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  1. Today Facebook suggested I join a private group dedicated to hot chocolate bombs with 21k members, so yes, they are a thing! (I didn't join)
  2. @Dark side thanks! The white is white chocolate mixed with enough white cocoa butter to make it a brighter shade of white. Yours look great, I wouldn't change them. What size mold are you using? I think the problem with adding liquid liquor would be the marshmallows and the dry mix soaking it up more than the chocolate shell. Can you make a boozy marshmallow instead?
  3. Kate's been killing it with Carl, had him in Nieman Marcus and an airport kiosk last year, there's also Carla, who is peppermint IIRC. Inspired by Kate, I've made a single-serving version for a few years but am leaning heavily towards not this year. It does seem like a few more people on Instagram are making them. I use a 50 mm hemisphere mold, which is on the small side, 60+ mm might be easier to handle (and fit marshmallows in). I don't use marshmallows but I'm probably weird that way. I don't like them and my balls are too small. Pros: They're cute, fun for kids
  4. The #1 reason why I haven't defected to Oz 😂 Good luck!
  5. @Nikos those triangles look like an utter nightmare to polish fantastic blues and purples though!
  6. More nice shine. It’s been cold and dry, that probably helps. I was worried about the orange ones, my cb smears didn’t crystallize as quickly as desireable, but I only lost a few to flaking flavors are salted caramel, cardamom, orange, and honey
  7. What are they doing with all this colored white chocolate? Maybe its more of a hotel/high volume thing, to quickly make colorful garnishes. Admittedly, I rarely shell in white, but say you're making three colors of bonbons. You can temper three colors of cocoa butter then temper a bunch of white chocolate for the shells then temper it again for the bottoms, that's 5 things, or you can temper each of three colors of white chocolate twice, once for the shell and once for the bottom, that's 6 things. (which only takes a moment with the EZ temper but is a drag if you're doing it by
  8. Of course! But I'm curious why they suggest these for coloring white chocolate specifically, and what the difference is between their brix and fat dispersible powder color. Just marketing?
  9. It would save a step, but then you’d have a bunch of excess colored white chocolate sitting around. Or if you often do multiple colors, having one solid color backing instead of white will change how the top colors look.
  10. I used valrhona yuzu inspiration here. With frozen purées, I tend to thaw them first - at least partially - rather than chipping at ice blocks
  11. I’m happy with the shine on these. Shells are a blend of opalys and yuzu, filled with lemon yuzu ganache, sprayed in translucent yellow.
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