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  1. dcarch

    Dinner 2021

    just a quick mushroom, egg, shrimps fried rice. dcarch
  2. Happy Bastille Day! As I was thinking of cooking something appropriate for today and have the music playing in the background. I thought the lyrics of the France National Anthem can be slightly modified and used against the covid-19 tyranny. I did make crepe for breakfast, but have not decided what to make for dinner. May be I will make something for tomorrow. Anyone have ideas? dcarch
  3. Thorns ! Thorns! Vicious! Gloves! Gloves! dcarch
  4. Life is good! Garden is producing nicely, despite problematic weather. Today's blackberry harvest . Yesterday's is in the freezer blackberry ice cream. You know those blue dots in store so-called blueberry pancakes and blue berry cupcakes? I made blueberry pancakes with real blueberries. dcarch
  5. For microwave oven selection, look into " Inverter technology". dcarch
  6. dcarch

    Dinner 2021

    Slugs, snails are the bane of all lovers of hostas. I love hostas for my garden. They are beautiful and require no care. I have hundreds of them. Fortunately I don’t have a slug/snail problem. Snails are a boon and a bane for me. I love snails, the French kind. I wish I could import some live French variety of snails, but there are laws forbidding that. You can only get canned ones here. I love hostas also because they are delicious. Hosta is a common vegetable in some countries. So I decided to make a dish with Hosta blossom scapes, some French escargots and some shrimps and dungeness crab legs. dcarch
  7. dcarch

    Dinner 2021

    There is a law against child-labor. But I will not report you. Wow! He is a tall boy! He can reach in the cabinet just like that. dcarch
  8. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said, "Less is more", that is more or less true. It all depends on the recipe. Plate everything the recipe calls for. Don't hide anything just to be "less". Plate everything that is in a large dish for a family. Another architect, Frank Lloyd Wright said, "Form follows function". Respect the natural shape and color of each ingredient. Don't tourne a potato to look like a football. A well prepared sushi dish is "form follows function" as well as "less is more". dcarch
  9. dcarch

    Dinner 2021

    Harvested a lot of garlic scapes. Lots. Made BBQ (SV) country style ribs with scapes and asparagus (also from my garden). dcarch
  10. To bang a big nail, you need a heavy hammer with a long handle. That is the physics, weight plus speed. Here is my bone chopper, Heavy - three times the thickness compared with a regular kitchen knife. Speed - long handle swings faster as it hits the bone. Also, long handle allows you to use two hands for extra power. I have to be careful not to chop the cutting board in half! dcarch
  11. Garlic scapes !!! Got a great harvest today. What are your best recipes for using garlic scapes besides making pesto? dcarch
  12. Take a magnifying glass and examine the back side of the leaves. Looks like spider mite damages to me. Bean plants = invitation for spider mites. dcarch
  13. dcarch

    Wok hei with torch

    I have a 700,000 BTU torch like this one that I used to clear weeds before I plant my vegetable garden. https://www.amazon.com/AUSAIL-Propane-Flamethrower-Trigger-Charcoal/dp/B08M6GFBW8/ref=sr_1_9?dchild=1&keywords=blow+torch&qid=1623035756&smid=A2EIN88G2MB33B&sr=8-9 I also use this torch for BBQ and after sous vide. Very nice except can't use it indoors. Too hot and too noisy. dcarch
  14. dcarch

    Dinner 2021

    Impressive camera / photographic work! I mean technically and artistically. dcarch
  15. A cordless power drill, and a 3.5" x 24" auger ($15) lets me dig a deeeep hole very quickly. By manipulating the auger, the hole can be much wider than 3.5", 10" or more, depending on what you are trying to plant. dcarch
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