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  1. thank you for sharing your perspectives.
  2. You only have to mention school breakfasts to get under my hide. And please don't start throwing rocks, of course I don't want children going hungry, but when did it become someone else's job to feed kids? There are just so many you people who are multiplying without any regard as to how they'll support their offspring, they just don't worry about it because someone else will come along and do their job. My biggest issue is where will it all end? I already have spent thousands and thousands of dollars over my life to support the school system, am I going to have to pay to raise all those children as well?
  3. Tomato soup - How to perfect it?

    I rely on Ina Garten's expertise when I make soup like that.
  4. But you must have massive storage room!
  5. JimD, Is it possible you can just return it for a replacement? That's what nice about Costco and Amazon (with Amazon, though, I think it has to be within 30 days.
  6. I purchased the glass lid (Amazon) that kayb recommended upthread. Much handier than the big PC lid that is a bit clumsy. I didn't get it at the sale price but still...
  7. I learned this from lots of experience making bread.
  8. I never make chicken salad (I don't know why), but if I did, I'd definitely shred it based on the appearance of the one HungryChris posted above, I like how it blends in; it reminds me of tuna salad which is something I do make.
  9. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 1)

    I do not like oatmeal yet I feel like I should. it's something from my childhood when I had to eat it for breakfast many time during the winter season (Midwest = snow time). I have bought steel cut oats (Bob's Red Mill) and would like to find a way to cook them that would be good. I have a rice cooker (Zojirushi) that has a porridge setting. For me I think it's mostly the texture that I object to. Are there additions to the oats that are better than others?
  10. Is the discoloration you refer to a kind of cloudiness? I have a bit of that around the perimeter on the bottom. I'll try BKF on it next time.
  11. The easiest way I've found to scrub out the crud from the bottom of the pot is with an SOS pad. does a really good job and doesn't seem to scratch, easier than BKF.
  12. Microwave Tips

    I didn't appreciate mine or realize how dependent I was on it until the magnetron died in it and it had to be repaired. Lordy, I'd forgotten how I used to boil water (which I do twice a day for to rehydrate dog food). What a pain to have to boil water in a saucepan! It was out of order for a couple of weeks while the part was ordered and then the wait for an available repairman. I use mine a whole lot more than I'd ever been aware of.
  13. When I had my microwave repaired the repairmen had to clear out the cabinet over it to get it unplugged and have room to maneuver. They took out all the dishes and casseroles out which were extremely dirty and greasy from the cooking vapors. When they were finished they asked if I wanted them to put the dishes back in and I said yes. Why wash them all up and put them back just to be covered in grease again. I wash them as I use them which is very infrequent. I'm sure they were appalled that I wanted dirty dishes back in the cupboard.
  14. I'm a Cambro fan as well. Since I'm a frequent bread baker I used the big squares for white and for whole wheat (they can go in the freezer). The square design is a big space saver over the round containers. Cambro