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  1. Well, according to google 1 US tsp = 4.9 ml 1 Imperial tsp = 5.9 ml According to the ones in my drawer with tsp and ml marked, I think both from the US and Australia, but at this point I'm not always sure 1 tsp = 5 ml According to what I pull up on google, 1 tsp fine salt or table salt is 5.7 g and 1 tsp unspecified salt is 6 g. My guess would be that these are 5 ml tsp, but that is just an assumption Epicurious has a weight conversion chart that shows it is all over the place but unfortunately goes from g to volume, and I am more interested in the other direction since I will use weight if it is given and my brain doesn't want to do the work to calculate volume to weight.
  2. haresfur

    Dinner 2024

    Yes, I'd call that a schnitzel, or in the vernacular of my country, "a schnitty"
  3. haresfur

    Dinner 2024

    Wanted comfort food and made meatloaf with sauerbraten gravy* and spaetzle. * gravy is used loosely because I didn't have pan dripping from cooking the roast so used beef stock and because I way over thickened it. The meatloaf recipe said to grate the onions for a moister result. I used a mini food processor attachment for my stick blender and they were right. Probably overblended. Oh and panko instead of bread crumbs, which is good because I never have bread crumbs around The spaetzle were more successful than my previous attempts but I ended up with paste stuck to many utensils and countertops. Turns out the reason I thought this sauerbraten and meatloaf would be a good combination. My partner pointed out that a restaurant we used to go to decades ago served it.
  4. So his rant is really more of a troll. If it was a chemistry lab, with someone who actually understands analytical chemistry, you would put in decimal places to show the required precision. The last decimal place would be uncertain. So 1.0 kg could be 1.1 kg or 9.9 kg and 1 kg is a wild-ass guess. In this case, it is still easier to use weight, which negates his argument.
  5. That is crazy to take out the original measures. I'd go further and say the recipe writers should test the recipe using the volume measurements that they calculate rather than trusting some table of conversions. In particular, going to the US, I would want to be sure that the conversion is correct since a cup is not always a cup.
  6. Why does he think that using weight rather than volume somehow means you have to be as precise as your scale can be? Go buy a 1 kg bag of onion and that is how close you have to be. Ok, I know you don't get 1 kg bags so go buy 2.2 pounds or as close as you can get in the store. Maybe throw in another if it is spring and the onions are old so you will have to censor out a fair bit of the outer layer. Still easier than packing diced onions into a measuring cup. Sure, it would be more precise to say the weight of diced onion rather than the weight of onion before dicing, but like he says, it doesn't really matter that much.
  7. haresfur

    Dinner 2024

    IMO if your sausage rolls end up just ok, you are doing well
  8. haresfur

    Dinner 2024

    Early in the Australia & New Zealand forum fish and chips topic, barramundi was compared to eating a dishcloth. I have heard that wild barra is much better than farmed.
  9. haresfur

    Dinner 2024

    Baked Chicken katsu curry and smashed cucumber salad. I made chili oil for the salad using Korean-style flakes (from China) so it was not very spicy but the flavour is decent. Salad was on a bed of lettuce that needed to be used up. The curry was from a previous meal and rescued from the freezer. Manageable but better not frozen and thawed. Served on brown rice. Sorry about the messy counter top.
  10. I do quinoa in my Sanyo rice cooker using the basic white rice setting. It turns out perfect
  11. Convection ovens are ubiquitous here so almost all pre-pack food comes with conventional and fan-forced temperatures listed. Also our ovens have a heating element at the fan, are you saying yours do not? So there is a difference between fan-forced which uses that element and the fan and a different setting for just the lower element and a third for lower element plus fan but not the convection element. Gets very confusing what works best for various things. Also my Bosch oven manual encourages not preheating for many things as energy saving, just start timing when it reaches temperature. I find that works pretty well, except for baking. For my brownie baking project, I found that I had to reduce the temperature about 15 degrees C but that could be due to other differences.
  12. I grew up eating it year round. I mean not eating a lot of it but we had it in the house and my memory is shaving off thin slices of cold butter to eat with it. I wasn't brought up Jewish, we just ate a lot of Jewish food. I mean why else would they sell matzo that isn't kosher for Passover? It's really just big square Carr's Table Water Biscuits.
  13. haresfur

    Dinner 2024

    Pasta con Costco, originally created to use up those huge jars of stuff you buy there. I'm not a member anymore so unfortunately no 4 bean salad, but the name lives on. Semi-dried tomatoes, semi-dried olives in oil, roasted red pepper and artichoke hearts. Served with unexpected food gift tomatoes, bocconcini, and basil.
  14. Boxing day is the start of hot cross bun season
  15. As if pizza flavoured Shapes biscuits aren't a bad enough idea
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