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  1. @SweetandSnappyJen Yikes. I'd be making sure that flavor was one I could melt down and recycle
  2. @Jim D. They are much more concentrated in flavor and more liquid. There is no pulp/fiber. I'm using them in white chocolate ganaches.
  3. 200-250? Depends on the mold. Agreed that you need to temper way more chocolate than you'll actually use, but for costing purposes it would be good to know the shell vs filling. I had some CW2295 rejects in my fridge and broke a few apart. 8 dark choc shells + bottoms = 38g (avg 4.75), 8 white choc ganache centers = 60 g (avg 7.5) The shells are pretty thin but the bottoms are a little thick on this batch so 4 grams with a thinner bottom?
  4. What's going on in upstate NY to need 2 out of 5 rage rooms? I thought it was supposed to be all bucolic and stuff 😂
  5. +2 I used to worry about cleaning it, now I don't.
  6. Done. I tested some for aW and it was really high (0.84, I aim for 0.75 in chocolate fillings), could just be fat but definitely enough moisture for it to be something else. Thanks!
  7. This bag of pepperoni has been open for 1-2 weeks in a warm place (~75f). Is this white bloom ok mold, bad mold, fat, or something else?
  8. in that case, I second Blue Dolphin's suggestion of egg white
  9. How important is 'holding together'? Do you need big clusters or would you be happy with loose but appropriately sweetened oats?
  10. No, but if 'caviar' is 100% seeds and 'paste' is seeds diluted with syrup, my guess is try half the amount of vanilla bean paste called for.
  11. Yes. Or fall down the rabbit hole of getting a melanger and making your own fruit chocolates ... Jams are sweetened and have a cooked flavor. Not necessarily bad. Also add regular grocery store frozen fruit juice concentrates to the list. It doesn't have to be an expensive niche ingredient!
  12. Also consider Valrhona's Inspirations. The raspberry and yuzu are fantastic, strawberry less intense/tart, haven't tried the passion fruit. Freeze dried fruit powders, too.
  13. Not sure if they ship out of the US, but this company has good fruit juice concentrates: https://www.fruitfast.com/fruitconcentrates. I'm using their raspberry, cherry, and cranberry right now, they are intensely fruity with no pulp. I also like Perfect Puree passion fruit concentrate. Many frozen purees are not concentrated. Pure citrus oils can also be useful. As for substitutions, depends on what the recipe originally calls for.
  14. Do you enjoy Indian food? Try palak paneer, essentially Indian creamed spinach.
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