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  1. Well I ended up folding spun sugar into the meltaway. It felt a little like mixing glue and steel wool, but the final product works. The texture is really nice, light foamy meltaway with a subtle tingling crunch. Much more delicate than crushed candy/caramelized sugar. I spooned out little lumps before it set, it really can't be piped. It's very sweet, so it'll work best with a meltaway that isn't very sweet such as bittersweet.
  2. I'm a chocolate hobbyist letting my mind wander. I want to add some texture to a whipped meltaway center. I'll probably try it tomorrow but I'm wondering how it might work or if there are any pitfalls. Maybe crushed spun sugar or praline powder. Maybe crushed crêpes dentelle or cereal, maybe crushed nuts. I may try to roll the centers in the crunchy things or go simple and just fold them into the centers. I'm hand dipping. Anyone ever try using inclusions in a couverture?
  3. Thanks for this tip. I was trying to add graham cracker crumbs to a ganache, which of course didn't work. I just tried making a meltaway base and it seems the perfect soulution.
  4. I should also mention here I have a perverse interested in the fine line between sweet and savory chocolate. Along the lines of chocolate hors d'oeuvres. Thai green curry/coconut/white chocolate . Mexican Mole truffles. Including onion and garlic. So far nobody has liked these but me. But I also like regular chocolately things too.
  5. Uh, does it have a huge, 2 story "cabin" with a fireplace big enough to stand inside?
  6. @Kerry Beal I just glimpsed at your food blog. Manitoulin Isand, huh? 40+ years ago I went to a family reunion on some tiny island somewhere near Parry Sound.
  7. I assumed that the cocoa butter used in candy making is different than the cacao butter sold in health food stores. Here's my story. I've been playing around with a white chocolate butter ganache for a friend and decided to try to cut the sweetness by substituting some cocoa butter for a small portion of the white chocolate. I picked up some organic cold pressed cacao butter at the local store thinking it couldn't be too different from the cocoa butter used. The original tiny test batch was 150 g white chocolate, and 60 g. butter, the second batch was 100 g wh. choc. with 35 g. cocoa butter and 75g. of butter. Anyway, that small amount of non-deoderized cocoa butter completely overwhelmed the flavoring I used. It tasted nice, It tasted like actual chocolate, although it's a slightly funky chocolate flavor. Anyway, back to the drawing board. Although I might think about trying this in the future as a flavoring. Lesson learned.
  8. @Smithy Right now I'm mostly interested in southeast asian, Korean through Malaysian. I live in a small tourist town on the water. I've worked in semi "healthy" restaurants, breakfast, pizza. Nothing very exciting. I've done a little cheese mongering too. I've been doing hand dipped chocs at home for years, always willing to try any new thing. i have to check out the boutique chocolatiers wherever I go. I made my first butter ganache yesterday and now I'm experimenting with whipping it. @Kerry Beal I'm located near Seattle, just read about the workshop. I do have some vacation time I need to use. Let me think. But tell me, how did the tobacco and port turn out?
  9. Hi, I'm a new member although I have lurked here for years. I've worked in restaurants and cafes for years, cooking and serving. I'm interested in new food experiences and I'm a home chocolate hobbyist.
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