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  1. Although I have not experienced dietary restrictions (other than I'm not allowed grapefruit), one of my favorite simple and easy breakfasts is a toasted English muffin (as LisaS mentioned) with a tiny bit of honey and then spread with peanut butter. It's about as tasty as any quick breakfast I know of.
  2. I got one of their first issues and, indeed, as AnnaN speculated, it was w-a-y to edgy and over-the-top for the kind of cooking that I enjoy. I looked no further. (I would have described it as downright weird.)
  3. I'm thinking that I need the Inner Pot for my IP; I usually use my pot for slow cooking and braising and don't really need the s/s pot for pressure cooking. I'm sure it would be much more easily cleaned up than the s/s pot which sometimes is a struggle to get nice and shiny.
  4. Bangers and mash

    The James Herriot books are my favorite reads! I read his entire series (I think there were five or six) at least 30 years ago and recently I downloaded all of them in audiobooks (narrator is Christopher Timothy) and, while reading the books was just wonderful at the time, nothing can compare to the audio version, Timothy's narration is the best. I only wish there were more of them.
  5. How do you keep other people from sneaking in a eating all your food while you are otherwise occupied?
  6. I am not a fan of brown rice but I did go through a spell when I tried forcing myself to eat it (and like it). The rice I prepared in my Zo rice cooker was very much better than any other I'd made. However, I still don't really like it and finally sort of gave up on that idea. Pretty much the same method I used with oatmeal (I really tried to like it).
  7. Dishwasher Detergent

    yes,l it is stainless. i'll have to run that same cycle again and see if I still get that smell.
  8. Dishwasher Detergent

    Yesterday I ran my Kenmore Elite d/w on the 'fast wash' setting; normally I use the 'smart' setting. i happened to be sitting in the adjacent room while it was running and I could smell this bad, spoiled food odor. i've never had this before and I've no idea where it came from. I got up and ran the disposer when I first smelled it but there was no odor from there. i checked the d/w when the cycle was over but there was no more smell. any idea what was going on?
  9. Bangers and mash

    My friend stopped in at Costco on Tuesday for her corned beef and came away with a package of Bangers too. I have never seen these in a grocery store anywhere. Anyway, we often go to a wonderful Irish Pub in town and they have great bangers and mash. But we have never cooked them at home or made the Guinness gravy they serve with them. Is there a secret to cooking bangers or are they done just the same as any other sausage? And the gravy?
  10. Subway 2011–

    I often think that the key to Subway is who's making the sandwich. The one nearest me is operated during the day by the manager, a woman of about 50 or so. She's clean, the shop is clean and the ingredients look fresh. On the other hand, the shop in the next town is run by a group of teenagers who couldn't care less about the food or the job as a whole, they're busy grab-assing; I won't go there.
  11. Fruit

    That's me. I happen to absolutely adore grapefruit but can't eat it now. Not because of age directly but due to hypertension medication. I also like cocktails made with the juice of grapefruit. Once in a while I'll cheat and have a Salty Dog (a double cheat, with the salt).
  12. Nope, however, I did buy a Spag squash a couple days ago so I will be eagerly watching here to see how it goes with others. I've only done my squash in the oven (halving it beforehand) and it's always been really, really good. So i'm not sure that I want to risk not getting my former results.
  13. I made the most wonderful Minestrone soup in my IP yesterday. It's so much easier to brown the meat, the veg. and then add the other ingredients rather than having to use two or more pots. I then slow cooked it for seven hours. Has anyone tested the slow cook temperature in their IP? Mine seems to run somewhat hotter than my other slow cookers.
  14. My PBS is also doing another pledge drive, I was hoping to see the start of the new season. My station is out of sync with others who have already started. I do watch Cooks Country on the Create channel because my PBS doesn't show it anymore (I can't figure their logic in that).
  15. eG Cook-Off 75: Meatballs

    Elsie, those are the most delicious looking meatballs I've ever seen!