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  1. Viva Las Vegas - I am going to enjoy this a lot ! Thanks, @Smokeydoke
  2. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    That's a lovely idea ... I will definitely copy that ! Thanks, @Anna N
  3. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Thanks, @kayb and @dcarch! And the best thing is that the fibers of the tablecloth are somehow coated and you can just wipe over it with a wet cloth to remove stains ... It still feels like regular fabric.
  4. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    The festivities might go on here as well, but I am expected at work tomorrow
  5. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Last night of the CNY holidays here in Hong Kong ... time for hot pot ! Two differents broths: chicken/pork with mushrooms and goji berries as the Chinese element and dashi with dried sardines and a bit of miso for the Japanese part. Something for everyone ... It was good - my in-laws enjoyed it and even more so my son. Happy me
  6. If you want to go "Chinese" I'd skip the roasting and par-boil instead ...
  7. Since you are working on your wonton soup base, I'll start with the classics: ginger, scallion, bit of white pepper, maybe some cabbage trimmings and ham (cured, but not smoked). If you have access to dried shrimps you could add them, too ...
  8. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    After running around the whole day, visiting a temple and fighting our way through the "spectacular" Snoopy World in Sha Tin (seriously, don't go there) we came back at 18.30h, I was neither in the mood for shopping nor cooking. Thankfully most of the family opted for cornflakes and fruit (not pictured). For my FIL and me I dug out some goodies from the stockroom: "Motsu" (intestines) flavoured corn crisps. Braised camel meat from Xinjiang, China. followed by: Ippudo Ramen, spicy red miso flavour (from Kyushu, Japan, given by a very dear friend). Veeeery good ! La Mian Laksa from Singapore (referenced recently by @Anna N). Enjoyed with two fine Japanese beers. Lovely meal with zero work ...
  9. Let's compromise and call it fusion Smørrebrød ?
  10. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Second day of the Chinese New Year celebrations. We went to a heritage trail in the new territories - essentially alone, as everyone else in HK was busy visiting relatives and the Gweilos are normally on vacation in Thailand, Vietnam or the Philippines... There was not a single restaurant found to be open. Zero. Only one takeaway sushi was in business, but clever me had - in a spurt of alcohol-induced home sickness - put a pork belly to dry cure four days ago. Roasted in a low oven for three hours with a blast at full 250 oC to crisp up the skin - perfect! Potato salad, sugar-glazed peas & carrots and onion gravy ... Certainly not the most photogenic meal but soooo satisfying
  11. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    While getting ready with the in-laws to see the Chinese New Year parade in Kowloon, my four year-old decided that he rather stay at home and play I volunteered to stay with him which prompted him to declare it a "papa & son" evening, meaning home-made pizza and a movie (after extensive Lego playtime, of course) were expected ... Having no dough at hand, I improvised with quick "naan"-style flour/yoghurt/baking powder mix, flattened and grilled in a screaming hot griddle pan. Topped with a puréed tomato and mushroom/salami and gratinated in a hot oven. Together with "Shrek" exactly what he wanted and a very relaxed CNY day Xin Nian Kuai Le !
  12. In Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany "Kochkäse" as a sauce on Schnitzel is common. It gets dusted with paprika powder before serving (sometimes raw onion is added as well ...). Any chance that description fits ?
  13. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Given that my day-time job is devising large capital projects, it is surprising how much I suck at "small" projects like Valentines dinner ... I was late. I did not preorder the fancy seafood I was intending to cook. I didn't put the special off-dry Riesling into the fridge. "Luckily" my in-laws arrived yesterday from Catalunya, so there was a feast with selected Catalan cold cuts, cheeses and excellent red wine (from my cellar), even without me. All I could do was preparing two "Old Fashioneds", heavy on the orange bitters and have a good talk with my special one ... And because I was starving (after the first OF) and there was no bread left I made "emergency MaPo DoFu" by blending a cured sausage with ginger, garlic and Sichuan pepper, frying it up and making up a sauce from Toban Jiang and pork stock. Worked like a charm (and points taken for next year), as did the talk. Happy Valentines Day everyone
  14. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    I can wholeheartedly second that - it's an excellent product with a very balanced taste; not too strong on the belacan (which might be tricky for the first time consumer) nor too spicy. Especially if you have never had Laksa before it helps to create a reference to what could/should taste like ...