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  1. lindag

    Dinner 2021

    I scored six big bell peppers (red, orange, yellow) on sale for $.50 each the other day at WinCo. Last night I made stuffed peppers, a CI recipe, in the crockpot. Wonderful. Arborio rice, crushed tomato, Italian sausage, etc. So good.
  2. I hear you; there's no such thing as too much freezer space.
  3. \ I bought one about 5 years ago and have used it extensively for my everyday breads. Right now it's folded up and stored in my pantry since my move a few months ago. I'm making do just fine without it even though I'm baking as much as ever. If I ever figure out the settings on my new F. Blumlein steam/convection oven I probably won't ever use the proofing box again.
  4. I bought a stone from Amazon to try out. The steel ,while not only pricey is pretty heavy, which is an issue for me. Will see how well the stone works for my breads and then re-think if necessary.
  5. Just checked. My store is sold out for now.
  6. Sounds like me...I have three in the freezer but I'm not sure I can stop myself from buying yet another.
  7. When we picked up our Fish & Chips from the local Catholic church we inquired about their St. Patrick's day dinner. Seems they're going to try to have it in July. This town is only about 2500 population. I don't know how big the congregation is. The St. P dinner is their really important fund raiser and it normally draws a big crowd. I'm sure they're hoping they can have a 'normal' event and hold it indoors. Last year they just had to cancel it altogether. That was really a shame since they put together the very best corned beef I've ever had.
  8. I’m just wondering how useful it really is just for bread. As opposed to Simply using a stone.
  9. where is the WOW emoji? Gorgeous!
  10. I rarely make pizza so it's actually for my breads. Do I really need this?
  11. Baked my first loaves of Paul Hollywood's ciabatta bread yesterday. (Pix will have to wait as my cleaning woman just arrived at my door). Not bad. I don't yet have baking steel since I can't find one small enough (12x14") to fit. I may just have to buy a small pizza stone instead. The bread was very good....certainly not of Paul's standards but good enough fore a first try. I served it with Ina Garten's recipe of Roasted Tomato Basil Soup which is just wonderful.
  12. I watched an episode last evening (recorded from an earlier broadcast) in which Paul and Mary were baking ciabatta, baked Alaska and so on. I got inspired by the ciabatta and I have the dough rising in its square container now. So much fun to watch those two putting together such gorgeous recipes! I hear that Mary has since left the show,; how sad, she's just so lovely to watch.
  13. The Catholic church in my town always does fish fry dinners during Lent. This year it's takeout only. My friend and I stopped in last Friday and then again this past Friday. Three pieces of fish, coleslaw, dinner roll, butter, waffle fries, tartar sauce, ketchup and chocolate pudding all for $9. A good cause and I love those Knights of Columbus guys getting together and putting it all together. I'm thinking that when those men are no longer with us that' anyone would be hell bent trying to find guys today who would carry on the tradition.
  14. Spam never entered our home while growing up. Truthfully, I have never eaten Spam. While I will try most everything at least once, I've never been offered Spam. On our many trips to the Hawaiian Islands, though, I was always fascinated by the mountains of the stuff displayed in the drugstores there.
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