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  1. That pizza looks a lot like Scranton PA pizza, which, well... I didn't grow up with.
  2. I'm liberal with the sweetner, spirit, and bitters in an Old Fashioned. Date syrup makes a nice variation.
  3. A friend in Alaska said you can get on a roadkill registry there. If someone reports hitting an animal, they call the next person on the list to come get it within 24 hours. She posted pictures of herself and some other very messy women after cutting apart a moose.
  4. For some strange reason, canned clams aren't available here. But I do have a pack of frozen clams from one of the Asian grocery stores. The owner was fascinated when I told him I was going to put them on pasta.
  5. Sauerkraut update. Pulled a pint out of the crock today. I was going to put it all in jars in the fridge but I don't have enough room so I'll just take it out bit by bit. I guess I could can it in mason jars but that apparently kills the good probiotic stuff. For some reason, after I sealed the crock back up, it started burping away again. The product: Reubens: I forgot to mention, above, that I put some chillies in and it has a nice snap. That's fine because I normally add kimchi to the sauerkraut in my Reubens. Success.
  6. Apparently most of it comes from Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia.
  7. One of the things I admire about exported Chinese food is how it adapted to local ingredients. I don't think baby ears of corn were exactly indigenous. I also think that Chinese-xxx food is always evolving. That doesn't explain "chow-mein" noodles, though. Maybe those uber-crispy noodles were some fusion of Chinese and deep frying. Then they were packaged for grocery stores as people started to want to cook Chinese-style at home. I always disliked the things, not to mention the slimy celery-heavy sauce that usually was slopped on top. Until recently, the hotel near me called the British-American Hotel had a sign out front advertising Chinese and Australian food. Four country fusion.
  8. great idea! I have a lot of beds that I could try this with, although I think they are mainly earwig breeding grounds. I was unsuccessful with onions last spring but a couple have started to come up with our recent rain. Be sure to show us how it is coming along in the gardening thread.
  9. Speaking of root vegetables, my Aldi didn't have any except carrots. So I roasted up carrots, onion, and zucchini for the stew I was making with leftover slow-roasted lamb shoulder. Added mushrooms and bullhorn peppers. Turned out nice.
  10. so you don't distinguish turnips from rutabagas? I don't like turnips but Swedes are nice
  11. We call them "Swedes" eta: I thought neeps were turnips
  12. So you stole my strainer! I've been looking all over for it! 😊
  13. If you twitter, you may want to check out David Wondrich's Low-Fi Lush hour. Here's my version of his unnamed contribution of a couple of days ago 2 oz 101 rye (Wild Turkey) 1 barspoon lime juice 1/2 barspoon 2:1 simple syrup (agave syrup) 4 dashes Tabasco (Tapatio) Shake & strain Goes down far too easily. I'd better make another.
  14. Crock is burping every once in a while which is a sign of carbon dioxide production - a good thing. Pulled the lid to check for scum. Everything was clear and it's beginning to smell like kraut. I'm so excited.🤩
  15. Wow. The cabbage really softened and packed down overnight. So lesson learned is to let it sit with the salt for a while before filling the crock. I added almost a litre of brine to bring the level up over the weights. The other thing is that the temperature fluctuation seems to be affecting the water seal on the crock. Moved it inside to try to keep the temperature more constant. We just turned on the heat but do try to keep the place cool.
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