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  1. @Anna N What year did you start going up with Kerry?
  2. Porthos

    Buying Sheet Pans

    I've had poor luck with SS pans, warping in the oven.
  3. Glad your trip home was a safe one. Thank you and Kerry for providing this fun and interesting virtual vacation.
  4. I'm hoping get to Penzey's Anaheim store Saturday.
  5. My Dw and I freely share recipes when asked. I'm well known for my corned beef, a very simple recipe, and share it when asked. I consider it a compliment. However ... My DW is known for her bread puddings, called "Kate Crack" by our friends. Some years ago a friend of ours shared her Amaretto Bread Pudding recipe with my DW with the provision that my DW never pass it along. We have been asked for the recipe but always respond with "we promised the woman who gave it to us to never share it." It's about respect in a case like this.
  6. There's farmer's market about 15 miles west of where I live (no great shakes distance-wise) at which a vendor has them. Unfortunately, my schedule says that it would be at least November before i could get over there again, if they're still having it at that time of year.
  7. This southern Californian hasn't made it over to the local Sonic, nor the ones I see in my travels around the state. Now if they wanted to add poutine, well-made poutine, to their menu that would get me in there. I really, really want to try poutine. Unfortunately, the life I am living at the moment doesn't allow for traipsing over to the other side of greater LA to seek it out.
  8. I'm turning 65 next month. I have a lifetime of trying curries and KNOW that curries and I don't get along. I've had the "have you tried ..." responses here on egullet. My response has been and still is, "I love such a wide variety of food types and I don't 'suffer from Mal-nutrition' so why should I keep trying to like something that doesn't agree with my digestive tract?"
  9. Upthread there was a conversation about recycling frying oil. At the Renaissance Farie I participate in in the spring in Los Angeles county, behind the food court area there are several blue oil recycling containers in which the vendors deposit their used frying oil. I've never been around during the week when it is collected so I don't know what the end use is, but I know it is utilized somehow. From a quick internet search my best guess is biodiesel fuel.
  10. I'll look at the gorgeous pictures of Manitoulin Island and pretend that it's that kind of cool here, where we're headed for at least 97F. (don't remind me about snow there in the winter - it will disrupt my fantasy)
  11. Porthos

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    What do you do when you have small chunks of different cheeses in your refrigerator? You make 4-cheese Mac & cheese with bacon crumbles for dinner. Sharp cheddar, Emmentaler, Parmesan, and Gouda. Simple but tasty.
  12. When I looked it up a little while ago there was no one concise definition, and some sources said it or may not be smoked. It seems that brine curing was the main definition.
  13. I carry a Sharpie and put a thick line through each item that I pick up. I can't read my own writing anymore.
  14. I live and die by lists. If I'm making a packing list for going away for the weekend I don't list "clothes", it's "t-shirts, shorts, socks, underwear" and such. I word-process my grocery lists also:
  15. My FIL uses "Dead Soldier" and now we also do.