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  1. haresfur

    Bastard condiments?

    neither are very appealing names imo
  2. haresfur

    Bastard condiments?

    Do they call it Mayomust because Dijonnaise is copyright?
  3. haresfur

    Drinks! 2018

    maybe a good Halloween drink
  4. Turbo-marinating pork tenderloin in tamari, apple-syrup, and ginger at 60 C.
  5. haresfur

    Gardening: (2016– )

    Never was much for pantyhose and we have gone to reusable grocery bags. I splashed out on a ball of cotton material to tie up plants. For bigger trees, garden hose works well. Which reminds me, my curry tree is listing to starboard.
  6. haresfur

    Gardening: (2016– )

    I think it is three years old. Maybe 4. I bought it as a seedling. It took a bit but then really took off. I tried to re-pot a sucker but don't think I got enough root with it. Maybe I'll try a cutting.
  7. haresfur

    Gardening: (2016– )

    My curry leaf tree. I have to keep it in the car port during winter. It was a nicer shape until an apprentice dropped his ladder on it when he was servicing my evaporative cooler. Luckily he didn't break any pots or I would have left the kid up there.
  8. haresfur

    Gardening: (2016– )

    I've been looking into Arduino recently. A person I know programmed all his father's garden beds with moisture sensors and irrigation control valves.
  9. The tree The harvest The prep Ready for the freezer
  10. I keep forgetting that not everyone is bilingual.
  11. Finally getting to posting a photo of the finished cooktop and splash-back or back-splash, depending on your country. I think the colour worked out well. I was worried it would be a bit much. We should swap the power points for black ones. ETA: It really isn't that orange - more of a deep red Picking flooring has been a challenge. There are a lot of different shades and tones including the wood floors surrounding the kitchen. I think we are going with a pale tufa look. We are concerned that it is a bit too close to the cabinet colour but nothing else worked for two sets of eyes.
  12. Are they still watering it down? I have a small stash of the old 101 which is entirely acceptable but I don't see much point in 80 proof rye.
  13. haresfur

    Glass Cheese Agers

    Reminds me of my mother, a chemist, cracking up at a laboratory desiccator for sale in a store as an antique cheese storage jar. Although it would probably work for your purpose and they are available on the internet if you can afford the shipping. Warning, if the lid gets stuck, it can be impossible to remove so you might go for one with a vacuum valve.
  14. haresfur

    The Soup Topic (2013–)

    Chilled cauliflower-leek soup. Garnished with chives from my garden (nothing useable out of my attempt at growing leeks.
  15. haresfur

    Stir Frying in Stainless Steel

    If nothing else, you can use it with a bamboo steamer. I use a ss pan for searing sous vide meat but that's different because you can let it sit until it releases rather than keeping the food moving. Maybe cleaning your wok up was a bad idea, though.