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  1. Worked well for us a few years ago.
  2. @blue_dolphin. Mine from 1978 has the ear handles on the steamer and the double boiler. When we purchased another one in 1980 it was just the pan and lid. After scoring my last handled steamer I found a 2 qt stubby sauce pan in great shape for maybe $5, probably less. I am sitting in a Goodwill right now while my wife continues to shop. Today has been good for finding the wooden platters I use in my ren faire kitchens. As an aside the faire near Gilroy I do in the early fall ended last weekend.
  3. @andiesenji. Since I have only been finding these steamers recently, can you tell me if these were being made when Revere Ware was being manufactured in the US?
  4. If it is not refrigerated, just sits in a box for three days, such treatment does not help keep it fresh.
  5. This is headed in the right direction. Uneven lengths and not straight. Not the best for sticks.
  6. So 2 years later things are better but not perfect. This year we received celery that looked like it was grown next to Chernobyl. I can live with that although it slows the process of producing celery sticks. The bigger issue was that they were old. Two different prep people, one each weekend, complained about the quality. What I found out from my good friend in the kitchen that lives in the same town she does was disappointing. She goes to the farmers market with the worst reputation in town. This is in the middle of a major agricultural area. There are lots of choices. As for the celery I started sourcing it from Costco. When the veggie-buying person saw that I took celery off the list, she brought it up and when I told her why (old celery) she took exception. Too bad. One item does stand out for very high quality that she has been buying; Romanesco Cauliflower. edited to remove a redundant statement.
  7. I feel blessed to have you and Anna as friends who take me and others along on your Manitoulin trips. Thank you and Anna for again sharing your adventures with us.
  8. My DW and I have the Executive membership. We both take multiple maintenance drugs and Costco is far superior in service and price than traditional drug stores, and I live populated southern California. Because of the purchasing for my seasonal ren faire kitchens as well as year-round shopping for home the yearly rebate not only pays for the membership but we get a tidy sum ($100+) to use on splurges. And here in So Can the gas prices can't be beat. The bottled water and paper towels are also in the top 5 sellers.
  9. In my world the sun is over the yardarm somewhere and that's good enough for me.
  10. This week's thrift shopping saw me in six stores. I spent 50 cents in one store. That's it. Now if my DW had been with me ...
  11. For the future: 12 oz Yoshida Gourment Sauce 12 oz beer like Newcastle Nut Brown Ale 20 or so cloves of garlic mix and marinate the roast at least 12 hours. I use this but cut up the tri-tip into 6 oz servings and marinate for 4 hours of so.
  12. No picture. I found a 1 qt Revereware pan, original heavier materials, in excellent shape for $2.00. I myself have no use for it so I will pass it on.
  13. Bourbon Question

    Started with the simple, poured it over one ice cube. That worked well.
  14. FWIW I had the opportunity to dine at Club 33 in Disneyland a few years ago as a guest. All members of the party were given menus with prices. I would have had a bit of heartburn had there been no prices.