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  1. Its enamel seems to dry out and darken.
  2. lindag

    Lunch 2020

    Today’s lunch a corned beef sandwich made with my leftover slow-cooked corned beef on homemade whole-grain sourdough bread with 1,000 island dressing and lettuce. Really good!
  3. That's what I do with fruit pies. However, I don't make them very often. I'll buy a nice pie at the grocery bakery (Cyrus O'Leary's is an excellent brand available here) and have it for breakfast. I don't make desserts and only rarely order one if I'm dining out. This way I get my fix. And, hey, it is fruit, after all.
  4. lindag

    Dinner 2020

    Now I'm craving lamb shank again. Never got to making it last time the subject came up because the store didn't have any in stock. This looks delicious.
  5. MT’s governor has shut us down as of midnight tonight. I decided to make a run into town for a couple of Papa Murphy’s take and bake pizzas. i noticed quite a few restaurants that were closed (probably for take-out only). i also noted a big drop in gas prices! It was $1.99 today versus $2.34 last time I checked.
  6. I am seriously wanting pizza these days. My Papa Murphy is having special offers so thinking I should drive into town to pick up a couple of take-n-bake pies.
  7. lindag

    Dinner 2020

    Me too. I had the very same dinner last night but no photos. Trying to empty my freezer. the dinner was very good.
  8. I picked up my curbside grocery order yesterday. Four of the items were n/a: milk, whole chicken, chicken livers (for Lucy), and Living Thyme. Maybe 20% of the total items. I don't allow substitutions so maybe I could have gotten other brands or sizes. I don't need those items now so I'll try my nearer small store in the next few days and see what they have. And, they waived the 'courtesy charge' for curbside pickup which was a pleasant surprise. Happy to have gotten that what I did in a timely manner.
  9. Do you always use rye flour to feed your starter? If so, why? YOur breads always look wonderful.
  10. I placed y grocery order a few minutes ago (for curbside pickup) and am hoping that they can fill most of it. It's pretty basic stuff off the shelf so perhaps I'll have a better result than I did with my last order which left eight items out due to being out-of-stock. The woman who brought out my order told me that they get deliveries on Tuesday and Thursday nights so I waited til this morning to put it through. Even though I submitted the order before 8AM, the first available delivery window was for 12-1PM. Not too bad though when considering some people in other area are having to wait weeks for their orders.
  11. I just finished reading the LoafNest review linked to above. If I weren’t in the process of purging my household in anticipation of moving I’d be seriously tempted, however, the price is off-putting. As mich as I love bread-making, I would love to have one to toy with. If it were half the price I’d be sorely tempted to buy now.
  12. Yes. I use/used my first LeCreuset 5½ qt. Dutch Oven for no=knead with the same results. The inside is quite darkened/blotchy and not the least as pretty as my other LC pots with the inside looking very much like that pictured above by @andiesenji. Now it's used only for no-knead.
  13. In anticipation of my upcoming move I've placed a moratorium on any new proteins and am working on using up all the meats in my freezers; and there's a lot in there. It appears I could easily go the next three months without any new purchases.
  14. I made These rolls yesterday. This was the second time for this recipe and I made the rolls a lot smaller than stated. The first rolls were quite big so I made them smaller and used the rest of the dough into a smaller loaf. It’s really a good recipe.
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