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  1. Thanks. Even though it’s preset to 1.2 sec and they rev that for 3 mil bags, looks like 1.5 is better. At 1.2 it looked sealed but in the freezer as some things got shifted the seal just opened, and on bags I played with at 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 I could open the bag by spreading the top and bottom, but at 1.5 it appears melted shut with that clear grid like pattern. thanks for the advice. I was going to try 4 mil bags- will I likely need to increase the time?
  2. How do you check the seal/what should it look like? Got the VC220 and all looked great- but lots of seals have opened- have time set at default 1.2 sec. not sure why. Thinking I should try 1.3 sec but how do I check the seal to know if it’s good? Never had this issue with past sealers
  3. I think a big negative to the new built ins is the reliability. I had the poly science 300 for a year and a half before it fritzed. Repair would have been $500. I opted for the new VP220, since I feared throwing good money after bad. If a 3K built in has issues it’s a bigger deal since it’s not only the machine but the cabinetry. Also the chamber is a tad smaller, if I remember correctly. for a great built in alternative, consider stabilizing a pantry pullout shelf for the unit. They’re weight rated to 100-125 pounds and you just need to reinforce the bottom of the pull-out. It works great, allows for hidden storage and ease of use. My only regret is not having thought of it during the initial cabinet install, so I didn’t put a plug in the back of the cabinet.
  4. I decided to go with the VP220. I appreciated the advice about the dry versus the oil pump, but after speaking with several people there it's really an advantage only if I was going to give it much heavier use than I do, and the dry pump has the huge advantage of easier maintenance. It's a heavy machine to have to lift to service/replace oil, and I have it in a cabinet pull-out where the base of the pull-out has been stabilized for the added weight. Fits in great in my kitchen, btw! I had a Polyscience 300 which broke after less than 2 years, and the company would not help or send parts- only recourse was to spend 499.99 to ship it back to them. I felt I would be wasting $500 and would never recommend them. As for the machine- it's amazing. Love the double seal, and each seal is wider than on the Polyscience unit. The 12" seal bar is the same length but the chamber is a little deeper, which will be a big benefit when sealing a roast for the freezer. Having an auto start as soon as you place the lid down will take a little getting used to. I miss the marinade feature, with pressurizing in the bag without sealing, but I'm guessing I can accomplish the same thing with multiple vacuums- any tips for best way to marinate meat using these machines?
  5. I think the biggest consideration is use. I had extensive conversations about the vp220, and for home use the pump is more than adequate. If you’re a hunter or using it for light commercial use and routinely bagging 40-50 bags at a time (or more) than certainly the oil pump model is preferable. But for home use the pump on the 220 is great and maintenance free. That’s a biggie for the occasional user, for sealing for the freezer and Sous vide preparation. Can’t wait till they get them in!
  6. I’m on Long Island in NY Polyscience is their own company- they also make the sous Vide circulators. They’re now a division of Breville. Interestingly after being insistent the supervisor spoke with a tech person and he recommended putting a degreaser on the seal bar supports that are getting stuck in the up position. He said to put Dawn or Palmolive dish detergent on and let it sit I overnight and then wash off with hot water. I always thought that area was supposed to stay dry but that’s what they recommended. I would have thought it needed a lubricant like WD40 or the line but they said no lubricant but a degreasing. So we’ll see. what they said is that when it seals the seal bar supports should lift up and then slip back down, but mine are getting stuck in the up position. Very frustrating because even if it’s a simple mechanical problem they charge the same fee. I love having the machine but in reality maybe run it an hour or so total a month, so it prob has 20 hours or so of use. Ugh- degreasing didn’t make a difference. Their tech people won’t even talk to you; had to elicit the help of a supervisor who acted as an intermediary, and their follow-up advice was to send it in for repair. Polyscience certainly isn’t a user friendly company.
  7. The other thing is I wonder if the issue could just be with the seal bar- can a defective seal bar cause the issues I’m experiencing?
