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  1. I guess you don't live in Texas. dcarch
  2. Splatter and boil over happen in my kitchen everyday. I multi-task. I set the cooktop at high power, then run to the workshop to work on a project, ------ and the phone rings ----- and a friend rings the doorbell. Not only that I need to prevent splatter, I also have a cover taped permanently to the smoke detector ! dcarch
  3. I should have said that you can get a type of silicon mats which are not grippy. I think they are called oven liners. They are kind of thin and slippery. dcarch
  4. Welcome to the Forum! You will get many tips. Here is mine: Get a sheet of cheap silicone bake mat, cut to size and put on top of the cooking area and cook right on top of it. You will need a lot less cleaning of your cooker. dcarch
  5. My kitchen will have no "hostile projections", like: Sharp counter corners are right at kids' eye level when they are running around. Drawer pulls that catch your clothing when you are carrying a heavy pot of boiling soup. dcarch
  6. dcarch

    Dinner 2021

    Silken Tofu. dcarch
  7. dcarch

    Dinner 2021

    Another (late) Valentine dish for a non-meat eater. Also to celebrate Ash Wednesday, and Canjun shrimps for Fat Tuesday. dcarch
  8. Thanks! My "farm to mouth" setup. No sanitizing needed.. That happens to be a volunteer tomato plant. I have no idea what it is. I never have grown dwarf tomatoes before. It seems to stay short. No staking. Relatively productive. Nice flavor. I must have had 30 fruits already. There are at least another 15/20 on the vine. I just bought some dwarf seeds. Now that I know I can do well with tomatoes using my LED lights. dcarch
  9. My DIY high power LED system has been very rewarding during this pandemic and bad weather season. I can't keep up with the output. Have not had the need to go out to shop for veggies much. dcarch
  10. There are two kinds, one can be plug into a wall outlet. Another requires recharging. Don't get this kind. dcarch
  11. Lot's of good thinking here. I just want to add one thing. I don't know what is your age and how long you intend to stay in your dream kitchen. Do look into incorporating features/considerations friendly to physical conditions for advanced age. You know, time flies. Such as drawer dishwashers so you don't have to bend down? Such as light color counter tops so you can find things easier with eyesight deterioration? --------------------------------------------------- Off topic: Sometime ago, I was in the Calgary airport waiting area going thru some co
  12. dcarch

    Dinner 2021

    Roasts are red Alas she wants hers "bleu", SV mistake I said, Too late for re-do. Happy Valentine to all! dcarch ❤️ ❤️ SV/grilled Rib Roast
  13. Two things I have found with all my non-stick pots and pans: 1. There is always more oil in the center because the center always gets dished. I think this is because the center is much hotter and the metal expands. Yet the outside ring of metal restricts expansion because the metal is colder. It's like a bottle with 3 inch thick wall. The center in time gets deformed into dish shaped. 2. The center becomes non-stick because high heat eventually destroys the non-stick coating material. Regarding wine glass "legs". It may also be that many people wash their wi
  14. dcarch

    Dinner 2021

    14" white stuff is foretasted in my area for tomorrow. And with high wind, I may be dealing with 24" in my particular spot. Time to plan (eat) ahead! Need plenty of calories. Made bone-in pork butt with home-grow scarlet emperor beans. For those of you in areas which will be hit harder, good luck and please be careful. dcarch
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