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  1. Bensdorp Cocoa

    Hmm, I would think no, since plain dark chocolate has a shelf life of 2 years and cocoa butter isn't known to go rancid easily. Though the small particle size of the powder introduces air exposure that doesn't happen in a solid block so there could be oxidation. I use Valrhona cocoa and keep it at room temp. I'm not sure how high fat it is, but it tastes great.
  2. One Click Butter Cutter

    I've been known to just rub the stick of butter directly on my toast. Yes, you get crumbs stuck to the butter, but you don't have to wash a knife
  3. Anything odd about these carb counts to you?

    Here's what the FDA says about carbohydrates and sugars for nutrition labeling. From the 2013 Food Labeling Guide: How is total carbohydrate calculated? Total carbohydrate is calculated by subtracting the weight of the crude protein, total fat, moisture, and ash from the total weight of the sample of the food. Does total carbohydrate include dietary fiber? Yes. Dietary fiber must be listed as a sub-component under total carbohydrate. What is meant by sugars on the nutrition facts label? To calculate sugars for the nutrition facts label, determine the weight in grams of all free monosachharides and disachharides in the sample of the food. Under what circumstances is the listing of sugar alcohol required? When a claim is made on the label or in labeling about sugar alcohols or sugars when sugar alcohols are present in the food. This diabetes study classifies maltodextrin as a maltooligosaccharide, not a mono-or di-sachharide or a sugar-alcohol. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3257742/ So if its not a sugar per se (mono- or disachharide) and they are not making claims about low sugar, it appears they are within the guidelines calling maltodextrin a carb. I hope that helps.
  4. Anything odd about these carb counts to you?

    OK, according to whom? I understand that sugars and starches are made of the same stuff, and some starches may be as quickly metabolized as sugars, but in practical use (at least my experience in baking and confections) maltodextrin is not a sugar or sugar substitute. If it doesn't taste like sugar or act like sugar in cooking, why do you consider it sugar? And have you contacted the manufacturer about it? If their nutrition labels really are wrong, they should want to know. I'll check my FDA labeling guide and see what they say about sugars and total carbohydrates, but that'll take a minute ...
  5. Anything odd about these carb counts to you?

    How do you think it should have been labeled, with the starches listed as sugars instead of under total carbohydrates? Is it sweet? 18 grams of granulated sugar in a cup of milk would be pretty sweet, that's 1-1/2 TB. Modified food starch is made from bland carbs like wheat, potatoes, and tapioca, sounds like a pretty basic carbohydrate to me. https://www.bobsredmill.com/blog/featured-articles/modified-food-starch-demystified/
  6. That's really great of you, but remember, just because someone is asking $150 on eBay, doesn't mean they are selling for $150!
  7. Anything odd about these carb counts to you?

    Ah. So this is a powdered version - 2TB of soy milk powder plus liquid to make a serving?
  8. Anything odd about these carb counts to you?

    Interesting. Haven't bought much soy milk, would not have guessed that it needs to be re-constituted.
  9. Anything odd about these carb counts to you?

    *Less than* 1 gram sugar ... The FDA doesn't require nutrition labeling for all the different kinds of carbohydrates. The new version being phased in has total sugars and added sugars, but not different forms of sugars. Is this like a coffee creamer? If the serving size is 2 TB, they're not expecting you to drink it by the glass, and the maltodextrin and food starch ought to make it pretty thick. I don't know what exactly modified food starch is - nutritionally akin to cornstarch or wheat flour, maybe? I'd consider those pretty straightforward, simple carbs.
  10. I agree. If the seller is 100% sure that the cyanide has been de-activated and it would be safe for a child to eat the whole bag, then they are fine on the snack aisle. If it is supposed to be a supplement or drug, they should be treated as such and go through all the FDA hoops for those categories. Food producers have a responsibility to put safe product on the shelf. We have to label for allergens but not poison? If I have to label that my sweets contain soy because the thin layer of pan spray contains soy lecithin and soy is a class 1 allergen, how can anyone be putting cyanide on the shelf? Yes, the warnings and labels and lawsuits sometimes get out of hand. People occasionally die from drinking too much water, but that doesn't mean we need warning labels on bottled water sold in quantity. Apple seeds contain cyanide but they are not typically eaten, so we probably don't need warnings on apples either. But we do need to spell things out so the average person with an eighth grade vocabulary will understand. Not everybody went to college, or reads well, or has English as a first language, and children like snacks too. I'll go to the Asian grocery store and buy things that I can barely decipher, I trust that they are actually food. We should be able to trust that the items on the grocery store snack aisle are actually food and won't hurt us if we over-indulge.
  11. Anything odd about these carb counts to you?