  8. If I do decide to replace it, do you really think the oil filled pump is that important. I’d really prefer not to gave them maintenance since it would require being lifted off the pull out to access the back. I’ve never had a moisture problem. The new 220 has great dimensions. Any thoughts on that machine?
  9. Thanks- yeah, that's why I'm not sure if I should repair it. The other one that was interesting is the new Vacmaster 220- I like the size and the no maintenance. It's really for light home use so not sure I need/want the maintenance of an oil pump. It's a new machine- any thoughts? Anyone have any ideas on how to repair it easily?
  10. Polyscience 300 - I have the machine a little over a year and a half and yesterday the lights flashed and wouldn’t shut off without unplugging. When I plugged it back in and reran it I got an E1 message. On closer examination the 2 brass pieces that come up, which the seal bar sits on, popped up about a quarter of an inch, so the lid wouldn’t close completely. this morning they settled back down and, when I called tech support, it just kept on vacuuming and never releasing, and I had to unplug to shut it off; i couldn’t open the lid. Tech said to plug it back in and try to get it to release the pressure- initially saw a LP error then it released and I was able to open it, and notice again those brass pieces are elevated (normally there’s a partial horizontal flange that’s flush with the top of the bolts but it pops up on both sides). Polyscience wants 499 to repair it- very frustrating. Wonder if anyone has come across this and has any suggestions. Im torn whether to repair or think about the new Vacmaster 220, which will fit on my pull-out
  11. That actually was their only possible concern, which is why they recommended the underside support "just in case."
  12. Ha- it worried me too. But I spoke to two different experts at the cabinet manufacturer (is a medium-high end line) and they both were certain that it would be no problem, not only for storage but with using the unit with the pullout extended. When I googled the cabinet glides online it seems they're all rated either 50-100 or 75-150 pound capacity when extended. The Polyscience machine itself is only 50 pounds, so basically we're talking about maybe 60 pounds at most in weight, well within the recommended weight load. The concern, surprisingly, was for the bottom pull-out, since the bottom is only 1/2" thick wood, versus the 3/4" of the sides. They recommended stiffeners for the bottom, which although I ordered directly from them (my mistake- I thought they were metal or something for the $83 price tag- grrrr) are simply 2 half inch thick 4" wide wood pieces the depth of the pullout, glued to the bottom and secured with inset screws to the front lower lip and back edge of the bottom of the pullout. It feels rock solid, and nothing shifts even when pulled out. The reason for my detailed explanation is hopefully to help someone else, because like you I was extremely wary of doing this, but am so excited to have the unit in a useable spot but not taking up counter space. My only regret is that I didn't incorporate this in the original design, and put an outlet in the back of the cabinet. Could get it done now, but it seems silly to incur the expense when i can simply run an extension cord.
  13. Bought the PolyScience 300,, and loving it! Thanks to all your posts have just watched closely and hit the seal bar when boiling liquid appeared problematic (when making rum infused pineapple for grilling-wow): my decision was made based on dimensions; these units are too heavy for me to lift and too bulky to take up counter space, but a location I haven’t seemed mentioned, which works great for us, is on the pull out shelf of a pantry cabinet. I called the cabinet manufacturer and they rec. stabilizers under the bottom of the pullout to strengthen the base, but said the glides could support the 50 pound weight extended while in use. So that’s a great hidden kitchen option; just sorry I didn’t think of it 2 years ago when redoing the kitchen, or I would have had a plug installed. But I can live with using an extension cord to have this unit easily accessible but out of sight. Mentioning it because others may not have considered this storage option: on on another note- I ordered Ultrasource bags from Amazon since I could get those fastest and I needed them for July 4th Sous Vide prep, but the 3mm are kinda thin. Are other brands better and/or are most people opting for 4 or 5 mm bags?
  14. Has anyone checked out Modernist Cuisine at Home?
  15. They're cheap in a rest. supply store. Got one free with my purchase from William-Sonoma, but they had the covers at my local Rest. Depot (and hubbbie just dremeled out a rectangle for the circulator- much cheaper than the custom cut cover on the Polyscience website). Also bought a 10 qt/ Lexan pan with handles and a snap on lid, which I use most of the time.
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