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  1. Kerala

    Food Movies: The Topic

    Not a movie but definitely food-orientated is Midnight Diner on Netflix. I really love it. I was reading a lot of rather violent manga when I first came across it, and I found it a very soothing contrast. Short stories set in a little after-hours diner. Gentle.
  2. Kerala


    So much wrong here and so much right!
  3. How or where do you source these MREs?
  4. We all get things wrong. It's the refusal to own up and apologise, the lack of reflection that really annoys me here.
  5. Ignorance and arrogance. Yep. Guy's a dick.
  6. Kerala

    @Nathan on BBC Radio 4.

    I got really excited when they introduced Nathan Myhrvold on the radio but I was driving with my chatty buddy, so I look forward to listening again. I didn't really know anything about Nathan. Quite a guy, isn't he?
  7. On a slightly different tack, it saddens me that the person I most want to thank, ie the cook who made my food, usually doesn't get a look in. I think some restaurants do share the tips with the kitchen staff.
  8. Kerala

    Goan Pickle: "Prawn Balchao"

    Hi Sheel! Could you put up a picture of the final product in the jar or on the plate? That would be so appreciated.
  9. Really enjoying this thread, I have to say. I've never seen chapattis done in an oven before. Am I misreading this? @Chris Hennes, is that Madhur Jaffrey's instruction? I grew up eating chapattis in Kerala and considered it native, but it is really North Indian in origin. We do it on a skillet down south. So sad that I only have supermarket soup waiting for me in the fridge upstairs in the staff room.
  10. Kerala

    Food Movies: The Topic

    I can't remember who said that eating food prepared by another is an act of submission.
  11. Interesting, and it never occurred to me. Like others, I ate the chillies and thought it nice. Will I be able to resist next time?
  12. As somoeone who will never make puff pastry although I do use the store-bought stuff, I would love to see the results.
  13. Just announcing since there's hardly anyone in real life I can share with. I have bought three Anovas, one each for my sisters and me because of birthday timings. New Year's sales in the UK if anyone's dithering on the edge -extra 20% off!