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  1. I don't mean to be nitpicky but could someone enlighten me on the definition of a flavor? At least half of the items on the lists submitted are what I call foods or dishes---in other words, simply favorite things to eat. Clearly not flavors: sushi, toast with butter, soups, bread pudding, shellfish, cream puffs, pulled pork, cheese, These are things I consider flavors: blueberry, vanilla, candied ginger, corn, coffee, lychee, chocolate, maple, pineapple. cantaloupe, etc. Tomato in general may be a flavor, or maybe not. Different tomatoes have different flavors, at least to me. Plum is similar. Santa Rosa plum is a distinct flavor, plum is more of a general flavor. It's complicated, no?
  2. French Press is my favorite, and it seems like a sort of brainless method, like Cowboy coffee as cowboys only wished it could be. I believe that since it doesn't use a filter it is a little more acidic than methods using a paper filter, but it has a deeper flavor, at least to me, and doesn't get bitter. But I like Chemex too. For a while I was on a low-acid diet and found that the Chemex was a good alternative. We have an Aeropress as well, and that's good too, but we rarely use it, for reasons that are unclear. Maybe it just doesn't make much quantity, and maybe because I don't know how to use it, but it does make a strong brew. I'm no coffee expert, that's for sure, just for the record. Before investing perhaps you can find a cafe that serves French Press coffee and try it that way.
  3. Katie Meadow

    Your egg journey

    That egg's been on a journey, alright.
  4. Katie Meadow

    Dinner 2020

    Me too, it's one of my favorites. Have you tried La Tur? It is Italian, also gets very runny, a little bit barnyard (or sometimes more), a blended goat, cow and sheep cheese. Not a washed rind like Epoisses, so different.
  5. Katie Meadow

    Dinner 2020

    If I were sick and lucky enough to have some broth in the freezer I would ask my husband to defrost it, make some rice, and then figure out how to combine the two.
  6. Now that I have been glued to these videos for the past hour I need to get up and start making a linner that at this point seems utterly pathetic: stir fry chicken with choi sum, cabbage and Chinese chives. Where is this filmed? Totally amazing. Every leaf, every bowl, every cut. Thank you @liuzhou I love her desperately.
  7. Katie Meadow

    Your egg journey

    In the past few months I've allowed myself more eggs. I like a small omelet with a little Oaxaca melting cheese and it gives me the chance to use an old well seasoned carbon steel omelet pan. Another new dish (to me) is the simple Chinese staple of wok fried egg and tomato that @heidih mentions above. In a pinch it even satisfies when the tomatoes are less than perfect, like now, during the winter. Over rice it proves just about the easiest two-ingredient meal, not including condiments. And since the revelation of the Kenji hard boiled egg steaming routine we eat more whole peeled eggs. The steaming method not only allows the eggs to be smoothly peeled, but I also find it easier to control how the yolk is cooked. Finally, if you have a few left over shreds of lox (happens rarely), there's always a lox omelet to look forward to. I too love a little egg drop soup, especially if I am sick. Good chicken stock and rice or noodles and a drizzle of egg is makes me feel a little less sorry for myself. I feel a lot less sorry for myself if I can get my husband to make it under those circumstances. I am not one of those people who swoon over runny yolk egg porn. Forget fried, poached or anything with a giant wobbly yellow globe. I don't even look at the breakfast thread here until later in the day. Oozing on my plate makes we woozy.
  8. @rotuts, I've seen every episode of The Wire and although I don't remember it, I can't imagine five seasons WITHOUT a crab in there somewhere, so you are probably right. Bunk I can picture tackling a blue crab. McNulty...mmm... not so much.
  9. Remember that before The Wire David Simon created the TV show Homicide, Life on the Streets, all about Baltimore. The police dept colleagues were regulars at a local bar/restaurant and were always eating crab with their little wooden mallets. I grew up eating those blue-claw crabs. In the summers we used to catch them with a treat secured to a butterfly net. The water was clear and the depth wasn't more than the length of the pole on the net. We were young and totally unsupervised during the day, and I am amazed we didn't drown. Unfortunately this thread is giving me crab on the brain, and I may have to splurge. Mmm, crab cakes.
  10. Forgive me for straying from the crab topic. This is from the pages of USA today: Shirley Temple 3 oz. lemon lime soda 3 oz. gingerale 1 dash grenadine maraschino cherry for garnish An older recipe is said to have a splash of orange juice and orange or lemon slice for garnish. Roy Rogers 6 oz of cola 1 dash grenadine maraschino cherry for garnish Young ladies who prefer this version can order a "Shirley Temple Black." Bartenders sometimes put cherries in the bottom of the drink too.
  11. As an east coast child I never heard of Dungeness crab until I moved to the Bay Area a million years ago. When I had my first one at a Chinese restaurant in SF I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Fifteen years ago or before in Oakland Chinatown I could buy live ones for a couple of dollars per pound right out of the tank In those days I was willing to throw a live crab into a pot of boiling water, but I'm far too squeamish now. And the price of a whole garlic roast crab or black bean sauce crab in a restaurant is just daunting. And now the crab catch is usually slim and so are the crabs, at least in CA, for obvous reasons. Am I correct in guessing that the main ingredient in a Roy Rogers is Coke?
  12. So, I never heard of this sauce and didn't encounter it when I was in London, but I was just a tourist. I looked it up on Amazon to get an idea of the ingredients and read a few reviews. Here are two of them: ONE REVIEW: "I saw a Canadian streamer put this on his french fries and I was dedicated to try some. I was super pumped of this mystery sauce and I ordered a batch. As a true american I thought it was crap and it tasted like thick A1 sauce but by god was the adventure worth it. I enjoyed the experience" AND ANOTHER:: H P Sauce is an iconic condiment in England. It is by far the best “brown sauce” in the world and has been granted a “By Appointment of her Majesty the Queen” designation. Needless to say, Her Majesty knows her sauces so this product is highly recommended to any “Colonial” who wishes to “up their game”. Perfectly packaged and competitively priced, I can vouch for this seller wholeheartedly and look forward to further interactions at our mutual convenience." The first one is just plain hilarious. And btw, what is a Canadian streamer? @Anna, weigh in. The second one is just plain scary, in a variety of ways. Many revolutionary textbooks have been written on "colonials upping their game" so I won't even go there. However I would indeed agree that the queen knows her sauces, and on which side of the bread to put them.
  13. Katie Meadow

    Dinner 2020

    Oh, that would be me. I do all the cooking, except for bread baking, and my husband does basically all the shopping. I plan several days ahead, and give him a very carefully composed list. We have a standard pre-printed list that includes most of what we typically buy plus blanks for additions. The printed list is designed by him (always helpful to have a graphic designer around the house!) which is organized by how he moves through the store. Shopping didn't use to bother me, but in the last few years I've come to dread supermarket shopping. In theory I think Berkeley Bowl is one of the best food markets ever, but in reality I find it claustrophobic. In the summer we both go to the farmers' market; how to gauge the ripeness of tomatoes and stone fruit is his achilles heel. This division of labor would be more problematic without cell phones of course--for all the inane decision-making when something is out of stock or I'm requesting a mysterious or unusual ingredient.
  14. I thought you were supposed to run after them with a carving knife. At least scare them enough to give them heart attacks.
  15. Katie Meadow

    Dinner 2020

    @liamsaunt, that lasagne looks very appealing with a generous amount of spinach filling. Lots of leftovers is a great bonus in my book. My own cooking, but I don't have to cook it.
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