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  1. lindag


    The bangers (brats) were a huge success! The couldn’t have turned out better. The Guinness onion gravy, of corse, was the star of the show. i will definitely make this again and again. The recipe I used was from Johnsonville.com Bangers and mash.
  2. lindag

    New Kitchen

    My new house is slowly coming along. The roof and siding are done as well as the foam insulation. The sheetrock is done and painting is imminent. The wiring is done. I ordered the light fixtures yesterday and they should be going in next week. I meet with the Fireplace Guy on Tuesday. All the appliances have arrived at the appliance store and are ready for delivery. I'll have a sit-down with the plumber soon to select fixtures. I'll see the finish carpenter this coming week to look at wainscoting for the office. The wood flooring, carpet (for the bedrooms) bathroom tile and stone for the counters have been selected. And the cabinetry is in progress. Due to delays with suppliers and available workers,, my move-in date is now estimated to be the end of August.
  3. lindag


    I have been lusting for bangers and mash for some time. Of course there are no bangers available around here. My attempt will be made with bratwurst because that’s what I have, I also want to do the Guinness onion gravy for the mash. Can’r wait to see how this turns out. What kind of sausage would you use in place of the bangers?
  4. I do mine now in the IPot. Very easy and fast, usually 12 minutes or so depending on the size.
  5. I went to my local grocery yesterday to get my curb order. While it was being loaded I read thru the email they send after the order is 'picked' and checked out. Realized they didn't give me my jumbo eggs 'cause they were out. I quickly ran back into the store to get some x-large (and while I was already inside, a few bottles of wine which they won't fill curbside_. In my hurry, I forgot my mask since I'm home most of the time and not really used to wearing one. Fully half the shoppers and all the checkers were mask-less. Luckily I wasn't inside for very long but I did feel guilty. The store was very, very busy.
  6. Looks like @BeeZee's Shoprite is hoarding all the limes.
  7. I’m planning this week’s card party for Saturday. Big platter of mixed fruit: Melons, kiwi, mango, strawberries,, cherries, pineapple and peaches. Caramel corn (non-sticky). Marionberry pie with vanilla ice cream Drinks will be cold-brew iced coffee, Coke and lemonade...it’s supposed to be quite warm that day. Here’s hoping all the fruit is ripe in time. Yum.
  8. With very sticky doughs I'll often wet my hands with cold water, wetting the counter as well. This way I don't incorporate too much extra flour which can make the dough too dense. You can always use a little Pam (or the like) instead of the water. Vegalene is my favorite non-stick spray (from Amazon or KAF).
  9. That’s happened to me at my grocery store when I went to pick up my order. The other cars in those reserved spots were empty! Idiots!
  10. I s I stopped in at a grocery in town yesterday to pick up some items to make hamburgers. At lest half the shoppers wore no masks. My checker had his hanging around his neck. We’ve had a recent surge here in COVID cases which I attribute mostly due to all the out-of-state people coming here and not isolating. It makes me so angry! My doctor ask that we not come for visits if we’ve been out-of-state within the last two weeks! But we can’t protect ourselves from the these intruders.
  11. It sounds like you're onto something there. Maybe In their rush they had to use a new what source which was not quite up to snuff. I use the local Wheat Montana Flour for everything so I've not been affected in that way.
  12. I don’t bake in my CSO either, it’s just not tall enough.
  13. The last time I made these (KAF) English Muffins I forgot to take photos They’re so stinkin’ good that I made another batch today. I didn’t use rings just free-formed them.
  14. I happened across a smock apron at World Market (online). At a bargain price I couldn’t resist although I was very skeptical about the ‘one-size-fits-most’ description. I usually find this to be true only if you’re the tiny size of the Vietnamese woman who does my nails. However, I was |completely surprised to find it fits me just fine..(I’m 5’8” (or used to be) and usually wear an XL. I love it! ’Smock. Note: The gray seems to be temporarily out of stock but there are other colors.
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