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  1. pastrygirl

    Caramel and chocolate sauces recipes

    Do you need something that will be shelf stable? Opinions vary on whether that’s possible.
  2. Sure, give it a shot. If it has started to crystallize already, it may be best to add a bit of water to dissolve any sugar then re-cook to temp.
  3. pastrygirl

    wrapping caramels

    I also use cellophane. I don't think patty paper is heavy enough or waxy enough. Use something meant for candy.
  4. Isn't Walmart notorious for demanding lower and lower prices from their suppliers? If Walmart wants it for 10 cents less or they're going to drop you, then you get rid of the two cent cardboard and use 8 cents less of cacao butter in order to keep them happy. Too bad the resulting inferior product doesn't keep the customer happy as well.
  5. pastrygirl

    Vanilla caramel recipe woes

    I've had so many thermometers with the probe on a leash that crapped out suddenly, I'm wary. Not that my luck with stem thermometers is that much better 🙄 I like a long stem thermometer for caramel and hot things that spatter, might have to give this one a shot. Is the Thermapen extra special in some way or should all their offerings be equally high quality? https://www.thermoworks.com/RT610B-12
  6. pastrygirl

    Melanger experimentation

    I think one of the keys is to have everything, including the melanger base and wheels, nice and warm. I've had incidents of adding too much dry stuff or cool stuff or cool dry stuff and having to chisel a hard mass out and re-melt it. Major pain, but once everything was warmed together and runny enough to keep moving in the machine it was fine. We temper on stone because it cools the chocolate quickly; granite grinding wheels will do the same. Put them in a low or warm but turned off oven, or warm them with a hair dryer. Start with the warm cocoa butter then gradually add the warmed FD fruit powder and sugar, making sure the machine can handle it before you add more.
  7. pastrygirl

    Top Chef 16: Kentucky

    I liked the white outfit.
  8. pastrygirl

    Vanilla caramel recipe woes

    Room temp according to three thermometers the other day ... I feel your pain and might have to upgrade too!
  9. pastrygirl

    Easter egg mold?

    Ha ha, no, just one nephew and one niece, 5 and 2. I do spoil them with ridiculous birthday cakes but I'm not at Grandma-level spoiling. How fun it would be to get a chocolate egg bigger than your head!
  10. pastrygirl

    Easter egg mold?

    That's weird, maybe Tomric sells pairs of molds so you get 4 halves or two complete eggs? I have to admit, the pricing on these boggles my mind - as much as I love having all the toys, I can't yet rationalize a $300 chocolate mold!
  11. If you’d like a bag of either Felchlin Sao Palme 60 or Arriba 72, I can send you one for cost plus shipping. A friend was extolling the virtues of Maracaibo 65 so I just ordered her a box, I’m hoping I’ll get to taste it, then maybe I can offer a more educated suggestion.
  12. I could use a new espresso maker but I'm more of an after-holiday shopper.
  13. Half the fun is guessing what you've appropriated ... sharps disposal box?
  14. pastrygirl

    Alternatives to Amoretti compounds

    I make a caramel ganache with Valrhona Dulcey and caramel sauce and add it to my (usually swiss meringue) buttercream. The added chocolate keeps it firmer.
  15. pastrygirl

    Chocolate Printing - Transfer Sheet

    silkscreening is one way to do it, there may be others
  16. pastrygirl

    Which truffles last longest?

    Some of the books will list available water in the recipes - I believe Wybauw and Notter both do. Since you’ll have the retail shop you have the opportunity to tell each customer to eat the candy within a month (for example). You can promote that the truffles are fresh and perishable. It’s harder when you need to satisfy merchants who want a 6 month shelf life.
  17. It's on the box, a lot of their couvertures come in 6 kg boxes with 3 of those bags. Here are the ingredients and nutrition info for the maracaibo creole 49%. I like that a serving size is 100 grams. The do say the Swiss eat a lot of chocolate!
  18. pastrygirl

    Cheese I can’t do without

    I like a nice ripened goat cheese along the lines of bucheron or humboldt fog.
  19. I think so. You might need to thin it down with milk or add a bit of sugar, but might as well experiment.
  20. With the magnifying glass provided, which also happens to be made out of gelatin and wild herbs and is your amuse-bouche.
  21. pastrygirl

    Romaine Recall

    Washing, even with bleach, doesn’t kill E. coli, which may actually be within the cells of the plant, not just sitting on top. Cooking thoroughly is the only way to make it safe.
  22. Inked custom stamps are inexpensive, I get mine through Impress, local to me but online everywhere. I get printable labels in all sizes from Online Labels. But check these out, they might even have an existing box die that would work for you: https://accucut.com/collections/bag-box-dies?page=1
  23. Can the silhouette cut more than one at a time? I had borrowed my sil’s but finally gave it back after never trying it out. Another idea is I’d found a company that makes custom die cutters. This was last year and I don’t remember the name, but iirc there was a set of rollers and you fed your paper through and it cut. Not sure if it could mark the creases where you need to fold the box or not. I have the number $700 in my head for that. And re: Paper Source, even if they don’t have the pre-scored box, they do have a vast selection of colors in card stock and a wholesale division called Waste Not Paper. I’m using their luxe cream 4 bar envelopes to package my chocolate bars.
  24. How big and heavy can your printer handle? You can find templates then cut them yourself but that would be a pain. The finished box would have to be awfully small to fit on letter sized paper ... You can get small numbers of custom printed things from sites like zazzle but they’re $2 each. Maybe look at Paper Source, they’re very DIY.
  25. You might want to try adding a bit of cocoa butter to your white so it is runnier and also see if you can get your kitchen down closer to 65F so the dark and milk set more quickly.