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  1. I’ve got one of the Breville oracles (branded as Sage here in the UK). I’ve had it for a few years now and it’s been really good. It makes significantly better coffee than previous bean to cup machines I’ve had (gaggia and delonghi) both in terms of the shot itself and the way it froths milk. This latter part is what really sets it apart - the milk is properly steamed with a tiny foam rather than the big uneven bubbles I was used to with the other machines. Two proper boilers too so I can happily make coffee and steam milk simultaneously. It’s more work to make a cup of coffee than those “simpler” bean to cup machines, but it’s significantly less than a fully manual set up. For me it’s the best balance between quality of coffee and effort - ymmv though. I haven’t had any issues with it so far, cleaning is easy and it’s been 100% reliable. It has certainly opened my eyes to better beans as well - the difference with freshly roasted versus the supermarket packs we used to buy is night and day.
  2. I went through a similar process a year or two ago, trying to whittle down choices and find the best material to use. In the end end we went for a sintered stone product called Neolith. It’s a man made stone fabricated in a similar way to Dekton and has the same properties. Its been in for around six six months so far and I’m delighted with it. The main things I like about it are: - total heat resistance, as it’s such a regular structure there are none of the tiny fault lines you get in natural stone or manmade quartz. You can put anything hot on it and not worry. I had a silestone quartz countertop previously and managed to crack that with a pan of just boiled water. - utterly impossible to scratch or stain. We destruction tested scores of samples before picking the material (which was great fun!), I tried a screwdriver tip, keys, even an electric drill and could not make a mark on it. - so far it’s held up very well to being banged with pans. I’ve not managed to chip an edge yet which is in stark contrast to the quartz tops we had before. Its not a cheap cheap product but we found a great fabricator who supplied and installed it for less than the corian quote we’d received.
  3. &roid

    Worst Soda Flavor?

    Cream soda knocks me sick 🤢
  4. Just managed to pick up a mincer attachment for my kitchenaid - normally £85, reduced to £25. I’ve wanted one of these for ages but never quite given in to the desire. Glad I waited now
  5. I’m interested to hear what choice of words people use when sending food back? As a typical uptight British person I can’t help but apologise to the waiter for complaining. Even then I still agonise that they hate me... I agree completely with the idea that we are paying so should expect food to be correct. Also agree that sending stuff back will ruin the meal for me and my companions. Ultimately I guess voting with ones feet in the future is probably as good a response as we can have.
  6. I have to wonder just how much cheese one would need to eat for the sodium content to be an issue... sure cheese tastes quite salty but you're looking at around a pound of parmesan to get your daily allowance of salt. We go through it like there's no tomorrow but a pound still lasts our whole family a good month or so.
  7. My contribution to this thread shall be that from now on I will DEFINITELY check to see if my chicken has a bag of giblets in it before roasting... luckily this bag was paper rather than plastic so didn't melt into the poor bird. I was wondering why it was taking so damn long to come up to temp 😂
  8. I’m no lover of these services either, however in the interests of balance I’ll throw in some thoughts on why they are so successful. As I see it apps like ubereats, deliveroo, etc address two consumer needs: 1. Delivery from places that don’t currently offer the service. Depending on where you live this can be a real limiting factor. 2. The desire to avoid talking to strangers on the phone - like it or not, lots of people prefer an interaction with an app over calling a real person to place an order. Add in the ability to avoid the need for cash and it just removes a lot of friction that people often perceive. Until food places address these these two issues there’ll be a place for for these services. Even then there’ll be an attraction to having a single app for multiple restaurants - were probably tilting at windmills.
  9. It’s only a matter of time...
  10. &roid

    Wusthof Nakiri

    I’ve just taken delivery of a shigeki tanaka blue steel nakiri and I love it. After a couple of decades of insisting I can use a 10” chefs knife for everything it is a beautiful thing to use. Enjoy yours, and your anniversary
  11. @TicTac, came across this GF recipe the other day and thought of this thread. I've not tried it yet but be it'd interesting if the combination of mozzarella and almond flour allows a decent bun texture to be made... https://www.drberg.com/Ketogenic-diet-meals-recipes/desserts/keto-cinnamon-buns
  12. Dan Toombs is my go to for Indian recipes. He’s an American who came to the UK about twenty years ago. He fell in love with “British Indian Restaurant” food and made it his life’s work learning how to cook it. He’s got three books out now, all of them are classics if you like this sort of food. If you just need the recipes i think they're mostly all on his site: https://greatcurryrecipes.net/
  13. We stopped eating much wheat flour a few months ago (as part of a weight loss plan rather than due to an allergy). I’ve found chickpea flour (gram flour) a really good substitute in a lot of ways since then. We use it to make pancakes (socca) as well as various Indian appetisers like bahjis and pakoras.
  14. &roid

    Kid food

    What age are they and what do they like eating?
  15. &roid

    New Anova Pro

    Where is it? I can’t see it anywhere
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