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  1. Have you considered a guitar?
  2. You're right, a spray gun would be for larger pieces like Easter eggs or figures where you need to cover a large area. Sorry I can't offer any insight on Grex vs Iwata.
  3. Why do you need both airbrush and spray gun? You can get a grex airbrush for $200. Do you have a compressor? https://www.dickblick.com/items/grex-tritium-airbrush-set-top-gravity-5-mm-double-action-trigger/ https://www.midwestairbrush.com/grtrtopgraiw.html
  4. How hot is the pan? I agree with Heidi that the typical 1.5" thick stone slab can take a lot of heat. Hard candy or peanut brittle is in the 300-325F range and cools fairly quickly once poured out. I did an art project with big slabs of cooked sugar last summer, my thicker slab of marble survived (thank goodness) but my thinner piece of quartz developed cracks. To be safe, I'd avoid putting anything unusually hot on your stone. A sheet of cookies out of the oven or the pot you just dumped pasta water out of should be fine, but something like a pot of caramel sauce
  5. So since the Selmi cools before dispensing, in theory it could give me chocolate cooled to below room temp? If it's 95F in my kitchen, it could dispense chocolate at 88? I'd have to put it directly in the fridge, but hmmm ...
  6. Who's "trashing"? I'm not trashing, I freakin' love cheese, bacon, and huge portions 😂 While blue crab may be special in the mid-Atlantic states and Dungeness crab may be special in the Northwest, it's the lowest common denominator that ends up defining us - Applebee's, McDonald's, Cheesecake Factory. Yes, there is SO MUCH more and better including regional cuisines and our rich immigrant cultures, but I don't mind taking a lighthearted view towards mass market food habits.
  7. I recently tried these, because how could I not? https://shop.mackiescrisps.co.uk/collections/vegan-range/products/mackies-of-scotland-haggis-cracked-black-pepper-crisps I don’t know if they tasted like haggis, but I enjoyed the ample black pepper.
  8. Cover it with cheese 🇺🇸
  9. Are you cooking it in the jars? I personally never make pate but when you said chicken liver I was reminded of the smooth mix I’ve seen in restaurants kitchens, pureed in a blender then poured into ramekins and baked.
  10. lol, I haven't even plugged it in yet!
  11. What is the consistency of your pate, can you make it more liquid? Air bubbles seem bad from a food safety standpoint.
  12. @JeanneCake bonbon inventory management and production flow are things I'm still wrapping my head around. I hadn't been making a whole lot of bonbons due to shelf life concerns, but they've been selling so well at holidays and online that I'm focusing much more attention on them. With my truffles or bars, I'll make a big batch of a single flavor and package them right away. With the assorted bonbon boxes there are 9 or more flavors so I've been making a few flavors at a time and chilling or freezing until I have them all ready to box up, then boxing and usually re-freezing until
  13. I had a fairly smooth day of bonbon-ing today, 12 molds (CW2295, 32 cavity dome) start to finish (but not fully packaged/put away). I took notes on the timing, just in case it helps. I planned ahead and put my colors in a melter overnight, otherwise I'd microwave them while polishing molds polishing molds: 30 minutes airbrushing molds, meanwhile melting ganaches in the microwave: 1 hour tempering chocolate, casting shells: 45 min tempering & piping fillings: 1 hour making one more layer on the hazelnut, re-tempering what's in the melter, and lunch break: 4
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