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  1. Has there been any consensus as to whether the Anova Oven can replace a toaster? I am on the fence about ordering one but I do want to be able to toast in it.
  2. Reminds me of what the cannibal said while eating a clown, "This tastes funny!"
  3. I just think the beets were too old. The cooking liquid when I steamed them, was brownish rather than red. And they had a stronger smell than usual.
  4. Jo, I was excited to make this soup. Unfortunately my beets had gone around the block a few too many times so it turned out less than great. I’ll give another go when I have some nice, fresh beets.
  5. Did you peel the beets first?
  6. lindag

    Dinner 2020

    I also really, really love beets prepared in any fashion. Most recently I made Harvard beets...maybe my favorite preparation. I pressure cooked them in the IP. Kind of old school but a winner my Mom used to make.
  7. Yes, I like lots of raisins.
  8. Lately I've been making Sourdough Cinnamon Raisin Bread from this recipe. I mix in my bread machine and I don't do the rolling out and spreading the filling. I just add some of the sugar, the cinnamon and lots of raisins into the dough. It turns out perfectly every time and is just delicious. Easy too.
  9. Reminds me that it's said that a ham and two people is the definition eternity.
  10. lindag


    Hah! The cutting up of the dates turned out to be rather troublesome. I started out with the oiled scissors. Pretty soon my hand was hurting. Then I moved on to a sharp oiled knife. That was very slow going. Then I tried the food processor; that went somewhat better, however, the dates were pretty tough. I added some rolled oats to the mix in order to keep the dates from clumping. Those dates really gave my Cuisinart a workout. It took a lot of pulsing to finally get them chopped to a reasonable size. Maybe these were not the freshest of dates?
  11. lindag


    I bought a package of medjool dates in order to make a holiday date nut quick bread. These are whole and I'm wondering what the best way is to chop them (I have removed the seeds). Do I do this with a knife? or in the FP?
  12. Not a culinary term but since this is a venting thread I have to mention how much it irks me when I hear cooking show hosts say: man-aise instead of may-o-naise.
  13. I have a Zo rice cooker as well and it has always made perfect rice as well as porridge, etc. I love it. My bread machine is a Zo as well and it is the best one made, imo.
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