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Found 1,498 results

  1. angelsfan

    1981 Cakebread Cellars

    For my 21st birthday i just got a bottle of 1981 Cakebread Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon. I know nothing about wine but i do know that this is quite valuable but if anyone would approximately what a bottle of this would be worth i may be able to treat it with proper care. I could also use advice as to what to drink such a wine with. Im sorry im such a novice...i like good food plenty but this is my first experience with fine wine. Thanks!
  2. We moved to Seattle two weeks ago and are staying in lower Queen Anne while looking for more permanent housing. My mom is visiting this weekend and I'd like to buy a cake early Saturday morning for her. Recommendations? Thanks!
  3. I've never tried baking a chiffon cake in a springform (as opposed to tube) pan, but would like to try it this weekend. Does anyone have a chiffon formula that will reliably withstand such treatment? TIA!
  4. Recently my wife has been searching for old Jello molds, or at least molds that could be used for Jello. Often we find molds that where what I assume is a tin coating over steel (anyone who knows better feel free to correct me on this) has largely worn away, leaving the metal in a condition that I'd guess is now far from food safe. Is there a way to make these usable again? At least around here, so far decent Jell-o molds seem hard to find. Surely these were once common items. Where did they all go?
  5. Can anyone tell me about the Thai desserts, that is, the shaved ice with various beans and squiggly things with coconut milk on top, found at street stalls all over Thailand? What is it called? What is the history of it? How are the squiggly things made?
  6. My sister is obsessed with this chocolate souffle cake at a restaurant chain called Yard House. I tried to duplicate it using the molten Chocolate cake recipe by Vongerichten. * 1 stick (4 ounces) unsalted butter * 6 ounces bittersweet chocolate, preferably Valrhona * 2 eggs * 2 egg yolks * 1/4 cup sugar * Pinch of salt * 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour I used 70% bittersweet Valrhona. And it came out successful, but my sister still prefers the Yard House cake. She said she tasted the "bitter" in my cake but not much of the "sweet." I'm not much of a cook and I want to fix it for a dinner party on Saturday without attempting it beforehand. So how should I sweeten it up? Do you recommend I increase the sugar or should I downgrade to 65% Valrhona Semisweet, or any other recommendations? I'm only giving myself one more attempt.
  7. I live in a region of southern Indiana (on the border of Louisville, Kentucky) that is heavily populated with old Scots families. And although I don't know a thing about their traditional foods, I'd like to learn. Anybody have any particular desserts, cakes, cookies, breads they could share? Or book recommendations?
  8. maxmillan

    Need a dessert for hiking

    I will be gong on a 7 hour hike this Sunday and it looks like a warm one. This is an annual hike where we each make dessert and have a buffet during the midpoint. I didn't attend last year's first hike but I heard ice cream was to be had! I don't want to go to too much fuss with refrigeration and packing. Rather than make the mundane cookies can eGulleteers suggest something different? I don't mind cookies if it's unique. Someone is going to attempt a Black Forest Cake and another is bringing a pie. Any ideas?
  9. Tepee

    Mother's Day Cakes

    Would love to see your Mother's Day cake, whether it's for your mom, yourself, storebought, buttercream, fondant or dessert cake. Did this little 2 1/4-inch cake for my mother. She doesn't like cakes, but I'm sure she won't mind something pretty. The colors are a bit weird (and what's the huge flower doing there?) but I wanted to reflect a bygone era. Rich fruit cake inside. Will be doing a few more in this teapot series next week....
  10. I am trying out a new (to me) cake & frosting mix. It is called Mam Papaul's and was pretty expensive. The company is a Louisiana company. I wanted to see if it was truly any better than other cake mixes. I am planning on making this tomorrow. When I read the directions tonight, I noticed that it called for 1 c. milk, 1 1/2 sticks margarine and 1/2 c. shortening. I'd really rather not. The directions call for cooking the milk and frosting mix, cooling it and then adding the margarine and shortening and whipping for 10 minutes. Do you think that I can just use all butter. I don't own any margarine and the idea of putting shortening in a frosting just skeeves me out.
  11. kiliki

