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  1. Planted 165 garlic cloves. Proper social distancing between cloves. dcarch
  2. dcarch

    Dinner 2020

    BLT never. (Better Late Than never) Cold weather is here. Not many tomato days left. dcarch
  3. My uneducated opinion: 1. I have never seen browning vegetables in a Chinese restaurant. Browning food is generally considered unhealthy and to be avoided. 2. Blast furnace hot stove creates appetizing aroma in the air (wok hei?). 3. Blast furnace hot stove for restaurants cooks food faster, and therefore faster customer turnover. 4. In the old China days, pork fat was used frequently for cooking, and fatty meat was preferred. Yes, extreme heat makes lots of aromatic hydrocarbons and Maillard reaction with fat. But high heat does not much to lean chicken white meat
  4. Extreme heat wave is predicted for the next few days in many areas. Many people will suffer. I apologize for finding this funny: "With current temperatures hovering above 120 degrees, rangers in Death Valley National Park have some advice for would-be visitors: Drink plenty of water, avoid excessive outdoor activity and, please, stop trying to fry eggs on the pavement. It doesn’t work, it makes a mess and the staff has better things to do than clean up after you. In fact, the proliferation of broken shells, discarded cartons and accumulated goo has reached such a point that th
  5. Shame on you. You lazy bum! You know how to build more lights , multi-layer farm, and high-rise interior gardening. dcarch
  6. dcarch

    Range hood

    Typical desktop computer cooling fans give you about 50 to 100 CFM (12VDC) and run at about 1500 to 2000 RPM. Cooling fans for server room, data room equipment run much higher and noisier. I have many of those. TFC1212DE (120mm x 120mm) fan runs at 5000 RPM and 252 CFM. V80E128BHA5 (80mm x 80mm) fan runs at 6300 RPM and 73 CFM. That's why I find it interesting that some kitchen exhaust fans claim they can quietly evacuate 600 to 900 CFM. dcarch
  7. dcarch

    Range hood

    Many areas' building codes require make-up air for kitchen exhaust, something like over 600 CFM. dcarch
  8. dcarch

    Range hood

    You are absolutely correct with universal motors and some brushless motors, their speed is determined by voltage, but induction motors are synchronous motors. They are more or less constant speed motors determine by 60 Hz line frequency. The pushing fan is not going to make the fan speed higher. With very restricted and long running duct systems, you can increase CFM by adding in-line booster fan. dcarch
  9. dcarch

    Range hood

    The quantity of exhaust air is determined by the size of the duct and the air pressure of the fan. If the duct size is only big enough for one fan, then it make no difference how many fans you have, 2, 3, 50, 100 fans will give you the same CFM of exhaust air. As long as the fan size is the same, having more fans will not increase air pressure, therefore CFM. dcarch
  10. dcarch

    Range hood

    I don't believe range hood specifications. They are fake numbers. Do you have a leaf blower? A powerful leaf blower with 400 CFM spec blowers a lot of air and makes a lot of noise. Can a kitchen hood with 600 CFM to 900 CFM make not much noise? Range hoods to keep the motor noise down mostly use induction motors which run inherently at low speed, and the path to exhaust the air restrict the diameter of the duct. The length of the duct and any bends in the exhaust duct created air turbulent back pressure, and filters can restrict air flow. I would be surprised in ac
  11. I think Dan Barber is leaving Blue Hills. dcarch
  12. Many restaurants have backyard tables. Make sure you check weather report, 10-day forecast before making reservation. dcarch
  13. Farm-to-table restaurants may be of great interest to you. Blue Hills I think is only indoors. There are a few others. One I like is Fable, has out door seating. Not sure they are open. May be you can get in touch with the operator and see if they will make you something to eat. Fable: From Farm to Table 4.5 (13) · Farm 1311 Kitchawan Rd Closed ⋅ Opens 11AM Sun "Great food and fun for everybody."
  14. dcarch

    Pattypan ideas

    Pattypans, are just prettypans. It's all about looks. dcarch SV oxtails with pattypans from my garden
  15. True. However, "you are what you eat". In addition to many medicinal food ingredients (Ginseng, ginger, etc) Asians use a lot of fermented ingredients, soy sauce, thousand-year-eggs, Kimchi, fermented fish sauce----etc. Isn't it true that "Penicillin (PCN or pen) is a group of antibiotics, derived originally from common moulds". I am not that serious about this. The point is it makes cooking more interesting. dcarch
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