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  1. You owe me two hours. Just saying.
  2. I think this is very important to understand. Poached eggs and soft boiled eggs are just not the same. Poached eggs are the product of a technique we call poaching and I don’t think you can get them any other way. It’s like oven fried chicken. It can be very good but it’s not the same as fried chicken.
  3. Oh yes that is the issue with sous vide. I can see it makes sense if you are poaching a whole bunch of eggs and can re-heat them when ready to serve but I can’t see me waiting 90 minutes for a poached egg in the morning.
  4. Nothing that you can count on. It has been hit or miss for me with some successes but a lot more failures.
  5. This might strike many of you as a “just because you can doesn’t mean you should” moment. But not so fast, me hearties. I was asked this morning about time and temperature for a hard-boiled egg sous vide. I had never heard of it and it struck me as an odd question. But I decided to do some research. I found recommendations for temperatures and times all over the place. I also ran across comments that said eggs cooked this way were completely unsuitable for devilled eggs because the white would not set properly and the yolk would be too creamy. Undaunted, I went with the recommendations of the Chef Steps site: 90°C for 20 minutes then ice bath. Peeled after a short while in the ice bath. Firm but not rubbery white, no green/grey lines and a fully cooked but still creamy yolk. This would make a perfectly fine devilled egg but I just put a little salt on it and ate it the way it was and I must say it was fantastic. I cooked only one egg but there’s no reason that you couldn’t cook as many as your vessel will hold. It is always good to have another tool to turn to when perhaps you are limited with other options such as when all the burners on your range are in use or this method just happens to suit your time schedule better than others.
  6. Anna N

    Breakfast 2020!

    Fatoot samneh. Duck egg, half a pita and ghee. Still one of my favourite easy breakfasts.
  7. Anna N

    Dinner 2020

    Needed a better photographer than me to do justice to last night’s dinner. Artichoke and spinach gratin. Jarred artichoke hearts, baby spinach, gruyere cheese and buttered Panko.
  8. Lamb shanks. Don’t know what is going wrong but the post is on the previous page to this one.
  9. Anna N

    Breakfast 2020!

    Omelette overstuffed with (jarred) artichoke hearts and mushrooms.
  10. I always do that. Does not alleviate the sticking problem though.
  11. I am inspired. I had the same problem with the Paragon. So whether you spend $69 or $1800 your poached eggs will still stick to the bottom of the pan. Before this precision cooker I never had any problem with my poached eggs sticking to the bottom of the pan! Such is progress.
  12. Anna N

    Lunch 2020

    Polish sausage, mushroom and cabbage soup.
  13. Such heathens, those Italians. Here in Ontario we know that booze with breakfast is the devil’s playground.
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