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  1. How about a Ritz cracker or a pretzel for a bit of salt?
  2. pastrygirl


    I did receive the People’s Pops book (Paletas was out of stock but thats ok). Haven’t tried any recipes but did throw together a few flavors to explore the balance of sugar, solids, and fat and how they affect texture through trial and error. In my restaurant days I’d make most sorbets by taste but I’m out of practice. So far I’ve made cherry-raspberry, coconut, lemon-tangerine, rhubarb, dark chocolate, and vanilla yogurt. Even sold a few yesterday!
  3. Impulse stop at an estate sale this morning - 2 nice pedestal cake plates, 2 square cake pans, 1 small soufflé dish, large stainless bowl, vollrath stainless 12 qt pot w/lid, smells-like-new 48 qt ice chest, all for $40. Glad I took a detour!
  4. pastrygirl

    Nutritional Yeast

    It's good on kale chips, if kale chips aren't horrifying enough already These are local to me, I like their 'cheeze' flavor: https://livingprooffoods.com/pages/flavors
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    I just ordered used copies of that and the Fany Gerson Paletas book. There's a local company who makes really good fruit pops and sells at all the farmers markets but due to Covid-19 they've decided to take a year off. I was super close to buying 100 of their pops to re-sell out of my kitchen window before they shut down but came to my senses. I have the technology (a freezer), just need to put in a little effort and be patient with un-molding
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    Thanks for your detailed response, your pops look great so I can't blame the molds and have to admit to user error. I've already broken one of the lids and had that sticks askew problem yesterday, so good to know I can skip the lids. Maybe I should spend $20 on a tried and true recipe book before I spend $200 on fancy molds 😆 I got the plastic ones for a special order last summer, delivered the order but didn't exactly dive deep into pop perfection. Your pics have been inspiring!
  7. pastrygirl


    @blue_dolphin can I ask what kind of molds you have? Has anyone used the more expensive metal ones? I have some plastic ones but they're kind of small, can't decide if I want to go metal. I have these: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002IBJOG/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_SL.7EbS7CPEFK Are these worth the upgrade, or does the mold not matter, it's the recipe and timing to get them out cleanly? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07228L72B/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_nN.7EbCG1FNXT
  8. Unless your work space is incredibly cold, like 60F/15C, there is no need to pre-warm your molds. Warm cocoa butter on a warm mold will just slide off. Warm CB on a cool mold will crystallize and stay put.
  9. An idea struck last night to combine the chocolate and sugar ideas and make a giant "glass" candy dish to fill with the melting chocolate balloons. Execution and clean-up to be determined 🤣 Weather could still go either way, Seattle in June can be 60 or 80F.
  10. social media is full of 'em 🤣
  11. So you want a hard crack caramel, but only a very thin layer? I wonder if you could sprinkle the doughnut with sugar and caramelize it with a propane torch a la creme brulee ... without burning the pastry or lighting the residual fry oil on fire, that is
  12. You could add the coffee flavor to the ladyfingers themselves and bake out any liquid.
  13. Due to demonstrations & curfews in many cities, the organizers are postponing the Arts Drive for 2 weeks to the 20th of June, which is kind of good because it gives me time to develop ideas. Maybe something rainbow since it'll be close to Pride.
  14. it would be built outside on the patio so no need to move it, but weight is a concern, I don’t know how strong hard crack sugar is as a building material. bread or dead dough is a good idea too. I don’t have a particular design in mind yet, just want to participate and play with something new for arts sake. Sugar could definitely end up as an unholy sticky mess!
  15. @curls awesome, thanks. I had that book but sold it -oops! 🤪
  16. I did a couple of quick experiments, about 1 kg sugar fills a ganache frame about 1/4” thick and the torch worked to glue things together. Everyone loves fire but I’ll probably need extra hands and some freeze spray. Could be fun to see what I can make with 100 lb of sugar. Should I add glucose/corn syrup or acid? I added 10% glucose because it seemed like the right thing to do ...
  17. @minas6907 great input, thanks. Instead of pouring caramel into sheet pans, how about an oiled ganache frame on a silpat on my marble slab? The finished piece only needs to last for the afternoon - impermanence and all that - but I would want to make the pieces Thursday & Friday. Maybe me struggling to make something out of sugar panels will be performance art 😆 Or I could dress up as Marie Antoinette and pass out cupcakes ...
  18. No, no rules, doesn't have to be edible, I just thought it would be cool to get a time-lapse video of something self-destructing. Gingerbread is a good idea! Would you believe I've never made a gingerbread house? this is the event, in multiple cities: https://www.nationalartsdrive.com/
  19. My kitchen space is part of 3 industrial buildings full of artists' studios and we are participating in a drive-by art event this weekend. I have a sunny patio so was thinking of making a giant pile of chocolate balloons to let melt and collapse in the sun as my 'art'. However, it looks like it might rain and also chocolate is expensive so maybe I should switch to sugar. Of course, I've never made a sugar sculpture, and it needs to be big enough to be interesting from 15' away. My first idea is a house of cards with half sheet pan size sheets of sugar. Do I need molten sugar to glue them together or can I soften the edges with a propane torch? Will I be happier if I get isomalt instead of regular cane sugar? And can I use gel food colors in sugar? Other ideas or tips?
  20. Thanks I did get some of the SAF from Peterson, where I have an account and get deliveries. I'm going ahead with my mini grocery store, trying to figure out space and supply chain for a decent number of skus so someone could actually get a couple days worth of meals. Not really sure what I'm getting into, two other businesses in the neighborhood are also pivoting to grocery. A coffee/brunch spot has rearranged and added shelves and a cold case but wasn't stocked yet as of Thursday. Not sure how I can compete, besides my desserts. And parking, that's important.
  21. if it's pink or blue but doesn't have fruit it in
  22. Consequences of the general public shopping at restaurant wholesalers - There's one where I don't have a delivery account but do will call for some ingredients. They're always super nice, you just call ahead and pay by credit card, easy. 2 weeks ago I tried to get yeast but they were reserving it for their restaurant accounts, today they said you had to show a copy of your re-seller's permit. Not a problem because I have one, but interesting that they are limiting it to business customers when they never did before.
  23. Powder free but black and a different brand. All the bleach probably isn't helping either 😜 Hmm, good idea, I did get a bunch of cheap cotton gloves once for handling chocolate. Though if the cotton ones end up sweaty and gross inside the other glove, I might stick with the suffering I know. thanks!
  24. On the subject of food handling gloves ... Over the years I've found that latex gives me a rash so I use the white-ish nitrile gloves. Recently gloves have been out of stock everywhere so when my kitchen tenant found some and brought me 4 boxes I was excited. However after a few days of the new black nitrile gloves the backs of my hands are itching like crazy with tiny bumps. Coincidence? Different formula for the black ones? Any suggestions for a snug, flexible, hypo-allergenic disposable glove? My hands have enough to deal with 😟
  25. If you know what model it is you can check the user guide online, but IIRC the bottle needs to be full to the line and it works best if the water to be fizzed is already very cold.
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