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  1. The 2-jar-wide version could be a possibility for our still in the future new home.
  2. Dodged a bullet today. We went down to Orange County to pick out granite slabs for our new counters from our original choice. It turns out that the sample we saw in our home didn't really match the overall slabs. They had all sorts of quartz occlusions. No thank you. My Sweetie described what we were looking for and we were shown slabs that are what we want. All the paperwork is done, and we'll have granite counters that match our vision. I am so grateful my Sweetie wanted to approve the slabs. I'm far too trusting.
  3. Beside the fact that I prefer cooking with gas, the pragmatic side of me likes the idea that during power failures* the burners can still be used with the aid of matches or long-neck butane lighters like you find in the camping section. My Sweetie and I MUST have a kitchen that 2 or 3 people can cook in, which may not be necessary for you. We chose our current house, purchased 36 years ago, based on the kitchen. The house we plan to retire to has a great kitchen with a large walk-in pantry. If for you the kitchen is the most important room of the house, then by all means make that
  4. I don't mind you asking but I'm kind of a paranoid person and have always been purposely vague about where I live. Where my Sweetie and I end up will likewise only been vaguely stated; I don't know the area well enough to be vague enough for my comfort level. 😀
  5. We finally have the dates when the cabinet resurfacing will happen, along with them making the granite countertop templates. Work will be done the week of February 22. The real irony here is that we have found the new-construction house we want to buy in Arizona (waiting for the model we want to be released for sale, then built) and I'd much rather start thinking about what we want for that house.
  6. When we have brats at home we never use buns.
  7. My Sweetie and I drove past the freeway exit to get to where you're camping. I thought of you and your darling. Maybe next year will be safe for seeing each other face to face again.
  8. @blue_dolphin The cookie book caught my eye, until I remembered that our yearly mass Christmas cookie baking has come to an end.
  9. I'm incredibly lazy about washing greens. You'd need to use a perpetual calendar to measure time between my greens washing, and my Sweetie and I are still alive into our retirement age.
  10. Decades ago I made a field service call to a small town about 1/2 way between Calgary and Edmonton in March. I had to be out-of-doors part of the day. I remember the wind, and when snow was falling it was being blown parallel to the ground. Not the sort of weather a Southern California guy is used to. ETA: The people who worked at the plant admitted that it was cold that day.
  11. I've never cared for Spam. However, I discovered that I like to use it for hash. Hash has always been dinner food here. Bacon fat, onions, shredded potatoes and Spam make an easy dinner we both enjoy.
  12. We've had way more really windy days this aeason. I can track this easily. Our north-facing home gathers all of the trash from the north-south street near us. Tracking is how many times I've had to pick up the trash that arrives via the wind. Your green beans look to die for. With the off-and-on usability of our kitchen (renovation-related, not usable right now) I've stopped buying fresh veggies. I just can't use them, and it kills me to toss spoiled food.
  13. At ren faire we call stuffed jalapenos Dragon's Eggs and that's all I ever think to call them. At Arby's they serve them with "Broncoberry" sauce, essentially raspberry sauce, and I like them that way.
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