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  1. lindag

    Dinner 2020

    So, I made these buttery veg. Along with chicken thighs that I’d marinated in Yoshida Sauce an cooked in the CSO.
  2. lindag

    Dinner 2020

    On Saturday I watched the latest episode of ATK while they made Buttery Spring Vegetables I found all the vegs. at one of my nearby markets. So, this is on my menu for dinner tonight. I just have to pull a protein from the freezer...we'll see what I find. The instructions are to put the cut-up turnips and asparagus into a steamer basket and steam over boiling water for 2 minutes. Then add the sugar snap peas and steam for another 2 minutes. Then add the radishes for another 2 minutes. The sauce is made up of 1 Tbsp minced shallot, 1-½ tsps. white wine vinegar, ¾ tsp salt, ¼ tsp sugar, 6 Tbsps. butter cut into six pieces and chilled, followed by 1 Tbsps. minced chives. Since I can't post the whole recipe (copyright), I will PM it to anyone who asks.
  3. lindag

    Dinner 2020

    Dinner last night was Vegetable Beef soup made with oxtails, soup bones and loads of fresh veg. That was my last package of oxtails from the freezer that I bought last year. I stopped at the grocery today where I bought them and they told me they don’t order them anymore because they don’t sell well. The butcher offered to order some for me if I bought a minimum of 9 lbs. at a price of $8 per pound. I would consider it if I had the available freezer space, Too bad, they make the most wonderful soup and broth. I haven’t g]been able to locate them anywhere else around here.
  4. After digging around for other recommended SV egg-poaching times and temps I gave up and pulled out old egg poaching pan (a W-S purchase from about 15 years ago). Voila! Perfect eggs. My search is over. What”s old is new again. Either that or you can’t teach an old dog...
  5. I've tried many times and temperatures. One ChefSteps recommendations is 90 minutes for fully set whites but who has that much time for an egg?
  6. I'll have to try this, I steamed one egg last night for Shrimp Louie and put it over boiling water for 12 minutes; I thought it was pretty perfect. I have not had success (yet) with poached eggs...they've turned out with too runny whites. Do you have a secret for poached eggs?
  7. that is so weird. Both links take me to the soup recipe. The answer to this puzzle is way beyond my pay grade. (Maybe it doesn’t translate to Canadianese?). 😁
  8. For me it goes to a post made by @mgaretz in the IPot thread with his recipe for Cabbage Soup. How is that possible? i think the recipe is actually on the same page as the the one you show...before or after if I remember.
  9. ‘Another new favorite soup is this one posted by @mgaretz. If you, like me, love, cabbage you’ll love this recipe. Easy to make and just delicious. Some nice crusty bread with it and it’s a meal.!
  10. One of favorites is Vegetable Beef soup. I use chuck or oxtail with some soup bones. Make the broth under pressure then add loads of fresh veg. Really easy and fun to throw together. Perfect on a wintry day. On my schedule for this weekend.
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