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  1. So true of road trips. As always, thank you so much for "bringing us along."
  2. Our flooring will be delivered next Wednesday to start acclimating. This afternoon we're off for my Sweetie to select material for the valance over the kitchen window. Overall we're loving the new kitchen. Part of the cabinet refacing was all new doors and drawers. The style of the hinges on the new doors was not expected. I just never gave it any thought. The ole hinges allowed the doors to swings as far as you wanted. Old hinge style: The new hinges only swing out about 90 degrees: Our pantry is opposite of
  3. Not a cartoon. but a thought. We go through a lot of Babybel cheese. As I was throwing away the red wax covering the evil thought occurred to me that it would be fun to collect a bunch of the wax, then dip the neck of some rotgut bourbon in the wax. It would be out to be seen by visitors to our home.
  4. My Sweetie likes bits of potato lumps in mashed potatoes so it's the wavy style for us. Since I use unpeeled Yukon Gold or Red Skin potatoes it does make cleanup slightly harder. If I were making them for me they'd be whipped. Either way, potatoes, salt, butter, and sour cream: what's not to love.
  5. Bought it. Sounds like my kind of baking.
  6. Late last week I received a check (amount purposely omitted) from the store chain with whom we contracted our renovation. My guess was that is was compensation for the mess the countertop guys left, but I wasn't any form of curious to verify this. I want to remind people that when I sent my complaint email to the salesman for the subcontractor I made it clear that I wasn't seeking any compensation for the serious level of mess, but felt that they should know what their installation crew left behind. My Sweetie was very interested in why we got the check and so early this week made
  7. Our flooring is out of stock at Pergo so that won't happen until May. Since I have a working kitchen again it's an acceptable delay. In the meantime I've been busy installing a bunch of these: There will be a total of 8. They are a godsend to cranky old bodies.
  8. Bought it. Maybe I'll use the Kindle version. The dead tree version was a bit unwieldy for me.
  9. I purposely waited until the cabinet refacing/new cabinets task was done before contracting for the flooring. I just placed the order last Thursday.
  10. Plumbing installed and the new pot rack hung: The crock pot has our corned beef dinner in it. The blinds for the window will be installed after we cleaned the 36 Y/O window the best we can. We can't do anything near the sink until dinnertime tonight when the sink-to-counter seal will be fully cured. Then most of the re-populating of the counters and lower cabinets will commence. Timing on the flooring installation is still up int the air. For us that will be a major prep task as we're having the kitchen and family room done. I''m still working on the logis
  11. The Plumber is here. Imagine a fat old guy doing a harpy dance.
  12. Something that surprised me about the flooring we've chosen, Pergo Outlast+, it that it has to sit in the house for 3 days for acclimation before they'll install it. It's not a problem, just something I never would have guessed.
  13. The new countertops and backsplash: Plumbing reconnect was supposed to happen this morning, now this afternoon. I'm not holding my breath but the ladders would be in the way of the plumber. I really hope that they come today or tomorrow morning. My daughter is coming over tomorrow afternoon to help me hang the new pot rack. 🤞 Phone call just came in saying 5 p.m. ETA When I re-installed the stove my Sweetie said it looks old and we need a new one. I told her today that until we know if we're moving out of state I don't want to replace it
  14. Our new countertops have been installed. I'll post pictures after the back splash tiling is done. My Sweetie and I happy with the new countertops. I am not happy with the installers. I went into the kitchen after they left and found the floor dirty with the extra bits of installation stuff and lots of dust and sawdust. While not pleased, I grabbed my pan and broom and cleaned up the mess. I later discovered that the window sill above the sink was covered with dust and granite dust. The cabinet faces were also covered with granite dust. Sigh. Then I went outside. I found
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