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  1. The Savory Baking Topic

    I don't make the Chex Mix anymore simply because I can't keep my hands off it. What I do instead is purchase a small bag of Chex Cheddar Mix, add a can of Spanish peanuts (the mix must have nuts) and put it in an airtight container. At least I don't have three gigantic boxes of cereal to store.
  2. eG Cook-Off 75: Meatballs

    ??? You have a separate freezer for your dogs' food? I buy my dogs' food online from Darwin's and it comes frozen in dry ice. I get about 11 weeks' worth at a time and store it in the big upright in the garage.
  3. What a very special gift!
  4. D DAMN that looks good!!!!
  5. our favorite restaurant in the Wailea area was Joes' Bar. Really great food and a nice atmosphere. That's been a while ago though so do know if Joes' is even still open.
  6. DH and I and another couple had dinner at Mama's a few years ago. DH and I went one night and when the other couple indicated that they wanted to go there we tried to discourage them. But they really wanted to see what everyone was talking about so the four of us went another night.. Well, we were very disappointed. The food (in our opinion) was average at best. The atmosphere was nice but I didn't think it was super special. We were surprised that it was so well regarded because we didn't think it was anything put of the ordinairy and certainly not any better than many other places that were much less pricey. Maybe we were there the wrong week, I don't know. I do know that based on our experience we would not recommend it.
  7. Ingredients via Internet

    Speaking of re-useable totes. I buy dog food from a source in Seattle. It is shipped to me every six weeks in a box with dry ice (the food is frozen - Darwins). The boxes are large and very sturdy and are returnable to Darwins. You only need to re-seal the box and add the return label included and set it out for your UPS guy. No charge for the return. It helps keep the shipping costs down and I appreciate that.
  8. Wow! 4 bucks. My Shuns are, without question, my best knives. They stay sharp.
  9. Me too, although these days it's all audiobooks for soothing. I love listening when I go to bet at night, it's just so peaceful that I easily go to sleep. Although sometimes I have to search back for the last chapter before I fell asleep. The Ann Cleeves series sounds quite interesting, I'll definitely look for it.
  10. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 1)

    When I was a kid I used to like liverwurst sandwiches with a little thin sliced onion and maybe some mustard on white bread (of course).. That was a really long time ago. About a year ago I happened upon a tube of liverwurst in the deli case and was tempted to buy it until I looked at the amount of fat....17G. I changed my mind.
  11. sounds like a really great book, can you tell us what it is?
  12. I suggest using the lid from a small-ish cast iron (Le Creuset) stock pot. My smallest is the 4-½ qt. and the lid is fairly small in diameter.
  13. I got my Vitamix at least 12 years ago, mostly for making smoothies. Well, after a year or so I got really tired of the smoothie routine. I've never had a need to make purees or pastes. hummus, etc. Except for the (extremely) occasional need to use it for a blender, it has sat in the back of my pantry. If I were making that decision today, I'd pass on the Vitamix and stick with my old reliable Oster.
  14. I really love this topic. while I have no connection to resataurant food preparation I think we can all see how it affects everyone who eats out. The inside stories are fascinating.
  15. I have had those moments when, just settling into bed I think to myself, "Did I put away the leftover food from dinner?" I blame it on the wine.