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  1. Make the Bread, Buy the Butter got my 2 bucks. I didn't bother to use the look inside. I'm curious about the author's take on such things. There are many things that I could make that I don't think are worth the effort - for me. YMMV.
  2. Not an appliance but I keep the 3 qt Revere pan from my mother's kitchen that I cooked with as a child. I keep it with the rest of my pots and pans but will never actually cook with it again. Stick blender, also. Why I keep something I've used twice in over 3 decades is a mystery to my but I can't seem to part with it. I stopped eating waffles* over a decade ago but I do use my waffle maker once a year to make anise waffle cookies. *When my Sweetie and I were engaged and I was living at my parents home, she spent the night on some weekend. She was in the kitchen with my
  3. I've seen artisanal used on breads that came from large-scale commercial bakeries. Drives me nuts.
  4. If the installation crew was going to handle installing the sink base cabinet, then the measurements guy should be able to take measurements before it's installed. Now it's a moot point. I'm going to take care of it.
  5. MY Sweetie just reminded me that the salesman said that the cabinet people would install the new sink base cabinet for us.
  6. WARNING! Angry Rant. Background. My Sweetie and I both have health issues that require us to carefully schedule what we do to work with our personal timing requirements. So far, working with the big box store who offers the services we want has been anything but smooth. On the day of our in-home consultation for cabinetry and counters, the salesman didn't come on time, and after texts and then a phone call, we had to postpone. the original appointment was for 3 p.m. and he 4:45 he couldn't be there before 5:30, so we rescheduled. He was late but did come for the resched
  7. In our area of southern Calif the Subway staff are wearing masks, AND we (happily) witnessed an employee decline to serve a non-mask-wearing would-be customer. Most businesses with larger stores have an employee at the door to enforce the mask requirement, with disposable masks to give to those who don't have masks with them.
  8. Those look like really good improvements.
  9. My Sweetie and I agreed to not keep these in the house. We couldn't stop munching on them.
  10. We bought this house, new construction, in 1984 and this is the flooring we picked for our kitchen/family room and bathrooms.
  11. There hasn't been much to report. I've made enough progress on the wall repair for us to have the counters and refacing guy in. We've picked out our new granite countertops (Oyster White), the new cabinet color is a very pale gray-blue (Rain Cloud), and a backsplash for the stove wall (Urban Loft). Measuring for the cabinets will be on the 17th. We already had the flooring picked out, Pergo's Bayshore Grey Hickory. Paint color for the walls is still TBD. The ceiling painting and installing the new ceiling light were done several weeks ago. At some point we'll be without a sink for
  12. I bought Pepin's More Fast Food My Way.
  13. Jacques Pepin's Memoir got my attention.
  14. Here in California alfalfa sprouts disappeared completely a few years ago, too many recall-type problems. I was buying them for fundraising sandwich making. I eat them if they're on something someone else prepared but I never buy them for myself so I don't know if they ever came back onto the market.
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