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  1. Food funnies

    A friend who is a carnivore like me posted this: This was my response: Welcome to heaven. Here's a steak from the fatted calf. Welcome to hell. The vegan taco bar is open 24/7.
  2. For me it's about how they cut up. The DH cuts cleaner than BC or Pillsbury. I use the one-egg version and go 1/3 cup oil and a 1/ cup water. They want a 1/2 cup of oil.
  3. Alton Brown did a Good Eats episode on how liquid smoke is made and how to make your own. Mmmm, no. Wright's still gets my business.
  4. In a similar vein, My DW and I have a time-honored brownie recipe adapted from her mom's recipe. When we want brownies at home we make them from scratch. However, I bake 4 foil catering pan's worth of brownies a week for desserts at faire (girl brownies and boys brownies - I'll let you guess what the difference is) and those are made from Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix, the only brand I'll use. I still like the taste of Kraft mac'n'cheese over my home-made; it's a comfort food thing. The only variance is the addition of sour cream.
  5. Gary Danko

    I haven't been in many years but the North Beach Restaurant was a go-to place.
  6. Thank you. It's off the list. I've substituted the d5.
  7. @JoNorvelleWalker Not challenging you, would just like to know your reason(s) why not.
  8. Egg Recall

    I go through 19 dozen eggs a weekend during my southern ren faire. So happy to know that I haven't been serving potentially tainted eggs.
  9. My DW and I will be celebrating a significant anniversary next month. She suggested that giving me a new knife or a nice pan would bring her pleasure. I've looked at knives and nothing zinged my strings. So I have started looking at pans. Pan one: Demeyere Silver7 Covered Sauté Pan 5 qt https://www.surlatable.com/product/PRO-2756047/Demeyere+Silver7+Covered+Saute+Pan?cat=TCA-257761_Saute+Pans Pan 2: All-Clad Copper Core Saucepan 4 qt https://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/all-clad-copper-core-saucepan/?pkey=call-clad-copper-core&isx=0.0.1254 I hope to add a couple of additional choices but for now this is what I have. Thoughts on either of these pans? ETA things in my kitchen MUST be dishwasher safe. This is an absolute.
  10. Pasta Inserts

    By weight how much pasta are you trying to boil? My guess would be too much water for the pot's size based upon your description. I use inserts or a pan and colander depending on how much pasta I am cooking.
  11. When I discussed my retiring from the feast kitchen one of the things we talked about was whether it meant I was just stopping running the kitchen or if I was going to stop participating in this faire. I talked a little bit about it but made no commitments. I have concluded that my best personal option is to walk away completely when this season is done and everything is packed away. I am willing to let them use my equipment in the future. but they would have to fetch it and return it. I would rather not be physically present at all. I am continuing (on a year to year basis) my participation in the faire up near Hollister in the fall. Even as team leader I have considerably less overall responsibility there and have already had discussion on how to minimize the actions and motions that do contribute to my pain level. And the tradition of really bad puns being made as we work must continue.
  12. Yes, it is Del Real. I've been buying it for enough years I don't pay attention to the name any more. My bad.
  13. Most likely. I was very tired when I posted ir.
  14. It's not a recipe. Del Rio is a brand that Costco, among others, carries.
  15. I grilled up 12 pounds of carne asada for today's ren faire feast. I reheated 5 pounds of Del Rio Carnitas. Everything else was my normal feast food.