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  1. Katie Meadow


    Mmm. I see a Date Nut Bread in my very near future. I haven't made one for a few months. In early pandemic times I was making it every other week, like some mysterious addiction. The King Arthur recipe is excellent, by the way. I guess if you are making a multitude you need to find an easy way to chop them. I've come to the conclusion that the best dates for date and nut bread are dates that are not too fresh and not too dry. Just right.
  2. Who doesn't like babies? Geez.
  3. I grew up eating Uncle Ben's and only Uncle Ben's. As far back as I can remember and until the day she died at 94 my mother never cooked any other kind of rice. Chicken and rice was her signature. She lived three blocks from the Halal cart at 53rd and Sixth Ave for her last 50 years and never once wondered what the line was about. That halal plate was always my pre-plane meal when I left after visiting NY. She was a dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker who never ate street food.
  4. Baby collard sellers take note. Kim's a comin' for y'all!
  5. One baby veg that's awfully good is baby collards. They can be sautéed like chard, quickly, with no need to boil. I admit I am no fan of long cooked collards, but if you chiffonade the baby ones and cook them with garlic, then add some smoky broth and simmer for ten minutes or so, they are really good. Finish with a splash of vinegar and a tsp of Steen's.
  6. Maybe the smaller one could be used as a sushi mold? I can't quite make out how the lid is designed.
  7. After one turkey sandwich I'm done. The carcass goes into the pot. @Margaret Pilgrimit's hard not to want an ethereal dumpling. How do you make them?
  8. If I were vegan, here's what I would want as a gift: really good vegetable broth. The store bought ones always seem strange to me, but a really good from-scratch broth can be delicious and useful. Then your friend can easily throw in some soft rice, greens, whatever. Half my husband's relatives are vegetarian and I always struggle to come up with good soups for them. Making my own veg stock has helped. I've noticed that many places that serve vegetarian or vegan soups just add a lot of pepper to get a flavor boost. Veg soups that really benefit from a good broth are leek and potat
  9. Personally I am against too much uniformity in storage. When I started cooking in my twenties I used to frequent flea markets in New Mexico and picked up a variety of various older canning jars. I still use them. I've saved glass jars that appealed to me ever since, and probably own a more eclectic bunch than I even need. I do have a basic label-maker, which has pretty much replaced many of the cockeyed labels of my past. Too matchy-matchy? Not a good look, as far as I'm concerned. Rice. My comfort food. I usually have on hand three or four kinds. For sushi or Chinese stir fry I'm
  10. Unctuous. Is that supposed to be a good thing? Maybe, if you love Velveeta. 1 : having, revealing, or marked by a smug, ingratiating, and false earnestness or spirituality. 2a : fatty, oily. b : smooth and greasy in texture or appearance.
  11. You're a crazy librarian. But it's good you are a librarian, because clearly that's the only thing keeping you from organizing your books by spine color. Happy Thanksgiving!
  12. Katie Meadow

    Lunch 2020

    Okay, barley brain. My barley would be cited for contempt of court if it didn't end up in the Scotch Broth. However, I would consider leaving those turnips out. So you can be Barley Brain and I will be Turnip Head. Wow, I'm really enjoying being a couch potato the day before Thanksgiving. Pie is out of the oven and looking very good. Nothing left to do today except eat some of it while it is still a little warm. There was testy moment when my husband doubted the pie crust would be any good, since it was a new recipe for him. Live dangerously!
  13. I love really fresh dates. Medjool are of course good, but my favorite is the Barhi date. When really ripe it has a liquid center. It's good cold. Wouldn't use that variety to stuff, but I too have a weakness for bacon wrapped roasted dates. I had them in Portland OR at a wonderful restaurant, but I've never bothered to make them myself. I like them best stuffed with an almond. We were in Portland during a freak snow storm and the restaurant comped us little glasses of Fernet Jelinek. A great combination, both firsts for me. Just what the doctor ordered.
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