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    Worst Soda Flavor?

    I really don't mind most any kind of soda, I love carbonation. However, I do not like Dr. Pepper which tastes like cough syrup. I also don't like diet tonic water.
  2. lindag

    Ice Cream!

    I haven't tried this yet. Was thinking yesterday when I read about putting the berries through the food processor so that there are any big frozen bits. I think I'd have to do that with the air dried berries as well (after they're rehydrated?) As to how much to use, I guess we'd just have to eyeball the amount first and see how it works out. Maybe start with a quarter cup or so, don't know the weight.
  3. lindag

    Lunch 2019

    Monday is usually the day that my friends and I all go to lunch together. Our favorite café caught fire in December and we were assured that it would be back in business in short order. However, my belief is that because the owners had done little to nothing in the way of fire prevention (no sprinkler system or even smoke detectors) that they took a big hit from the insurance company. They have decided not to re-open. I am so sad because this was our favorite spot. The food was very good, the service as well and it had a certain atmosphere that we really enjoyed. Now we meet up at a few different but similar places. Yesterday was another café in the same area with good food, friendly service and a fantastic salad bar. One friend and I had the Reuben, one had the cheeseburger special and one had the taco salad. All declared very good. Since I also had a big salad I brought home half of my Reuben which I'll enjoy today for lunch.
  4. I can (almost) not remember the last time I bought an e-book...for me they're all audiobooks now. Love, love, love listening as today's fabulous narrators bring a whole new dimension to the stories. I did buy a softcover craft book recently but that was the first physical book I've bought in years.,
  5. when I was younger I preferred milder cheeses...I used to say, the rubber-ier, the better. Now I've branched out some but can't say that I have tried many, if any, more exotic types. Probably couldn't find them here even if I wanted.
  6. Some people just overdo lemon. ina Garten seems to add loads of lemon juice or zest to everything. I don't like that much lemon, too tart and overwhelming for my taste.
  7. That Pub Cheese is good stuff! I'm partial to the cheddar-horseradish.
  8. lindag

    Lunch 2019

    Yesterday my good friend and I took a day trip North to a lovely town that boasts a popular quilt shop for an hour or so of fabric shopping. It was a beautiful day and the first time I’ve had a real outing since my surgery nearly six weeks ago. Of course, the scenery is something to be seen to be believed! I've been semi confined to home (self-imposed) recovering, which took a lot longer than I had thought it would. We had a great time and since she drove I bought lunch. We stopped at a beautiful resort that has a very nice Western decor restaurant. We each had their prime rib dip sandwich and cole slaw along with a Corona for me, soda for her (non-drinker). No big fabric purchases, just a few small items.
  9. lindag


    I have a couple mandolins; one is an expensive one from about 20 years ago that is heavy and scary to use, the other is a plastic v- slicer that I like, in fact I’m using it this evening to make potatoes au gratin. I always use a no-cut glove with it but those things are no guarantee that you won't get hurt, I know that from experience. I got a bone bruise and a bad cut when using it to slice up a big rutabaga that required quite a bit of force to cut through.
  10. Funny, I can't say that I'm particularly fond of peas by themselves but I always keep a couple packages in the freezer since I've several recipes that call for them and I'd never think of leaving them out. They do add a lot, especially color.
  11. I love British slang. (or jargon, whichever)
  12. lindag

    Ice Cream!

    Yes I used that recipe. The texture was good although it freezes really hard. I think I read somewhere that if you add alcohol to the recipe it helps keep it from being quite so hard. I will try that next time.
  13. Cooks Illustrated testers' favorite were the Eden Organic in a jar - in first place, with Libby's canned in second.
  14. Glad to see you posting as there was some concern about your being in the area of the recent earthquakes.
  15. I don't think I’ve ever see milk-in-a-bag before. Here it’s only in cartons or plastic jugs.
  16. I LOVE both ketchup and mayo (Best Foods, please). Ketchup on fries or hash browns, most any potatoes. And ketchup on pasties (of you don't have any gravy).
  17. If my Mom were alive today she'd be coming up on her 110th birthday. (She had me when she was considerably older than was the fashion in those days.)
  18. Kind of the same situation here; I used to live in Portland with easy access to most anything but I am much happier here where if I find something quite unusual it's a pleasant surprise. Some say that living in Montana is like traveling backwards in time and in some ways it's true, but it's not necessarily a bad thing.
  19. I can't find Bisto either. But it's only because I bought some a few months ago via Amazon and it's lost somewhere in my kitchen. I'll only find it when I've purchased its replacement.
  20. A good-looking bunch. And your Mum certainly doesn't look her age!
  21. lindag

    Breakfast 2019

    Breakfast today consisted of pre-cut fruit from the supermarket (a nice mix of berries, melon and grapes) Together with cottage cheese. In the small town nearby there's actually a very well stocked grocery store that's open 24 Hours! This in a town with a population of 2,200. Amazing.
  22. My current favorite is a Salty Dog....going along with the grapefruit theme, made with Gin.
  23. lindag

    Subway 2011–

    My local Subway that's just a stone's throw from where I live has come in quite handy during my recovery from surgery a few weeks ago. I can order ahead of time and just pop over and pick up my lunch. I usually get a foot long club and a chopped salad (their salads are quite good). The two items provide me with food for at least a couple of days. This store is still run by the same woman who"s been there for at least a couple of years (possibly more). Of all the different ones I've tried hers is the nicest: that wasn’t always the case since before she took over it was run by high school kids and it was not a place where I wanted to go for food. Now it's a place where your food is taken seriously. i always tip when I get my sandwich and I hope she can stay in business. (auto-correct is my enema.)
  24. I don't know if this is one of the 'rules' but I leave my butter out all the time, 24/7 regardless of the temperature. I keep it in a china covered butter dish. It has never gone rancid and never melted. I use quality butter from Costco or the nearby grocer or the imported Kerrygold. Never had a problem and have been doing this for many, many years. ETA: I remember a young woman I worked with some years ago who lived with her boyfriend in a trailer. She left the butter out on a dish on the counter overnight and when she went into the kitchen in the morning the butter dish was empty and surround by a circle of mouse turds.
  25. lindag

    Breakfast 2019

    A couple of weeks ago when the weather here was hot I made exactly that same dish. I made the mistake of adding a dollop of Grey Poupon and it made it way too tart. Fortunately, after a day in the fridge that tartness mellowed out and then it was just right.
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