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  1. The anvil shaped insert at the top of the round section is to cut the foil off the top of a sealed corked bottle (wine bottle).
  2. JohnT

    Quiche questions

    @pistolabella So, what did you bake and how did you do them? And, we’re your efforts appreciated?
  3. @Anna N Those really look more'ish to me! I am sure the vultures at the office will get stuck into them and polish them off with relish!
  4. I am busy trying to source a new 2 burner stove with oven (all one gimballed unit) for my little boat. ENO appear to be the new manufactures of what I previously knew as a Force 10 stove. Force 10 used to be a Canadian product but I am not sure who ENO are, where they are based and know nothing about ENO. There appears to be some positive feedback about the ENO stoves and, within the marine industry, some pretty negative comment. Does anybody have any experience or feedback on ENO products - they apparently make domestic stoves and BBQ's as well. John
  5. JohnT

    Boat Cookery

    This is one of marinades that just goes by looks. If it looks right, it is! Basically I put a tablespoon of the powdered English mustard into a ramekin, put the juice of a lemon in and a tablespoon of brown sugar. Stir it up and adjust with a bit more lemon juice if need be. Stir well and let stand to let the sugar disolve, giving a stir every now and a gain. I use pork cutlet chops and coat with the marinade. Let the chops marinade for about half an hour then oven bake or grill. The sugar will caramelise and the lemon juice will tenderise.
  6. JohnT

    Boat Cookery

    We are normally trying to go as fast as possible but you will find we normally average just over 6 knots. The deck height varies, depending on the boat, but with most modern catamarans, the deck of a 40 to 50 foot cat is normally around 2 metres above sea level. But, I have seen squid shoot about 4 metres out of the water and belly flop onto the deck. I have also seen flying fish hit the helmsman, sitting with his head 4 metres above the water level, knocking the helmsman out cold. This is why, at night, no lights are allowed on watch except the Tri-colour navigation light at the top of the m
  7. JohnT

    Boat Cookery

    @blue_dolphin I always did a lot of the cooking but encouraged the youngsters to learn the basics and taught them how to tweek a recipe to their own pallets and cook it. I had one youngster, Luke, who did 6 deliveries with me, who had no idea how to cook in the beginning, but was keen to learn. He went on to do a crash course at chef school and is now the head chef at an exclusive restaurant on one of our wine estates. I did take two chefs on different deliveries - one to Tortola and one to Turkey. The Tortola one now works on a large private "motor-yacht" and the other that went to Turkey wen
  8. JohnT

    Boat Cookery

    I previously mentioned fishing for the pan and quick stir-fries as part of a meal plan, here are some more. But first let me explain the meal regimen on board. Breakfasts are a do-it-yourself affair with an assortment of cereals to choose from, the occasional bacon and eggs with pork bangers and the occasional American style pancakes. The reason for the do-it-yourself approach is that when running a 3 person 24 hour watch system, the watch in the morning changes at 06:00 and that watch will have a breakfast snack and hit their bunk whilst the new watch will want something to snack and a hot te
  9. JohnT

    Food Funnies

    I must admit that I am not that fond of Connely - not because of his profanity, but a true comedian is at his or her best when they do not laugh at there own humour, which Connaly does all the time - he spends more time laughing at himself than telling a humourous story. Danny Bhoy appears not to do so although I do not know him other than the clip above. One of the better comedians, to me, was David Allen, unfortunately no longer with us. Do a YouTube search for his videos.
  10. JohnT

    Boat Cookery

    Yip, that's the one - here it is called just a Chinese Cabage. But if you do not have any, just some normal cabbage leaves hand shredded is a good substitute. Just strip out the hard part of each leaf of a normal cabbage - use the whole leaf of the Chinese cabbage - cut the leafy part off the centre of each leaf and cut the centre rib into about 5mm strips across the grain. A simple and fast meal with the protine and mineral rich vegetables. Oh and stir-fry in just a glug of vegetable oil with some crushed garlic and a pinch of chilli flakes.
  11. JohnT

    Boat Cookery

    @Auspicious "Umhambi" has her head situated between the forepeak and the saloon. And no, there is only going to be myself on board although my brother may accompany me for part of the voyage - the writing above was whilst commercially undertaking deliveries, with either three or four POB. Although I have started out on some deliveries with three on board, I have had to sign crew off the boat due to family problems or illness, and ended up with just two to complete the delivery. However, this said, it can become illegal as far as some of the larger insurance companies are concerned. Legally you
  12. JohnT

    Boat Cookery

    It was good to see some posts regarding cooking on a boat. I have been popping onto the forum only occasionally of late as I am busy clearing out my house to put it on the market and move onto my small 31' Miura sailing boat and next year starting off on a slow trip to Grenada in the Caribbean. I have planned to stop off at about 14 destinations and spend some time at each doing "exploring". On any trip food plays a vital roll - a well fed crew is a happy crew! I have just sent all my old delivery logs off to a document shredder company here in Cape Town - somebody will be fortunat
  13. @Arey I am a bit confused by your request. I have never heard of a "pain de mie" rye bread. I think the reason for that is that rye has little true gluten and thus will not expand like a normal gluten wheat flour. If you are trying to make a rye pain de mie, you will most likely have to use a good amount inclusion of high gluten wheat flour to get the rise needed and pressure within the pan to expand, bind and bake (set) to hold the shape. John.
  14. JohnT

    Butter Tarts

    Yes, and the warning states it contains soy and milk – but the ingredients label does not list either of those ingredients!
  15. And if you have some left over, get some shrimp tomorrow and have shrimp and mussel pizza for dinner tomorrow evening!
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