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  1. Tritip - A Ren Faire Post

    One of the blessings of living in southern California is have the Stater Bros market chain. They are my favorite source of meat. Small wonder. Meat is what they are known for. When they run sales on meat it is generally without limit. Tonight I was perusing the food ads online looking for the best prices on soda this week. My DW is to Diet Coke to what truck drivers are to coffee. When I looked at the Stater Bros ad what I quickly and happily noticed is that they have trimmed tri-tip on sale for $2.99/pound. Now I already had the beef I was planning on serving this weekend for our ren faire guild feast sitting in the freezer; top sirloin steaks I had purchased from Stater Bros last week for $2.99/pound. I was able to serve top sirloin the previous 2 weekends also. Well, the top sirloin will have to wait a week. Having an unfettered evening I made my way (all 2 blocks away) to Stater Bros and picked up 22 pounds of tri-tip and processed it into the size that I like to grill. A quick reminder: we do not serve "portions" to guild members, we serve bites, which typically are cut to be two bites worth. This piece illustrates my favorite proportion to grill because after cooking it can be cut into 5 or 6 bites quickly. I do not go for even, equal cuts because the various pieces will cook up between medium rare to medium well, with me trying to have more medium rare than anything else. Now it's time for a beer and to bed.
  2. Cuisinart Recall

    It's a race ... will my new blade or Christmas arrive first. Not taking any bets ...
  3. Part of this has to be, "location, location, location." I am in the (very) greater Los Angeles area and I had no clue that produce elsewhere was unavailable or way more expensive than typical. For my daughter's ren faire kitchen I buy a variety of fresh veggies and fruits as listed below and hadn't seen any real price differences. I feel for you but can offer no help. A typical weekend includes: Carrots Celery Onions Potatoes Edemame Cucumbers Jicama (of which I will never understand the appeal thereof) Zucchini Broccoli Green Beans (frozen) Asparagus Brussels Sprouts Mushrooms Oranges Pineapples Strawberries Grapes Watermelon For my Canadian friends I have a sourcing question. We get a lot of produce from Mexico and Chile as well as what is grown here. Do you get produce from Mexico or Chile?
  4. Right now I would kill for the time to join back in. I am lucky if I can find the time to cook one meal a week at home. Balancing my ren faire involvement with what I need to do in support of my ill FIL has me running ragged. This is the first time in weeks I have even been able to sit and really read egullet entries. Last Wednesday would be the closest I've come recently. Poached some chicken breasts in broth, then cut them up. Cooked some TJs 3-cheese tortellini, covered the tortellini with some Barilla Alfredo sauce and added the chicken. Not exactly the kind of cooking I wish to do. My Sous Vide rig is put away for now.
  5. I'm going to take the position that aircraft engineering takes, which is that every pound of weight takes energy both to take off from earth and to maintain airspeed. Even if the road you were on were perfectly flat you still have to expend energy to combat air drag. Add in even minor changes in elevation as you travel and that adds to fuel consumption. It does add to the fuel costs to carry extra weight in vehicles. I, however, will admit to at times not removing weight that I could. I know better.
  6. Meat Blasphemy – Well-done Steak

    This won't help but I couldn't help thinking of it. I turned it into a poster and put it up in my ren faire kitchen.
  7. Oh my, Nacy. You've taken me on a way-back trip. I lived in Santa Maria as a young adult. I can smell the tri-tip just looking at that photo ...
  8. Disk-bottom, same as the 3 qt Vollrath pan I have and the pan I was looking at online.
  9. I almost exclusively wear t-shirts, mostly with logos or saying on them. For some reason I don't like wearing aprons when doing my ren faire cooking, which includes making up the sanitizing bleach water. When a t-shirt of mine gets stained, it goes into a drawer of my "faire shirts" about which I don't care if they get more stains.
  10. After getting Hazan's book on classic Italian cooking and reading her preference for beef stock I contacted a friend who is both an excellent cook and married into an Italian family to get his take. He has tried beef stock but risotto with chicken stock is the preference. His MIL, whom I dearly love, wouldn't hold back at all if she thought he should be using beef broth instead of chicken.
  11. My 3 qt saucier is too big for some jobs, particularly when I have several pots on the stove. I looked at a 2 qt online but didn't want to spend the bucks for something I only want rather than need. Since I am a hardcore thrift shopper I decided to keep an eye out, even though I don't recall seeing any in the past. Today I hit pay dirt with this 2 qt made-by-Calphalon saucier for $4.49. Not pictured is an 8 qt pasta pot/steamer for $7.18 for my faire kitchen. While my daughter is now the head of the Southern faire kitchen I'm still the source of the equipment, happily so.
  12. Found this Wilton RWP platter, approx 16" x 12", for $3.14 after discounts. It will be the new platter for raw veggies and fruit for my ren faire head table . Head table eats off of metal, common folk eat from wooden bowls and platters.
  13. A sirloin steak seasoned with Garlic Festival Mesquite grill, 132.5 F for 4 1/2 hours, then patted dry, salted and seared in a CI Pan. I've used this seasoning this way before but today it just didn't work. Fortunately I made risotto so there was something tasty on the plate.
  14. Dinner 2017 (Part 3)

    Some years ago my DW gave me a mandolin. I never had much luck with it so it mostly just sat in its box. A few years ago she asked it she could use it in the tea kitchen at faire to slice cucumbers, a great use for it, so I gave it to her - along with a Kevlar glove. She is very faithful about using that glove.
  15. Dinner 2017 (Part 3)

    @chefmd I'm glad I saw your post with the asparagus. I had forgotten that my Dw had asked for apsaragus tonight. Trimmed and ready to steam. Meatloaf, creamy mashed potatoes and steamed asparagus. My DW prefers mashes potatoes with some bit of chunk to it and I normally do that. Tonight I did it they way I like. Instead of one large loaf pan I used a mini-loaves pan. A small loaf my my Dw and I, another for my DD and SIL, and a third to go into the freezer for a quick-to-put-together weekend dinner.