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  1. Food funnies

    Did you hear about the happy eater who consumed his hot dog with great relish?
  2. I am finding this thread far more interesting than ATK (almost never watch it) or CI.
  3. My mashed potatoes most likely would not make the "very best" list but a ricer would be difficult to use. I steam red potatoes with the skin on, then mash using an Oxo masher starting with just butter. When they are nearly ready I add a dash of milk and some sour cream. We all like the texture and visual appeal the skins bring to the finished dish. I suppose for purists this might sway them toward a "worst meal" feeling.
  4. What my mother used to do to broccoli should have been punishable by law. How long do you have to boil it before it turns gray. She made, for almost every meal we ate at her houseful a couple of years, a lime Jell-O, Cool Whip and canned fruit salad that I dubbed Green Slime. Behind her back, of course. No, she was not a gifted cook. But I did appreciate her Swiss steak done in a pressure cooker.
  5. Beyond the topic of cutting boards I am glad that this came up. I did some related research that has changed the way I look at hand sanitizers. I will be using them less and washing my hands more. Norovirus is the reason. I had been under the mistaken impression that hand sanitizers killed a broader spectrum of germs than they do. My faire kitchen cutting boards will still get 100 ppm bleach sanitizing, however. Lest anyone think I do so at home, no, they go through the dishwasher at home after a hand scrubbing first.
  6. See the second paragraph for the difference, in relation to food safety, between sanitizing and disinfecting. http://www.foodsafetymagazine.com/magazine-archive1/augustseptember-2011/sanitizers-and-disinfectants-the-chemicals-of-prevention/
  7. Sous vide for a newbie?

    Everyone, Thanks for the feedback. I think I am still going to stick with the 143.5 F temp as the next try. But what I will do differently is a quick sear on the finished chicken and see if that helps my DW. As I said, I myself am happy with 142 texture. Porthos p.s. On a few occasions my daughter and I have talked about how my DW seems to have developed a "Princess and the pea" attitude towards food which makes sorting out real things to change versus things imagined a bit more difficult. Since I still love her madly I am trying to figure it out as best I can.
  8. Sous vide for a newbie?

    For a 20 mmm thickness Baldwin calls for 1 1/4 hours at 142 F. I went 1 1/2 hours. It was not mushy. I am trying to balance perception of being done versus moistness for my DW. Neither my daughter or SIL found it to be mushy.
  9. Sous vide for a newbie?

    I made Sesame Ginger chicken breasts last night. I pounded them to 20 mm thick, 1 1/2 hours at 142 F. I was happy with the flavor and texture but my DW thought they were too mushy. I told her I would bump the temp to 143.5 then next time I made them, but I did remind her that I am trying to make them to be still moist enough for her. She is have trouble accepting that the meat is thoroughly cooked. Thoughts?
  10. Smile and Wave!

    Welcome. Glad you've joined.
  11. SInce bleach is my friend I don't bother with this time-consuming technique. @daveb I have bleach in the house for use with laundry so in my case the bleach has multiple uses.
  12. For thouse who don't want to have to need a phone, just a circluator, Anova has put the Bluetooth model (you don't have to have a Bluetooth device to use it) on sale for $129.00 a couple of times this year. I suspect we will see this sale again. I am not knocking the Joule, just providing some additional infor about circulators.
  13. I can't remember where I had read about hydrogen peroxide but my memory is that for thorough sanitizing to cover all of the common classes of harmful pathogens you use the peroxide then rinse and then use vinegar. The HP and vinegar can not be combined. I double-checked this before finishing this post.
  14. I look forward to reading the article when I am back in front of a computer.