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  1. @Tropicalsenior thanks, that helps a lot. I was thinking 2 & 4 servings in oven-safe aluminum pans but I'll see what my options are, take-out packaging is in high demand right now.
  2. I have surprisingly little experience with mac & cheese ... if I was going to make mac & cheese or lasagna as a frozen take & bake entree, I'd just assemble it and freeze to be baked by the customer, rather than assemble, bake, freeze, and have the customer re-bake, right? Same with pot pie, the filling is already cooked and the customer bakes it long enough to bake the dough and heat the filling? I don't buy many frozen entrees besides pizza, am trying to put together a menu that I can sell to the neighborhood* but want to limit refrigerated items with short shelf life and focus on shelf stable and frozen. *out of my commercial kitchen, don't worry
  3. I've always assumed that the fruit gets leathery and weird and the chocolatiers are ok with that. You'd have to fully enrobe the pieces in chocolate to keep them crispy.
  4. Use an ice pick or chisel to make smaller chunks, then suck on them. Pretend it's Bhutanese dried yak cheese, if you like.
  5. I wonder if the rapeseed oil is to blame. I believe both Chef Rubber and Roxy & Rich colors are cocoa butter only, no other oils. Is the CW color solid at room temp like cocoa butter should be?
  6. Here is what I have, not sure how it was chosen.
  7. I'll try to remember to look at my grease trap tomorrow and see if there are details. Probably one of those things where its better to err on the side of larger? I don't currently have a dishwasher, I have a ginormous 3 compartment sink that is awesome because a full sheet pan will fit flat in each basin. Takes more space but much lower cost. Things to consider in dishwashers - does it sanitize by heat or chemicals and what will that do to your molds? Will it fit all your equipment - sheet pans, hotel pans, melanger drums, etc? Do they require a service contract and/or charge per cycle? Restaurants I've worked in have used Auto-Chor, it's nice to have that regular service and one less thing to worry about but may be costly. But how much volume are you washing? You don't need to keep up with dinner service.just clean after a production run. A high temp dishwasher is going to be hot and steamy and should be in a well ventilated area away from chocolate. A low temp one might use chemicals that degrade your molds.
  8. just a 12 quart cuisinart stock pot. I also have a 16 quart that I use on my stock burner, the larger ring of flames helps sugar cook evenly.
  9. That's tiny. Since caramel needs so much room to expand and foam as it cooks, that seems impractical for all but the smallest batch. I recommend a stainless steel stock pot with a heavy bottom, this 12 quart will hold at least 2 kg of caramel. https://www.wayfair.com/kitchen-tabletop/pdp/cuisinart-stock-pot-with-lid-cui2499.html?piid=13675208
  10. Apparently that's the 'bone notch' https://images.app.goo.gl/rsXeewVHahifb6eN9
  11. No, might be radiant such as this https://www.homedepot.com/p/GE-30-in-Radiant-Electric-Cooktop-in-Black-with-4-Elements-including-2-Power-Boil-Elements-JP3030DJBB/205951510 Radiant should work with any material pots and pans and heat without anything being on the burner. Induction will only work with conductive metal pans and the burner itself won't heat without a pan on it.
  12. Do you have the Harvest Right? How long does it take and how could the results be better? I'm slightly interested in one for freeze drying fruits to be blended into chocolate. It would be cool to be able to use local fruit. If you're serious about selling it, what part of the world are you in?
  13. Meh. It's easy to say what other people should or shouldn't have done.
  14. There's a local fish wholesaler who has opened to the public. My production kitchen is in kind of a food desert so I've been debating getting some bulk things to re-pack and sell to the neighborhood but it's hard to get motivated when there is little foot traffic and probably not a lot of money to be made on dry beans/rice/pasta.
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