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    Dinner 2021

    Happy Mother's Day to all!! Saw some recipes on Google some time ago, Lamb, clams and ramps. Sounded very interesting. So I made my version for HMD. Sous vide lamb chops, mussels instead of clams. I happened to have ramps in my garden and I added asparagus also from my garden. Got some fiddlehead fern from farmers market. So the lamb chops were perfectly done, that I am not proud of. Because timing and temperature were electronically automatic perfect with sous vide. But I am proud that I was able to get the amaryllis to bloom exactly on HMD. It was not easy to get the t
  2. I did some Googling. No. Not to look for recipes. This apparently is not a bad duke. Both the larva and the adult only munch on wood, and only decayed wood. dcarch
  3. I was chopping some wood for my fire pit to make some ash fertilizer for the garden and found many this. Look, don't give me that nonsense. Many parts of the world treat this as delicacy, sushi style. OK Moderator, I should post this on the Dinner Forum? dcarch
  4. Perhaps it would be more interesting for Blue Hill/Stone Barn to do this. They have their own farm next to the restaurant. dcarch
  5. I did get an email from Masa NY sometime ago, informing me that tipping is not accepted. Of course that makes it a lot more affordable. Dinner for two with wine will only be under $2,000. You can save even more $$$$. Have lunch at Per Se, then dinner at Masa. They are in the same building. No need to pay for subway. dcarch
  6. I will keep an open mind. There is no telling what can be done to produce interesting tasting food without meat. For instance, "---Smokey bacon flavor pringles are suitable for vegetarian, and don't contain any pork.-----" dcarch
  7. "-----Milk & honey for coffee and tea" Butter for bread? or margarine ? dcarch
  8. Or may be more. A restaurant like 11 Mad, it all about rent costs, and labor costs, ----They may have to use a lot more truffles for the new menu. dcarch
  9. dcarch

    Dinner 2021

    It's too hot to cook. 80F+! A very low temperature meal. dcarch
  10. Wonderful news to me! Hopefully there will be a major reduction in people buying beef. There will be prime ribs at $0.99 a lb. Also, people should not drink cow milk, or buy cheese, or use butter....... dcarch
  11. dcarch

    Dinner 2021

    Thanks. Looks like hostas will be ready for picking in another few days. dcarch
  12. dcarch

    Dinner 2021

    Nothing special about this dish, other than the fact that every thing on the plate, everything except the seafood, is from my garden. Spring is here! Also, you will notice that the scallops are not seared, just sous vided and seasoned. For my personal taste, seared scallops look pretty, but messes up the tender texture and adds no taste. dcarch
  13. I don't see how you can really get this thing clean, deep down hidden in those tall and crowed vertical Flex rods. I suppose if you can't see the dirt, there is no dirt. I also think it will take many days for it to completely dry after you wash it. Definitely not an aesthetic solution, with a variety of knives inserted randomly. dcarch
  14. dcarch


    If you go to a construction site, you will notice that most power hand tools used now are all cordless rechargeable. Lithium batteries and advanced DC motors are making these tools possible. You are beginning to see cordless immersion blenders on the market. They are still expensive, but I think they will replace the ones you need to deal with a long plug-in cord. Yeah, you can even blend when you are cooking outdoors. dcarch
  15. Perlite does not get rid of water. Drilling weep holes at the bottom of retaining walls (in your case, the way the cement block raised bed walls are constructed is the same as retaining walls) is a standard practice. Drilling holes in the mortar is not a lot of work. You do get a lot of rain in Florida. Also time to think of a finish, if you don't like the look of irregular moss growing on the blocks. dcarch
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