    It does seem odd compared to the protein, since tofu is the first ingredient. But tofu has a lot of water, and the maltodextrin and food starch combined could make up more of the product than the tofu.
  12. Microwave- and Heat-Safe Bowl

    I wonder if those collapse-able silicone bowls would be rigid enough to pick up and pour. If they are the least bit floppy, I would be nervous about spilling expensive chocolate everywhere. A plain old round Cambro could work, too. Handles, not too thick or heavy, flat bottom to sit on your warmer ... http://a.co/6qA36xT
  13. Ha, I'll have to watch that again. I'd say P for pasta, macaroni goes between the linguine and the orecchiette
  14. That's all well and good, I'm just the kind of person who will straighten a crooked painting on someone else's wall. My cookbooks are alphabetical by author and I've been known to alphabetize my spice rack as well. It would bug me too much to look at because I'd constantly have the urge to line up the handles. But if it works, and you can convince other people, more power to you!
  15. Microwave- and Heat-Safe Bowl

    How about an 8 cup measuring cup? Or search for a "batter bowl" with a pour spout.
  16. Meltaways

    Because inquiring minds want to know and because I made ganduja yesterday (1 part dark chocolate to one part sweetened hazelnut paste), I tempered a little of it and piped it into a thin/hobby mold. I also added a splash of olive oil to a bit of the gianduja to soften it even more and mimic meltaway. The gianduja is softer than straight chocolate but still un-molded fine. The few with added olive oil were a bit stickier but between a brief chill and a whack on the counter, they, too came out fine. So I'd look at those types of molds, there is a lot more variety than silicone and they are much less expensive.
  17. Meltaways

    Do you think the meltaway is solid enough or hobby molds are flexible enough to use those thin plastic molds? Maybe if dusted with cocoa or 10x first, or popped in the freezer for 5 min? These look like a nice one-bite size. Hmm, can I steal your idea? https://www.confectioneryhouse.com/molds/chocolate-candy-molds/valentine-s-day-candy-molds/valentine-pieces-candy-molds/bite-size-heart-candy-mold and a couple more - shopping for you is far more entertaining than the work I should be doing https://www.chocoley.com/plastic-sheet-mold-plain-heart-1-25/ https://www.chocoley.com/plastic-sheet-mold-puffed-heart/ https://www.confectioneryhouse.com/molds/chocolate-candy-molds/valentine-s-day-candy-molds/valentine-pieces-candy-molds/deep-bite-size-heart-candy-mold https://www.confectioneryhouse.com/molds/chocolate-candy-molds/valentine-s-day-candy-molds/valentine-pieces-candy-molds/hearts-with-rose-candy-mold https://www.confectioneryhouse.com/molds/chocolate-candy-molds/valentine-s-day-candy-molds/valentine-pieces-candy-molds/hearts-with-rose-mint-candy-mold
  18. Microwave- and Heat-Safe Bowl

    Glass might not be much lighter than corningware, but I use glass/pyrex. How about something like this that has a thin lip? The flat bottom would also work with your set-up. https://www.amazon.com/Luminarc-Cosmos-Bowl-Clear-28cm/dp/B003BWZ25W/ref=sr_1_22?ie=UTF8&qid=1515439389&sr=8-22&keywords=luminarc+bowls In terms of heat safety, if you're not scorching your chocolate you're probably not going to melt plastic. I microwave CB in thin deli containers all the time. How much pouring chocolate from the bowl do you do? I use a 6-8 oz ladle for most applications, rarely pick up the whole thing and pour.
  19. Pistachio Paste

    I buy them shelled from Trader Joe’s! They have the best prices on nuts without having to buy a case - they even beat some of the wholesalers.
  20. Pistachio Paste

    My premier tilting grinder is 16” tall and about 12” wide at the max - about the size of a stand mixer. . I tried a mere 3 Oz of nuts, that wasn’t really enough to keep things moving. 6 Oz worked better, I’d say a cup is the minimum you’d want to grind. Keep in mind that you lose some clinging to the wheels (its hard to get 100% clean with a spatula) so in a smaller batch you’d lose a higher percentage.
  21. I haven’t camped in a while, but couscous is easy. Boil some water and soak the couscous while you cook something else.
  22. What's New in Kitchen Gadgets?

    A highly specific tool, but one that I would like to have: https://beryls.com/store/most-precious/drageekiss/ https://www.facebook.com/drageekiss/
  23. "A previous statement said that Goodman had spent “a lot of time” designing a special vegan menu for the party only for one of them to order a pizza topped with mozzarella cheese. However, Gale later admitted that some in the party were vegetarian rather than vegan. " If she was just expressing annoyance at doing all that extra work just to have them order cheese, and did not actually hide any ingredients, then it's too bad it ended up this way. But yeah, be careful what you say on Facebook! I was interested in a local bakery that is for sale and was looking for their website, instead found their FB page with some bitterness about how hard it is to run a business here ... I'm sure it's true, and it doesn't exactly make me want to buy their business!
  24. That's actually why I'm focusing on chocolates for my business. I still worry about shelf life, but at least I have the luxury of thinking in weeks or months, not days. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!
  25. Desirable Vintage Cookware

    I do wish I had kept a few cast iron trivets before I sold all the stuff from Grandpa's collection.