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  1. I'll probably buy one after I convince myself that I need a Rachel Ray $20.00 garbage bowl. I have several Thermoworks products that I really do like. Don't need a "celebrity" gadget.
  2. Food funnies

    Not exactly a Food Funny but it struck me as humorous. I am sitting here re-watching the Massimo Bottura episode of Chef's Table while eating my bowl of Cheerios.
  3. Something I failed to mention in my original comment up-thread is that with 2 specific exceptions all dishes and utensils go through the dishwasher. I have 2 knives that I hand-wash and that is done with paper towels. The sponge never gets near them.
  4. Slow Roasted Cherry Tomato Sauce

    I'm going to give this a try with two substitutions. Cherry tomatoes are hard to come by at a good price but I can get Romas at a good price most of the time so Romas will be the tomato. I'm going to sub out rosemary from my plant for basil since my DW doesn't care for basil.
  5. @Toliver $2.99 was the price for the Ken Forkish book even without Prime. ... and you are such an enabler!
  6. Down the Rabbit hole I go ... The Spice Companion ... bought it ... what is next? (in my head I'm hearing," Darth: No, I am your father." Luke: "Noooooo ..."
  7. @Toliver having watched the Nancy Silverton episode of Chef's Table twice in the last week, buying The Food of Campanile was a no-brainer.
  8. 100 ppm bleach in water in contact with the cleaned surface sanitizes the surface in 30 seconds also. With today's more concentrated bleaches that's a scant cap-full into a gallon of water.
  9. Safe cookware and bakeware?

    @boilsover Thank you.
  10. Chef's Table by Netflix

    Sounds good to me.
  11. The pan I mentioned upthread turns out to be a pre-1960 Wagner #8. I have never had the issues I am having with this pan to strip the crud. Way thicker than I have encountered before. 2 hours at 550 or so has not carbonized everything on the outside sidewall.
  12. Safe cookware and bakeware?

    @boilsover I am having trouble finding any information about pre-1998 Pyrex that used soda lime glass. Do you have any links handy for me to peruse?
  13. Chef's Table by Netflix

    I finished (with one exception) watching all 3 seasons. I can't begin to count all of the times I paused the show to look something up. I don't know that anything I viewed will change my approach to food, but I have learned new things about the world. After watching Tim Raue for 6 or 7 minutes I turned that episode off. He may be a culinary success, but in my world view, based upon how I saw him treating other human beings, he is a failure as a human being. I can't abide seeing people treated that way.
  14. I buy the dill relish for my DW.
  15. Safe cookware and bakeware?

    Bold Block Letters logo: Good, rounded: lettering bad. I have very littel glass in my kitchen; if I were single there would be even less.