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  1. Lemonade cocktail

    So, I liked the lemonade cocktail mixed with vodka, it tasted a lot like the one with gin, much to my surprise. (I used Gilby's lime twisted gin and Smirnoff Vodka.) Both were good. I think what I like best about these cocktails is how simple and easy they are to prepare.
  2. Hospital Time

    Liuzhou, I feel for you. Having been in the hospital a couple years ago for a silly pneumonia I can relate to the awfulness of it all. Food was the least of my distaste. Uncomfortable bed (which was more like a cot), noise, and nurses who didn't want to be bothered. Had to stay two nights which was three days too long for my liking. After those two days the doctor still didn't want me to go home, (I really believe it was just to rack up more charges) but I insisted and I won.
  3. Costco membership

    I remember a years or so ago I was in one of our better supermarkets and there's a guy standing next to me next to where the fresh whole chickens were displayed. He started ranting in my direction about 'how come a chicken costs $8 when I can buy a whole rotisserie chicken for $5.99? (Coscto price)" I'm thinking, what? do I look like I work here? Am I responsible for the price of a farking chicken? I just edged away from him and moved on.
  4. Salad 2016 –

    Love it! I'll try your method this time. However, I'll forever see it in my mind in a beautiful trifle bowl.
  5. Salad 2016 –

    My total favorite salad is the old Seven Layer Salad from when? The seventies? I don't remember. But I just love everything about it. It's so big, tho, that I don't have occasion often enough to make it. i think I just might have to make a commitment and make it just for me and commit to having it every day for lunch for several days.
  6. Dinner 2017 (Part 5)

    Jo, I'm sorry if I missed your earlier post. This is what I had in mind.
  7. Dinner 2017 (Part 5)

    How about a nice Salisbury Steak? It's a nice change and can be very tasty.
  8. Lemonade cocktail

    Tonight I made my lemonade cocktail with white rum, it,s pretty good. Tomorrow it'll be vodka.
  9. Costco membership

    So what happens if you use a gift card (say for $100) and you go over that! How do you pay the balance or do you have to drop items?
  10. Costco membership

    My membership is up for renewal and I'm thinking that after 20 years It may be time to let it go. I see it's now $60 for the basic annual fee. The mister and I used to really enjoy our occasional trips there and it was always an adventure to find new and interesting food items. Now that he's passed away I find that the quantities are just too big for one person's needs. Often it feels like too big of a hassle to drive over there and shop and then have to unload everything so I rarely go anymore; I think last year it was only two trips the entire time. However, if I do quit I will miss many of the great offers there are. Such as: their meat and seafood are the best the city has to offer. Their beer and wine (no liquor in Montana) selections are better than anywhere else (and priced better, too). I love their bagels, cashews, p-b filled pretzels, empanadas, egg rolls, tissue, kitchen wrap and bags, etc. Oh wait! I may have just convinced myself to continue my membership...there are so many things there that I really enjoy!
  11. Not at mine. I've never seem this cut anywhere, but then I wasn't looking specifically for it. This is beef country but so many cuts are regional and under different names, it can be confusing.
  12. I l-o-v-e salad bars. Amazingly enough, there's a small café in my nearby town that has a wonderful salad many choices that change often, everything is super fresh and kept cold. This is in a town of about 2,000! And it's available every day after 11AM six days a week (Sundays it's a buffet). This restaurant is always busy, full of locals, the food is very good and it's quite inexpensive. I feel lucky.
  13. Lemonade cocktail

    Tried the lemonade cocktail yesterday wish Jack Daniels...that didn't do it. Tonight I'm using Gordon's lime twisted...this is better. i do want to try it with rum though since I have several bottles of different kinds. Tequila sounds goo too.
  14. Lemonade cocktail

    Jo, i have This one and it work great although it only is useful for smaller fruit ( but that's all I need it for). I only juice limes and lemons. it is bulky tho so it's a pita to store. I used to use it often to squeeze a bunch of lemons and limes to freeze in ice cube trays for use in cocktails. Now it's stored away and I use this one that I bought in 2004 because it's less bulky and easier to clean up.
  15. Wow! I got my bottle of Inner Beaty the other day and I've been using it on everything I could find It is amazingly good! Better than ANY other hot sauce I've ever tried by a big margin. i put some on my lunch quesadilla and couldn't get enough of it; it's just the right amount of heat with a wonderful flavor.