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  1. I think it is almost a different spice from dry. Less pungent, maybe. I feel the same way about fresh vs. dried basil. Dry is nothing like fresh but has its place.
  2. Drying bay leaves 😁 Donned my mask and took branches around to the neighbours. It was a good excuse to check in on them. It looks like some of the bushy suckers survived the wattle attack and will survive.
  3. I think this is the correct thread because my bay tree is under there somewhere. A pretty wattle in bloom but acacia have short lives and this one is not indigenous to my area and quite weedy so I'm not too sad to see it go, aside from the damage to the bay.
  4. Cinnamon in savory dishes. Just a bit in a paprikash and see if your friends can identify the flavour. Also Vegemite: umami secret weapon.
  5. Whisky Mac using Stones Special Reserve Ginger Wine -better than the original 1 oz Aberlour A'bunadh 1 oz ginger wine 2 oz hot water
  6. haresfur


    It's faster to cook a skinny snag to a crisp than a fat one
  7. I'm resigned to growing fruit just to keep the parrots happy. It's worth it.
  8. What direction does it face? Will there be enough shade where you want when you want? If not you could put up some shade-cloth and that would give you more options for where to put things. My paver area gets far too much sun from the west. Have a beautiful red-gum tree that throws shade but it is too big and too close to the house. I would take it out except for the shade.
  9. haresfur

    Cooking Tri Tip

    In my usual fashion, I winged-it with a tri-tip before doing my eG research. I have done sv tri-tip before, but this time I went for low temp oven, at least in part to help warm up the house (it is winter here, after all). 125 F seems really low - I was shooting for about 58 C, but hit 56 C. I fussed with the temperature a lot during the cook, starting with a 200 C oven then dropping the temp after 15 min to around 120 C. Then dropped some more as the internal temp seemed to be rising too quickly - I was aiming for 3-4 hours cooking. What was interesting was that the temp rise completely stalled out at an oven temperature of ~70 C so I had to bring it back up again. I did like the way the surface dried out nicely and kept the spices. and the fat rendered some compared to sous vide, but it ended up as rare I care for and too rare for my beloved. I'm thinking next time trying about 90 C until it gets close to temp and then maybe dropping it to hold internal temperature for an hour. After that, maybe a quick sear under the broiler. My oven has far too many options, I started with heat from above and below but the bottom wasn't getting dry so I switched to heat from above plus the re-circulation fan. So maybe try convection. Sorry, no pictures - we got to the "need to eat -now!" point.
  10. I like grilled pineapple. Grilled peaches are good, too.
  11. Yes, some aren't designed as well as others. Something to look for.
  12. My advice re induction is that you really want fine temperature control. I liked having induction but lack of adjustment was a problem. Could you build an outdoor woodfire pizza oven?
  13. I put about 2/3 in the sauce, although the recipe didn't call for that. It was a good plan. I spent $70 AU on 31 g and saved a bit, which is in a container with some eggs for weekend breakfast. Probably could have sliced a bit thinner but my mandoline is finicky. @liuzhou, According to the ever-knowing internet (even discounting the partisan Aussie articles) the Australian truffles are good quality. You should have seen the monster that the vendor had dug up yesterday.
  14. Nice enough but the appeal is mostly lost on me.ly
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