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  1. Arey

    Oreo Cookies

    Today the local Acme had the Oreo pistacchio thins which I had everything intention of buying until I read the ingredients list. There are no pistachios involved in the making of pistacchio thins so I didn't buy any.. There is green stuff between the two chocolate cookies. Artificial coloring and flavors were are in the ingredients, and no tree nut allergy warning.
  2. well if it was just plain butter, no cream or sea food stock, it'd be handy for corn on the cob. For asparagus I'd prefer a hollandaise fountain.
  3. Death by broccoli sounds like a form of vegan hari cari.
  4. Are they on the diet because they want to be on the diet or because the doctors and dieticians want them on the diet. Years ago I was interviewing a doctor whose mother was in the hospital with terminal cancer and he happened to come to her room while a dietician was telling her everything she shouldn't eat. He said he told dietician she could eat anything she wanted if she would just eat something. I also worked with a person whose father was dying of lung cancer and when he asked his father if there was anything he wanted his father said all he wanted was a shot of Irish whiskey. My co-worker said he wouldn't get it for him because it might interact with all the medicines he was on. From my own personal experience one day when my mother (who was very thin and a poor eater) was in the hospital with her second heart attack, I asked her what she'd had for breakfast. and she said they hadn't brought it. When I went out to the nurses station they said yes the orderlies had overlooked my mother when doing the breakfast rounds , but the lunch carts would be around soon. They didn't seem to understand what I was getting so upset about.
  5. Arey

    Ramps: The Topic

    They were for sale this week here for almost $10.00 a pound for a small bunch. The prospect of paying a lot for a small bunch of greenery that was going to cook down to next to nothing didn't excite me. Especially since I had done just that for dandelions a week or two ago and ended up deciding that the best part of the dish was the bacon bits.
  6. Arey

    Lump or solid asafoetida

    If you Google "Bloomington Indiana Indian markets" you will find a selection of them.
  7. Arey

    Ahh, Bisto! The Gravy Mix

    Now you've got me thinking of bread and gravy. My mother was not a good cook with anything that didn't require hours of slow cooking. One of her best dinners was the Sunday pot roast, and the gravy was the best gravy a person could ask for. I always hd a piece of bread and gravy as the finale to her Sunday pot roast dinners. She always use to fret about burning the vegetables she cooked with the pot roast. I always used to tell her that the vegetables weren't burnt, they were caramelized which is why they were so good and her gravy even better. The meat pies she made with the leftovers were really good. When I was in college, down the street and around the corner from where I roomed was an old fashioned drug store, and there were booths in the back where they served meals cooked in a kitchen no bigger than a closet and with a big old stove. They would also indulge me with bread and gravy when I wanted to top off a pot roast dinner. Now I have to go do the dinner dishes, while trying not to start humming "those were the days my friend....." because, frankly, those dear old college days sucked, and the pot roast at the drugstore was was one of the few highlights.
  8. Arey

    Cuts and scrapes

    Much as I would like to have a mandolin I refuse to buy myself one. It would be an accident waiting to happen, and I'm pretty good at damaging myself without one.
  9. I had a friend who's parents were 2nd generation Norwegians in Wisconsin in the early 1900s.He once offered me some Gjetost , and said that his father's breakfast every morning was a slab of Gjetost on a piece of bread.
  10. "Preserving leftover wine may be fine, but I worry it can have a counterproductive effect, too. In the end, wine isn't a thing so much as an event. Opening a bottle sets wine on the path of change, growth and evolution. To have a bit left over is to have a glimpse into its future; in a sense to share that future " The leftover wines future is to get drunk, and with any luck there will be enough leftover for me to share that future and also get drunk.
  11. It's threads like this that make me appreciate my new GE electric coil top basic model stove that I bought in January. It doesn't do a lot, but then, I don't ask a lot of it. If only I had the space for a CSO.
  12. I liked Everyday Food magazine. When they stopped publishing it, they substituted Martha Stewart Living to finish out Everyday Food subscriptions. I couldn't help wishing they'd send it in a plain brown wrapper.
  13. Arey

    Salad 2016 –

    These are the ingredients for the Frugal Gourmet's dill and cottage cheese dressing. 1/2 cup Cottage Cheese (full fat) 1/2 cup light mayonnaise 1/2 cup 2% low-fat milk 1 tbsp oil 2 tbsp wine vinegar 1/8 tsp sugar 1 clove garlic -- crushed (I use garlic powder) 1 tsp dill (or to taste) Ground white pepper to taste (I use black pepper) How long should a salad dressing such as this last. I have a very poor sense of smell, and so cannot go by the smell. I made a batch Monday for the same author's chicken and broccoli salad. I'm considering just pouring what's left of the dressing down the sink and making a new batch tomorrow, This will at least solve the problem of what to do with some of the leftover cottage cheese which I only buy when making the Frugal Gourmet's broccoli and chicken salad. I repeat , please don;t suggest going by the odor. I once realized that a carton of milk I had was probably past its "best by" date when it came out of the carton chunky.
  14. when my internal voice says "I am tired of living in filth and squalor" I tend to clean whatever bit of filth and squalor is bothering me. My brand of wrap plastic sticks to anything excerpt what I want it to. It is especially good at sticking itself to itself between when I ripped it off the roll and put it down on the counter.
  15. Arey

    Foodblog Fanfare

    he has also posted in the dinner thread showing dishes with ingredients I've never had and never will. Caviar, truffles. blue lobsters from, Scotland.