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  1. I bought some "Peking Duck Sauce", and to me it tastes pretty similar to hoisin but better than many of the brands available here. ... and it goes pretty well on pierogies but not quite as good as mango chutney.
  2. I have a vague recollection of someone on the forum claiming that dried leaves tasted stronger than fresh. Or maybe I was dreaming. I think the flavour is a bit different, not just stronger/weaker. The dried ones I have now are similar to the fresh because they came from the same tree and I just air-dried them and they still look pretty green compared to the ones you buy. In any case I tend to use more fresh in a dish.
  3. Ok, a hijack into a tale of two cooks. My second year in mineral exploration after graduation (not counting my undergrad summer jobs), we had a cook who had absolutely no experience as a commercial cook, as far as I could tell. She brought a thick book on how to run a restaurant kitchen that included tables of portion sizes for various dishes. Needless to say, it was not written to address cooking for a crew of mostly young men out walking many miles a day. I particularly remember her being dismayed when the tray of (cakemix!) cake that she thought would last a few days wouldn't ev
  4. We have a topic (and I am firmly on the parma side of the parma/parmy linguistic divide)
  5. Great topic, looking forward to it. But really??? I had better looking food in exploration camps where the food came in by float plane every week (ok I had some horrendous food too, but that depended on the cook). The basically permanent camp I had near a mine where I did FIFO, two weeks on / one off, had pretty decent food but tending to the meat and 3 veg style. There was essentially no limit on the food budget, although most people didn't want anything fancier than filet mignon every once in awhile. T-bone was standard. My first geologic mapping summer job in uni was
  6. One thing my parents hated after they moved to Nova Scotia, Canada was the quality of the meat. So they would bring a suitcase of frozen beef back with them when they visited the prairies. My father wasn't exactly a stickler for packaging and the flight was long, not direct, and sometimes delayed. I can only imagine what the baggage handlers thought about a big ratty old suitcase dripping blood. But it was usually still mostly frozen when they got home.
  7. Where are your mangoes from? They are way more than a dollar each here and this is the height of harvest in Queensland.
  8. You went wrong with freezing the banana. Next question. I like fruit, mango or vanilla yogurt, orange juice, and ice. My partner likes fruit, yogurt, and ice - or maybe no ice. Frozen berries or mangoes go in frozen.
  9. I'm surprised no one in Aus has come up with an HSP pie 🤢
  10. Now that it's broken in, you can operate your now old blender without the lid in place
  11. They used to have coupons on each bag to collect and then ran an auction show on tv where kids would bid their coupons for stuff. Like who could eat enough potato chips to bother?
  12. American Red Rose was inferior to the Canadian product and barely a step above Lipton's imo
  13. Cool story. "It wouldn't have been the same blend sold by the label today, however. The Atlantic version was discontinued in the early 2000s" Now that's a shame. The Red Rose Orange Pekoe was distinct and really good. Like the English gentleman in the old ads said, "Only in Canada? Pity" And I actually had my Mom bring some Red Rose from Nova Scotia for a coworker who had talked about how good it was.
  14. The first time I encountered UHT milk was working in bush camps in Northern Canada decades ago. Before that we got all our milk in frozen and still got some that way because it helped keep the meat from thawing. So it seems surprising to me that it didn't catch on for you. The fresh milk here seems particularly susceptible to going off - especially in plastic. So I'm glad we have an abundance of UHT, too.
  15. IMO UHT milk doesn't taste quite as good as really fresh milk but tastes a whole lot better that a few day old regular milk. Even after you open it, it keeps a lot longer in the fridge, which is good for those of us who don't use much milk.
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