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  1. Perfect, @&roid, just perfect ! I am sure birthday boy was very, very happy - and the guests, too 🥳
  2. No, I don’t 😉 You are completely right - one step further down the road to (what in the US is called) bar pizza would be indeed to prick the whole crust. But then again - no fun to cook that in the Ooni. So, above results are a happy compromise of what I like to make and my son likes to eat …
  3. Pretty much so … no sauce, no toppings plus a lot of heat (kind of pita bread effect) …
  4. And yet, you pull it off … nice combination 🙏
  5. I think there is a member called @JoNorvelleWalker, that recently started a thread on that …
  6. Tonight little one had some friends invited for a sleepover. Luckily, the weather was decent enough to fire up the Ooni … Little one is not a friend of expanded corniciones, so I rolled out the doughs (rim puffed anyway). Caputo „classico“, 60% hydration with a 24h poolish. Toppings were not very adventurous … #1 kid: „Just tomato and cheese“ (my offer to put basil was turned down) #2 kid: „Salami“ Little one: „Salami & mushroom“, using the calabrian one I got recently … #4: „a normal one“ - „with pineapple & ham ?“ - „Eehm … ok“. He didn’t eat it, because he was full from 1-3 … Wife: „Tuna & onion“ Yours truly: „Ricotta & Nduja“ - I ate exactly one eighth … Some leftovers for breakfast 🥳
  7. It more of a northern German thing. As hinted, the Hessian variety would include sour cream to create a certain smoothness …
  8. It is much closer to what my grandma would have used than our household staple Kewpie …
  9. This is my grandma Emmi’s potato salad. It reflects the style of northern Hessia (albeit we are from Lower Saxony), but swapping the late addition of sour cream to mayo. New waxy potatoes („festkochend“). My grandma would have boiled them in their skins and peeled them when they came straight out of the (unsalted) water. I tried many times, but always made a mess. Now I boil them like this, just until done. When they cool, you want to have the ever so slightest firmness … Sliced up thinly straight out of the water. Could have sliced them thinner, but too hot. Some broke which is usually an indication of overboiling - but they firmed up nicely later … The fixings: a cross-section of classic German brands. Pickled cucumbers (and their liquid !), white wine vinegar, medium sharp mustard, mayo (my grandma would have used a different brand that does not exist anymore) and powdered broth (this specific one is very important, I only buy it for this potato salad. It has a clean salty, meaty taste, heavy on the celery - but is essentially a yeast hydrolysate). Bacon cubes and onions get fried in clarified butter (or lard) until crispy and partly caramelized. Having a few black bits here and there give the correct flavor profile. A healthy dose of mustard is added and fried for 2-3 minutes; this releases an pleasant sweetness. Hot broth & pickling liquid of the cucumbers is added, the acidity is adjusted with the white wine vinegar. All is mixed up gently with halved & thinly sliced pickled cucumbers and left to cool down a bit. Mayo is added at the lukewarm stage to create an initial runny consistency (which I love) and the salad is served with a healthy sprinkling of chives (or spring onions, if available). It firms up upon cooling in the next 15 min or so, and is equally nice the next day … Served with Schnitzel, Frankfurter sausage or - as in this case - the fruits of the BBQ 😉
  10. Thank you, enchantress … next project scheduled ✅
  11. Duvel

    Dinner 2021

    Friends came over spontaneously (how long I’ve waited for that to happen again) - simple grilled meats, kitchen sink salad and Ratatouille leftovers … Enjoyed with an off-dry Riesling - in all it's simplicity a very pleasant evening !
  12. Well noted and no worries … Warm potato salad is quite common. A popular variety in the south is the swabian potato salad, that uses oil, vinegar, (beef) broth, onions, cornichons and mustard as the base dressing. It is served warm (not hot), but is equally delicious the next day (provided you’ve cooked the onions). In a swabian household you would enjoy it in its simple form - a decent recipe can be found here - if you venture south to Bavaria, the addition of fried bacon pieces (think lardons) would be appropriate. The same salad can be prepared by swapping the cornichons for a larger amount of thinly sliced cucumbers. In this case, the room temperature version is more popular as a light summer dish. In the north (Hamburg) can be augmented by smoked fish, much like the addition of lardons in the bavarian variety.
  13. Thanks, @Anna N. You may have already noticed a slight hesitation to answer your first call … Problem is: Kartoffelsalat (potato salad) is huge in Germany. There are at least as many recipes as households, with vast (and religiously defended) variations across areas, towns and families. It is very difficult to me to sort & categorize, even more so to give guidance. I will try my best to write something up 🙏
  14. And truth to be told - if they were unicoloured I would have bought them already … But with this cover 🤔 ?
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