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  1. It’s only a matter of time...
  2. &roid

    Wusthof Nakiri

    I’ve just taken delivery of a shigeki tanaka blue steel nakiri and I love it. After a couple of decades of insisting I can use a 10” chefs knife for everything it is a beautiful thing to use. Enjoy yours, and your anniversary
  3. @TicTac, came across this GF recipe the other day and thought of this thread. I've not tried it yet but be it'd interesting if the combination of mozzarella and almond flour allows a decent bun texture to be made... https://www.drberg.com/Ketogenic-diet-meals-recipes/desserts/keto-cinnamon-buns
  4. Dan Toombs is my go to for Indian recipes. He’s an American who came to the UK about twenty years ago. He fell in love with “British Indian Restaurant” food and made it his life’s work learning how to cook it. He’s got three books out now, all of them are classics if you like this sort of food. If you just need the recipes i think they're mostly all on his site: https://greatcurryrecipes.net/
  5. We stopped eating much wheat flour a few months ago (as part of a weight loss plan rather than due to an allergy). I’ve found chickpea flour (gram flour) a really good substitute in a lot of ways since then. We use it to make pancakes (socca) as well as various Indian appetisers like bahjis and pakoras.
  6. &roid

    Kid food

    What age are they and what do they like eating?
  7. &roid

    New Anova Pro

    Where is it? I can’t see it anywhere
  8. For me it would be: - good extractor which vents outside - tap with a flexible hose pull out - proper boiling water tap - under mounted sinks with waste disposal, make cleaning up so much easier
  9. Argh! Got as far as adding them to my basket and for some reason they aren’t available for shipping to the UK 😢
  10. &roid

    DARTO pans

    I tried that - think he prefers white 😂
  11. &roid

    DARTO pans

    Having seen your experience earlier in the thread I tried a different technique to my usual low temp method. I did them really quickly over a medium/high heat which I turned off after just 30 seconds or so. I’ll try some low temp ones today but if it ends up like you described I think I can live with the quick way of doing them - they were good eggs 😊
  12. &roid

    DARTO pans

    @JoNorvelleWalker, I’m a little nervous about trying a sofrito after the things I’ve read... might wait a bit till the seasoning has built up a bit more
  13. &roid

    DARTO pans

    I’ve done seven coats now and decided to have a go at making some breakfast with the smaller pan. As described in the guides I did a couple of rounds of sacrificial eggs first - the initial ones stuck horrendously, to the point that I worried the whole process hadn’t worked. However, after the second lot some magic happened and suddenly my pan is non-stick! With just a little encouragement a fried egg will slip around easily. Made some lovely creamy scrambled eggs to go with our salmon 😋
  14. We are 95% of the way through our own renovation and I agree with every single word of that. We were promised a mid November finish, what month is it now??
  15. &roid

    DARTO pans

    Wil do. Interestingly I just found this video (while going through a bit of baby-induced insomnia, might as well use feeding time productively right?). She seasons using the flax seed method then tries to reduce some red wine which strips it all off. The recommendation there is that we should wait a few months of regular use before trying very acidic things. Maybe it’s just a time/use thing?
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