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  1. Katie Meadow

    Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    One, three, buckle my knees. Those croissants look pretty good. Meanwhile I've made a new discovery: TJ's dark chocolate peanut butter cups. I'm not a fan of Reeses: both the milk chocolate and the filling seem awfully plasticky, and really I just can't stand milk chocolate. The TJ's variety are thankfully quite small. The PB filling would be better if it was a bit less sweet, but the chocolate is good and dark, and I admit, I am addicted.
  2. Katie Meadow

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    You and your god damned clams and lobsters. I would kill for a bucket of freshly dug littlenecks. That's my childhood summer.
  3. Can't handle negative thoughts? Check back in when you're 64!
  4. Katie Meadow

    Crawfish boils

    Being a lover of Viet food I have faith that the Vietnamese can turn something very good into something different but equally good. If enough people like it maybe it will stick and keep evolving. Lots of good sandwiches can be made with a baguette, but the Banh Mi is way up there at the top of the list. One of the most interesting sandwiches I had in NOLA was a Po' boy-Banh Mi crossover. The possibilities are endless, starting with fried oyster banh mi or maybe lemongrass shrimp po' boy. I can't remember exactly what was in the one I had, but sitting outside with a drippy sandwich and an alcoholic coffee drink was a stellar way to watch street musicians in the French Quarter. There are some great Asian soups that combine tomatoes, pineapple and prawns, so who knows, a Vietnamese crawfish boil could be really good. Hawaiian pizza isn't going away, that's for sure.
  5. There are loads of restaurants that are "institutions" and famous for a uniqueness that can't be separated from an atmosphere or a time or a neighborhood. Sometimes they hang on just out of nostalgia, if nothing else and if enough people still go. Another such institution in the Mission in SF was Roosevelt Tamale Parlor. The food was dreadful and it was always crowded; I believe it has been revamped, but when I first went there 40 years ago it was already a time warp. It isn't so different from finding the foods of our childhood still comforting. The Chinese restaurants that were our typical Sunday dinner on the Upper West Side of NY in the fifties and sixties were not places I would go out of my way to eat now, but I'm happy they were there. Sam Wo's was never known as a place for gourmet food. It was economical and accessible and may even have seemed exotic once upon a time to white people who didn't come to Chinatown very often.
  6. Katie Meadow

    Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

    I use Diamond Crystal Kosher for all cooking and use Maldon or grey salt for finishing. Recently I tasted Morton's Kosher salt and it is pretty different from Diamond. The Morton's is small grain, not as flaky and on the tongue it tastes peculiar.
  7. Katie Meadow

    Fish and Cheese Pairings

    Mostly I am not fond of fish and cheese together. Smoked fish is a bit different, as in the above mentioned lox and cream cheese. I will never turn that down; I was weaned on it. I was recently at a lunch where a smoked trout was served alongside another platter with a manchego, but they were eaten separately, not paired; both were very good, but together it would have been a salt lick. A classic example of fish and cheese would be a tuna melt, no? I used to find that unappealing, but have to admit that if I make it myself I really enjoy it. Other seafood like shrimp and lobster might be more forgiving. Lobster mac n cheese seems to be big these days. I frequent a Mexican place that serves a great crispy shrimp taco which has some melted cheese down at the fold. In Italian food I'm not so keen; I never liked shrimp / cheese risotto, and don't like grated cheese on a dish of shrimp and pasta. Clams Casino has always seemed like a terrible idea. I grew up in a household definitely biased against New England clam chowder in favor of Manhattan style. When it comes to clams, it must be a dairy-free zone.
  8. Katie Meadow

    Freezing your Anson Mills

    Yes best price so far: I added it to my list above
  9. Katie Meadow

    Hand-held citrus juicers

    I'm going to try my garlic press first and work my way up.
  10. Katie Meadow

    Freezing your Anson Mills

    Just out of curiosity I checked prices. I didn't compare shipping . Amazon prime of course is no shipping cost. Delta Grind / yellow grits only 2 lbs $8.00 Anson Mills / coarse antebellum white grits 12 oz $5.95 Geechie Boy direct ship from Edisto Is./ white grits or yellow 1.5 lbs $5.95 Geechie Boy Amazon Prime / same 1.5 lbs $13 Carolina Plantation / yellow or white 2lbs $5.95
  11. Katie Meadow

    Hand-held citrus juicers

    Actually I have a potato ricer. Right you are, I'll try that first! It so happens that I had a spinach gratin planned for tomorrow.
  12. Katie Meadow

    Hand-held citrus juicers

    Pathetic way to market a squeezer with the citrus upside down. If you didn't know better you might be pretty disgusted by the product. I have two beautiful squeezers that I bought a zillion years ago in a market in Mexico---I'd never seen that type before. They are really hard durable plastic and the colors are snappy yellow and snappy green, and best sized for smaller limes. Honestly I have never found a more effective tool for juicing a couple of lemons or oranges than an old fashioned wooden reamer.. Yeah, you do have to strain out the seeds, but the quantity of juice you get is astounding. Anna, you are brilliant. I'm going to use my Mexican squeezer for spinach, although I suspect that I will then want a bigger size. Personally I like my spinach right side up.
  13. Okay, clarify for me please: I always think of Yorkshire pudding as being made with beef drippings or tallow or some kind of meat fat. If you make it with butter is it still Yorkshire pudding? I think of that basic recipe made with butter as popovers, which I love. Dutch Baby never did much for me, but then I've always thought of it (perhaps incorrectly) as just a giant pancake, and I'm less inclined toward sweets at breakfast or pancakes for dessert. I can certainly see eating 'batter pudding"for breakfast either way, as ingredients or preference dictates. I don't cook roasts or much beef at all, so my drippings are limited, but I consider real Yorkshire pudding a treat. Although I might not want to put jam on my pudding if it was made with beef fat, but you never know. And anyone with children knows that most of them will put sugar on just about anything, given half a chance. My husband puts jam or marmalade on his popovers, but I like them just plain for breakfast. I can easily imagine that leftover Yorkshire pudding would be adapted to the use of of sugar or syrup or jam; after all you make the best of what you've got, and you dress it up however it pleases.
  14. Katie Meadow

    Freezing your Anson Mills

    I buy my grits from Geechie Boy Mill on Edisto Island. Delicious and not so pricey as Anson Mills. I freeze my grits. Geechie Boy doesn't sell the range of products that Anson Mills does, but they have added rice, sea island peas, blue popcorn and some other products. It never occurred to me to freeze popcorn, but that's interesting. We buy popcorn in smallish amounts and it doesn't sit around too long.
  15. Katie Meadow

    Cooking with Grains

    You? I would not be shocked. But then, the various ways in which people spend money--or won't spend it--rarely amazes any more.