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  1. Thanks @Anna N that is the exact same recipe I have except mine has a teaspoon rose water added. And in place of currants, mine has the option of finely chopped glasé fruit. I wonder why my ones crumbled too easily. I will experiment again over the weekend and see where I messed up.
  2. @Anna N are your biscuits the ones with egg or without? If you can, please point me to your recipe as the one I have has no egg in it and they tend to crumble very easily. I have never tried to experiment with trying to add eggs - I think that points to a bit of lazyness on my side
  3. Green Madagascar Pepper sauce - quick and easy - after pan dry frying steak remove steak - add a cup cream to pan with a couple teaspoons cracked green pepper corns (the ones that come in brine) - bring to simmer for a minute or so then pour over steak once it has just started to thicken.
  4. Nutella.......mmmm, Nutella

    For what it's worth: And an interesting read: https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2017/03/08/nutella-unmasked.aspx
  5. Nutella.......mmmm, Nutella

    @Katie Meadow out of interest, where is your Nutella manufactured? The bottle in my cupboard says Poland. I am soaking the label off the bottle so I can scan it tomorrow and will post it here.
  6. Nutella.......mmmm, Nutella

    They had a special after Chrismas on the large jars in out local supermarket. I splashed out (even with the discounted price) and bought a jar. It is not what I remember - way too greasy and even more like glue than what I remember a number of years back and not as nutty flavoured as I remember. I see no reason to waste my money further on their product - it has changed! There are a few "Nutella" copies available here which I have tasted and think them way more like the older Nutella than the present presentation of the "new and improved" genuine one. I always laugh at the "New & Improved" logo used on certain products - they are either new or the old recipe has been improved! It cannot be both.
  7. The Savory Baking Topic

    Anna, those really look good! It appears a bit of the British heritage is showing through - shortly we will be seeing you produce some steak and kidney pies or even my favourite chicken mushroom pies! For those that are unaware, in most ex British colonial countries, what Anna calls a "pattie" is normally called a "pie" or "pasty" - well, to my knowledge anyway! They are very common in southern Africa with shops just dedicated to the different types.
  8. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    You are in Cape Town. Sorry we could not bring you better weather today! I live 15 km NE from where the photograph was taken.
  9. I would place the "topping" on the raw dough, then bake. I have never tried to make brioche tarts as you describe so really cannot give a definite answer. However, I would presume it was done in a similar way to a Danish. Maybe @jmacnaughtan would have an answer for you.
  10. Swine! Old African saying: "Do not put off for tomorrow what can be revealed today"
  11. Something to do with cheesemaking?
  12. Beetroot in a Chocolate Cake

    Thanks all for your pointers and @chromedome for going back to your reference books. Fortunately, we are in a Mediterranean climate and beetroot is available on the markets basically all year round - the markets are full of it at the moment. I do not have a juicer but will come up with a way of shredding and pressing to get a cup of the juice and see how the cake turns out. I do not enjoy baking cakes, but will give this a test in the next few days to see if it turns out as the recipe claims. If I remember, I will click off a few photographs of the results and post them here. John.
  13. Food funnies

    A young journalist was interviewing a grizzled old war vet. After a few basic questions, the journo gingerly asked, “Did you ever kill anyone?”. The old man smiled and in a soft voice replied, “Probably, . . . . I was the cook.”
  14. I have heard over the years of bakers using beetroot in chocolate cakes to "enrich" them. I have never done this and I am not too fond of beetroot in its various forms (a childhood "thing"). However, I have been requested to bake a chocolate cake using "beetroot juice" in the recipe - the person requesting the cake even supplied me with the recipe! Right, this is a first time for me doing this and I need to make a sample cake to make sure it results in an edible cake. The recipe calls for 250ml (a metric cup) beetroot juice. So my question is, how would I produce a cup of this beetroot juice? Just wiz a few raw beets in a blender and strain out the juice? Do I boil the beets first or use them raw? Ignorance is sometimes bliss - but sometimes not. Help with this dilemma would be appreciated for this beet ignorant sod in "Darkest Africa". John.
  15. I asked about a bitter flavour as you normally get that with an aubergine that is not fresh. They really need to be cooked as soon after harvesting as possible. However, yours, you say, was not. As has been said by @Captain, it really looks like the burnt wood imparted that flavour into yours. I cannot pass comment on your fire wood as you folk use totally different woods than what I would use where I am. However, I do know that certain woods used here in indoor fireplaces for heating, cannot be used for any type of cooking. And never use any type of treated wood for cooking - it will impart a terrible taste to your cooked food and most likely make you very ill.