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  1. Kitchen photos

    @sparrowgrass I have "view envy". Much prettier than my suburban landscape.
  2. Our Coffee maker sits at the edge of the right sink. We have a pull-out style faucet head so we can fill the reservoir easily.
  3. The hooks are 3M Command hooks. Magnetic hooks can slide around.
  4. Cocktails this evening?
  5. Natural flow of conversation; this one about kitchen storage ideas. Whereabouts in general do you live? I'm here in Southern California's reclamined desert climate so I have to worry about protecting things from the heat.
  6. http://www.stepupnews.com/10-space-efficient-tricks-for-smarter-living/1/ As I clicked through this article I realized that having lived for, shall we say, a while there wasn't much new. I remember that the idea of using the inside portion of cabinet doors for lid storage came from watching Ulitmate Kitchen. However, there may be inspiartion for someone else here on egullet. I put the side of our refrigerator to good use. I have spare measuring cups and spoons in a drawer so that when I am finished with cooking/baking that need them, the dirty ones go in the sink and clean ones from the drawer replace them. Who needs an iPad and a stand for it if you have printer paper and magnets. And no need for counter space.
  7. Those cocktails are making my mouth water.
  8. My DW would consider a 3" x 3" square a serving size.
  9. I'm going to start referring to the "Manitoulin effect." Seeing the steak salads Anna has made inspired me to make steak salad for dinner tonight. Mesquite-seasoned beef is in the SV bath as I type. q quick sear when it comes out, then chilled. @Kerry Beal Did Kira enjoy going sailing?
  10. A fine-shred disk for my Cuisinart for $1.00. Should make for faster incorporation of cheese into cheese sauces than what I get when using my coarse grater disk.
  11. Looks marvelous. Now I'm hungry. Need a snack to tide me over. And, sadly, no steak for me tonight. But I will do LOTS of thrift shopping to make up for it.
  12. @Kerry Beal On the SV part of the rib eyes, what temp for how long? They look beyond wonderful.
  13. Beautiful bread.