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  1. Has L'Epicérie Closed?

    I get feuilletine through Peterson. They have warehouses here & NJ.
  2. Has L'Epicérie Closed?

    I can sell you some feiulletine if you need it - I just opened a new box. It's light and not a problem if it gets crushed going cross country
  3. Has L'Epicérie Closed?

    That does seem strange. @Porthos I don't think we can deduce a whole lot from a couple of unhappy customers from 18 months ago. Jim, what are you looking for? Maybe somebody has a source or extra. It's a total drag when those hard to find ingredients and supplies get even harder to find
  4. You probably don't really NEED to do the nutritional info right now, it is only required when you're pretty big. If you sell less than $50k or 10k units per year, don't even worry about it. It'll be nice to have eventually, and some stores may want it, but it's not actually required until you're high volume. I'd say put that on the back burner for now, more important to have clear ingredients labels listing allergens. Would acetate strips wrapped around the outside of your cakes help with shipping? I like the idea of including the sugar separately for a fresher look.
  5. German choc cake filling

    @Tri2Cook I know, the traditional is probably just fine with the cooking and ton of sugar, Im sure I've left pecan pie out and not worried. Just being cautious because it's a warm weekend & not something I normally make Thanks!
  6. German choc cake filling

    Ok I think I'll skip the eggs and just use this it does say refrigerate after opening but it should be fine overnight, right?
  7. German choc cake filling

    I have a wedding order next weekend with multiple cakes and one of the flavors they want is German chocolate. I don't believe I've ever actually made one before! A lot of recipes use egg yolks. Is the goo still safe at room temp with the cooking and all that sugar? They are picking up the night before and heading to the woods with limited refrigeration. Would it be better to leave out the yolks and make a thicker caramel or substitute gelatin? I love coconut so ill so I'll be happy to experiment, but any pro tips on shelf stable GCC fillings would be appreciated. My plan is to do naked cakes with acetate wrapped around so they'll travel well. Thanks!
  8. Hard caramel in ice cream

    Yep, exactly what Kenneth said. Your caramel was just sugar, and would turn to goo over time even left out in a humid kitchen. A toffee made with butter should last a little longer with the fat there to interfere with water absorption.
  9. Food funnies

    Absolutely! I'll occasionally watch Pioneer Woman while at the gym and while she doesn't make anything that spectacular, it's easy to see how this idyllic rustic Americana thing would appeal. She's not a chef, not claiming to be a chef (afaik), she's making money appealing to the masses. Good for her.
  10. Food funnies

    I don't have any strong feelings about Ree Drummond, but if you enjoy snark, this guy has plenty ...
  11. Looks like as long as the declared value is less than USD$800 and it's for personal use (not re-sale) you shouldn't have to pay duty ... I've never bought anything from Japan, only Canada and definitely under $800 and have never had issues with customs or duty. But I suppose that could be due to NAFTA or something ...
  12. Food funnies

    for all the mayo lovers out there -
  13. Are these the good ones - all jumbled up and touching?? Perfectly cut then thrown in a pile? The horror! I can't look ... yet can't look away ... Kerry you're killing me, how much butter do you have to put in a thing before caramels can touch and not make misery? Anna, can't you patiently line them up in rows or something? How can you live like this?
  14. I'm trying to remember the dressing for the grilled romaine salad at a restaurant I used to enjoy - I think it was browned butter and citrus, maybe a little balsamic? Browned butter in salad dressing might sound weird, but it was semi-warm so the butter stayed melted. So good!
  15. Foodie Tech

    How awful if people need a device to tell whether their food is actually food.