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  1. What if there is a pea in there?
  2. RFID tags and an Arduino reader?
  3. I hope they have a way to include the delivery tip when you call in your order. Not that that is an issue in sane countries. Personally I think take-out is an appropriate risk-benefit balance. But then, I still go out for my coffee in the morning.
  4. haresfur

    Lunch 2020

    Kraft Dinner/Mac&Cheese/Mac&Sleeze and Saag Paneer makes a pretty tasty lunch
  5. We sometimes throw a couple of splashes of red wine into jar spag sauce. There are lot's of ways to doctor it up. Add spinach, basil, lots more garlic, capers... If you are stuck inside, experimenting is a good way to combat boredom.
  6. haresfur

    Dinner 2020

    But Coles and Woolies will take delivery orders - at least where I live. Seems to be pretty popular since I'm always having to dodge employees, picking orders.
  7. haresfur

    Dinner 2020

    ... and hot
  8. haresfur

    Dinner 2020

    Maybe if it comes cooked
  9. The virus causing COVID-19 is affecting the supply chain and food buying habits as people prepare to hunker down. Are you laying in a supply of chicken soup? Have you seen shortages due to the pandemic? Apparently Rancho Gordo has become popular with viral preppers. Unfortunately not an option for me so I will have to make do with standard dried and canned beans.
  10. A light and simple drink 1:1 Aperol & Noilly Prat. Splash of soda. Build on ice.
  11. haresfur

    Dinner 2020

    No photo of the results, sorry. Made my 1 pot pressure cooker chicken chili. Cut a chook in half so it submerges better, add water, pressure cook high for 20 minutes then crash-cool. Fish the chicken out, add great northern beans (edit: 350 ml 1 1/2 cups for half a compact free range chook) and about a tablespoon of pickled bird's eye chiles (cus they are plenty hot and I'll never use up the ones I preserved a couple of years ago). Pressure cook high for 30 min. While the beans are cooking shred the chicken meat. Let the beans depressurize naturally then drain off the excess broth into another pot. Add chicken, salt, and some green salsa. Simmer until beans are done, adding broth as needed then simmer until most of the liquid is gone. As we say in my country, "Too easy."
  12. Panda Hangover. Band name.
  13. haresfur

    Dinner 2020

    That brings back memories of a family trip to Mexico when I was a kid. My father loved to fish and caught some Spanish mackerel which he marched into the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant to be cooked up. I thought it was a very odd thing to do but the results were excellent.
  14. haresfur

    Dinner 2020

    I've had some pretty horrible tasting capers, but of course can't remember which brands are best. My partner doesn't care for them too much. At our farmer's market a stall was selling capers and also dried, ground caper berries so I could disguise them by coating salmon in the ground capers and broiling. Turned out really well, IMO.
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