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  1. I wonder if using the seasonings/flavorings used in bacon would also give the caramel that taste. I read up that it is the smoked hickory or something that gives bacon that taste. I wonder if I should try liquid smoke in a batch of caramel...
  2. Thank you Andrea! I cannot help you on your quest for bacon flavored caramel but wish you success at working it out. The combos people come up with!!
  3. perhaps you can spray them with cb first and then enrobe?
  4. I am not overly experienced with caramel but this is how I do it. I take great care because I dont want the caramel to crystalize later on due to a sugar crystal. I use glucose and sugar, flame is rather low (patience is a virtue), I do not touch it, I place a lid on the pot after a bit of time when it starts turning golden, with a little bit of water in the lid, so the steam willl take care of the crystals stuck on the sides if there are any. I use low flame so the glucose doesnt burn before all the sugar is caramelizing. At some point I turn the flame higher and then lower again to speed up
  5. well in the end I made your recipe (caramel centers) - thanks again... I made sure to get it to 113-115 C after adding the cream- was quick. I added a bit less cream and then some nice whisky which was made with hazelnuts but I tasted cinnamon in it, at the end. It took forever to cool down to pipe but was the perfect color and consistency- thick but pipeable very easily. Kinda cool how it is thick and yet the "pointy curly thing" left after detaching of the caramel being piped into a shell, flattens out and disappears completely after a few seconds. I could have put even more booze but was he
  6. I am looking for advice on a caramel center that has some strong tasting alcohol in it like whisky (or other suggestion). Would I simply reduce the amount of cream and add the alcohol at the end of the process? I have made Kerry's and Mark's caramel centers. I cannot recall how soft they were. I dont want leaking issues so maybe cook to 120C? Or would that be too hard for a felling?
  7. I finally got back to reorganizing my chocolate kitchen after an unfortunate 2 month interruption. I took a video but the sound is awful. Basically I thanked some of your for advice and other things. I think you will know who you are. Thanks again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slkISixxpoo
  8. Lior

    Fruit Ganache

    You may want to research water based ganaches. In general, the idea I think, is to make a "cream" from water and oil. The water in the puree, oil and the fruit. SO I guess you need to experiment or figure out water content. Good luck.
  9. what a gorgeous cake. I happened across this, and thought that it was a good and cool way to cut a cake and keep it as fresh as possible!!
  10. I love your table--so clever. I will do something similar with my little slab. I would love to see pictures of the guitar (lucky yu) cabinet. Keep 'em coming!!
  11. Wow. Bob your table is a work of art- and so practical- excellent. You also have a huge fridge in there. DO you store your chocolate in it? I have a fridge with a glass door, like the one they use for beverages. I had a temp control device installed so it stays at 13-18. It actually gathers ice on the inside back, which an expert tld me was perfect as all the moisture is frozen in the ice and the fridge air is then dry. I hope it is so! I have a piece of marble left over from the kitchen and although it is not so big, I can also do something similar, and it is still good to have a slab to do
  12. I had to share as I had a zillion molds that needed a good cleaning as they had been out of use for way too long and I searched for good solutions. I read about using sodium hydroxide, dishwashers, etc. Eventually I decided to put them in my dshwasher, set at 65 C (a bit too high but the lower option was 50C). I did not use any detergent, but filled the little cubbyhole for detergent with vinegar, and put vinegar into the place for liquid glass cleaner rinse or whatever that stuff is called. The molds came out just beautifully. I do not see any damage or any issues.
  13. please- no need at all to apologize! I wish we had the Irish store too;) It also gave good info about dimensions and etc.
  14. I looked at the link, thank you, but then I realized it is in Ireland. We have Ikea here (in Israel), and my daughter said I may find something similar there. I do appreciate the effort in trying to help- really a lot.
  15. YEs, I agree that I need storage space-absolutely. I don't know if I can get such a piece here, but I will def look into it. We don't have stores like Costco. But perhaps a restaurant suppy store or something may have. Thank you so much. I realize now I must have storage space. Kerry, your molds are so organized, with lables even!! I could use my shelves also and do that. Thanks so much again!
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