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  1. Bangers and mash

    I was referring to others thoughts that you need to cut the meat with bread for bangers (I find it amusing when supposedly proper taste is associated with what was originally most likely just cost saving).
  2. Bangers and mash

    So do Brats contain the requisite filler? I can get Brats at Aldi.
  3. That would be out back of beyond Fresh Off the Boat so I haven't been here long enough to pick up on everything.
  4. When I lived in an asparagus-producing area I never steamed them first. My recipe was similar to yours but included mustard seed and I packed the jars and processed in the water bath like cucumber pickles. The jars make great gifts.
  5. Getting to the end of my tomatoes for canning. I have been making sauce by cooking then straining out the seeds and skins then concentrating. After some discussion with one of my Bendigo Wholefoods (no relation) dudes, this time I just blitzed the tomatoes in the blender (An Aldi knockoff supposedly high-speed blender) to pulverise the skins and seeds then cooked and reduced. Seems much easier and I think they are going to taste ok.
  6. Rub on sous vide?

    I like to put ground mountain pepper berry on steak, sous vide then sear.
  7. Excuse my ignorance. Why do you do this?
  8. I got lucky and one of my chokes threw a bunch of pups. Hope I get some more.
  9. De nada. I let my last batch go for close to an extra year. Actually I think the jar where I used tequila might still be going. Better check on it, I suppose. The main issue with the extra time was that the spices came out too much. But still quite drinkable.
  10. Stock in a Pressure Cooker

    My pressure cooker hasn't sealed very easily from day one as it comes to pressure. Things I have found that help are 1): Bring it up to pressure as fast as possible. 2): Push down on lid when it comes to a boil and cajole it into sealing. 3) sometimes put a bit of oil on the seal.
  11. I cover, not because of losing water but to save energy. I usually cook in a cooler ('Esky' in this country) but any type of cover will keep a warmer air space above the water and will prevent heat loss from the evaporation. It might not be much but I try to do what I can to save energy.
  12. First tomatoes of the year. Could have used a few more days but I was ready.
  13. Pizza Baking Steel

    Oooh. Where? How much?
  14. Defrost chuck to make chili then proceed to cube up a piece of tri-tip instead.