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  1. About pre-cooking: who likes to roast the beets and who likes to boil? Or microwave, as @heidihdoes? I've never boiled or microwaved fresh beets. Do you peel the beets first? What about pickling golden beets instead of red? Are they less flavorful? I'm not putting hard boiled eggs in, so color isn't a factor. I tried beet pickled eggs and found that by the time they were colored the eggs seemed rubbery. Pretty, though.
  2. I read that book years ago and remember really liking it. But then I like almost everything McPhee writes
  3. Okay. Spam ice cream. I'll climb out on a limb and say that's disgusting. At the very least it's a waste of bacon, although Hormel bacon ("real Hormel bacon!") isn't exactly something to write home about. However, @Duvel, if you are serious, I suggest you make a video of the little one (btw he's not so little anymore!) along with his own commentary reviewing the dessert. Oh, wait, will it be dessert or breakfast? If he likes it I'm going to call child services. Just crossed the Kentucky State Fair off my bucket list and added a year to my life.
  4. Katie Meadow

    Dinner 2021

    Where do I find this butter chicken recipe? Thanks
  5. Katie Meadow


    I've always found V8 unappetizing. Standard canned tomato juice I've also grown to dislike. They both have an over processed taste that isn't really tomato like. For Bloody Mary's I'm a big fan of Knudson's organic tomato juice. It's less thick and less salty and actually has a pleasant tomato flavor. It even makes a Virgin Mary that's okay. I did try making my own juice once, using really good farmers' market tomatoes, and that was tasty, but way more trouble than I care to repeat.
  6. I use three tools for stir fry in the wok. First I make a spicy oil with garlic, ginger and dry red chiles, so I need a slotted spoon strainer similar to the one @liuzhou shows above to remove and toss the sizzling crispies before the garlic colors. Then I use a large utility spoon to put some of the oil into a small bowl to be added as needed. The real work is done by the long handled scoop/shovel. I don't have a ladle for the wok. It seems like that would be most useful for large quantities that are portioned out. Since we are only two people it's easy enough to pour/ slide/push
  7. You mean a bushel of mint is a bit much for you?
  8. I'm not a fan of mint juleps, but it's not because of the mint. I just don't like bourbon. I'm very happy with mint in my G&T with lime juice and I'm also fond of Israeli lemonade and mint chocolate brownies. So if you make a mojito, cheers! I won't tell, and the horses won't either.
  9. @Shelby let's hope Soup and Sandwich finishes well. Otherwise I fear for his future.
  10. Why not? What's wrong with your dining room?
  11. Yes. Whatever cows do, they produce way more methane than pigs, and that's the problem. The second worst meat as far as climate goes is lamb. We don't eat that much lamb here in the US, but other countries do.
  12. Katie Meadow

    Breakfast 2021

    I don't know where you got that idea about toasting bagels. I grew up toasting them, and I always do it still. Untoasted bagels are good for teething kids, or kids who need distraction. Lightly toasted, open face everything or onion bagel with good cream cheese and lox is my comfort food.
  13. From an article in the NYT: "What about the environmental argument? Almost 30 percent of the world’s ice-free land is used to raise livestock. We grow a lot of crops to feed animals, and we cut down a lot of forests to do that. But beef, far more than pork or chicken, contributes to environmental harm, in part because it requires much more land. The greenhouse gas production per serving of chicken or pork is about 20 percent that of a serving of beef. Cows also put out an enormous amount of methane, causing almost 10 percent of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions and contri
  14. And you have actually seen this in SF? I can't imagine a restaurant in the Bay Area giving out different menus.
  15. A. Assorted organ meats with accompanying pictures of the animals B. Tilapia on a bed of sand C. Vegetarian Meatloaf D. Savory King Cake E. Six live jumbo crawfish and a candle F. Foam
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