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  1. No guarantee that it would work but it might be worth the effort. A book that I wanted and had on my wish list suddenly increased astronomically in price. I brought this to the attention of Amazon and almost immediately the price reverted to what it was when I had put it into my wish list. This had nothing to do with sales. It is just an example of how responsive Amazon can be.
  2. Can we make it a bit earlier? I’m usually in bed around 8:30.
  3. Inspired by @patris‘s oatmeal cookies and as an attempt to tease a group that I have spent some time with recently, I present today’s offering. I will divide them between those that go to the meeting people and that was that go to a potluck that is marking the end of a rehab session. The participants in the rehab session seem to be all oatmeal-for-breakfast obsessed. In its natural state I am not a fan of oatmeal so here I will present them with breakfast – – no bowl to wash! Oatmeal with dried fruit (raisins and cherries) and honey. This one with the lacy edges had my name written all over it.
  4. Thanks for all of this! I just might be prepared to give this kind of cookie another chance.
  5. These definitely appeal to me but I’m not into cutting out cookies with cookie cutters and my experience with slicing rolled cookies has always been abysmal. So I’m wondering how easy you found these to slice. Did they have a tendency to crumble? Did they deform as you sliced? I am sure it is operator error but after struggling with Dorie Greenspan‘s World Peace cookies I swore I would never try this again. But these do look good. Thanks.
  6. This blog ended far too soon! Thank you. I enjoyed every single posting and learned quite a bit in the process. I hope you won’t have to disappear again because your contributions are really appreciated.
  7. Yeah. I was trying to imagine 6 cups of our local strawberries each of which is hardly larger than the top joint of my thumb and 6 cups of imported strawberries some of which are the size of a small lime.
  8. This is the question I so wanted answered and yet it felt disrespectful to ask! You surely were missed.
  9. For the first time in a very long time @Kerry Beal and I decided to have ribs today. This was a different restaurant but part of the same chain. It is in Mississauga.WARNING, if you have queasy stomachs stop looking at the end of the food photographs! The table was a little crowded but you can see tea for Kerry and we in the back there is a glass of rose for me. Calamari. Very tender and tasty. Ribs with french fries and coleslaw. We shared everything. That is the end of the legitimate lunch pictures. Before lunch, however, we visited the Korean store which is very close by and discovered things that raised our eyebrows. I am sure we are just culturally challenged. Not so bad. Just amusing. Not likely to appear on either of our menus in the near future or in the distant future for that matter. And then there was this So nice to see such clearly organic products appearing close to the checkout counters.
  10. Not the most attractive chocolate chip cookies that I have ever made. My Thomas Keller alter ego must have been in hiding. I will be sure to let you know how many are rejected and sent home.
  11. Yes. Indeed it did. Towards the end we found ourselves fighting a guilty conscience that we had ordered too much food and were now eating it merely to avoid being accused of gluttony. Like many all-you-can-eat restaurants there is a notation on the menu that if you order too much food you will be charged for any that you do not eat! We both doubted that it was enforced very often but nevertheless it did weigh on our minds— not the additional cost but the guilt.
  12. Lunch out two days in a row? Well we certainly needed yesterday’s lunch. @Kerry Bealand I spent the morning with a service person written into existence by Mary Shelley. I am convinced that each morning somebody opens a small door in the back of his skull and replaces the cassette tape with a new one before shoving him out the door. He brought completely inappropriate equipment into the house and when we tried to convince him that we needed very different equipment, he simply lapsed into a script and talked over the top of our reasoned explanation. Whew. We were both happy to escape without a charge of homicide hanging over our heads. When we arrived at the restaurant, Spoon & Fork, I think out server could detect our lingering irritability and turned up his inherent charm to full volume. He was quite delightful. Ginger tea for Kerry. Warm sake for me. Our food order written on the protective paper over the table cloth. Our lunch order as interpreted by our server. He was amused and at first a little reluctant to allow us to photograph his transcription but eventually relented. This request to see and photograph his order page came about only because I was convinced that he was writing in Chinese characters. Wrong again. Miso soup for Kerry and seaweed salad for me and some surprisingly good (only because it is an all-you-can-eat menu) calamari. Inari with ginger and wasabi paste. Some sort of roll for Kerry. All of their roll contained crab in one way or another hence I declined to partake. Lemon grass rice. Bok choy in garlic sauce. Beef and Chinese broccoli. Red chicken curry. Steamed rice. Singapore noodles.
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