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  1. @Altay.Oro try warming it up to 35C to emulsify
  2. yeah you don't want to dilute the sugar too much, I don't remember how fully cherries re-hydrate but I'm sure I've done something similar maybe 2 c dried (sweetened) sour cherries, 1/2 c (1:1) simple syrup, 1/4 c brandy? You don't want a ton of extra liquid, that would be a waste of brandy
  3. Shelf life can be 1 week, 6 months, or anywhere in between, it all depends on formulation and storage temp. A cold case is fine as long as humidity is low and there is no condensation.
  4. Are they sweetened dried sour cherries? Dried fruit has very little water and wouldn't get icy, and any sugar in the fruit is already concentrated. I think the brandy soak should suffice without additional sugar.
  5. Maybe too much fat? Why add extra cocoa butter to ganache?
  6. There is often room for education - some customers are vaguely aware, some are not. I just got an email asking about the shelf life on two products someone had sent to their family overseas. I looked up their order and they had bought a bunch of stuff in early December last year. Luckily the items were caramels and gianduja so I could tell them they should be fine through end of May, but I wouldn't feel so confident about bonbons made last November. (And there are best by dates on those boxes)
  7. 4 weeks is a relatively short time and most things should be fine. But for example today someone picked up a box of bonbons and said it's for a birthday in 3 weeks. If they've been in my fridge for a couple of weeks, then they go to someone's house for 3 weeks, then maybe the birthday person went keto for the month ... how are they at 8 or 10 weeks? Or if you do holiday markets, you'll have people wanting to buy gifts in November to give six weeks later, then the recipient saves it til Valentine's. Can you keep things frozen til ready to sell and give a reasonably confident 6-8
  8. https://ziploc.com/en/Products/Containers/Rectangle/Containers-Large-Rectangle I've discovered that these fit 96 (3 molds full) of my domed bonbons (CW2295) with candy pads between layers. I keep things refrigerated or frozen. You're pre-boxing everything, right? Keep 5 or 10 or 20 boxes put together and someplace cool then freeze back-ups. What do you currently suggest for shelf life? I figure that keeping them in the fridge will buy a little more time and the shelf life clock doesn't really begin until they're out at room temp.
  9. I have had deep fried fish skeletons at Japanese restaurants and also enjoy crunchy fried shrimp heads. I wonder if you could candy a fish skeleton? Blanch it a few times to remove the fish flavor then cook in syrup ...
  10. how moist, exactly? nuts, crispy pearls, or crunchy cookie bits with a chocolate raincoat Though I'm trying to think of positive experiences of bones in food ... 🧐
  11. ... and they can’t tell you how to do it, they can only tell you if you’re doing it wrong.
  12. Since the potatoes are simmered in cream and everything is warm, leaving it out for a few hours doesn't sound like the safest practice. OTOH, it will be cooked, and the last time I took my food handler's permit they had extended the window for cooling hot foods from 4 to 6 hours so 1 or 2 at kinda warm then fully cooked probably won't hurt anyone. Do you really need to pre-cook the potatoes/cream or can you assemble everything cold and just bake a few minutes longer?
  13. Well you’d be better off using dark first then milk and washing it at the end of the day, but I think you can move one enrober between multiple machines. You want to work from fewest allergens to most.
  14. @EsaK I got the EX with the removable screw because if I ever have to clean the thing out I want cleaning to be a easy as possible and waste the least chocolate. I'll keep dark chocolate in it and not switch chocolates too often, I use mostly 60% dark and can still use my mol d'art melters for milk and white. They offer a 'water cleaning attachment', which is the hose shown in the cleaning video. It would be easier to never clean it out and change my labeling to say 'may contain traces of' all the various allergens But I guess I should get the hose and have that option. Other
  15. I just sent in my deposit for a Selmi Color. The combination of sale pricing and how much my arm hurts after Easter production sealed the deal. My arm feels better already!
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