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  1. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    I think there is Kosher butter. No? dcarch
  2. Safe paint for napkin rings?

    I don't think there is lead based black pigment. Flat black paint is always used in solar ovens for food. In any case flat black will soon be glossy from greasy fingers. dcarch
  3. Homemade Broth/Stock lasts how long?

    One of the factors, how salty is it? dcarch
  4. Urban honey

    Nothing you do can kill off ants. Vast areas in Texas and in Florida were under very deep water for a long time. Do you think there will be no more ants in those areas? dcarch
  5. Urban honey

    Some of them eat caterpillars. dcarch
  6. Urban honey

    Massive aerial insect spraying is being done to prevent mosquitoes in all the states effected by Irma. Guess how healthy that is to all the bees and to all the other beneficial insects. Guess how that will impact the delicate enviro/eco balance. dcarch
  7. Urban honey

    Beekeeping, just like urban chicken, is a code violation in most communities. dcarch
  8. There are so many kinds of eggplants. I don't think you can generalize. dcarch
  9. Chef designed? I don't think chefs can design any machine. Good sales pitch. Have you noticed that all quality cordless power tools are now powered by brushless motors? I believe very soon blenders will follow. I want a blender with a small but powerful motor that runs super fast and very quiet, also long lasting. That would be a brushless motor powered blender. I want a blender with better blade steel that can stay sharp. I want a blender that can have supercapacitors built in to give incredible burst of instant power beyond the power limit of 1800 watts of your typical outlet. I want a blender with a variable speed control from 0 to max RPM. (40,000 RPM would be nice, reversible would be nice, ) I do not want an "Intelligent" machine! Not until I get some strange brain deceased that causes most of my brain cells to die off. dcarch
  10. Urban honey

    In NYC, apartment buildings will not allow access to roof tops due to insurance and liability issues. Office building roof tops are expensive real estates for cooling towers, elevator machine rooms, window cleaning rigs, exhaust fans, generators, etc. dcarch
  11. Malabar spinach is a wonderful vegetable. It is also a very beautiful decorative plant in your garden. dcarch
  12. Kind of like my goji berry plant. dcarch
  13. Urban honey

    Bees forage 2 to 6 miles from hives. Bees can also make honey from sugar water. They will not operate for too long. They will be sued for $$$ if someone is allergic to bee stings. Liability lawyers love situations like this. dcarch
  14. Difficult to say what's behind this ridiculous action: "---------------However it seems possible that cheese ban is itself a tit-for-tat response to an earlier move by the UK. On April 30, the day before British cheese exports to China were blocked, the UK adopted an EU law that bans the sale of unlicensed herbal products, in particular those used for Chinese herbal medicine.------" dcarch