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  1. I cook salmon and steelhead all the time. I usually just broil it for a few minutes on the meaty side, l perhaps undercooking it slightly.
  2. In case you might be tempted, Wild Alaska has a Spot Prawn available for a limited time. You just need to add it to your order.
  3. Portland being the city where I lived for 36 years, it's a real treat to revisit some of the popular places. It makes me proud to see the chefs behaving so civilly, unlike some we've seen in the past. I'm hoping the show will give the city a well-needed shot in the arm. Downtown has taken a terrible blow from last year's destruction...many stores and buildings are boarded up and/or closed for good.
  4. lindag

    Ninja Foodi

    My good friend and neighbor has mentioned more than once how much she liked her Ninja Foodi. So, of course, I caved and bought one too. Well, despite the silly name, this is one very versatile small appliance. I have made baked potato, grilled chicken, halibut and cod, hamburgers and all kind of vegetables. Fast and efficient with easy clean-up (everything goes in the d/w). I've only used it as an air fryer once for French fries. It's this one: Ninja
  5. I received my second order from Wild Alaska today. I got the Wild Combo which consists of 12 total pieces: Salmon, Halibut and Cod. The quality is wonderful and it arrives in one day, still frozen solid in dry ice. I bough at white fish combo last Summer and I'm happy to order more.
  6. I'm not a big cookie eater but the last thing I have every evening is 3 original Oreo Cookies. They're just as good now as they were when I was 12. Although there are many iterations of Oreos these day, I must have the 'original'....don't be screwing with my Oreos.
  7. Kudos to you for having the ability to fix it yourself...I'd be waiting for the new one to arrive.
  8. lindag

    Breakfast 2021

    You are such an over-achiever!!! I look at your meals and breads and feel like a sloth.
  9. Where is the 'shocked' emoji?
  10. About all I can add is that I bought the GE Cafe range six months ago for my newly built home. I have cooked on just about every kind of stove made and I can honestly say I LOVE induction. This range is not only beautiful bot a dream to clean.
  11. lindag


    I bought some Rainier cherries yesterday at my fortnightly trip to Win-Co. My experience was the same as yours...don't think they were really quite ready for the picking.
  12. So true! My one and only case (brought about by fresh spinach) turned into pneumonia and kept me in hospital for two days.
  13. "I love, love, love Brussels Sprouts and will try your recipe next" Me too. Thanks @kaybfor the suggestion.
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