    Savory mini-cupcakes

    At a cocktail bar recently I had mini Dungeness crab cupcakes with whipped creme fraiche topping. I'm now hooked on the idea of savory mini cupcakes for appetizers, potlucks and whatnot. I've searched online but only found a couple recipes. Does anyone have any recipes? I do know of course I could make mini-corn muffins with all the usual savory things you could put in cornbread (ie roasted green chilis and cheese).
  12. tan319

    Dessert bars Flourish...

    New York Times article Is saying Pichet Ong will be opening 'PONG' in the fall ( he will also be having a dessert cookbook published by the end of the year.) in Manhattan Sam Mason, the pastry chef of wd50 in NYC will be opening his own Tapas, desserts and drinks bar/restaurant in the SOHO section of NYC . These ideas have been in the works for a long time, Mason talking about it as long ago as 12/03 (Fader magazine) and Ong has had perhaps as much savory restaurant experience as pastry. Along with Will Goldfarbs 'Room 4 Dessert' dessert bar which opened in November (?) ((Look for a FOCUS feature on him soon)), this concept looks like it's ready for more action. I'm all for it. Good Luck to all! Sam Mason website Pichet Ong website
  13. vilasman

    getting cake layers flat

    I think I saw a tip in one of the cooking maazines recently on how to bake a layer of a layer cake so that it would come out pretty flat and you wouldnt have to trim of that top hump. Any one have an idea of what it could be? I am using the largest wilton round cake pan.
  14. Hi, I had my first day in my "cakery", my new commercial kitchen at the coffee house. It is a little nerve racking at how long it took me to make 12 cakes. Can I make them fast enough to profit? Do I have to charge an arm and a leg? How do other scratch bakers do it? Maybe I need help with short cuts. Well, anyway, back to my original question.... I x's my chocolate cake recipe by 6 and mixed in my 20qt mixer. I baked them in 11 x15 inch pans and one part in (2) 9" round pans. The cake tasted the same but had sort of a rubbery texture on the bottom with definate air holes? not pockets but its like the cells were real distinct and rubbery. I wish I had a digital camera with me. I was wondering if maybe I needed to lesson the amount of baking powder or soda. If so, by how much? I used the recipe on hershey's cocoa box using cake flour. I've tripled it before with good results. the only thing I did different that I could tell was use a 20 qt mixer so maybe I didnt mix long enough, and used a convection oven for the first time. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I need to learn tips on making large batches. TIA
  15. I need a bit of help with a non-dairy chocolate cake. I've looked through the best chocolate cake thread but to no avail. I'm making the cake for people who don't eat any dairy products and I really would like to make a rich chocolate cake. My preference is not to use substitutes, especially for cream, although I accept I may have to use margarine as a sub for butter. Any recipes are gratefully received.
  16. We are going to see a play in Dover (Morris County), NJ on a Saturday evening at 8pm. We wanted to go out with several other play attendees for dessert and coffee after the play in the area. Any recommendations?
  17. yunnermeier

    Easy, quick desserts

    I don't have the time or ability to make the beautiful desserts I see on egullet everyday:D Are there any desserts you can make for under 20 minutes (and yes, pretty much from scratch or just a bit of cheating). It looks like I have to make dessert every single day for 3 people next year (long story), and I really don't want to make elaborate concotions all the time! No marshmallow+rice krispies stuff please:D
  18. Stone

    Where did the good cakes go?

