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  1. Couldn't pass this one up. Thanks, @cdh.
  2. Vanilla sticker shock

    After sticker shock last night at Costco I knew my fellow eGulleters would have information on the insane jump in vanilla's cost.
  3. @Toliver The really good news is I need another pan like I need a toothache. No worries.
  4. I'm thinking that that price is for Prime members. I see $ 54.76 when I look.
  5. The trick is to steam them rather than boil them. Steaming is a bit more tolerant on timing - and they peel easier.
  6. Arby's - The Topic

    My DW and I recently stopped at an Arby's that had dreadful service, a half an hour for a 2-sandwich order. That issue aside, we were struck by the overblown, trying to be too many things for too many people menu. The only thing they sell that I stop for normally are dragon's eggs, better known as Jalepeno Bites or such.
  7. Hanger 24 in Redlands. Their chocolate porter is incredible. For a couple of years it was a weeknight "get together" spot with some of my ren faire friends. Hanger 24
  8. My DW got her degree in German literature (a long time ago in a university far, far way - ok, 30 miles) and thinks this looks like an interesting book. I have already one-clicked it.
  9. @Norm Matthews Also yay for the attached bottle opener. Mine is mounted over the recycle can.
  10. @Norm Matthews Nice looking stove. My DD and SIL bought a new house and went with a Samsung package. They also chose a range with the dual-oven. I need to ask my DD how they like it so far.
  11. I don't watch Food Network anymore but before I stopped watching I lost respect for AB because of the change from who he was. He was already into some level of media production when he decided to go to culinary school. Good Eats came after that. The first hint of things changing where the "road shows." You might not agree with his current persona, but he is a real cook.
  12. I'm not sure if it's quite within two years but definitely my Thermopen, and a 1 1/2 quart saucier I picked up from a thrift store for when the task at hand doesn't call for my 3 qt saucier. ETAI can't believe I didn't say my Anova circulator.
  13. I am very happy with my Anova Bluetooth. I don't use the app, just operate it directly. The 1/2 degree increments are not a limitation in my usage.
  14. Question for members. Do you consider Karl Strauss to be a craft brewery, albiet one with brewery operations all over southern California?
  15. Serious question. City? County? Greater Southern California Area?