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  1. What convinced you otherwise?
  2. This is something that really grates on me - such a waste to not actually cook in a decent kitchen. When we went stone shopping we were asked if we wanted a worktop to just look good or if we might use it... nothing useless can be truly beautiful and all that.
  3. Ha! No that’s just my small prep sink - basically a place to scrape all my veg mess into a waste disposal. The main sink is in the run of units just behind the camera and is about 4-500mm square. That said, the prep sink will be a bit bigger in the new kitchen - it’s just slightly too small as it is. The pic was taken with the panorama mode on my iPhone - not perfect but an easy way of getting some lateral extension when standing further away isn’t an option.
  4. Canadian, agree completely that induction is a different world from electric - if that was my choice I’d pick induction every day. My gripes with it are tiny compred to the difficulty of trying to cook on electric coils. But (for me) gas is just so much better...
  5. After a LOT of deliberation we’ve gone for a worktop made from Neolith. We’ve had enough samples of different materials to clad a few dozen kitchens but this seems the best bet. It’s a sintered stone product that will hopefully stand the test of my less than delicate cooking style - I just want something I can scrape and burn and pummel without destroying it. We’ll see how it works out this is the colourway we’ve chosen:
  6. The baby thinks this whole project is hilarious - why would you bring me into this building site???
  7. We’ve been able to keep an oven, dishwasher and small sink. The builders have been great and built us a temporary worktop to get by on - I even got my knife block back up on the wall. My brother loaned me a single burner induction plate. It’s been hilariously bad (think it cost about £30 so not surprising). Even on a medium low setting it overheats after a few minutes. I can just about manage scrambled eggs but pan frying meat is a disaster, mildly boiled chops... mmmm
  8. Everything stripped out and put in storage:
  9. The original kitchen was L-shaped with a small dining area:
  10. We’ve lived in our house for about twelve years and did a small extension not long after we moved in. With our growing family (son number two arrived this July) we wanted to get a bit more living space so started looking at options about a year ago. We have a late Victorian house with a separate dining room, as nice as this is it’s been a big waste of space - we probably used it two or three times a year. So the plan was to extend the kitchen to add a decent sized dining area and free up the dining room for something better. The kitchen we had is under ten years old so we’ve decided to keep some parts of it, adding new worktops, a large rangetop and a breakfast cabinet with pocket doors to hide away the toaster and coffee machine. We’re about halfway through the build at the moment so thought I’d post up some pictures of our progress. Hopefully we’ll be finished this side of Christmas... hopefully!
  11. As much as I’ve tried (and I really have tried) I just can’t get along with induction. Every unit I’ve used from a cheap single burner plug-in unit to a very expensive cooktop, has had limitations I just can’t get past. The main aim things I hate are: touch controls - awful. What is wrong with a dial that works EVERY SINGLE TIME? Kitchen touch controls are horrific and fail a good 20-30% of the time. Lack of controllability - maybe none of the units I’ve used have been good enough but they’ve always left me wanting for intermediate settings, I seldom get a temperature that’s just right. “Smart” functions - the obsession with removing control from the user offends my sensibility more than almost anything. If I want to heat a pan on maximum for ten minutes, just let me. If I lift a pan up, don’t assume that I’ve finished cooking and turn off. If I put a plate or a non ferrous pan next to where I’m cooking, don’t think that means I want everything shut down. Just let me choose - if I get it wrong I’ll live with it and learn. Aside from sleek lines lines and easy clean up they always feel so compromised compared to a decent gas burner. I’d never spec one in my own kitchen. Am genuinely puzzled why people love them so?
  12. &roid

    What to cook in the RoccBox

    my brother in law has made a really good steak in his. get a cast iron sizzler plate screaming hot in the pizza oven then toss on a decent ribeye, turn it halfway through cooking to even out the heat from the flames vs. the cast iron. some sliced mushrooms and onions while it rests.
  13. any more feedback from people with a wolf range/rangetop with the infra-red chargrill? I'm just about to do our kitchen refit and would love one of these if it does a good job
  14. &roid

    Buying Japanese knives (UK)

    I used hocho knife before Christmas to get a misono for a gift. They were very good to deal with, simple ordering process, quick dispatch and (at a cost) very fast delivery. I'd definitely use them again. I thought I'd got away without any customs charges but FedEx sent an invoice through a week or so later. That's a beautiful looking knife, btw.
  15. &roid

    I just can't cook __________!

    Mine is cooking beans from dried. No matter how long I boil them for, no matter whether I use a saucepan, do them in the oven or in my pressure cooker, they always, always come out chalky and unpleasant. I've managed to find some really good cooked ones in jars now so will never bother again.