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  1. Duvel

    Dinner 2024

    Damn straight ✊
  2. It's been done ... A novel beer fermented by kefir enhances anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcerogenic activities found isolated in its constituents - ScienceDirect
  3. Me too. Then I pour it in the sink and drink a beer ...
  4. Duvel

    Dinner 2024

    We‘ve spend the sunny Saturday in the nearby town of Strasbourg, just across the border. Haven’t been there for a while … Brought back a lot of food, including some stuff for tonight’s BBQ … Soooo, we had: lamb, some Merguez, some sausages with herbs & garlic, some saucisse de Toulouse and a kind veal & milk sausage, that was sinply excellent … Plus a horse rumpsteak and a marinated rabbit skewer … To match the French theme, a very garlicky potato grstin instead of Kartoffelsalat … And - because it’s the season - Spargel en papilotte 🤗 All accompanied and finished with a sweet white wine from the Jura … No complaints 🥳
  5. I think the S&B is the way to go. I know the Karashi you are stocking very well and while it is much sharper and hotter than the S&B it lacks the complexity you are looking for. You may consider adding a tiny pinch of sugar (to harmonize the taste, not to sweeten) and a more generous pinch of MSG. Other than that you are golden … (Come to think of it: of course, one could use a different vinegar to add additional depth)
  6. I found this current article on the matter informative … Quote: Researchers estimate that one in six U.S. food preparation and service workers have signed a noncompete agreement as have one in five workers in the agriculture or hunting industry, based on a survey of nearly 67,000 workers. This means as many as 1.4 million food workers are potentially bound by a noncompete agreement, affecting low- and high-wage food workers alike. They’re particularly pernicious across fast food chains, but they also impact chefs, white-collar food service managers, food safety specialists, and many more.
  7. You can use a 1:1 mixture of sugar (e.g. icing sugar, but regular will do as well) and starch (e.g. corn starch).
  8. Duvel

    Lunch 2024

    Spitzkohl, right ?
  9. GreenVC2017-Abdullah (iop.org) tl;dr: Potato starch has a lower gelatization temperature than corn starch, meaning it thickens faster, and - depending on cooking time - more complete (i.e. leaves less to no starchy residue that may impact the mouthfell). It also has a higher bulk density, so all in all you need less potato starch than corn starch for the same effect (think 2/3).
  10. Duvel

    Breakfast 2024

    I like Nami, and most if her recipes are decent. So is this one, but it neither gives the right texture (compared to the original, which is smoother), nor the taste I am looking for … as I said: it’s ambitious (and I have played around a lot 🤗).
  11. Duvel

    Breakfast 2024

    Oh dear … that’s an ambitious target. Shokupan of course, crustless. The egg salad is tricky: there is an excess of yolk, plenty of kewpie and - from sources I trust - a drop of fish sauce (I know no one believes me, but the closest I’ve ever gotten was with fish sauce). Anyway, as much as I’d like to I am still those last 5% away from the iconic original (of which I had a looooooot) …
  12. Duvel

    Dinner 2024

    Such a perfect surface pattern browning 🤗
  13. Now that you mention it - Reel Big Fish goes well with stir fries ...
  14. Metallica for chopping onions and root vegetables …
  15. Exactly … And once a significant number of people have succumbed after eating pork intestines or oysters in a surprisingly warm environment, codifying a law against eating them will protect their ancestors at least from that danger. I think there is a point to be had. Bleeding out animals to make the meat spoil slower is a smart practice as well. Eating fish on Fridays maybe less so, but then religion isn’t a strict science …
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