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  1. Now there are fewer moles in my scotch because many of them are splattered on my screen. Now I will have to spend the whole night recalculating the molecular weight of my drink. Sheesh.
  2. Pick one. Nobody said it would be easy. That's why it's called a challenge.
  3. Have and my head is spinning. Perhaps two fingers of scotch are in order. How many moles of scotch to how many moles of water do ya think? For someone who really believed there were people who skinned moles to make moleskin you can see this is going to be challenging for me.
  4. Well you are welcome to try pulling two random things out of the freezer but that wasn't my intent. I meant after you have your first ingredient in hand then you decide on your second ingredient and if it does come from your freezer then you get bonus points. I likely didn't explain myself very well. But cream cheese poundcake and smoked elk bones.... Adventurous.
  5. A vegetable brush? How horribly main stream.
  6. I know! It was in my calendar staring at me but I still wasn't ready. The equations still scare me.
  7. Yes, that is where my inspiration came from but I could not find it to give credit where it was due. Edited to be more correct I meant to say that that is what came to mind when Kerry made her suggestion!
  8. I wanted to steal both plates!
  9. Any one up for a new challenge? I have a freezer so full that I cannot take advantage of any sales, make a batch of anything to freeze, or even easily find anything in there. Today while Kerry Beal and I were out galavanting about we passed one of our local supermarkets which often carries lamb at good prices. Of all the things in my freezer I can pretty much guarantee lamb is not one of them. I bemoaned my first world problem to Kerry. She suggested that I look at it as a challenge and that each day I should reach into the freezer drawers and, without really looking, pull out a package of whatever. That package would then become what I would cook. I was recently watching a program on Gusto TV called A is for Apple. It is based on the premise that the chef/cook choose two ingredients beginning with the same letter. I've seen two episodes so far. One involved onions and olives and the other pork and pineapple. Each episode involves three dishes. One made with each of the ingredients separately and one made with them both together. This is just a little too complex but I did want to put somewhat of a twist on Kerry's original idea. So for those of us who are struggling to find some freezer room, to empty a freezer with a view to defrosting it, or for anyone who finds such a challenge fun, here is my proposal. A) As often in the week or month that you choose, reach into your freezer and take out the first thing that comes to hand. B) From your pantry, market, refrigerator or even freezer, if it is organized enough, choose a second ingredient with the same first letter as the ingredient you retrieved. C) Using these two ingredients and anything else that you have or can get, make a dish. It does not have to be an entrée. It can be a side dish or dessert. It can be soup or salad. No holds barred. D) Show or tell us what you made BUT to make this much more interesting tell us the thought processes you went through to decide on your dish. How did you decide on the second ingredient? If you used a recipe tell us about it or even better link to it. If you pulled the idea out of thin air tell us that too. If it was inspired by a memory tells us that. You get the idea. E) Bonus points for anyone who uses two or more ingredients from the freezer. This is meant to be fun and inspirational for all of us so there are no time restrictions and no hard and fast rules. Anyone up for this? If you are a jump right in.
  10. As promised this was where we had lunch today. Service is semi cafeteria style where you order from the counter and a server then brings your selection to the table. Kerry had their interpretation of a chicken caesar. And of course I had to have the slow roasted lamb sandwich.
  11. Dinner 2017 (Part 1)

    Pork chop with roasted carrots, parsnips and potatoes.
  12. So is an (unused) denture brush. Not at all the same thing as a toothbrush for those who may doubt.
  13. I think the next innovation that Sous Vide needs is some sort of replacement for plastic bags. Something sturdy enough to be reusable and be dishwasher safe at sterilizing temperatures. I know I'm asking a lot but if we can put a man on the moon as they say…
  14. I am posting this because I think it's interesting not because I agree or disagree with anything in it. Click. "Still, every kitchen gadget has its disadvantages. Cooking sous vide requires menu planning way in advance since a steak that otherwise takes a few minutes to cook needs about two hours. Also, as someone who tries to reduce waste when cooking, it pains me to use plastic bags every time I want to sous vide something. “The obvious limitation is that you can’t tell what’s going on in the bag,” says McDonald. “You can’t prod it like a roast in the oven. You have to have a set time and temperature and stick to it.” But for now I’m happy with the new kitchen gadget. Considering how its making its way into home kitchens (and also the new season of Top Chef Canada) it looks like it’s on its way to becoming a fixture on the counter like the slow cooker and the microwave."