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  1. Rendering Duck and Goose Fat

    For roast potatoes, seriously, nothing more is needed! Keep it simple.
  2. Lasagna Wars

    Inspiring topic. Roasted tinned tomatoes are definitely worth trying out.
  3. Just waiting for any more little tidbits, but I guess that's it! Thanks so much. I don't know when or if I'll ever get back to Sri Lanka. It's almost too close to home for me to get to, but there look to be a few interesting variations worth making the effort for. Anyway, cashews for Christmas for sure!
  4. Herrings in cream

    I read "Herrings in Ice Cream" which really piqued my proverbial!
  5. Every single thing looks fabulous. I think that plate in the first picture in the post above, the chicken and chips, needs to be re-created here in the frozen north this Christmas.
  6. The cashews are the only thing I'm going to actually cook from all this. Lovely food! I like the look of the meal at the Driver's house. Proper home cooking.
  7. That's all the instructions I need!
  8. Just clicked in during a particularly tedious clinic and found this. Now I'm hungry! Can't wait for a nice slow read this evening!
  9. A little taste of Kerala

    Aw, thank you, @sartoric! If you ever go back to Kerala, and it looks like you will, I hope I've given you a few ideas.
  10. Berlin Restaurants

    We're off to Berlin for a weekend break in September. I will read through this thread, but does anyone have any more recent recommendations? My wife likes sweet, I like savoury. Currywurst from a shack, got it!
  11. A little taste of Kerala

    On the last day but one, the children dragged me to the KFC at Lu Lu Mall, a huge air-conditioned 21st century retail construction. I was grumbling all next day, but on the last night I made up for it by ordering two meals at the same time from one of the Mall food court shops, Vazhayila. The name means banana leaf, and their gimmick is cooking everything in banana leaf. Steaming in banana leaves is a fairly traditional approach, but these people have truly done something innovative with this: Vazhayella biriyani! (In the middle ground in the photograph below) The green banana flavour steams through the biriyani, and when you open the packet the aroma is incredible. The "side" plate was chicken cooked in an earthenware pot, delicious in its own right. Plenty to share, but I was eating with vegetarian in-laws and my children who don't really like hot food. Every cloud, no matter how dark, has a silver lining. I stopped my moaning, to the relief of the wife and children. Not a bad end to a fabulous two weeks.
  12. A little taste of Kerala

    More from the Taj: Podi (powder) idli. Apple, vanilla ice cream and banana Fish tikka Fancy food... As always, fantastic seafood.
  13. A little taste of Kerala

    Sorry for the long pause. Back home and back at work. @sartoric , the actual wedding ceremonies were quite short. We had a religious ceremony at Bhaktivedanta Manor in Hertfordshire, the Hare Krishna temple donated by George Harrison. This lasted a couple of hours. The following day we had a civil ceremony in Shendish Manor, which is nearby. However, the various pre-wedding celebrations and post-wedding receptions in England and then India took place over 2 weeks. I only started on this mini-blog after the main events, just because I was seeing all this fantastic food and wanted to share it here! I’ve tried to use pictures taken by me or my immediate family, and the pictures have been of country or “nadan” style food. Some of the group spent a lot of time at the Taj hotels in Cochin and Trivandrum. The food is much more expensive, much better plated, very tasty and inoffensive to international palates. That may sound like damning with faint praise, but actually it is very good. Here’s a taste: Meen pollichathu, fish steamed in banana leaf. The good looking young man is not me. Crab 4 ways. Kulfi, ice cream and a chocolate brownie, perhaps. Beetroot idli!
  14. Beef Bacon- has anyone made this?

    @cakewalkBoy, Kerala beef fry is a BIG thing. Basically it's a dry stir fried preparation with small cubed beef pieces, lots of ground coconut, onions and various spices. It's fairly hot. You could have it with rice or chappathi. It is very popular in Kerala, and even people who wouldn't normally eat any beef seem to give this a Pass sometimes. There has been a good bit of resistance to beef consumption in recent years but Kerala is still one of the places in India where you can buy beef fairly freely. Like a lot of Kerala meat dishes, the meat is very thoroughly cooked through. It is delicious. Does it taste like bacon? No.
  15. A little taste of Kerala

    The crust is not from a tempura/a la romana style batter. Spices- mainly chilli powder, perhaps some turmeric and pepper- are mixed into a paste with lemon juice or lime juice, and used as a brief marinade for the prawns. The prawns are then fried in coconut oil which may have been tempered with chillies and a few mustard seeds. Curry leaves can be added. The marinade provides the bits of crust but it is not a complete covering layer. If you do what I've just suggested you'll get a very tasty plate of prawns even if it is not exactly authentic. The coconut oil really provides a marvellous Keralan taste! I am so glad everyone is enjoying this. The photographs are from just a few days, after the main celebrations, when I thought I'd document and share the few remaining meals. Some of the photographs are from my daughters and my better half, the groom and various members of my family, which is why we have different formats and resolutions. I'm afraid I don't have very many more to share.