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  1. Kerala

    Dinner 2023

    Works do last night, at Nottingham Forest Football Grounds venue. I didn't expect much, but actually pretty good. Smoked trout. Goat's cheese with caramelised onions tart. Lamb with some fancy potato fondant thing. Cheese. Surprisingly good for a sports arena meal. Someone trying hard, but not in full control. For instance, no Port available even behind the bar for the cheese board. Not to damn with faint praise- these dishes were very good.
  2. Kerala

    Dinner 2023

    Take away, right? Lovely. My nearest options are fish and chips ( three very good options) and a "Chinese" ( well established and doing well in rural Nottinghamshire, so I'm happy for them. Not as happy for me, but really don't cry for me.)
  3. You loved it, didn't you? 🤣
  4. Spoiler alert! One of the many extraordinary things about the Boiling Point movie is that it's filmed in just one shot, so that the tension builds throughout. The ending is a relief.
  5. My error, Reacher is still a few days away.
  6. I will miss her. I've been here a long time, and every contribution from her was enjoyable.
  7. Just watched the movie for the first time in preparation for the series. However I think I'll take a break from neurotic kitchen life and watch Jack Reacher before proceeding!
  8. Woah, just finished! Without too many spoilers, I'd just say both realistic and intense.
  9. Just watching the movie now. After watching The Bear season two. I do hope the food hygiene inspectors are really that pernickety!
  10. Our Christmases are epic. For the first time we are going to rent a place away rather than have me or my sisters host, and for the first time we will have my niece's parents in law along. 16 of us, I think, for seven days in a cottage in Bude, Cornwall.
  11. I think it's typically Wensleydale!
  12. Grommet. Just associated with cheese.
  13. A wonderful tribute. I'm sad to see this, and so sorry for your personal loss.
  14. How did you grow this? I've been thinking about just trying rooting powder on some fresh stalks from the Indian market.
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