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  1. Chocolate Mint Ice Cream

    I don't really think you can a beat sprig of mint and some shaved chocolate. But you might want to go out on a limb with some of the thin chocolate mint cookies or sticks that are available most places. I am sure somebody with more creative juices flowing will come up with something better. But there's nothing worse in my humble opinion than something that is on the plate but not in the dish.
  2. Depends. Ideally I clean as I go. In reality sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. It is much more likely to happen if I have made sure that the dishwasher is empty before I even begin cooking.
  3. Dinner 2017 (Part 4)

    Don't think I would ever attempt to cook a pork loin any other way.
  4. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    @liuzhou One cannot in all good conscience hit the "like" button for an over cooked egg. My breakfast looks as if it really belongs in some sort of horror movie! Pika gorri sauce.
  5. I am not sure that that would work in terms of turning a chicken thigh into the lollypop quite the way you can do with a drumette. Perhaps you can. I have never tried.
  6. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    But it not only hurts my pride it means I am no longer The Decider.
  7. A very small pork loin. Going to go 58°C for two hours as before.
  8. If I were running a restaurant and serving this dish I would make sure I had a damn good lawyer on retainer. Just saying.
  9. No one would ever describe these cookies as elegant. But how many of you reach for an elegant cookie? What they lack in elegance they make up for in taste and texture. They would please neither the raisin lovers nor the raisin haters. Wanted to make them with dried cherries but had a shortfall and had to make up with raisins. These are the one bowl oatmeal cookies from Serious Eats. (For those who remember my Tiffin, I made good use of it today as my mis en place bowls which neatly stacked on my limited counter space.)
  10. I am having a great deal of difficulty with the idea of chicken thighs cut into meat ball size pieces each containing bone. I'm not saying it cannot be done I'm just questioning why you would even bother. A bone in every mouthful? The thought of bone slivers everywhere unless somebody was very careful to rinse these pieces before cooking. I just can't imagine it and especially in a dish meant to be rustic and made in the home kitchen. I am not trying to start an argument I just expressing my astonishment at the very idea of a dish made this way. Carry on. "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." Shakespeare, Wm.
  11. If my life or even my dinner depended on this I might be inclined to follow up. As it is I am already put off by what seems to be a serious muck up about meals for this week (Monday being a holiday (observed, I believe, since 1845) that I am happy to let it play out. I suspect there were quite a number of Canadian customers thoroughly inconvenienced by this. I suspect I got off rather lightly.
  12. I feel as if I'm dodging bullets but I'm positive nobody is attempting to shoot the messenger. I post such things because I find them interesting but not necessarily valid. I have never before dreamed of microwaving mushrooms but I'm willing to give it a shot not to preserve antioxidants but just to see what the texture and taste are like. It never occurred to me to microwave nuts either until I was shown how evenly they are cooked in the microwave.