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  1. i definitely need to try that!
  2. What's your favorite brand of Gin?
  3. Friday it was warm enough here (86ºF) for the first margarita of the year. Today it's back in the mid 50s so it'll be a Clam Digger for me.
  4. It also makes short work of mixing dry ingredients
  5. Yeah. It's seen a lot of flour.
  6. Yes they do....thanks for picking up on this. There is a 1/4" gap when pans are inverted. I was able to cancel my order and then placed another order for Lodge's cast iron bread pans....they're the smaller size but maybe will still work.
  7. apparently there is a 1/4” gap when the pan is inverted.
  8. Oh gosh, I didn’t think of that!
  9. I do have a similar whisk, mine has a wooden handle, got it from KAF years ago.
  10. I just ordered a pair of these for my No-Knead breads! Thanks to @AlaMoi
  11. I'm currently searching for my isi cream whipper that is lost since my move 7 months ago. I'm fairly certain it's here but I sure can't find it. My experience has been, unfortunately, that it won't show up until I have gotten a replacement.
  12. My Mom's signature dessert was banana pudding. I absolutely loved it but have never made it myself.
  13. For me it's Pineapple Upside Down Cake ala my Mom,.
  14. @heidih No offence intended, I'm basically a country kind of girl.
  15. lindag

    Dinner 2021

    Good to 'see' you again. I'm glad all is well now.
  16. Please don't paint me with that particular brush!
  17. Pickles onions are my jam! I make sure there are two in my happy hour Clam Digger.
  18. Todays game food: bean dip with chips (a nod to Cinco de Mayo) cheese platter with assorted crackers strawberry shortcake with pound cake (a nod to Spring) Diet coke, cold brew coffee, iced tea
  19. I've been adding plumped Craisins to my chicken salad, it really adds a lot. Also, as my friend said she made hers with Miracle Whip I switched to that and it is delicious. I've never really cared for MW but it does have its uses, I have found.
  20. This is our setup as viewed from the outside. Oh my! That is one big-ass rig!
  21. It may seem sacrilegious but I much prefer canned chicken breast (such as Swanson’s) to roasted or poached. I find the texture to be superior. It is much like the texture of tuna salad and makes for better sandwiches which is what I make it for.
  22. Ordered these from Amazon: Pomodoro (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) Produce for one person goes bac often before it gets used.
  23. I agree, there's simply no comparison. I got my neighbor hooked on it when I baked up some breadsticks that were buttered and dusted with real Parm and Fleur de sel.
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