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  1. Today's lunch was amazing. We tried a new place called Hakka Rise. The menu goes on forever so we were both a little leery. Everything was excellent if someone's spicier than we like. mango lassi for me. Wonton soup for me. Hot and sour soup for Kerry. then we shared some rice, some chicken fried MOMA, some Thai crispy beef and some Manchurian cauliflower. Very satisfactory.
  2. Last week a return to Saving Thyme. For me quiche with salad. Seconds after this photograph was taken the quiche skated off the plate did a mid air flip and landed on the carpet with a debris field to rival that of the Titanic. kerry's gluten-free lunch which has been haunting me ever since I watched her enjoy it. It is high on my list for an upcoming lunch.
  3. This was a midweek lunch from a couple of weeks ago. Bahn mi from MacQueens in Hamilton. Saigon special for me and a Meatball one for Kerry.
  4. Wow. Couldn't have said it better.
  5. Oh well. You mentioned the other one when you were discussing it so I jumped to a conclusion.
  6. These these These showed up a week or so ago. I did not pay much attention assuming that they were simply dried shiitake mushrooms. Duh! I suspect they may become seriously addictive.
  7. I was not up for much today so Kerry chose the restaurant, Mystic Ramen in Hamilton. And what a great choice it was. Unconventional and non-traditional but delicious Ramen. Mine: Wontonmen (chicken chintan (clear broth) with shoyu tare topped with shrimp and pork wontons, pork belly and scallions) with extra bok choy, bean sprouts, egg. On the side wafu broccoli and chicken karaage. Steamed broccoli florets topped with a roasted sesame dresand chicken karaage. Kerry's: Lemon pickle Paitan Our signature tori paitan broth seasoned with a smoked shio tare, topped with roasted chicken, arugula, scallions, pickled shiitake mushrooms, pickled ginger, a carrot flower and lemon pickle. Sprinkled with sesame seeds. This beauty is reminiscent of a tandoori oven. This ain’t your classic bowl of ramen, but it sure is a great one. To be really unconventional Kerry asked for the ramen noodles to be replaced with cabbage!
  8. I seem to have been remiss about posting last week's lunch. We had barbeque pork from Supreme Barbeque on Cannon Street in Hamilton. simple but so good.
  9. This weekend @Kerry Beal picked up food from the Korean restaurant, Bab. She had soup but I'm not sure I recall the name of it. There is also rice and some panchan. I had Gyoza soup which really hit the spot and of course the panchan.
  10. Luckily for me Kerry is always driving so I get to have all the cocktails. I made that bottle last for about four cocktails I believe. There are two more bottles to go.
  11. I have been negligent in posting our lunches. I have excellent excuses but I will not bore you with them. this one probably belongs in the unexpected food gifts topic but I'm going to put it here. Remember in the before times when @Kerry Bealand I used to go up to Manitoulin Island for six weeks? Before we left each year Kerry would put together some cocktails which would require very little additional work to have a drink ready when we arrived after a long drive. Well all of Kerry's belongings, collected over 20 years, were shipped down to her. She brought all the cocktails over to my house. She will never know how grateful I am! This is an Eyeore's Requiem brought to life with the addition of some orange twists. Man that was good. Kerry found a new restaurant that serves both corned beef and banh mi! I was hoping to give you a website but I can't seem to find the restaurant. Kerry had the brisket on rye. I had a classic bahn mie with some coleslaw. It was very good.
  12. Anna N

    Breakfast 2023

    Like bacon, kimchi makes everything better (even avocado!)
  13. Anna N

    Breakfast 2023

    What a great photo. You are a fine son.
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