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  1. A quote from the article cited by @Tropicalsenior: "The salty, fatty mass that is spaghetti carbonara is a dish that’s about exploring the outer limits of salty and creamy indulgence within a pasta framework. " Gag me with a spoon. If that's supposed to be an appealing description of carbonara, well, maybe a tomato wouldn't be such a bad thing. Those three chefs from the Roman kitchen? I don't need proof that they sit around drinking expensive wine and making fun of their own staff. The truth is I've never even eaten Spaghetti Carbonara; it just isn't someth
  2. The height of elegance: the dining car seduction scene in North by Northwest. He's having a glittering martini. She recommends the brook trout..... she's playing with a full deck....and so on.....oh, they are SO pretty!
  3. @liuzhou, just out of perverse curiosity I search Amazon and there are indeed several "Chinese Mustards" or "Oriental Mustards" for sale. The comments are hilarious. Most people don't like these products because they don't taste like "real Chinese Mustard!" Here is just one example: https://www.amazon.com/Ty-Ling-Mustard-Chinese-Hot/dp/B008VSYACW/ref=sr_1_13?
  4. As far as I know flour tortillas are not pressed. They are stretched or patted or rolled. I like the old fashioned heavy duty metal press for corn tortillas. I think mine is an eight inch; a larger corn tortilla might be unmanageable for tacos or enchiladas, or for dishes that require the tortillas to be crunchy (fried) or dipped in sauce as for enchiladas. Flour tortillas, if used for burritos, can be larger if desired, and a large comal can accommodate any size.
  5. Katie Meadow

    Dinner 2021

    Well, there must be plenty of ice on a shrimp boat, no? So keeping the butter cold might not be an issue. But I agree about the butter/shrimp ratio. I've made some version of the BBQ shrimp many times but never with a cow's worth of butter like that.
  6. Katie Meadow

    Dinner 2021

    Maybe apocryphal, but I was told that LA BBQ shrimp originated as a quick one-pan dish on the shrimp boats.
  7. I'm a Fallot fan. The basic original is always within reach. Today for our main meal we are having a wacky hybrid which only gets made if we have leftover flour tortillas. A hot dog gets the blistered grill treatment and then is swaddled in a warm tortilla along with a very mustardy (heavy on the Fallot!) slaw and a few pickled jalapeños tossed in for good measure. Yes, it is kinda weird. Baja State Fair addictive weird.
  8. Clearly I need to get off the couch but it's 11 pm here, so my exploration will have to wait. Are you like my close friend Naomi who is a fountain of information but who also, if she doesn't know the answer makes up something? She's very convincing, and often on the right track. I trust you both, regardless!
  9. I'll have to look more closely, but the ones I usually see don't look exactly like the ones you picture. I have a recipe for Chinese pickled mustard greens that specifies Chinese mustard greens and I want to try it, so I'm curious. These days I've not been shopping in Oakland Chinatown like I used to before the pandemic, so haven't had a chance to see what's what.
  10. I never heard of spring rolls until I started eating Vietnamese food. Our favorite local Viet place has both spring rolls and egg rolls, but they certainly aren't served with a side of hot mustard; typically in the Bay Area they come with nuoc mam for dipping, although spring rolls sometimes come with a chunky gloopy peanut sauce, which I don't much care for. Growing up in NY all our local Chinese (i.e. Chinese-American) restaurants served egg rolls, with two dips, mustard and duck sauce. All this talk about them is giving me a terrible craving for exactly that retro combo.
  11. Are Chinese mustard greens a different plant from the mustard greens we usually see here in the markets?
  12. I've made Andrea's pickled daikon and carrots many times and not found the smell very intense. The watermelon radishes were far worse for some reason.
  13. The one time I pickled watermelon radishes that odor was strong when the jar was first opened, but it dissipated and was a non-issue.
  14. Katie Meadow

    Lentil soup?

    Using the French green lentils, Lentilles de Puy, goes a long way to making a better soup. Tastier, smaller than brown lentils, hold their shape. Elegant little things.
  15. Already tried the recharging type. Pathetic, I agree.
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