    I've noticed that it's become harder and harder to get a good piece of cake. I recall in my youth eating and enjoying moist, light and delicious cakes, with creamy smooth icing. Most of the cake I eat nowadays is heavy and dry, and the icings are often heavier and too damn sweet. I'm talking about decent restaurant cakes, not Safeway/Costco stuff. Am I the only that noticed this? Anyone know the cause? (I'm talking about things like regular chocolate/angel's food/etc. cake -- not the warm, flourless, etc. stuff.)
  19. Probably many of you live in places much hotter than me. But I wonder how you all deal with the summer heat in making wedding cakes. Like, what do you do when bride asks you to do a cake for an outdoor reception? What do you suggest? I've always thought fondant was the best way to go since the cake is "protected" and sort of insulated, but it seems fondant has it's problems in the heat too and you can't really tell people to keep it chilled until just before serving because as soon as it comes out it will start sweating. It seems the only way to properly (and confidently) display a wedding cake is in a temperature controlled room. But, of course, many people want outdoor receptions and that's not an option.
  20. Does anyone make Black Cake for Christmas? Or know any great places to buy it? Or have any good recipes. I am trying to complete a history on it ... and want to find out how it's made and finished in different areas and homes. Theabroma
  21. I've tried five of Steve's desserts in the past week, three at Café Atlantico ($7.00 each) and two at Zaytinya ($5.95 each). My love lies in France, and I mean that quite literally, so first on my list of priorities was the classic french dessert Baba Au Rhum, or simply "Baba" at Café Atlantico. It's served "in a modern Latin style," meaning there is Jamaican rum, spices and "panela," which is basically pure cane sugar made from evaporation. The cream is tangy, not sweet, and this is a traditional but interesting rendition. Coconut is served two different ways in "Coco En Dos Formas" at Café Atlantico, and this simple, elegant dessert is accented by a "mango salad" and a "vanilla-lime Gelée," both of which surpass their understated names, and deliver the proper acidity to compliment this interesting dessert which - tragically - reminded me of Coppertone on the nose in the same way that Rossini's William Tell Overture reminds me of the Theme from The Lone Ranger. The Yogurt Cream at Zaytinya is a brilliant, must-have destination dessert. Layers of apricot, top-and-bottom, sandwich a brilliant "Samos Island Muscat-vanilla gelée" (the yogurt). This is a WOW dessert by my way of thinking, simple, but beautiful in every way. It's served in the same vessel as the "Coco En Dos Formas" dessert listed up above. If you go to Zaytinya, then get this. A trusted friend told me about it, and this reminds me of why I trust her. Ooh, bébé, the Warm Chocolate Cake at Café Atlantico is goood. Labeled "Bizcocho <a sponge cake> Templado <warm> de Chocolate con Banana," it's a three-ring circus of this wonderful cake which at once seems like ganache, a souflée and a flour-based cake. The banana foam was another take on creme (all three creme presentations at Café Atlantico were slightly different), and the banana-lime salad was a dazzling sidecar to the decadent chocolate cake. And then of course the Turkish Coffee Chocolate at Zaytinya, made with cardamom foam (espuma), was every bit the naughty diet-breaker. Literally cut from the same mold as the Bizcocho at Café Atlantico (it's served in the exact same shape), this is even richer, with less cutting acidity though it's tempered by Raki, a traditional distilled Turkish drink made usually from grapes. It can come across as a platitude to say things are "well-conceived," but all five of these desserts were, in fact, that. There was a little plug-and-play action going on in terms of the actual molds used to make the cakes and parfaits, but nobody would ever notice. These were brilliantly thought-out desserts. Let me finish by saying one thing: you would not do yourself a disservice by going out to get these desserts first, and then worrying about your savory courses afterwards. Nontraditional? Yes, but who cares. They're worth it, especially at these price points. Bravo, Steve, Rocks.
  22. As a personal chef without a commercial kitchen, I do all of my prep and cooking in clients' homes. Desserts are always a challenge, especially when I do a party for 30-50 people, since I normally only have 1 oven available, sometimes two, and those have to share with the other cooking for the meal. I only have the client's home fridge available, and you know how little space those have. No big Hobart, and only a limited amount of space on the counter for decorating and plating. You get the picture - it's like you were giving a party of that size in your home and couldn't make anything before the day of the event, and had to fit the whole dinner and dessert into one day's space and schedule. That said, I still want to give my clients something special in the way of dessert. So far the only thing I've resorted to buying is tiny tartlet shells from my local bakery, which come frozen, and really are just fine, even though I cringe at using something I didn't make from scratch. Well, if I used puff pastry or phyllo I'd buy that too, but both are relatively hard to work with under the circumstances I've described. I'm hoping, and even begging, for advice from the pros about tricks, tips, and even recipes that I might be able to use in these conditions to create beautiful, delicious desserts with a lot of wow factor. I can't wait to hear what you all might have to say.
  23. Kasia


