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  1. JohnT

    Steamed Bao Buns

    @Dejah Many thanks for your recipe too. Something more for me to experiment with.
  2. JohnT

    Steamed Bao Buns

    @liuzhouThanks for the recipe. I will give it a go, hopefully this next weekend, and do some pulled pork as a filling.
  3. JohnT

    Steamed Bao Buns

    @liuzhouThank you, it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. JohnT

    Steamed Bao Buns

    Does anybody have a tried and tested recipe for steamed Bao buns in English? I have tried a few recipes off the internet but, either I am not good at making them (highly possible) or the recipes I used are not too good. I have never seen a Bao bun, never mind them been made! And cannot find them offered in our local Chinese restaurants or would have asked for a recipe or lesson on making them.
  5. Do a Google search for “boston loaf south africa” and see what comes up. Usually a fruit or date style bread, sliced for tea or coffee.
  6. JohnT


    Nestlé in South Africa for many years made a sweet bar called a “chocolate log”, which was quite simply a wafer with a thick dose of soft meringue then covered in chocolate. It was a high sugar confection and has been discontinued due to our health service getting companies to cut down on high sugar content confectionary and cool drinks. A number of folk doing confectionary have simulated the bar and one of our news services had an article and video of the method you may find interesting. The meringue section may be useful to you. The link is: https://www.food24.com/recipe/the-food24-recreates-chocolate-log/
  7. @Rajala, if I may ask, as I am a bit confused regarding this thread, what pastry recipe are you using that is giving you so many problems?
  8. JohnT

    Pickled Onions

    From my chef school and catering days: Quick Pickled Onions For Salad Topping Take medium sized onions, peel and cut in half. Thinly slice into half moons. Put into a bowl and just cover with apple cider vinegar then stir-in and dissolve a tablespoon of sugar (the sugar is to take any “bite” from the vinegar, not to sweeten the mixture). Once the sugar has dissolved, remove the onions and sprinkle over the salad. It’s all quick and easy and tastes good, maintaining the crispness of the onion. I sometimes use this also for sprinkling on a pizza before it goes into the oven! I have never tried to preserve any remaining onion (there is seldom any remaining), but presume it will store for a time in the refrigerator.
  9. The anvil shaped insert at the top of the round section is to cut the foil off the top of a sealed corked bottle (wine bottle).
  10. JohnT

    Quiche questions

    @pistolabella So, what did you bake and how did you do them? And, we’re your efforts appreciated?
  11. @Anna N Those really look more'ish to me! I am sure the vultures at the office will get stuck into them and polish them off with relish!
  12. I am busy trying to source a new 2 burner stove with oven (all one gimballed unit) for my little boat. ENO appear to be the new manufactures of what I previously knew as a Force 10 stove. Force 10 used to be a Canadian product but I am not sure who ENO are, where they are based and know nothing about ENO. There appears to be some positive feedback about the ENO stoves and, within the marine industry, some pretty negative comment. Does anybody have any experience or feedback on ENO products - they apparently make domestic stoves and BBQ's as well. John
  13. JohnT

    Boat Cookery

    This is one of marinades that just goes by looks. If it looks right, it is! Basically I put a tablespoon of the powdered English mustard into a ramekin, put the juice of a lemon in and a tablespoon of brown sugar. Stir it up and adjust with a bit more lemon juice if need be. Stir well and let stand to let the sugar disolve, giving a stir every now and a gain. I use pork cutlet chops and coat with the marinade. Let the chops marinade for about half an hour then oven bake or grill. The sugar will caramelise and the lemon juice will tenderise.
  14. JohnT

    Boat Cookery

    We are normally trying to go as fast as possible but you will find we normally average just over 6 knots. The deck height varies, depending on the boat, but with most modern catamarans, the deck of a 40 to 50 foot cat is normally around 2 metres above sea level. But, I have seen squid shoot about 4 metres out of the water and belly flop onto the deck. I have also seen flying fish hit the helmsman, sitting with his head 4 metres above the water level, knocking the helmsman out cold. This is why, at night, no lights are allowed on watch except the Tri-colour navigation light at the top of the mast. The flying fish are also attracted to light. It is very seldom that you can get a smallish sailboat going 10 knots unless in some fast flowing current - we normally have full fuel and water tanks and a massive amount of provisions.
  15. JohnT

    Boat Cookery

    @blue_dolphin I always did a lot of the cooking but encouraged the youngsters to learn the basics and taught them how to tweek a recipe to their own pallets and cook it. I had one youngster, Luke, who did 6 deliveries with me, who had no idea how to cook in the beginning, but was keen to learn. He went on to do a crash course at chef school and is now the head chef at an exclusive restaurant on one of our wine estates. I did take two chefs on different deliveries - one to Tortola and one to Turkey. The Tortola one now works on a large private "motor-yacht" and the other that went to Turkey went to France afterwards and eventually returned to South Africa and has (or had - I have lost contact with him) his own chefs school. Normally, each delivery had an entirely new crew who had to put up with me. I am not eccentric in any way, just very safety orientated and like to make a delivery memorable, not only for myself, but for the crew as well. I only, through the years, had three crew that turned out to be problematic.
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