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  1. Sad to hear. Always a shock when a member of eG dies. Are you all real people? Between a year and half of lockdown, my husband doing all the shopping, FaceTime doctor visits, lack of social events, pathetic and embarrassing reliance on Amazon, which I hate, etc., I think that slowly over time I have developed a permanently skewed view of life on earth.
  2. @shaindo you have a recipe for that cheesecake? Looks great.
  3. Totally agree. Still warm from the kettle.
  4. @liamsaunt, having grown up in the northeast and then living in NM and CA I never tasted a fried green tomato until I began making trips to the south to see my daughter. I like them especially when they have a modest delicate coating, not a heavy breading. A tempura like batter might be good. The best way I ate them was in a fried green tomato BLT. A BLFGT? Say that without spitting out your last bite. As far as I can tell the only way to get a green unripe tomato here in the Bay Area is to grow your own, which I don't.
  5. I agree that in order to be called Potato Salad the potatoes must be the main event. Salade Nicoise is not potato salad. Almonds and raisins in small amounts? Both sound weird to me. If I encountered a raisin in potato salad I would probably think it was a stow-away creepy-crawler, especially if I bit down on it without warning.
  6. Katie Meadow

    Dinner 2021

    Aww, life is short. Don't diss kohlrabi! Salted, paper thin slices of raw kohlrabi make a great cocktail go-with. I can see it as a wrapper for sushi, although I never would have thought of it. Pickled kohlrabi is excellent. It does need to be fresh and tender and juicy, and it isn't always like that.
  7. I wasn't being serious. Just implying the produce looks more beautiful than the stuff pictured here that comes from Imperfect or the other operation that sends boxes of "seconds."
  8. Without giving this any scientific thought (I'm sure there are a number of readers who will be happy to) I've always suspected that relatively small cubes or dice, if cut before boiling, will absorb more water and result in mushy texture and loss of some potato flavor. Watery potato salad would be very bad. I use yukon golds during the winter for potato salad. If they are big (whatever that means to you) I cut them in half before boiling. Then when still warm I cut them into chunks and then gently mix in several shakes of salt and splashes of vinegar. I let that sit a bit before adding whatever else I plan to use. In summerI like to make potato salad with French Fingerlings, which are my favorites; excellent in potato salad, in fact excellent fixed in a variety of ways. Farmers' markets should have baby red potatoes or other waxy candidates this time of year. Although I've absorbed lots of recipes for potato salad, I rarely use one. I've made a zillion potato salads and and they are never exactly the same. I suppose I've pretty much decided what works, and I'm flexible. Potato salad to me is a mood thing, if you know what I mean. Anyway I only have a few criteria: No russets. Always celery. Often fresh dill. Usually some kind of pickled thing. Once in a blue moon capers. Once, and only once, beets. These days I'm into smoked paprika. Sometimes I like just an olive oil potato salad with good vinegar. The outlier potato salad is Japanese. The potatoes are just a few minutes from being mashed. The use of mayo is, to put it mildly, bold. There are peas and carrots in it. The main flavors seem to be salt, sugar and Kewpie. Sometimes it is inexplicably yummy. I've noticed that some recipes for Japanese potato salad include diced ham. But that's a little like a Russian potato salad! Except one uses Hellman's. My least favorite potato salads can usually be found at pot lucks and BBQ joints. Potato salad isn't having a good day when it's a guest at a picnic in CA farmland and the air is a pleasant 95 degrees. Did they pre-measure the mayo before they realized they didn't have enough potatoes?
  9. Weekly boxes available, delivered personally by cart. Don't see any apples, maybe the horse ate them. See website, Perfect.com.
  10. Most molded salads made with packaged Jello don't frighten me; I find them hilarious and have rarely been in a situation where I might actually eat some. The exception is the cranberry Jello salad served with a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Now that does scare me. I think it usually uses raspberry jello, or at least that's how my FIL made it. He served it in a ring-shaped mold with sour cream liberally glopped on the top. This was not something I grew up with.
  11. Hi Dave, greetings from Oakland. If you baked bread like that for me I wouldn't complain either.
  12. No wonder your appliances are in the bedroom.
  13. My memory of the water in Greece is that it was the best I've ever tasted. NY water is good. Bay Area water is very good. But the water all over Greece was delicious.
  14. I'm hooked on Cajun blackening spice. I don't really blacken anything, but during lockdown I started using it for fish, shrimp, cajun banh mi and as a necessary ingredient in a pot of red beans. Also we are eating a lot more red sauce which I make in quantity and freeze in portions. Spaghetti with sausage, spaghetti with cauliflower, and we are making pizza more often. Leftover pizza the next day can't be praised enough. Another thing we are buying and using more often is curry leaves. Curried cauliflower has become a staple. Oh, and root beer floats have become more routine in the time of covid. Ice cream and chocolate biscotti are taking up residence on a permanent basis.
  15. Katie Meadow

    Dinner 2021

    They are cute, like little fairy bowls with the roe nestled in them. In Atlanta a friend of my daughter brought over a gigantic casserole of mac n cheese. She used orecchiette, and it was good; thicker and with a bit more bite than typical elbows. I ate more mac n cheese in the three weeks I was there than in the last ten years combined. They seem to have an unlimited capacity for it in the south, appreciating it whether it is good or not. When you have newborn twins to feed you eat everything you can close your jaw on.
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