    CRANBERRY-APPLE CAKE The worst thing about my cranberry-apple cake is the way it looks. It didn't look impressive, but it was so yummy it disappeared from the baking pan before it had completely cooled down. My children said that it was a colourful apple pie, and it really was something like that. Apples with cinnamon are the basis of apple pie – one of my favourite cakes. However, the sour cranberries make it more fresh and interesting. The crumble topping was, for my son, the most important part of the cake. I had to drive him away, because otherwise the cake would have been deprived of its crunchy top. Ingredients (18×26cm cake tin ):dough 200g of flour 150g of butter 3 eggs 1 packet of powdered vanilla blancmange 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence 200g of sugar 1 teaspoon of baking powder pinch of saltfruit 250g of fresh cranberries 1 apple 3 tablespoons of brown sugar 1 teaspoon of cinnamoncrumble topping 5 tablespoons of brown sugar 100g of butter 150g of flour First make the crumble topping. Put the cool butter, flour and sugar in a bowl. Knead them until you have small lumps. Leave it in the fridge. Heat the oven up to 180C. Cover a cake tin with some baking paper. Mix the flour with the baking powder and salt. Cream the butter with the sugar. Add egg after egg to the butter, stirring constantly. Add the flour, vanilla essence and powdered vanilla blancmange. Mix it together until you have a smooth dough. Put the dough into the cake tin. Wash the apple, remove the apple core and cube it. Mix the cranberries, apple, sugar and cinnamon in a bowl. Put the fruit on top of the dough. Cover the fruit with the crumble topping. Bake for 50 minutes. Enjoy your meal!
  24. hspringut

    Dessert Dilemma

    Has anyone had any really outstanding desserts downtown recently? I'm taking my boyfriend to Casa Mono for his birthday next weekend, but their desserts are rather limited and aren't supposed to be great, so I'd like to go somewhere else afterwards. I know Gramercy Tavern is a perennial dessert favorite, and it IS close by, so we may well end up going there, but I've never really loved their stuff; they always seem just a little too "homey" for me, like something I would make myself. And I've not been back since Claudia Fleming left. Plus, you can't order the dining room desserts in the tavern. On the other hand, it'll be easy to get a seat and the tables are spaced far enough apart that we'll have some semblance of privacy. I've been thinking of going to Babbo, I LOVE their desserts, but Saturday night will be a zoo, and I really don't want to have to wait a long time for seats. AND we'll probably end up having to sit at the bar, which would not be romantic at all. There's always Otto for gelato. Chikalicious is another option, but again we'll likely have to wait a long time on a Saturday night in the teeny-tiny room. Also, the desserts seem a little precious, which is fine for me, but it's not really the kind of food my bf likes. Veritas is also on my list, the bar is always quiet, but, while I love their savory food I've never been blown away by any dessert I've had there. So, basically I'm looking for someplace within a 20 minute or so walk from Casa Mono (Irving Place and 17th) that has fantastic desserts, and a quiet atmosphere in which we'll be able to carry on a conversation. I won't mind having to wait for a table for 10-15 minutes, but nothing longer than that. Any suggestions for me!?
  25. johnjohn

    Dessert Bars In NYC

    I've been to Chikalicious and Room 4 Dessert - Where am I missing. I've heard of 2 or 3 other places - I think they are Asian influenced. They have either just opened or are about to open. Can anybody help with names or other places that are worth visiting just for dessert in NYC. Thanks.