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  1. $5? That’s going to be a very small bag! $5 an ounce, maybe ... Suggestion #1, charge more! Unless they require $5 items, charge at least $10.
  2. Does it say how long the video is?
  3. Should be fine, cranberries aren't all that juicy, especially if they are kept whole.
  4. How about a window cake box and some fluff/shred/filler? https://m.brpboxshop.com/3438.html
  5. She’s a big one! What are the finished dimensions? Check papermart.com, they have some larger clear boxes. Or do a hard bottom bag or gift basket inside a bag type thing.
  6. pastrygirl

    Ras el hanout

    Depends on the blend, but isn't it mostly 'sweet' spices? Cinnamon, ginger, clove, cardamom ... I'd put that in cookies! As long as it's not overwhelmingly cumin-y or something. http://thetastyother.com/2015/02/ras-el-hanout-cookies/ If it's good on carrots, how about in carrot cake?
  7. I had a sample of those, too. At first I was really excited by the grip-iness but then I found that they also hold onto piping tips really well, making it harder to switch tips and get multiple uses out of the bag. I use a plastic bowl scraper on the outside of the bags to scrape the contents toward the tip, that also didn't slide as well on the green ones. But definitely better when you have buttery or sweaty hands!
  8. I like it, but wouldn't the tomatoes absorb water through their skin and split, like they do in the rain?
  9. Also the drip CB in front of the airbrush and blast it with air to splatter method.
  10. Italian or Swiss meringue buttercream will be quite firm when cold. You could chill it then carve details like windows and headlights and use the heat of your (gloved) hand to smooth out the body. As long as it has wheels and is full of sugar your nephew will love it. I agree that fondant is gross but it's good for sculpting and cartoon-y things.
  11. Then where does coconut milk go, in with the fruit juices? Soy sauce with oil & vinegar or ketchup & mustard? I guess there could be more integration, if they moved the coconut milk or soy sauce I could learn. All the rices together and all the noodles together, refried beans and tofu in with the garbanzos and kidney beans instead of the Hispanic and Asian areas. But the picante chicharrons are already in the chip aisle and there are fresh salsas all over the place ...
  12. Nice! What’s your vision for the cake - sculpted? Fondant or buttercream?
  13. Happy birthday! Are you intending to use it for cakes? We might have more chocolate airbrush-ers here than cake artists ... I've never airbrushed a cake, all I know is there are food colors formulated for airbrushing cakes, beyond that ... practice, practice
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