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  1. My lovely sister got me these for my birthday. Dishoom is a kind of deep reverie on Bombay life and history through cafe and restaurant food. Rick Stein's book is a more straightforward travel cookbook. His recipes work solidly, but it's his passion and humour that keep me coming back for more.
  2. I'm gonna dig out my tagine from the back of the cupboard.
  3. Bourdain type places, but thank the lord for choices!
  4. I can do all this stuff, but it's hard work for me. I prefer a sparkling friendly waiter, but if he's supercilious that's fine by me. It may relate to my post just above, for both the waiter and me.
  5. Working in the hospitality industry is tough. By her own description she was bad at her job. Looking through her would the politest way to respond if my waiter truly sucked. If I felt sorry for her I wouldn't know how to express it without risking being condescending. Way too much distraction if I'm treating someone to a nice meal. If the waiter is charming then of course it's easier to respond, but I would rather not compensate for both my awkwardness and hers when I'm out for a meal. From personal experience, people who are reserved are perceived as aloof. I wonder, reading this article, whether this might not be how she presents.
  6. I gave up beef 11 years ago for religious reasons. I miss it occasionally, and this choice makes Argentina less attractive as a holiday destination. I wouldn't like to eat monkeys. I've tried tripe in Florence and andouilette in Paris. The first I couldn't swallow a second fork full. The second I couldn't quite make myself pull off the fork and into my mouth before spitting it out. Looks like a turd, smells like a turd, now I know what a turd tastes like. Are chitlins this bad?
  7. Oh god I've been spending the last few years trying to do Julia Child's technique after @Shalmanese posted it on here somewhere! No Teflon, ironically.
  8. Not a movie but definitely food-orientated is Midnight Diner on Netflix. I really love it. I was reading a lot of rather violent manga when I first came across it, and I found it a very soothing contrast. Short stories set in a little after-hours diner. Gentle.
  9. So much wrong here and so much right!
  10. How or where do you source these MREs?
  11. We all get things wrong. It's the refusal to own up and apologise, the lack of reflection that really annoys me here.
  12. Ignorance and arrogance. Yep. Guy's a dick.
  13. I got really excited when they introduced Nathan Myhrvold on the radio but I was driving with my chatty buddy, so I look forward to listening again. I didn't really know anything about Nathan. Quite a guy, isn't he?
  14. On a slightly different tack, it saddens me that the person I most want to thank, ie the cook who made my food, usually doesn't get a look in. I think some restaurants do share the tips with the kitchen staff.
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