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  1. dcarch

    Dinner 2020

    If you can eat it, you can beat it? Corona! Corona! Corona! Found a Corona pulled pork recipe for dinner. Corona pulled pork with home grown Royal Corona beans, Washed down with Corona beer. Yes, forsythia is already blooming in my garden. Good days are coming! According to folk medicine: Forsythia is used for swelling of small air passages in the lung (bronchiolitis),tonsillitis, sore throat, fever, vomiting, heart disease, -------. Interesting. dcarch
  2. Covid-19 is extremely infectious, if there is no vaccine for it, what will prevent it from keep on coming back? dcarch
  3. I grow my own salad indoors. What do you guys do? I don't know how you can sanitize salad greens from the store. dcarch
  4. dcarch

    New Kitchen

    Isn't it true that some S Z appliances need special floor framing support because of heavy weight? dcarch
  5. dcarch

    Dinner 2020

    V dinner, pan fried shrimps and largemouth bass fillet. Largemouth bass is monogamous, so are a few shrimps. Happy Valentines Day! dcarch
  6. That should work. Insects, rabbits don't seem to like them. dcarch
  7. Warning! They will take over your garden. Don't plant too many. dcarch
  8. I like to cook chickens well dressed. dcarch
  9. The day will be here soon. No more local stores or traditional supermarkets. Amazon will takeover all food and grocery shopping. dcarch
  10. Good source of off-grid protein? :-) dcarch
  11. dcarch

    Food funnies

    We can laugh at Paris Hilton all we want. She is laughing all the way to the bank. She earns $10 Million dollars every year. In addition, she raises hundreds thousands of $$$$ for children's causes. P.H. salad dressing, P.H. frying pans, P.H. cook books ------------------- $$$$$$$$ P.H. kitchen gloves? P.H. high heels for the kitchen? People will buy anything. dcarch
  12. Yes, that's a good way it can slug back in revenge. dcarch
  13. This is possible: Boiling point of water is 212F Smoking point of fat(butter) can be from 300F to 400F. If fat is collected in one place and water in another in food, and both get cooked at the same time in high heat (oven, microwave), and if by chance the water is mixed into fat, explosion will happen. You see this all the time when you fry food. dcarch
  14. That's another common one I can't figure out. Try this with a butter knife and cut something with force until it slips. You will find that the knife edge always slip away from your fingers. It seems to me most knife accidents happen because of carelessness, like, having a conversation while cutting or watching TV. A very sharp knife can be a disaster in careless accidents . Dull knife cuts can be fixed with bandage. Sharp knife cuts need stitches. dcarch
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