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  1. when I was younger and had been out drinking we always used to order “half chips, half fried rice, half curry sauce” from our local Chinese takeaway ps - agree about irn bru. Terrible stuff.
  2. Over this side of the pond my current favourite is Basco - they do loads of speciality Spanish meats and charcuterie. Whole suckling pig, milk fed lamb and (at the other end of the age spectrum) 10-12 year old Galician beef from ex-dairy cows: It’s been great being able to get hold of interesting food this last year, despite having eaten out maybe only 2-3 times.
  3. that’s pretty spectacular value - one of those would set me back the equivalent of about $75 here in the uk
  4. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as that feeling of flow, absolutely no conscious thought or effort going in to what you’re doing.
  5. This really does explain a lot - I’ve had Hershey’s a few times when I’ve travelled to the states. I’d always thought it tasted odd, now I now why!
  6. I can confidently say that you’ll love it 😊 it works so well, was a doddle to set up and even my first pizza came out half decent. the main thing I’ve learned with mine so far is the importance of fully proofed dough - times when I’ve tried to do it too soon haven’t been as impressive as when I’ve made sure it’s ready to go. But that doesn’t mean waiting an age if you don’t want to - the emergency dough recipe on the ooni site works really well and is ready to go in an hour or two. Having said that, if you’ve got a bit longer the last one I did was an overnight
  7. My mum had a set of the Raymond blanc pans. Truly awful. I was never a fan of the design but on top of that they barely lasted a couple of years. baffles me how chefs who have made a career out of minute attention to detail could put their name to tat like this. Pays the tax bill I guess…
  8. I’ve done pitta and naan a few times. They generally turn out well. Kerry’s right about the heat coming mainly from the back, however, with pitta the amount they puff can put them a bit near the ceiling of the oven. If they touch that they scorch pretty badly. Best technique I’ve found is being ready with the peel and just shielding them if they start to get a bit close. the other thing I’m still getting right is the thickness to roll out the dough to. There’s a pretty narrow window between being too thick and doughy and too thin they turn out like a crisp cracker. I’ve had
  9. Are we just ignoring the fact the pizzas look terrible?
  10. I’d definitely get the gas one - have used the pellet/wood oonis and after the novelty wears off you won’t use anything but gas. it’s so much easier and the taste is identical
  11. Would shrimp be acceptable? brined shrimp, cooked on cedar planks and dressed with lemon and chive butter might be a nice bridge between boring plain food and something fun to make. They’re bloody tasty too.
  12. Also cannot wait for this, looks a great product. chris, any thoughts about using it to control a fan blower for kamado Cooker?
  13. @MikeMac this is great to hear. Glad it’s working out so well… I’m really getting sold on this idea. Hope you don’t mind me picking your brains some more: what have been your big wins? Like what food have you cooked that’s really improved on your previous normal ovens? anything you’d have done differently? Model choice, location, ventilation?
  14. Just resurrecting this old topic. how have the last few years been with the Rational? I used one while on holiday in Italy a couple of years ago and was blown away. Would love to get one if/when we ever move house again.
  15. @Kim Shook, the crackling on this pork was really good and I think that came down to the method. It was certainly a lot better than my usual attempts! as others have suggested, separating the skin from the meat is very helpful. In this case the sheet of skin was cooked SV at 70°C for 24 hours. After this time it was seriously soft with all of the collagen broken right down. Before starting there was very little fat on the underside which I think was helpful. I reapplied the skin to the cooked meat before crisping but I’m sure it could have been cooked separately too. Mayb
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