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  1. chocolate pump

    So just a melter and an ez temper? Are people melting at 60c overnight then waiting until the chocolate cools to add silk, or melting lower like 35 or 40?
  2. chocolate pump

    Fine to be a downer, that's a serious consideration. The kitchen is pretty cold in the winter and I wouldn't want to struggle with chocolate build-up. How do you like the TF20 with molding wheel from DR?
  3. chocolate pump

    Has anyone used the chocolate pump that TCF offers? https://www.tcfsales.com/products/c115-mol-d'art-melters/ I'd like to increase both production and efficiency, so I'm looking at a 20-24kg melter, the pump, and possibly an EZ temper as an upgrade from a 6kg melter, a bunch of bowls and a ladle. What do other chocolatiers think? I doubt I'll jump right into 24kg at a time, but I figure might as well have the capacity since it is the same footprint as the 12kg melter. The pump would save a lot of time with molding, provided it doesn't clog up or over-temper the chocolate - is a stray chunk going to cause havoc? And if it is a full 24kg, that's a lot of chocolate to hand-temper, so much heavy stirring. Would the pump be able to mix in EZ Temper silk and make tempering virtually hands-free? thanks!
  4. Are you saying you haven't eaten them all yet? But that's why I don't care for the ones with a bunch of CB sprayed on after, the thick layer of fat isn't enjoyable. CB isn't necessarily a bad flavor, just not as good as the rest of the bean. It's probably all deodorized, it would be fine if it had some chocolate flavor. You can add a little chocolate or white chocolate, depending on the color. Cacao Barry actually makes blue and orange white chocolate pistoles, and their fascination with the Ruby chocolate is all about color. It could also be interesting to add a drop of flavor oil - I use Lorann pure citrus and peppermint oils to flavor dark chocolate, you could flavor the CB instead. And customers are generally clueless to the subtleties of technique. For every person who actually knows what feuilletine is, there are hundreds who ask, "is that fudge?"
  5. Yes, I had the 0.3 which could spray CB but was slow so I upgraded to the 0.5. I think compressor power is really crucial, so the bigger compressor and the 0.5 might work just fine. My compressor is only 0.5 hp, works but could be better.
  6. Pistachio Paste

    I made pistachio paste today. I didn’t really toast the nuts but warmed them in hopes of releasing the oils. Not sure that was effective though, they still took much longer to liquefy than hazelnuts do. Adding extra pistachio oil to loosen things up would probably help. Heres my hazelnut paste from a few days ago, pretty liquid and heres today’s pistachio - much thicker! i saved some out just plain and added a little sugar and a pinch of salt to some. @Jim D. if you pm me a mailing address I’ll send you a bit so you can see how homemade compares to commercial and decide if you want to make your own.
  7. Polenta Cake question

    What is their revolting glaze formula? Start with 1/4 c of syrup and see. A stickier, thicker syrup won’t soak in as much as a thin watery one.
  8. Pistachio Paste

    Does the ganache have to be liquid? Obviously I'm confident enough to sell them, but I wish I had numbers to back me up.
  9. Pistachio Paste

    Yeah, just a little one like this: https://www.amazon.com/Premier-2-0l-Tilting-Wet-Grinder/dp/B0030MS1XI/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1510722555&sr=8-1-fkmr1&keywords=tilting+stone+wet+grinder I made hazelnut paste today with hazelnuts and powdered sugar, should do raspberries tomorrow - freeze dried berries, sugar, & cocoa butter. I process the nuts in my cuisinart first until they go runny, then put them in the grinder to work out the hard bits and mix in the sugar. I'll trade you pistachio paste for Aw readings
  10. Pistachio Paste

    To me, pistachios are one of the few nuts that are better raw. Hazelnuts MUST be roasted & most others are improved to some degree, but not pistachios. I was thinking of this topic the other day and picked up some raw California pistachios from Trader Joe's for $12/lb. I'll grind them down then spin them in the stone grinder for a while and see what I come up with. Even a mere $29/lb is too rich for my blood!
  11. Using Fortunato Chocolate

    Also, I'm not sure how many health nuts are in your neck of the woods, but around here there is a faction who wants soy-free chocolate because soy is one of the crops most associated with GMOs. One natural foods co-op I was talking to said if there was soy in my chocolate I had to provide certification that it was non-GMO soy. I believe Theo (my local large bean-to-bar maker) is completely soy free, and lots of other bean-to-bar makers are also proudly just cacao and sugar. Some of them may still suck (I can't get behind the gritty un-conched stuff) or not be couverture, but soy lecithin is far from essential.
  12. Using Fortunato Chocolate

    I use Felchlin's Arriba 72% which doesn't have soy lecithin, and I also just got some of their Madagascar 64% that is also additive-free. My understanding is these are both conched for 72 hours. The Arriba is plenty liquid, I haven't tried molding with the 64 yet. So I don't think you should assume you need to add lecithin just because it's not already in there. If it's too thick, thin with CB as needed. If those scraps are blended with new, adjust that to your liking. Or if you don't want to add anything at all and it is too viscous for shell molding, use it in ganache. You may be over-thinking it
  13. Chocdoc Susses out Seattle

    There were food trucks? Guess I gotta leave my booth to find them Know that I have a stash of snacks - apples, almonds, baby carrots, luna bars, cheese, etc -and am happy to share. I still follow the restaurant tradition of staff meal and a shift intoxicant!
  14. Scratch Guacamole - Labor Intensive

    Can you pinpoint what's taking so much time? Lisa suggested a robot coupe - if you're hand-chopping everything, definitely try to speed that up!