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  1. I do 60 C one hour, and I refuse to convert to anachronistic units for you. But one hour is fine in my experience.
  2. Gin Daisy Bombay Sapphire Grand Marnier Lime build over ice. we don't need no stinkin' measurements. Hit it right on.
  3. The Halal Snack Pack, or HSP, is fast becoming a staple of late night drunk dining and morning recovery in Australia and has recently hit the best Turkish Cafe in my town. It is Australia's answer to poutine and animal style fries. I believe the origin was in Sidney. It is simple enough: gyro meat and sauce over chips. Our cafe offers a variety of sauces, here is the garlic sauce version. And yes, it is good even when sober. Anyone have favourites? What sauces do you like?
  4. If they are pasteurized, you left them in too long
  5. I found this article about arancino/arancina really interesting
  6. Managed to pot up the bullhorn pepper I planted this year and move it, the summer before's bullhorn and my curry tree under protection right before our first frost of the winter. Hope I got enough roots for the bullhorn to survive. It will be interesting to see if the one that's a year older makes it through a second winter - it's quite a tree. I'll probably try some winter crops like broccoli and garlic but my luck in previous winters has been poor.
  7. A couple of things. Most induction cooktops need much finer temperature control IMO. If you really have an accurate PID control, you could use it for sous vide and would want temperature control to about 0.5 C up to 100 C. After that most people probably wouldn't mind relative control but I think they could get used to setting temperatures, especially if it was fast to make big jumps but maybe included a find control, too. The other place that absolute temperature would be great is for deep frying.
  8. Cat's out of the bag on the name. I bought some dodgy frozen meat pies that advertised "Sous Vide cooked beef". Even if people don't know what it means, they know it is gourmet.
  9. haresfur


    I take an expansive view of the definition of a highball. To me it means a fizzy drink with alcohol served over ice. Generally in a tall glass. Maybe with other stuff. Right now I'm drinking: 1 oz Bombay Sapphire gin 1 oz Campari 2 oz Schweppes Bitter Lemon Build over ice in a tall glass and serve with a lime wedge I'm content
  10. haresfur

    Bastard condiments?

    neither are very appealing names imo
  11. haresfur

    Bastard condiments?

    Do they call it Mayomust because Dijonnaise is copyright?
  12. maybe a good Halloween drink
  13. Turbo-marinating pork tenderloin in tamari, apple-syrup, and ginger at 60 C.
  14. Never was much for pantyhose and we have gone to reusable grocery bags. I splashed out on a ball of cotton material to tie up plants. For bigger trees, garden hose works well. Which reminds me, my curry tree is listing to starboard.
  15. I think it is three years old. Maybe 4. I bought it as a seedling. It took a bit but then really took off. I tried to re-pot a sucker but don't think I got enough root with it. Maybe I'll try a cutting.
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