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  1. Dinner 2017 (Part 2)

    Since I had dinner for breakfast… Orzo "confetti" with an egg and some grated cheddar cheese.
  2. Never underestimate our ability to enjoy junk food. We might not choose to live on it but most of us will 'fess up to at least one junk food vice.
  3. Today Kerry and I found ourselves in the same area as we were last week. Well she conducted business with the screen printing people I searched for a place to eat. They did not seem to be much in the area that was not a chain restaurant but I did stumble on this place, I Love Pho. I noticed that many of the reviews seemed to be by people with Vietnamese names. When we arrived at the restaurant was crowded with people who looked Vietnamese. You don't get much better recommendation than that. We both love pho and it was hard to order something other than that but I think we were both quite satisfied that we had made a good choice. Mind you I do hope we get back there to try their pho at some point. Without a menu to help me out you'll have to bear with me then I don't know the names of these dishes. I know that this was a Cephalopod of some sort! They were bouncy "cakes" which I quite enjoyed although the sauce was not to my liking. Our server said the sauce was heavy on the shrimp paste and we could order something different if we wanted. We didn't bother ordering a different sauce. We both enjoyed a bowl of soup and I chose the beef ribs over broken rice. Kerry chose the grilled chicken and grilled pork with pork floss. Kerry had tea and I had a Vietnamese iced coffee.
  4. I gave up after frustration with the math once again. I am not proud of myself. But there it is.
  5. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 1)

    Couple of slices of pork shoulder and some mango chutney. If you can have "all day breakfast" I think we've proved on this forum you can have "all day dinner".
  6. One slice of bread (trying to watch my carbs) beef on one half, herring on the other. It would take more than one glass of akvavit to persuade me to combine them. But never say never.
  7. Dinner 2017 (Part 2)

    SV'd some parsnips, carrots and onions earlier in the week. Tonight I reheated them via Sous Vide, drained them and tossed them into some hot duck fat. I added some sliced Sous Vide beef short ribs and dinner was ready in short order.
  8. Pickled herring and SV'd beef short ribs. Too early in the week to wash it down with akvavit and then enjoy a nap.
  9. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 1)

    Jamaican patty. If you look carefully just above and slightly to the right of the centre, you will see the tiny red dot indicating its spice level.
  10. Books on Sous Vide

    As I said, I was not dissing the book by any means. Any book that avoids volume measurements gains stars in my mind. But I do know that it can be offputting to those who are accustomed to that method and that is all I was trying to say. I added it to my Wish list when you mentioned it.
  11. I believe that information is still freely available online.Here .
  12. Waffles!

    Oh please. I would have you banned from the site if I could.
  13. I winged it. Sour cream, horseradish, splash of Worcestershire sauce, some chopped scallions (because I didn't have any chives), salt and pepper and then a splash of cream to just loosen it up a bit. I did a fair bit of tasting and adjusting.
  14. "Steak" salad with leftover beef ribs and a horseradish dressing.