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  1. Cleaning leeks

    This? ' (Googled Image) dcarch
  2. Kitchen Tips

    I don't get it. It takes a lot of work and time to make sliced egg tube. You end up with sliced eggs less attractive than sliced regular hard boiled eggs. dcarch
  3. Cleaning leeks

    To get long white leek stems, farmers pile dirt up high to blanch. Therefore you will always have plenty of dirt. There are dirtless leeks grown hydroponically. dcarch
  4. Isn't it true that a commercial dishwasher needs higher water temperature? (180F ?) Domestic hot water is about 140F. dcarch
  5. Here is the solution: If I have the space, I would have two dishwashers in the kitchen. One for dirty and one for cleaned. Added benefit - if one is broken, you will not be in serious trouble. dcarch
  6. Seafood stock help

    If you really hate peeling shrimps, you can make it easier. Again, go to an Asian store and buy shrimps with head on. Shrimp's head is about half the weight, one pull, the head is off. The head is intensely flavorful for making stock. dcarch
  7. Seafood stock help

    Go to an Asian store. They have tons of fish bones, heads for sale. While you are there, get a few giant clams for making clam juice, also cheap. Shrimps are $9.00 a lb. Lobsters (small) are $6.99 a lb. Pound for pound, lobsters have more shell than shrimps. Why not make lobster broth? dcarch
  8. No, I didn't salt or flavored them. Just plain. I set the dehydrator at 130F overnight. dcarch
  9. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    A quick meal; shrimps and chopped clams in garden Sungold sauce on ramen noodles and snow peas, also from my garden. dcarch
  10. If you are attacked by squashes, fight back! Dehydrate and vac pack. Wonderful for the winter months. dcarch
  11. Seafood stock help

    Quick, cheap & dirty.. I buy ramen noodles, but I don't use their flavor (MSG) packages. I save them. Many of the packages are shrimp flavored. I used them to boost seafood recipes. dcarch
  12. Kansas (zone 6a) is not ideal for growing artichokes. It depends on variety and how early you start seeds. I am growing Imperial Star in Zone 6b. dcarch
  13. Yes,I have a few. They are doing OK. My artichokes have a cousin growing near by, a big Canada Thistle. Yes, I know Canada Thistle can be a horrible weed, but I intend to eat it soon. :-) dcarch
  14. Mother Nature can take care herself, given time, and left alone. Remember gypsy moth problem many years ago? Everyone was predicting the world will end. Yeah, it was raining big caterpillars! dcarch
  15. Flea beetles, and other bugs --- I don't know if this has anything to do with bug problems. I don't seem to have that problem in my garden, I have a solar fountain / bird bath in the yard, and that invites a lot birds. Birds of different feathers are alway hanging around picking on things. I think they probably like to snack on bugs after taking a refreshing bath. dcarch