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  1. "Preserving leftover wine may be fine, but I worry it can have a counterproductive effect, too. In the end, wine isn't a thing so much as an event. Opening a bottle sets wine on the path of change, growth and evolution. To have a bit left over is to have a glimpse into its future; in a sense to share that future " The leftover wines future is to get drunk, and with any luck there will be enough leftover for me to share that future and also get drunk.
  2. It's threads like this that make me appreciate my new GE electric coil top basic model stove that I bought in January. It doesn't do a lot, but then, I don't ask a lot of it. If only I had the space for a CSO.
  3. I liked Everyday Food magazine. When they stopped publishing it, they substituted Martha Stewart Living to finish out Everyday Food subscriptions. I couldn't help wishing they'd send it in a plain brown wrapper.
  4. Salad 2016 –

    These are the ingredients for the Frugal Gourmet's dill and cottage cheese dressing. 1/2 cup Cottage Cheese (full fat) 1/2 cup light mayonnaise 1/2 cup 2% low-fat milk 1 tbsp oil 2 tbsp wine vinegar 1/8 tsp sugar 1 clove garlic -- crushed (I use garlic powder) 1 tsp dill (or to taste) Ground white pepper to taste (I use black pepper) How long should a salad dressing such as this last. I have a very poor sense of smell, and so cannot go by the smell. I made a batch Monday for the same author's chicken and broccoli salad. I'm considering just pouring what's left of the dressing down the sink and making a new batch tomorrow, This will at least solve the problem of what to do with some of the leftover cottage cheese which I only buy when making the Frugal Gourmet's broccoli and chicken salad. I repeat , please don;t suggest going by the odor. I once realized that a carton of milk I had was probably past its "best by" date when it came out of the carton chunky.
  5. when my internal voice says "I am tired of living in filth and squalor" I tend to clean whatever bit of filth and squalor is bothering me. My brand of wrap plastic sticks to anything excerpt what I want it to. It is especially good at sticking itself to itself between when I ripped it off the roll and put it down on the counter.
  6. Foodblog Fanfare

    he has also posted in the dinner thread showing dishes with ingredients I've never had and never will. Caviar, truffles. blue lobsters from, Scotland.
  7. I use the standard wooden holder that uses what I call adding machine tape. When going out I tear the list off and put it on the front of the small pocket notebook I always carry. At home I take it off the notebook and put it under the cd disk holder on top of the cd player. This is to ensure that when I notice I'm out of something I will write it on the easily accessed piece of paper, and when I go out I will take the list with me, and when shopping, I will actually look at the list while in the supermarket, and the list will be readable so I won't end up standing in the aisle wondering what 2 wrntzes is. When my mother lived with me, she would tell me we're out of things, when I got home from work which sometimes meant I had to go back out . In order to avoid this I bought one of those magnetized note pads which I stuck on the fridge door and asked mother to write whatever we were out of on the pad so when I left the house i could get whatever we needed on the way back. The next time she told me were out of something I looked at the pad on the fridge and it was blank. "Why didn't you write it down on the pad?" I asked. "I was afraid I might forget to tell you to look at the pad" she replied. Despite my assurances that she didn't have to remind me to look at the pad, she never did use it and eventually I gave up and took it down.
  8. How to Cut Jelly Donuts?

    I was thinking one jelly doughnut two small boys. It wouldn't have been a problem when I was growing up. My older brother would have grabbed the doughnut and said "It's a shame there was only one, Arey, or you could have one too".
  9. That really belongs in the gallery of regrettable foods.and those sausages are obscene.
  10. I used to start tomatoes, herbs, and flowers from seed using a two tier grow light set up. My first cat liked to sleep on top of the top grow light fixture. I sold all the growing stuff at a yard sale after I got Bryn Barishnikat who I should have named Moose. Imagine the mess greeting me early some the morning if I had tried starting plants from seeds with Brynbarishniklutz around. And it wouldn't even be deliberate! So I switched to buying tomato plants and two years in a row I got early blight followed by squirrels and all the other plant diseases , and then late blight to finish off any plants that had survived. So now I just buy tomatoes at the farm market where they're currently carrying local hydroponically grown tomatoes which are quite nice. I also have tomato plants growing out of the ventilation slits on my composting bin. BLT time is on the way.
  11. What type are they and where are you growing them?
  12. Thoroughly enjoyed this. Can we expect to see the chicken skin fruit harvest?
  13. Will a roomba do a vinyl kitchen floor with splatters and spills. I mean the small ones that you don't notice until later not the big ones which I clean up immediately. Usually by throwing a damp paper towel on the floor and then swishing it around with my foot. I have my own variation of the five second rule which is the 5 inch rule. Any food that gets within 5 inches of the floor gets thrown out. Although I did once rinse off a cooked steak and pat it dry. But it was late and I was hungry, and I was younger and the floor was cleaner..
  14. I try to clean as I go because I have such limited counter space.The only overnight object in the kitchen sink is the tea cup from after dinner which will go in the dishwasher in the morning. Since I live alone and am only cooking for one I try to keep messes under control because i know who's going to get stuck with the cleanup The kitchen floor is an entirely different matter. If I had a dog the floor would be cleaner, but i have a cat who's a picky eater and scatters his kibble all over. Anybody have any suggestions as to how to keep a kitchen floor clean when you're a senior senior citizen with arthritis. There is a woman I pay a couple of times a year to do the floor and ONLY the floor but then I have to clean up the after her especially the countertops.
  15. Since it is an Italian type recipe, it's probably the size of an Italian meatball. Not too big and not too little unless its for Italian wedding soup, when it should be smaller , and it should be much bigger for penne testa di leoni unless you're using orzo which would make it a Greek recipe if you're using Greek size orzo because the Italian size orzo is too tiny for penne testa di leoni, and if the Greeks had such a recipe only then it wouldn't be chicken cacciatore it would be chicken kynigos. Hope this helps.