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  1. Something that I've noticed while shopping for groceries has to do with keeping your social distance. There seems to be a basic correlation between age and keeping your distance. People that have lived several decades appear to take it much more seriously, whereas say 30 year olds and younger are a lot more likely to be ignoring it. It makes me appreciate the seniors time slots all the more.
  2. @weinoo I may have obscured my basic question of sanitizing versus disinfecting packaged goods I'm bringing into my home.
  3. One thing that is confusing me is how the terms sanitize and disinfect are seeming to be tossed around* as if they were on and the same. I have been going to the level of disinfecting everything I bring home from the grocery store save fresh produce. I'm washing that with Dawn. The warnings I've seen against that seem to ignore the fact that, just like doing the dishes, it will be rinsed off of the produce. Can anyone tell me if sanitizing is enough? * in various articles on line that are related to the pandemic.
  4. Her work ID identified her as an RN. It's possible it's work-related.
  5. We needed to be in Orange County yesterday morning, so we went to the Costco Business Center in Westminster. There are things that we can only get there. My DW picked up a case of Top--Ramen-type ramen for my daughter and her family. She came by today to pick up some other food and was thrilled to get the ramen. It's been very, VERY hard to come by here in Southern California.
  6. @weinoo It's just the DW and me. I cooked about a 3 1/2 lb corned beef with potatoes, carrots and onions for St Patrick's Day. I vacuum sealed about half and put it into the freezer. Last night I put about 8 oz of Guinness and 8 oz of water with a teaspoon of bouillon simmering in a pan with onions and carrots, added potatoes a bit later, then added the warmed CB. It was very tasty for the second go-round. Still had about half of that left so it will be a CB hash breakfast Tuesday morning. My DW, thanks to COVID 19, was laid off this past Monday. This makes thinking about meals quite different now. Our general agreement is we'll each have breakfast and lunch as the mood strikes us, just having dinner together as usual. We're prepared for her having been laid off. I've been out doing some form of grocery shopping every day this past week. My WinCo has a seniors/compromised individuals only time slot of 6:00 to 7:00 so I go then. It feels strange to not go out more often but rather shelter in place more, starting today, and be going out less.Except for fresh fruit and veggies, we're well set to have to reallyhhnker down.
  7. Have you ever made German potato pancakes cooked in bacon fat?
  8. I don't strain. I let the particulates settle in the pan, then (sort of carefully) pour it into the jar we keep in the fridge. I let the jar come up to more or less room temperature before pouring. There was enough bits to be seen that recently, with a pretty full jar, I warmed it in the microwave to get it to be a liquid, poured it off into another vessel. I cleaned the jar and then carefully poured to bacon grease back into the jar so that it would be pretty much free of bits. I used some this morning to fry up a couple of cubed potatoes to be part of breakfast. What a sublime pleasure to eat over-easy eggs and dip the potatoes into the yolk.
  9. Not by all. I cut them up raw and use them like chips to eat salsa.
  10. Since My Sweetie and I both have multiple increased risks, I set up a disinfecting station outside of our front door. Things get wiped down with 80% isopropyl alcohol, then brought in. The "inks" they use on things liked bagged salad are soluble by the alcohol. It smears very well. Shopping: I wear gloves and disinfect the handle and top surfaces of the grocery cart before bringing it into the store. After shopping I unload the cart and return it, then use hand sanitizer. When I arrive home I wash my hands and forearms, then don gloves again and begin the disinfect/bring in cycle. I try to wear a long-sleeved top (I don't own very many) while shopping, then take it off as soon as I return home.
  11. @teonzo I appreciate the suggestion. When I've done the lamination system for similar things in the past for whatever reason it didn't work well for me.
  12. In another thread there was some discussion about maintaining an inventory list of the stuff in your freezer. This is my new solution: I adjust quantities as I pull things out, then update and reprint after shopping.
  13. On my plate they'e called "left on the plate." While on a business trip to Venezuela in the early nighties I think there were fried plantains on every plate of lunch or dinner I was served. Having never encountered them before I tried one. That was more than enough. Blech.
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