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  1. dcarch

    Dinner 2022

    Safer? Way safer! I bought a big pork butt from ShopRite this morning ($1.24 lb), making pork and peanuts. Too big for the pot, so I used my table saw with a 10" carbide blade. It took about two seconds per cut through the big bone. So the big butt is in three pieces in the pot. Messy and dangerous. Please do not do it my way. dcarch
  2. Someone told me that those earmuffs can cut out the noise completely. Well I wasted my money. My Vitamix is just as loud as before. dcarch
  3. Is that special fingernail polish for farmers? dcarch
  4. Stir fry, pesto, pizza topping, dumpling stuffing, etc., etc. ------- dcarch
  5. Life is good. Garlic scapes are here. a once-a-year treat. dcarch
  6. I don't understand why you guys have problems finding things. My solution is simple. I have at least three of everything I own. That immediately increases your chance of finding missing things three times faster. dcarch
  7. dcarch

    Dinner 2022

    I took a few weeks travelling. I am still behind trying to catch up. This was what I had done for Mother's Day. dcarch Perfect timing from the garden for Mother's Day Also from the garden, hostas are coming up So I made stir fried hostas Also Blanched white hostas shoots salad with asparagus, also from the garden. Main dish was SV short ribs, but no pictures. People took bites while I was cooking. Happy very late Mother's Day to you all. dcarch
  8. Best way to deal with supply chain and inflation problems. dcarch
  9. dcarch

    Dinner 2022

    I have been doing some travelling the pass few weeks. Let me tell you, international travelling during this pandemic was a huge mess. Rules, rules rules, mask, no mask, vaccinations, quarantines, tests tests test -----. I had been tested 8 times, all negative. Lots of eating and cooking. I was in charge of one Passover dinner for 12 people. Main dish was brisket. Wow, not cheap! Happy Easter, Passover to you all. May you all tested negative. dcarch 72 hour SV brisket, Fork-tender, not "falling apart" tender. Not "slice thin" tender. With Pearls and 24 Karots , and veggies.
  10. You can make your own spot welder using broken microwave oven transformers or go for hooking up a bunch of super capacitors. Check out youtube on DIY. dcarch
  11. dcarch

    Dinner 2022

    Yes, crisp pork rind from another dish I made. Great for dipping into Louisiana Cajun sauce. dcarch
  12. dcarch

    Dinner 2022

    I have been very busy with many tasks. I made a few things for Mardi Gras. Something I have made before. They say, "Leave a little sparkle wherever you go." Late Mardi Gras greetings to all. Here's my little sparkles. dcarch
  13. Totally off-topic. If you have no life, and you are a maker and fixer of things like me, you can get glue that sets instantly with UV light. The kind of glue a dentist uses. dcarch
  14. UV germicidal light may be affordable. My setup is about $50, not including extension cord and a tripod to move the light around different parts of the house. dcarch
  15. For ballast powered Mercury bulb UV light yes. And if you turn the light off, you have wait 5 to 10 minutes cool off time before they can be turned on again. But there are ones that work like a regular florescent tube, on and off just flip a switch. UV kills germs in air with 100% coverage. I don't trust LED UV lights. dcarch
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