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  1. My experience in North Carolina was that you would walk into a barbecue joint and ask for "a sandwich", which would get you the 'cue on a bun with slaw, or "a plate", for which you would have to specify your sides. "Barbecue" was understood rather than expressed in either order.
  2. I've never heard "a barbecue" used to refer to a barbecue sandwich, but agree on all other points. I could sure go for one, whatever they call it. I'm afraid the ship has sailed on "entree" as the English word for "main course" although it is nonsensical. My personal peeve is calling any cocktail served in a martini glass "a martini" - there must be gin and vermouth in it to be a martini, that concoction made out of neon-colored liqueur and vodka is not a martini no matter what glass you put it in. I'm afraid that ship has sailed as well, though. (I also hate martini glasses, becau
  3. The Mexican Pizza! But I love the Mexican Pizza.... that is to say, I did love it, the last time I had one.... in 1992.... .... well, I guess I really have no standing to complain.
  4. I love the beer puzzles! A frank discussion and a brilliant deduction!
  5. I found yeast today at my local Latin grocery (El Bodegon) after all my usual stores were out.
  6. I had a kitchen job for a while in the early 90s that included prepping the salad bar. We went through tons of kale - but nobody actually ate the stuff! We used it as the decorative greenery to surround the containers of things that were actually edible. The idea that kale could be used as a foodstuff was not even considered.
  7. Bumping up this topic as I succumbed to the lure of the air fryer on this past Amazon Prime Day. Anyone have recent successes or failures to report? My fryer arrived yesterday and so far I have tried Ore-Ida frozen french fries (meh) and Ore-Ida Crispy Crowns (sort of flat Tater Tots, which worked very well.) My next try is going to be doughnuts made out of refrigerated biscuit dough.
  8. This bit of rule #8 is exactly correct: While we’re on roast potatoes, always make twice as many you think you will need.
  9. munchymom

    Burger King

    But the meals are all the same! (Whopper value meal) I clicked through expecting to see meals to fit the theme, like a DGAF meal might contain three orders of fries and a large chocolate shake, while a Blue meal might be a side salad with the dressing on the side.
  10. Imagine growing up in a family where in a typical meal everyone is having burgers and fries, except for you, the fat person, who is given a bunless hamburger patty with sliced tomatoes and cottage cheese. Multiply this experience times a few thousand. You're probably not going to run out and get cottage cheese for a tasty snack once you're an adult. I actually like cottage cheese, but it must be full-fat. I like it with Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel seasoning, or with dill and celery seed.
  11. I bought some of the pancake bread yesterday after the enthusiastic review here - It is yummy. I don't think it tastes like pancakes, but it is a good excuse to eat cake for breakfast.
  12. Ham and cheese on a pumpkin chocolate chip bagel is quite possibly the most goyische thing ever (not that there's anything wrong with that!)
  13. If you went to an IHOP in Florida, you certainly did not have maple syrup. They have "maple-flavored" syrup which is mostly corn syrup with fake maple flavor, which tastes nothing at all like maple syrup. I hope you someday get to try the real deal, it is delicious.
  14. The "SNAP challenge" has a (to me) very distasteful moralistic tone, like somebody living on a food stamp budget for a week can show off how frugal they are, and yet how wonderful and nutritious meals they make, and so why can't "those people" be satisfied with the pittance they get. A one-meal $5 challenge seems more lighthearted and frivolous to me, more in the spirit of other food challenges or cook-offs we've had all along here on eG. As I said earlier, constraints can lead to creativity. If the $5 challenge doesn't float your boat, how about making a sandwich with the coolest
  15. munchymom

    $5 Meal Challenge

    I think as a thing to do for fun it's okay. Constraints can lead to creativity. Maybe the challenge should be what's the best meal you can make for $5 - or to make it more relevant to places with differing costs of living, how about the best meal you can make for the local price of a Big Mac?
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