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  1. No, I think he meant "authentic American." If anyone can properly spell "amerikanish" please feel free to join in. All I know is that it sounded like that.
  2. Actually, my landlord said "echte amerikanish" though I may be spelling that incorrectly.
  3. I personally like "echte," such as expressions like "echte amerkaner." This was said to me by my German landlord when he saw corn tortillas. I could only nod and smile.
  4. I love purslane. In my Colorado garden it grew wild and made a very nice taco filling with onion, chile, etc. My spouse is ambivalent about it but will eat it and sometimes even almost enjoy it. It's grown here and sold in the mercado by the women who sit on the ground to sell their products but I find it doesn't have much of the tart flavor I remember from my "weeds." In an hour of weeding you could harvest a mountain of it. Best before it starts to bloom.
  5. Quesadillas and a quick salad. Another great way to use up the bits and bobs in the fridge, odds and ends of cheese, etc.
  6. Oops--the red one is Kitchen Aid. (I have to learn to not post before I have my morning coffee!) This little Cuisinart looks like a miniature version of the one I have and probably makes the same amount of noise.
  7. I see that Cuisinart has a Little Pro Plus chopper/juicer for 69.95 on their website. Is that the same as what you have? Pretty red color too.
  8. I see that Cuisinart has the Little Pro Plus chopper/juicer for 69.95 on their website. Is that the same as what you have?
  9. Sorry about clogging up this topic, but I just looked at the immersion blender I have. Rival, bought at Wal-Mart many years ago. Works like a charm. Two speeds, one piece (can't be taken apart for washing but easy enough to clean). Never have had a problem with it.
  10. I just looked at the reviews on Amazon and more than one reviewer commented on the noise. As one reviewer said: "I would recommend wearing ear plugs during use because the noise level when grinding or chopping is very very loud and high-pitched. Remove pets and children from the room to protect their hearing." So probably not on my wish list. I'll look for another.
  11. Many years ago I had a Cuisinart mini processor and gave it away because it was incredibly loud and annoying--like a high-pitched chain saw. Our dog would run away and hide when I used it. Is this one quieter? If so I may buy one.
  12. Thank you for those wonderful ideas. I've shredded them and put them in an omelet with a bit of cheese, but I really like the egg-panko treatment. And of course the corn pancake too.
  13. How do you prepare the squash blossoms? They're a staple here, and I'm always on the lookout for new preparations. Recently we had comida at a friend's house, and his housekeeper prepared them as a first course. Stuffed with not much cheese, which I think was Oaxacan, and gently heated, just enough to melt the cheese but not cause the flowers to totally collapse. Served with a righteous salsa. I knew better than to ask for the recipe. His housekeeper does not share her recipes, though she's good natured about saying no. Many people have tried to steal her from our friend because she's such a good cook. She's been with our friend for many years.
  14. Every year when we go north to visit friends and family in the US we are astonished/horrified/ultimately resigned about food prices. And restaurant prices? Forget it. When you pay over $40 for a decent breakfast it's almost insulting. Now, I understand that there are lots of other expenses in running a restaurant--food costs are only part of it. At the grocery store it's obvious that food costs more than it used to. We're heading to the US at the end of July and I'm almost afraid to see how much an avocado costs. For people with a finite income (that includes almost all of us) the price of food, which is a fundamental need, becomes a little problematic. Unfortunately I don't see this trend reversing anytime soon, if ever. Do prices ever go down? I don't think so. Prices in Pátzcuaro have also gone up. As an example, a kilo of tortillas is now 21 pesos at the tortilleria on our block and I've seen prices as high as 24 pesos. Used to be 12 or 13 per kilo. Tortillas are a fundamental food for Mexicans, with some families buying 3-4 kilos a day. The government used to subsidize tortilla prices, but no longer, so perhaps this is the true cost.
  15. Can you freeze lemon grass? Or is there another way to preserve it? Of course with the plant(s) you have separated you probably won't need to preserve anything. Or give them away. I just dug up (or rather, our gardener did) a bed of agapanthus that had become too crowded and as a result had stopped blooming. Took out 4 dozen clumps, which I will give away. I think they were white, but I'm not sure.
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