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  1. Katie Meadow

    Dinner 2019

    Must be a good trick to wrap a corn tortilla around that sucker.
  2. I still like the Empire Kosher chicken. I prefer the organic when available. Chocolate biscotti: simple, dry, not too sweet. Tart cherry juice, although mostly I drink it in warm weather. Valrhona chocolate bars, 71 percent, perfect dark chocolate, great price for addicts like me. TJ's flour tortillas. Saddest losses: Pane Guttiau, Sicilian parchment crackers. Gone. Fantastic. You can buy similar crackers on Amazon, but they cost 5 times the price. Chocolate coated sunflower seeds. Not as good as the high price brand but cheap. No longer available. On the bright side: for those of you who have my sickness: the seasonal Butter Toffee Pretzels are back, at least at my local store.
  3. Katie Meadow

    Salad 2016 –

    On toast. Make toast, butter it. Add a nice layer of ricotta. Then you can add a variety of things, or not. I like thin slices of tomato and salt and pepper. I am also very fond of a drizzle of honey or sorghum on the ricotta layer, then and salt and pepper. Excellent on a white pullman loaf or a rustic crusty loaf or a rye bread.
  4. Right you are. It's my brain, not your eyes.
  5. https://www.splendidtable.org/recipes/almond-crackle-cookies This should link to Dorie's 3 ingredient almond cookies. The recipe is all over the place. It is without doubt the single easiest and best cookie I know of that doesn't have either gluten, or for that matter, cholesterol, since it uses egg white but no yolk. Has no flour of any kind. Personally I like this type of thing far better than any kind of cookie made with non-gluten flours to try and approximate a wheat-based treat. They are addictive.
  6. @liuzhou thanks for the great picture. Okay, she def could be a granny! Loved the story on your blog about her sauce.
  7. I've also heard this brand called "grandmother's" but just looking at her picture she isn't that old! The brand is, I believe, Lao Gan Ma. One of their products is labeled Spicy Chili Crisp. It has a distinctive taste, very good. I have found it in Oakland Chinatown and assume that there are markets in SF where it can be easily purchased. I don't shop Ranch 99 but I would guess they carry it. The comdiments usually referred to as Chili Garlic Paste are numerous. Sambal Oelek is one example, flavorful and medium spicy. I've never tried the Lan Chi brand.
  8. Katie Meadow

    Breakfast 2019

    That's why god invented bread. And dogs.
  9. For family dinner on Tday my husband and I inherited the job of cooking the bird. Typically about half the people at the table are vegetarians, so we end up with a lot of leftovers. Some of the meat has gone to the few who like it, but we take home the turkey carcass plus lot's of leftover meat. I don't even like turkey, but since we make the bird, we get the leftovers and that means soup, which I adore. Could you stand to roast the turkey yourself if you had all rights to the remains? A friend of ours who is a chef gave me detailed instructions for actually roasting the turkey (and of course the gravy) a day ahead and packing it up so that it really doesn't dry out and can be heated the next day. For those of us who don't care if anyone sees a platter with a whole critter ready for its Hollywood moment, and for someone like me who just hates the "day of" frenzy, this has been a revelation.
  10. The pork belly pictured above looks better (and by that I mean more meaty) than most. At restaurants I've had yummy crispy pork belly in tacos or thrown into wonton soup at the last minute, but it isn't something I regularly order. And the two times I have purchased it as a slab, even from reputable butchers, it's been more like a block of fat with barely a shred of meat. That's discouraging, and neither looks or tastes appealing. I suppose I could speak up about it and give it a closer inspection but I do have to limit my fats due to high cholesterol so I guess I will switch out my allotment for something that's far less effort. Like cheese. Or a BLT during the height of tomato season. Or coffee ice cream straight from the freezer.
  11. Katie Meadow

    Old Menus

    The Titanic menus are remarkable. The Triple Screw says it all. And for breakfast it's nice they give you a choice between fresh fish and not-so-fresh fish, which is what the Yarmouth Bloaters must be.
  12. I'm guessing it really comes into its own at breakfast the next day.
  13. So.....next week it's time for fried green tomatoes, yeah?
  14. @ElsieD The tomato should be flavorful and not rock hard, but not yet red and ripe. The breading should be applied with a light hand; not so thick as to overwhelm the delicate tart tomato. A shallow fry is fine, no need to deep fry. Generous salt and pepper. Fresh herbs, minced, or dried as taste dictates. Love it as a side, but also in a fried green BLT. Best eaten right away! When you see them on a steam table they probably won't be very good. Anyway, it isn't a major commitment, so try it and see what you think. The first time I tasted one I was a convert. And I grew up in New York where most people have never tried it.
  15. For me, speed isn't the goal. The goal is to not have to do it myself. I don't care how long it takes my husband to shuck corn. I just go do something else somewhere else and return when it's done, grateful. There are some kitchen chores I just can't stand, and that's one of them. However, if I found a tangle of cornsilk in bed I might think twice. I'll stop now.
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