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    Ice Cream!

    I read the Amazon reviews which led me to the Cuisinart. There were actually some who had compared both and preferred the Cuisinart. I only ever had the small Cusinart ICE-21 about 10 years ago and didn't care for it and gave it away.
  2. lindag

    Ice Cream!

    Unfortunately, there's a paywall to get to the recipe.
  3. lindag

    Ice Cream!

    I got the Cuisinart ICE-100 so I wouldn't have to pre-freeze each bowl. I tried it out yesterday for the first time with the strawberry recipe. It churns for quite a long time....the booklet says approx. 50 minutes. It's kind of loud, like I think all of the machines are. I've been checking various sites on the web for different recipes but I'm stuck on wanting to make creamsicle flavor.
  4. lindag

    Ice Cream!

    So, on a whim I bought a new ice cream machine and I want to make some different flavors. Yesterday I tried my hand with a recipe for Strawberry Ice Cream from the Cusinart recipe booklet that came with the machine, Sadly, the strawberries had little flavor. I'm sure that as the berry season progresses the outcome will be better. Next I want to try to make an Orange Creamsicle ice cream...I remember how good those creamsicles were when I was a kid. Any one have a recipe for this that tastes like the real thing?
  5. lindag

    Breakfast 2019

    Wow! What a picture!
  6. Your description is good, I can easily see you putting it on.
  7. A door that pulls down makes no sense to me. I am (was) tall (until I shrank) but I would not want that kind of door. Too awkward to use/ My issue in this house is that the m/w is the over-the-range type which is in no way a vent. I cannot have a hood because there's no way to vent it anywhere (rooms overhead and it's on an inside wall- no access to the crawlspace). The lack of a hood definitely limits the ways I can cook.
  8. lindag

    Dinner 2019

    I have some leftovers from a slow-roasted chicken so I'm planning to make CI's Lighthouse Potatoes to go with it. Recipe. Scroll way down.
  9. Thanks for this, it looks great! Still some chilly days left to enjoy a tasty soup.
  10. You got me at Cabbage Soup. Can you point to a recipe?
  11. Yes. Mine is like your described however it has a double turntable inside (the upper cabinet also has that feature). It is a huge space saver. i've had friends visit who've said they wished they had one also. i think the turntable makes all the difference.
  12. Heh heh heh. Once a group of friends and I rented a vacation house on Flathead Lake. We loved our cocktails and went to Costco to buy their huge bags of limes. We maintained that lol means lots o' limes! We actually had to go back and buy another bag. Incidentally, Costco does not sell alcohol in this state, we go to state-owned liquor stores.
  13. I love that they'll make individual modifications. Unusual in today's world.
  14. Haven't tried mine on yet but I doubt it will, I have pretty long legs. I was tempted to buy the charcoal color but figured it would show all the flour all the time. I've been busy wrestling with my sewing machine the last couple of days.
  15. which color did you choose? i got natural in a size regular. i liked all the colors and it was hard to pick just one.
  16. Apparently mine is waiting in my mailbox; I didn’t make out to get my mail yesterday. i assume you put it on over your head, correct?
  17. Those taffy cookies used to be my go-to when I packed a lunch for work many years ago. I haven't bought commercially produced cookies in a very long time. Now I either bake my own, buy Schwan's cookie dough or go for the bakery cookies. i do remember those taffy cookies were pretty good in their day. Too bad now.
  18. YES! I want pockets in everything.
  19. My Mom always wore a half-apron, the kind that tied at the waist. I used to love to tease her by sneaking up behind her when she was at the sink and pulling the strings....God, she was patient.
  20. Yours are really beautiful to look at though.
  21. lindag

    Rice Cookers

    The Zo I have is the induction model and it's never not made the best rice I've ever had. I used it yesterday morning to make steel cut oatmeal, which is does equally well (and I don't even like porridge...I only eat it because it's healthy).
  22. lindag

    Dinner 2019

    Pizza dough is resting in my Zo breadmachine getting ready for pizza margherita.
  23. No. It was pretty unremarkable.
  24. Sliced and into the freezer.
  25. Thanks for the recommendation, I just ordered mine!
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