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  1. Valrhona Inspirations

    I had a chance to try a couple of Valrhona's new "inspirations" flavors today, the passion fruit and the almond. The almond was good but I'd probably add salt. The passion fruit is intense and delicious, I bet you could cut it with a sweeter white chocolate and still get good flavor. They also have strawberry. These are cocoa-butter based so can be used for shell molding. https://inter.valrhona.com/en/inspiration-valrhona-innovation I could definitely see using these. Passion fruit is one of my favorite flavors, and I already indulge in the convenience of Perfect Puree so I don't think this would compromise my integrity Just wanted to share. Available soon, probably expensive
  2. I have the DR one, the binder clips work fine. I’ve only tried panning a handful of times, turns out that watching the pan spin makes me feel seasick. Yeah, I know ... ridiculous Anyway, I’d be happy to consider offers if anyone would like a slightly used coating pan. PM me.
  3. I know, most people who claim to like dark chocolate are perfectly happy with 60%. But I have one friend who keeps bugging me about something super dark that fits his Keto diet (though he might get the cheese Easter egg instead). Have you had the 88% recently enough that you can recall any tasting notes? Spicy, raisiny, citrusy, etc? What other flavors would you pair it with?
  4. What are the best, darkest chocolates you've found in wholesale quantities? Aside from 100%, that is ... I'm thinking in the 75-90% range, available in quantities of 5-20 kg. It's definitely niche, but between the chocolate nerds and the low-carb-ers there's a market. Right now, 72% Felchlin Arriba is the darkest I use, in a bar with candied orange. I have not tried their Elvesia 74% or Sao Palme 75% but it looks like I can get them from AUI. A Felchlin 88% exists, but would be a special order arriving in a few months (their next container shipment?). Valrhona makes the Abinao 85% but that would be another special order. I'm pretty sure I tried it at one point and liked it. Does anyone keep it in stock? How is KaKao Berlin? They have a Brandenberg 75% but I'm not familiar with the brand. Any others? Or I could make my own and have the super dark be my one bean-to bar flavor ... thanks!
  5. Speaking of crazy schemes, how about an oiled Parisienne scoop? Aka melon melon baller, the tinier the better Could maybe work if the caramel is the right texture ...
  6. How do you keep them from sticking together while tumbling? Aside from stickiness, I wonder if just tumbling them for a while would round off all the corners.
  7. Gluten free cooking hacks

    For gluten free brownies, I just make flourless chocolate cake.
  8. "Top Chef" Season 15

    An Instagram post of hers yesterday looks like she’s well into a pregnancy, I don’t know how the filming schedule lined up but maybe she had a rough first trimester. Or just other things to do, she’s a busy woman!
  9. @Jim D., which purples do you like? I finally threw away my Harvest Purple because every time I tried to use it I hated it.
  10. To an extent, fine dining restos can get away with paying the lower end of the spectrum in exchange for being able to add the famous name or 4-star reputation to your resume. All those delicate garnishes (peeled grapes!) and amuse-bouches take a whole lot of labor.
  11. Glaze is only for shine, right? I've only panned a few chocolate items and left them un-shiny, dusted with cocoa powder, powdered sugar, or even a little decor powder aka luster dust. So maybe something that adds flavor or color instead of shine? Do you always use vegan sugar for these friends? If the bone char doesn't bother them maybe they'll also be able to overlook a tiny little bit of bug secretion and enjoy those tasty treats you worked so hard on. (which is up to them to decide after full disclosure, of course)
  12. The few larger molds I have are exactly this type. Right now I'm getting large bunnies and eggs ready for Easter and feeling inadequate when it comes to making nice connections and consistent weights. Yesterday I sprayed a bunch of eggs with multiple light colors and molded in dark. They all had ugly seams when I stuck them together. Then I dropped them, but that's another story And my large rabbits curve as they contract so the edges to be glued together don't meet perfectly. Aside from practice, anyone have any tips or tricks for using these molds and making nice connections?
  13. Bacon Bits

    yeah, I think I'll try mixing pork floss with cocoa butter and enrobing some nuts with that. I have a sample batch of baked cheddar, CB, and nfdm awaiting a test molding of chees-ter bunnies. It's not bad!
  14. Bacon Bits

    Since this seems to be the place to discuss cooked bacon - anyone have experience with shelf stability? Is it safe as long as the bacon is cooked crispy enough or are there other factors? I know shelf-stable bacon, bacon bits, and Asian pork floss exist - are they still shelf-stable once taken out of the package, or how would quality likely decline? I was talking with a friend about my savory cheese Easter egg idea and he suggested filling them with bacon and targeting the keto diet crowd. I had been thinking chex mix, but bacon is a good idea too. Or @andiesenji's bacon-fat nuts!
  15. I drink lots and lots of icy aguas frescas to stay cool and hydrated.
  16. You could go all fine-dining and see what he says. Strain and reserve the chunks, then artfully portion them into the center of your warmed bowls and serve. Put the broth in a vessel (cream pitcher/gravy boat/teapot) and pour the broth around the solids.
  17. In-flight food refueling

    Where you put your peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets is up to you ...
  18. Stabilizing fats and solids

    For the nut paste, maybe the solution is not stabilizing the fats, but removing some of the fat. If your nut butter is prone to separating, let it separate and pour the oil off. You could also consider lower fat chocolate or even cocoa powder.
  19. In-flight food refueling

    Trader Joe’s and a microwave will get you pretty far. There’s still chewing though.
  20. Stabilizing fats and solids

    I believe that’s why commercial nut butters so often add hydrogenated fats. So you could add crisco, but that would be gross (imho).
  21. Valrhona Inspirations

    @pastryani sure, my last batch was a 9 Oz can f.d. Raspberries, 340 g cocoa butter and 150 g sugar ground smooth. Then I mixed in another 750 g white chocolate to stretch and sweeten. It’s still a decent color red with nice berry flavor. I’d say start with at least an equal weight of cocoa butter and if you add sugar or anything else it depends on what fruit you start with and what you’re going for.
  22. Cheese-ster Eggs

    The cheese Easter Egg! http://www.goodhousekeeping.co.uk/food/food-news/cheese-easter-egg-asda I don't know that it beats chocolate, but I do love cheese! Enough that now I'm wanting to create a savory, cocoa-butter based cheese version of my chocolate Easter eggs ... Would you prefer your Easter egg be cheese?
  23. You certainly could do that, but then you have to get both pieces of tape perfectly parallel and consistently close together in each cavity. I was playing with multiple layers of tape at haphazard angles in some large Easter eggs, but I wouldn't want to be the one tasked with 32 sets of parallel lines in rounded, 30 mm cavities!
  24. Or taking a class with Melissa Coppel. I think she got fairly consistent results, don’t recall specifics on wiping.