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  1. haresfur


    I like to use red lentils as a thickener in stews or tagines. Add them to the pot and cook the heck out of them (they cook quickly).
  2. I'm saying that eggs here certainly seem washed and they aren't refrigerated in stores or usually in people's homes. So maybe the washed vs unwashed thing is a myth and Americans are overly cautious.
  3. haresfur

    Bastard condiments?

    Seems logical because most commercial salad dressing tastes full of sugar to me anyway
  4. Happy April Fool's Day!
  5. For some strange reason the birds here seem to leave them alone. The parrots will strip all the pears from the pear tree but maybe blueberries are too small to bother.
  6. Won't they kick you out of New Jersey if you can't grow blueberries? I actually got a few handfuls from my bush this year. Feeding it some chelated iron made a big difference. After the berries were done I fed it some fertiliser for acid-loving plants and got enough new growth I'm planning on repotting it.
  7. Interesting. Kaolinite has been used for this in the past. I would think montmorillonite would swell too much.
  8. I forgot, the sweet soy bean paste was because it was on sale, not for the eggplant. But I still got the chili paste wrong.
  9. Not too exciting. Sauce from 10 kg roma tomatoes. They were probably a touch under-ripe. I really should get a food mill or chinois. Made a real mess getting rid of the skin and left the seeds in. Last time I just blitzed skins and everything in the blender, which was a lot easier. The texture of this was better, though.
  10. Here are my latest purchases from the Asian grocery store. I'm aiming to make Szechuan eggplant and these seemed to be approximately what the recipe called for. Luckily these included English translations, but it is not always clear what to look for. The recipe called for Chinkiang black vinegar and Sichuan chili broad bean paste(Doubanjiang) so I guess I didn't get close to the Doubanjiang but I'll muddle through. There were several types of vinegar so I just went with the darkest, most expensive one. Guess I should have actually written the ingredients down before I went to the store ☺️.
  11. Grocery stores here don't refrigerate eggs and we just keep them on the counter at home. Fridge space is too precious. I have heard that there is some difference if they are washed or not but the eggs here seem like they might be cleaned since even the free-range ones in the grocery store don't have any muck on them.
  12. That's irrational😎
  13. I liken it more to other industries like oil refineries spewing out (apparently the scientific term for releasing 😉) air pollution, in which case filters are totally appropriate.
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