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  1. Buying Japanese knives (UK)

    I used hocho knife before Christmas to get a misono for a gift. They were very good to deal with, simple ordering process, quick dispatch and (at a cost) very fast delivery. I'd definitely use them again. I thought I'd got away without any customs charges but FedEx sent an invoice through a week or so later. That's a beautiful looking knife, btw.
  2. I just can't cook __________!

    Mine is cooking beans from dried. No matter how long I boil them for, no matter whether I use a saucepan, do them in the oven or in my pressure cooker, they always, always come out chalky and unpleasant. I've managed to find some really good cooked ones in jars now so will never bother again.
  3. Carbonara works really well - cook some lardons till very crisp, remove them leaving the bacon fat behind, use this to cook the noodles. Stir the lardons and a handful of Parmesan into a beaten egg then mix this with the cooked zucchini. Chopped parsley and some chilli flakes if you fancy it.
  4. Hi there, I'm a solution looking for a problem.
  5. Unless you only eat apples you've grown yourself you already eat ones that are twelve plus months old. It's normal practice to store them for prolonged periods.
  6. I think I've cracked it! Thanks for all the tips on this thread, I was a lot more careful with the shaping this time, only allowing minimal flour on the top of the boule. It came out perfectly and is probably the best bread I've made in a long time. Thanks again!
  7. @concordal, I love that will try and leave myself nowhere to sleep next time!
  8. Cauliflower Rice - Ideas?

    I season mine with salt and Indian spices then microwave it for 90 seconds or so - perfect side dish for my fasting days on 5:2.
  9. Thanks for the tips on shaping - I think that may well be the problem. I did flour the top quite heavily as the dough is 75% hydration so didn't want it to stick. I'll be more circumspect next time and hopefully see the right result! nancy, I'm at boring old sealevel now, though I did live up in Breckenridge for a season a few years ago and had to adapt nearly everything I knew about cooking!
  10. Thanks for all the replies guys. It was definitely properly mixed - the book goes into great detail about what and how to do this, and it's certainly not like the no knead recipes I've tried in the past. The bit about rope was really interesting - I knew nothing about it before so have had a good Google and learnt a bit! As you thought though, it wasn't the answer. Cyalexa, any suggestions about shaping I should follow? I wonder if this is the answer.
  11. Thanks TFTC, I think it's just a trick of the photo - the bottom was nicely cooked but not overdone.
  12. This weekend I've been trying a Dutch oven boule from Ken Forkish's flour water salt yeast. It's a poolish dough, with the preferment started the day before. I I was really pleased with the appearance, and the taste was pretty good, but I'm not at all happy with the crumb. It's too dense at the bottom with ridiculous air pockets at the top. Any suggestions?
  13. As others have said, I wouldn't consider laminate in the kitchen (or anywhere to be honest). We had it in our last place and although it started out looking good it quickly got tired. Even fairly minor spills were enough to warp it. We've now got engineered oak and it's perfect. Incredibly hard wearing and if you get decent stuff you can resand and finish it if you need to. Not sure if it's available where you are but its from kahrs, I'd definitely go with them again.
  14. Hi guys, just dragging this old thread up. Is the app still available? I've been using it for a year or two and was about to recommend it to a friend but can't find it on the App Store.
  15. Krion Countertops

    You probably should worry. You won't scorch it (but then you wouldn't have scorched the caeserstone either), if you leave the pan there long enough you might crack it though. Having been in a kitchen when a stone countertop fractured due to a large pot sitting on it I can heartily recommend against this!