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  1. Last night's pasta with the chicken pressure cooked then air crisped. Easy peasy for three drumsticks. Would they have been better in the deep fat fryer? Yes. Any chance of me doing them in the deep fat fryer for a quick lunch while I jumped in the shower? Zero.
  2. Pork chop, potato wedges, carrots all pretty much following the instructions accompanying the fryer. Crisper than the oven, not as crispy as the grill/broiler. I'm having fun.
  3. Well I'm learning. Pork belly. 30 minutes on Air Crisp at 160C, 10 minutes at 200C. Not bad. Not the puffiest skin but an even, crunchy layer. Very tasty. That's a pleasing result. The potatoes were also done in the air fryer. 3 minutes pressure cooked, 10 minutes Air Crisp at 200, in reality about 20 minutes in cooking time. Fluffy inside, not really crisp or crunchy skin. Again, tasty. The padron peppers and mushrooms were done separately on the pan. It took about 2 hours to get this meal on the table from the moment I picked up my knife, about the same time as if I were using conventional means. No doubt I'll get a little quicker with experience.
  4. Kerala


    Wow, fabulous! My recent visit was a little after peak mango season, but we still managed 3 or 4 mango treats. I ate without documenting the event. I will do a return trip in May/June.
  5. We're off to Cologne in October. Just me and Mrs K for four days. Does anyone have any recommendations-food, arts, music, whatever? The only thing I've picked out so far is the Kathe Kollwitz museum. Can't wait!
  6. Itsu brand Chicken gyoza, 10 minutes from frozen with a turning over at 5 minutes. 200C on the Air Crisp function. Pork, same preparation. The instructions were for 10 minutes shallow fried. Taste and texture were very good. Crispy, not overcooked!
  7. What have I done? Mahoosive!
  8. Five years later, here's a follow-up.
  9. It's monsoon season, so it rained for a few minutes a couple of times every day. We lucked out and missed the very heavy rains which stopped two days before we arrived. The rain is sudden, hard and heavy, never the endless grey drizzle of England. Temperatures were 28 to 30 Centigrade, which with the overcast made it quite comfortable to walk about. I couldn't believe the temperatures in the UK while we were away. I have never in my life in any season known it warmer in England than in Kerala. My father in law used to say that when he was at Medical School in Lucknow, they loved the overcast days to go on day trips and sightseeing, so different to the (understandable) British attitude.
  10. And breakfast. Appam with egg curry/"egg roast." I've turned one appam over to show the seared surface. That surface and the edges are crisp and caramalised, the rest fluffy and moist. I do love this breakfast. Mrs K makes an excellent egg curry. We'll try to perfect the Appam now we're back in England. I'm sure I can get the chicken stew right, so that will please my eldest too. That's it for now. I hope it won't be another five years.
  11. A bit of a hotch-potch dinner back at mum's. Mutton biriyani, chicken curry, fried prawns and yoghurt. Pretty much a perfect plate of food for me on my last night in India.
  12. A last walk down to the beach. A shower outside. And a last, fruit-based breakfast at the Niraamaya. That was a wonderfully restful break.
  13. We loved the tender coconut.
  14. A mild North Indian chicken preparation, I think they called it butter chicken. One of my daughters' choice. Agreeably non-spicy. Shrimp with a green potato mash garnish. As usual, the freshness of the seafood is absolutely central to the result, and these shrimp were beached that morning. Noodles for the youngest.
  15. Kanthari prawns. Kanthari are small fiery chillies favoured in Kerala. The chillies have been ground to a paste and liberally applied to these prawns. Unapologetically, searingly hot. Often these international places tone the heat down so as not to scare the diners, but not on this dish. So delicious. Chicken skewers with a peanut sauce. Excellent.
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