because of an all-advised expansion designed to underpin this scheme), while the other teetered on the edge of bankruptcy for a few months (because of expansion not directly related to this scheme) before being bought out by another local business. Currently the idea is on hiatus, as one would expect in Plague Times. Perhaps someone else will pick it up and run with it.
  8. Further to the same general topic: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2022/jan/22/were-pricing-the-poor-out-of-food-in-the-uk-thats-why-im-launching-my-own-price-index? I won't get into it here, but Jack's own story is compelling reading for anyone who wants to do a bit of Googling.
  9. Here in the Great White North, they were promoted heavily as being sweeter than white. Evidently this was successful, because white grapefruit seem to come and go (perhaps seasonal?) in relatively short order, while pink are always available. This may just be the effect of growing regions and distribution patterns, though. I honestly don't know.
  10. I don't know if anyone here buys the Evive brand of frozen smoothie fixin's, but their "Immunity Super Functional Smoothie" is being recalled for the presence of raw elderberries, which are (duh) toxic due to their cyanide content. https://recalls-rappels.canada.ca/en/alert-recall/consumption-evive-brand-immunity-super-functional-smoothie-may-cause-cyanide-poisoning?utm_source=r_listserv
  11. After said incident, you are just plain "less sanguine."
  12. chromedome

    Breakfast 2022

    LOL "Two people and a truffle" doesn't inspire quite the same degree of sympathy as "two people and a ham."
  13. If I'm being honest, my frequent inability to cough up the actual name of a given kitchen implement (never mind a fanciful one) is a reason I prefer to be alone in the kitchen.
  14. I remember the attendant at the window pushing books about astronauts and the moon landing (I started school in '69). I had those books for years; they were from Rand-McNally IIRC.
  15. I was speaking figuratively. Forks get soaked in hot water, bones for stock get simmered in hot water...It didn't feel like *that* much of a stretch. The full, explicit, non-figurative version goes like this: Buy a chicken, and cook it (unless it's a rotisserie chicken, in which case that step gets skipped). Eat some portion of the chicken. I strip the bones pretty aggressively, GF does not (and it's always just the two of us). Debone the remaining part of the chicken, which typically leaves shreds of meat and all the cartilage in place, especially at the joints. I keep back the wingtips for this and the neck as well, if I have cooked the chicken myself, but not the giblets (cook's treat!). Bung the bones - still well furnished for the most part, rather bare and gnawed in the case of those that had been on my plate - into the IP, with a bit of mirepoix, a bay leaf, some garlic, and a pinch of salt. Other herbs may or may not go in as well, depending on my plans for the resulting broth. Push the button, walk away.
  16. Yes...like the chicken bones, they spend some time in very hot water first.
  17. I also used "gnawed" bones when I'm making my stock in the IP, though not when I'm simmering on the stovetop. It's always immediately after the meal, so if the chicken was food-safe to begin with (an assumption one makes, if one is to eat the damned thing) there's very little time for any pathogen to reproduce on the bones, and pressure-cooking will put the kibosh on that pretty quickly. As far as the whole "been in someone's mouth" aspect of it goes, well...as pointed out in a previous discussion here, so have the forks in your drawer.
  18. Another one that's mostly aimed at the back of the house, as it were. Various bulk dry-goods from a specific wholesaler are being recalled for salmonella (due to rodent infestation, yet!). The wholesaler seems to primarily serve the African diaspora, so that would be your only real way to guess where the products had been used/resold. The products were sold from Ontario to BC, but may have ended up in the other provinces as well. https://recalls-rappels.canada.ca/en/alert-recall/various-food-products-recalled-due-possible-salmonella-contamination-rodent?utm_source=r_listserv
  19. https://press.uchicago.edu/ucp/books/book/chicago/P/bo24045005.html
  20. Gluten-free *AND* high-fibre.
  21. It would probably be good, but I don't know that it would scratch that same itch. Celery has that juicy crunch, like apples, and that's what I'm craving when I eat it. I do occasionally buy a smidge of cambozola when I see it on sale, though, so I'll undoubtedly try the recipe if I can find it online.
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