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  1. RIP Heidi. You will be missed.
  2. The frozen pie shell I was going to use for my queice (sp) tonight was in pieces. After a failed attempt to buy another I, for the first time, made butter and flour pie dough, even rubbing the flour into the butter. It's only the second time I've rubbed flour into butter;that was for a biscuit recipe.
  3. Yrs, indeed. And the dishes looked just right for your dinner.
  4. @Smithy We may be some 200 miles up-river from you but we're "enjoying" the same windy conditions. I could see the potato gratin as a very nice side, but this carnivore would miss his animal protein. Veggie pizza mostly constitute what meatless are for me.
  5. At home my biggest had been 16 qt. I've taken to poaching turkey for Thanksgiving and the 16 qt. was challenging to use. I bought a 24 qt. and it worked very well. Of course, it doesn't fit into the dishwasher. 😪
  6. In my runs between AZ and So Cal I've noticed the increased number of Indian drivers.
  7. If they sell baked goods, etc. then they're in violation of the CURFFL regulations, AFAIK.
  8. I was having trouble with a couple of handles like that. I have switched to Cascade Premium Plus pods for my dishwasher. I ran them through the dishwasher and it completely cleaned them up.
  9. I've read 2 recipes lately that call for a pressure cooker, which I own. Then I look at the instructions and they say something like, "Set your pressure cooker to the sear setting." That's an Instapot, which I don't own. My daughter loves hers. I used it once, and didn't really care for it.
  10. A little Googling answered the wave style. It's the style used in banquets where serving the tables starts at one end of them and continues to the other.
  11. I just bought those in Teal(?) to augment my Viancin lids. My largest Viancin covers a lasagna dish; the smallest covers a water glass. Yes, I really do like them as does my Sweetie.
  12. At that price maybe I should order 2. 🤪
  13. I got a Traeger Series 22 smoker. This is my patio cooking area:
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