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  1. They can, of course, but it’s much more difficult when the principal is no longer present.
  2. Baby bok Chou sautéed in the box. Served with Salisbury steak that I had made aeons ago and found hiding in my freezer. I put it, still frozen solid, in the CSO (Cuisinart steam oven) on bake steam at 325°F for 30 minutes and it was perfectly thawed and heated through. Nothing wrong with a little fusion now and again.
  3. So @Kerry Beal and I found ourselves racing against the clock yesterday. She had worked an overnight shift in Dunnville and had to drive back to her home in Burlington to take care of some business there before driving over to Oak Hill to collect me. Then she needed to do some clothes shopping and I had an appointment at the hospital at 1:45. Our first two choices for lunch were the Filipino restaurant with the fabulous pork or the equally fabulous food at Kamoosh in Waterdown. The Filipino place was too far out of our way and Kamoosh, because it’s such a classy restaurant, would take time to get our food to us. So we settled for Angel’s Diner and purely by coincidence learned that there would not be another meal at Angel‘s Diner! Yesterday was the last day the restaurant would operate under that name. Kerry had a cheeseburger. She quickly ditched the rather sad lettuce and asked for mustard and relish which one would think would come automatically with a cheeseburger. But she said it was not a bad cheeseburger all things considered. I had the liver and onions and should’ve been smart enough to say hold the fries and everything else! I did enjoy the liver and onions but couldn’t make any headway whatsoever on anything else on the plate.
  4. I know Kerry has had nothing to drink yet today that might muddy her mind, but it was in fact just this spring that we went to London! Wish I was going to Ottawa only because I love train rides. You can keep the capital and all it represents. I just want the train ride oh and maybe the meals!
  5. Anna N

    Breakfast 2019

    Not sure if this is a toasty or a melt! Toasted rye bread with grated cheddar, cherry tomatoes, scallions and pepper, slipped under the broiler until the cheese melted.
  6. No worries. I did have to read it three or four times to make sure that I was not missing something.No worries. I did have to read it three or four times to make sure that I was not missing something.
  7. I’m not sure where you getting this from but the recipe clearly calls for an egg unless my eyes deceive me.
  8. It is indeed but you do realize that that poster has not visited this board in 15 years?
  9. Pepper improves most things in my opinion. And there are some very interesting peppers out there that are worth exploring.
  10. I am sure you are right but my daughter described them as “just perfect”.
  11. Today I made these salty chocolate oatmeal cookies. Instead of the flour in the recipe I used almond flour so that my daughter who chooses to avoid gluten might enjoy them. I think they work just fine with the almond flour although I suppose one ought to always make the recipe as given first. But rules were made to be broken and I broke this one. There’s nothing wrong with these cookies. They just don’t blow my mind in any way. I will let you know how many rejects are returned. To me they taste like oatmeal held together by chocolate, really good chocolate because that’s what I have (thanks to @Kerry Beal).
  12. Anna N

    Breakfast 2019

    Garlic naan with crumbled blue cheese, grated cheddar cheese and lots and lots of pepper.
  13. Yep that’s the one I aspire to. So far it’s out of my reach.
  14. You can both keep your knickers on. It’s going to be some time. I expect to do the Danish æbleskivers first.😂
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