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  1. I've stated elsewhere that we bought this house, 36 years ago, for the kitchen. It has plenty of storage. We still like this kitchen. The house is 1250 sq ft, the kitchen is about 150 sq ft of that and well laid out. We're empty nesters now but way back when my Sweetie, my daughter and I could cook in it together and not get in each other's way. Sort of related ... when we first started looking for a house I called a local realtor, told them that we were starting to look for a house and that the kitchen was the most important room to us. The reply was, "you have to take
  2. The kitchen will be repairs and new surfaces. The ceiling has been painted and will get a new light fixture Tuesday. We're all about unfussy. We'll be replacing the barely-functioning range hood with another builder grade hood. The new kitchen flooring will extend through the family room. We haven't decided whether the kitchen wall color will extend into the family room or be a slightly different shade. I had wanted a single-bowl kitchen sink for years. My Sweetie was willing but really wanted a traditional 2-bowl sink. I asked my FB friends i
  3. My first Keurig coffee maker. I'm the only coffee drinker. Not set up yet, been painting in the kitchen. Hopefully tomorrow. Birthday gift from my wife. I've been lazy a lot lately and running out for my morning cup. Well, not really lazy, the renovation work as well as keeping up with life's needs is using up my available energy.
  4. For economic reasons we've had to defer a lot of maintenance items in our home. We can now start. We are planning on selling and relocating on another state, hopefully next year. Item one on our list is the kitchen. This is not a remodel, just all new surfaces. We've elected to reface our cabinets. My (still hoping) Blue Star range will be after we move. I had a misguided and idealistic expectation that we would go to Home Depot, pick out everything we wanted in one trip and proceed. This is not to be. You can stop laughing any time. We don't need any new appliances s
  5. I went for the Half Baked Harvest Super Simple.
  6. In late 2006 I was googling for information about knife sharpening and found Chad's Knife Skills and Sharpening (not the title) tutorial, looked around the site and was hooked.
  7. @gfweb Well, it took another 6 years but after hanging off of that one hook for 30+ years, last week the hook bent and dropped the pot rack. Shockingly, nothing broke, and was surprised by that given that there were several bottles of alcohol on the counter below. I installed 2 larger hooks and it's back in use.
  8. When shopping you remember when ground beef was $0.39/lb. You know exactly how long dinner will take to make based upon what you’re serving that night. You wish your whole kitchen floor was made out of fatigue mats. You didn’t have many, many close-by fast food franchises to let you bail on cooking with minimal impact.
  9. I am fond of Penzey's.
  10. Want! Looks beautiful. I have no idea where to find heirloom tomatoes here in southern California's Inland Empire.
  11. Found this on Amazon: From Scratch: 10 Meals, 175 Recipes, and Dozens of Techniques You Will Use Over and Over - Michael Ruhlman 2.99 I'm almost done with his The Making of a Chef and thought this might be interesting.
  12. Baking: bread pudding or other custard-based items.Using half&half that was frozen, my Sweetie makes bread puddings for ren faire participants to eat and consistently gets rave reviews.
  13. My corned beef hash is basic but tasty. I prefer the canned corned beef. I sweat down a couple of onion in bacon drippings, the added (thawed) frozen shredded potatoes and when they're mostly cooked I add the corned beef and salt and pepper to taste. My Sweetie and I really like it this way. I think that will be tomorrow night's dinner.
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