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  1. Porthos

    Nasty Ingredients

    If I serve asparagus for dinner, I will smell the difference in my urine. Not a bad smell, just different. Love, love, love cilantro as does my wife.
  2. My DW and I vacation in a housekeeping cabin in the eastern Sierras that is, for how we like to cook, poorly equipped - basically the cheapest things they could buy at a Walmart. New management has helped some but it still isn't to our liking It sounds very much like your AirBnB kitchens. Because we travel in a pickup truck with a camper shell space is not an issue for us. We carry all of the pots and pans we will need for our menus, plus the 2 large and 1 small tubs full of items of our preference. I would suggest a roll of heavy-duty foil. Useful for many things. Here is a picture of some of the utensils we carry in case anything pictured suggests something to you. I carry a separate knife roll but you already know about your knife needs. I envy your ability to take your children on trips like you describe. Now we have grandchildren in that age range.
  3. Unless future health issues force a change, I won't eat plant-based meat substitutes. There's no reason to for me. (And some rabid vegans I've known in the past have made it even less desirable) I've not needed to eat bugs but if I had to I would.
  4. I bought minis of St Germaine and absinthe today. I'll be trying this tonight.
  5. Porthos

    Food funnies

    I got a new tshirt.
  6. For my DW and me this is the right stuff:
  7. After posting I remembered that we have a perfectly fine deep electric skillet that would do just fine. I expect to carry some seldom-needed stuff in the camper shell so it wouldn't take up valuable storage space in the trailer.
  8. I buy Pepperidge Farm Texas Toast. Use it every 2 or 3 months for something different.
  9. Update thought. Whenever I see offers with the "only so many minutes" clock I experience scepticism as to why they're trying to panic you into a decision.
  10. I've had 2 George Foreman. I found them to be a pain to clean. I don't recall any temperature control on the ones I had. My only thought was that it would provide a way to cook outside when use of fire was banned because of fire hazard. Of course I'm still a ways away from getting our travel trailer so at the moment it's just a curiosity.
  11. Porthos

    Food recalls

    I could be mistaken but those labels look like products I saw at a Costco Road Show. I didn't buy any because it didn't interest me.
  12. Interesting that they show a variety of inserts but only the smooth and grill pans come with it. The others are separately ordered. I'd consider doing Smoke Green for a travel trailer but 220AC rules it out.
  13. Is that Picnic Island that looks like a submarine?
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