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  1. Kitchen Sink and Faucet

    I have no direct experience with anything but a traditional 2-compartment sink. I deeply desire to replace it with a farm sink when the time comes. My DW isn't on-board with it - yet. I do not hand-wash dishes so I don't need 2 compartments. A farm sink would afford enought space for any pan, baking or otherwise, to be placed completely in the sink. Faucets are far to varied and personal for me to weigh in on with advice. We have an inexpensive spray or stream faucet-on-a-hose that pulls out. Second one we have owned. I like it for several reasons, one of which is the ease of filling the coffee maker (not an issue for you):
  2. My only guess is that since they are not a "pretty" piece of meat most people don't buy them. I'm in my 60's, have been cooking for 50 years and, happily, still get to keep learning and discovering.
  3. Hospital Time

    When I was in the Air Force I was hospitalized when I came down with mono, only hospitalized to keep me isolated from other people in my squadron. Boring week if ever there was one. While in the hospital I kept filling out the daily menu request but wasn't getting what I asked for. I finally asked a nurse why and he told me that I was on a doctor-prescribed diet while in the hospital. Disappointing since my throat had been so swollen that I had been living on nothing but milk before I was diagnosed.
  4. Costco membership

    4 lbs of butter at Costcos in our area fluctuate between $8 and $10 for the package. Local supermarket prices for butter starts at $3.50/lb and goes up rapidly. Our household of 4 adults and an (adorable) three-year-old goes through a pound to a pound and a half a week. It goes into the freezer. I pull out a pound at a time and the cubes go into the butter compartment of the refrigerator. We keep our butter on the counter so one cube at a time comes out of the refrigerator. I m the biggest user; I cook almost all of the dinners. Here in southern California we have a grocery chain by the name of Stater Bros. Their positioning statement is "It's our meat that made us famous." They still have a real butcher's counter. They do have pre-packaged meat if you want. One of the things that shows just how good the customer service is is when I am buying beef that is on sale, in aprroximately 22 lb quantities, for use at ren faire. They will offer to custom cut the meat for me if I want a different thickeness. Before I got my large event grill I did buy 11-12 lb roasts from Costco. But I really prefer, as do the ren faire people I feed, grilled steaks over beef roasts.
  5. Hospital Time

    Sorry you're laid up, but glad to know you are being helped.
  6. @IndyRob Do you cook your SV or another technique. For me SV has yielded tasty and tender steaks.
  7. Because of the current heat wave I have put some chicken breasts in the SV bath. They will get cubed and become chicken pasta salad for dinner. Can you say "Cold food for a hot day."
  8. Costco membership

    The one thing I don't buy there is TP. I am not a fan. Scott tissues or nothing. I will lose the good price on 36 rolls bales when I let my Sam's Club card expire.
  9. Costco membership

    I use 8 to 12 pills a day, under a doctor's care, for my arthritis. The cost is comparable to filling scrips for presciption Motrin without having to worry about getting new scrips every few months. And if I run out, I can buy ibuprofen anywhere.
  10. Dinner 2017 (Part 5)

    SVed chuck eye steaks, Ranch Style Beans from a can, and steamed broccoli.
  11. I checked at Stater Bros and they had them for $8/lb. That's twice what I pay and I get respectable meat. I actually was armed with one of Dave the Cook's photos to try looking at chuck roasts and spot the Chuck eye. That didn't pan out. Stickers all over the packages.
  12. Anova Nano --- New

    Based upon something I just saw I doubt Target will pick up the nano. The Target I am in right now has put the Bluetooth model on clearance.
  13. Costco membership

    We have the Executive membership. If I didn't do so much ren faire shopping at Costco we would probably go back to a regular membership, but in the spring I spend around $5,000 there and that alone mostly covers the membership fee. We buy our tires there, we get our meds from their pharmacy (a lot of meds - they know us by sight), and it is generally our first stop for our semi-monthly grocery shopping. They consistent.ly have the best prices on gas. It also helps that being in the (very) greater Los Angeles area there are 5 different Costcos that I shop at depending on where I am at and what I need; Faire figures into that. The card we are getting ready to drop is Sam's Club. It has never really paid for itself and now that we're living on less income it has become an unnecessary luxury.
  14. Talked to a butcher at Ralph's (Kroger). I can ask for them in advance. They put Chuck eyes into the pile for ground beef. Ouch.
  15. Until the first time I started reading SnowAngel's thread The Cabin I had never heard of this cut. It was several years before I saw some in an ad for a local market. It was love at first bite. This week the same store had them on ad, in the Family Pack size, so I went and bought a package last week. Put one meal's worth in the freezer and SVed the rest. I just went and bought one more package and again split it into two meals, one is now in the freezer, the other will be tomorrow night's dinner (or Thursday if I don't get back from Anaheim in time tomorrow). I realize that there are only 2 Chuck Eyes per cow, but that is still 2. Given the amount of meat my local megamarts sell, I wonder what they do with the chuck eye steaks? I am going to do my best to start asking the meat cutters at the supermarkets what they do with the chuck eye steaks. Does anyone here on eGullet have any ideas/insights on why they are so hard to come by here in Southern California. For me, marinated, SVed mediium rare and seared, they are a real taste treat.