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  1. Using an 70% salt / 30% MSG mixture makes food taste better at lower salt levels. Still need to use some …
  2. Aged Gin is an abomination* ! —- * that I do indulge in at times (preferably Monkey 47) …
  3. What’s that bottle ?
  4. Duvel

    Dinner 2023

    That's just obscene 😉
  5. At least using any of his limbs in the process …
  6. I don't see any issue. Other than the compounds released as smoke (that give flavour and you know to be part of any smoked food) there is nothing to worry about. Incompletely burning material in a confined space may create a bit (not a euphemism) of CO, so keep the kitchen ventilated. In Germany, smoking/cooking meat in burning hay is known, also for the homecook (e.g. in a cast iron pot). Same principle ...
  7. Duvel

    Lunch 2023

    Fantastic spread, @BonVivant!
  8. Duvel

    Dinner 2023

    What else … it’s the only ingredient 😜
  9. Duvel

    Dinner 2023

    Pizza & movie night, as every Sunday 🤗 Lachsschinken*, sausage and mushrooms … Ham, marinated olives and mushrooms … Both well received, as was todays movie: Ice Age, part something something 😉 — * cured, uncooked pork loin, thinly sliced. Comparable to Canadian bacon ?
  10. A pie crust recipe is not an issue - I need a specific one with above given characteristics, to preserve the really delicate patters during the baking. So, I‘d like to tap into personal experience from our members how to achieve that …
  11. I‘d rather go with the sturdier option, so the details of the patterns „don’t flake off“ …
  12. Sorry for the complicated title. I don’t do much baking (except for pizza & bread), so I‘d like to tell you what I want to do and maybe you‘ll have an idea for me. I want to make a kind of mini pie, that will be assembled in a moon cake mold - something similar to this: The filing will likely be a classic meat pie filling or whatever I fancy - just not the „classic“ stuff, which I do not care for. I would like to have a dough recipe/formulation, that: - is easily assembled - fills out the mold and keeps the intricate pattern during baking - doesn’t expand or shrink (to keep shape and pattern properly) - gives a pleasant taste and texture (not too hard, maybe short crust like …) I am not interested in the „classic“ dough formulation with lye water etc. as I do not care for the texture at all. Thanks in advance 🙏
  13. Duvel

    Dinner 2023

    Today is the offical start of the Oktoberfest, so … A bit of Bavarian food: Schweinekrustenbraten, nicely trimmed by my trusted butcher and treated with a dry rub made from salt, pepper, caraway, thyme, garlic, juniper and lemon zest … In the meantime some serious beer sauce in the making … Pork belly treated in the low & slow, then blasting heat heat sequence … And sliced up - very juicy 🤗 Served with Kartoffelknödeln … Krautsalat … Some Brezel with cheeses … And radishes and pickles … Plating was crappy, as noone wanted to wait … “Beer“ (alcohol-free, as this was our first real meal after this weeks Covid spell, and we didn’t want to overdo it) and the ever so popular Spezi for little one … No complaints 🥳 Epilogue: That‘s what you find when you come back after bringing the first batch of dishes back into the house. Savages 🤭 …
  14. Definetely. If you follow Baldwin (pasteurization times, table 5.1.), it pretty much aligns with @rotuts suggestion (have to extrapolate, though) …
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