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  1. I went looking for some sliced beef in the big garage freezer. Found quite a few items that needed to be tossed. Made a small dent. The freezer side of my kitchen fridge is stuffed to the point of frustration. I need some Italian sausage that’s in there; sure hope I can find it, ‘It’s not unusual for me to give up looking and then buying more. Then it turns up.
  2. About this ham; First time I used any of this ham. I cut thin slices and made up sandwiches with fresh baked biscuits. I’m so disappointed; the ham was dry and chewy and relatively tasteless, also a bit salty. I wish I’d listened to @MetsFan5 when she spoke of her experience with this product. It sure turned me off any other of their meats. Now my dilemma is what to do with 2-1/2 lbs. of this stuff. Any ideas?
  3. lindag

    Dinner 2020

    You simply have too much energy for any one person! I can't imagine doing all that you do while being sick. I'd like to catch some of that spirit.
  4. MY point was that MOST of us are right-handed.
  5. I would assume it’s because most of us are right-handed and would hold the dish in the right hand.
  6. Mice in the garage. I store my potatoes and onions in the garage. of course right now it’s pretty darned cold outside. When I went out to the garage to get a potato I noticed a yam that had been chewed on and there were droppings underneath the wire shelf it was on. This really grosses me out! i ordered some more indoor bait stations right away...
  7. That is one of the features in my GE that helped make the decision to repair rather than replace it when the magnetron died. it allows the user to permanently turn off the beep! The sound of the unit stopping is enough of an alert, the noise isn’t really needed.
  8. Proof that retail therapy works for the flu.
  9. You’re gonna love it!
  10. When my GE’s magnetron died a few years ago I looked around locally for a replacement but didn’t find one to my liking. Since I liked the one I had and The settings on it are very convenient, I opted to have it repaired. Not a cheap fix but I’m very satisfied with it. I use it every day. In fact, I used it just moments ago to heat the milk for my Tom & Jerry (it’s cold here).
  11. lindag

    Food funnies

    In her defense, she’s probably not old enough to have ever heard of Popeye the Sailor man.
  12. Me too. I have two that are bulging. The task of emptying and defrosting them is simply beyond me without help. I can't find anything because they're so full. As I see it I have two options: One is to simply take everything out and toss it. Two is to buy a new upright that is frost-free and load what I want to save into that and then eliminate one of the others. Tell me I'm crazy.
  13. lindag

    Your egg journey

    OMG...nothing’s less appetizing!
  14. 12 days is a v-e-r-y long time. If that happened here people would die.
  15. lindag

    Food funnies

    It's the blonde joke come to life.
  16. lindag

    Dungeness crab

    At the Costco here all the crab I saw was marked 'previously frozen'. I never bought any. The crab in the regular grocery stores is fresh.
  17. I resolved the problem with the new grill I was sent as a replacement: I contacted W-S and asked them to have UPS pick it up and return it. I’m just not comfortable with keeping it. And I don’t think I really need the wire grill.
  18. lindag

    Dungeness crab

    There is an ad in today’s Oregonian newspaper by Fred Meyer’s grocery that lists Fresh Dungeness crab for $5.99 per lb.
  19. Apparently they ran out of chuck and subbed the round for it. I put chuck on my order for next week but made a note that they not substitute.
  20. Actually the hamburger was really good. I made up 5 4.5 oz. patties from the ground round and froze the other four. I’m thinking it’s gonna be hamburger tomorrow as well!
  21. My grocery order this week included ground chuck which I intended for hamburgers. Unfortunately they subbed ground round instead. I made up some patties this afternoon with an assortment of seasonings; s&p. granulated garlic, dried onion, onion powder, paprika, cayenne. Hamburger sandwich to be made on the PAG.
  22. Too bad @blue_dolphin already has one, I’d send it to her.
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