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  1. Not sure why we don't do it here in the US. dcarch In China
  2. That would be a Royal pain, LOL! dcarch
  3. I got Corona!!! With this pandemic, protein availability can be very uncertain. I decided that I need to grow a lot more beans. Of course, if you grow beans, you have to grow Royal Corona beans, right? Corona is the king, big in size and big in taste. Mine Corona beans are blossoming! Pretty? Corona, come meet the Emperor Speaking of pretty, Scarlet Emperor, should be named Scarlet Empress. It is the queen in looks and in taste. I also am growing lots of Scarlet Emperor beans. dcarch
  4. The latest: Here is a comparison of the method of using foam to winterizing fig trees v.s. regular method of wrapping. The foam insulated tree has all the branches in good condition, compared with the one grown in the same plot, same time and cutting from the same tree, the one protected the old way of wrapping has all the old branches died off. dcarch
  5. Thanks for the idea! I was having problem finding bacon with long enough rashers to wrap this thing. dcarch
  6. I might need to buy larger dinner plates. Strange spears keep on showing up in my asparagus patch. Found this huuuge one in the garden. dcarch
  7. Blue, a perfect color for a kitchen. It is well known in science that the color blue is an appetite suppressant. You really don't want to be hungry every time you are in the kitchen and start raiding the refrigerator. On the other hand, red is the complementary afterimage of blue. So food looks more delicious cooked in a blue kitchen. Best of both worlds. Well done. dcarch
  8. You call those asparagus? Let me show you what real asparagus look like. Found these in the garden this morning. dcarch
  9. dcarch

    Dinner 2020

    Happy Mother's Day to all! Made sushi for MD. Didn't have sake, so made do with Corona beer. :-) dcarch
  10. This troublesome pandemic has forced many to have to stock up food. Not many have a freezer, and not many have the extra room for a freezer. Besides, you will soon find out it is impossible to find a freezer to buy. Anyway, what would you do with that extra freezer when the pandemic is over? So you try to pack your freezer. Then you realize you have to deal with an universal freezer packing problem - most of the packages in the front will fall out when you open the freezer door. I spent a couple of hours in my shop and came up with this idea, which I think increased the freezer capacity by at lease 1/4. Cost? $20 Anyone has other ideas? dcarch
  11. Some kind of cocktail strainer? dcarch
  12. NYT: The Reclusive Food Celebrity Li Ziqi Is My Quarantine Queen https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/22/dining/li-ziqi-chinese-food.html dcarch
  13. dcarch

    Dinner 2020

    Thank you! All varieties are edible. You can cooking or eat them just like endive. Thank you! Thank you! dcarch
  14. dcarch

    Dinner 2020

    Hosta La Vista, with pasta So Happy that I had grown a ton of hostas from seeds. Every year early spring when nothing in the garden is ready for may be another couple of months, hosta shoots are already popping up everywhere. Wonderful! It mean fewer trips are needed to the stores to buy possibly contaminated produce. dcarch Tender and delicious and the price is right. Sliced meat balls on Hosta shoots, (pasta side not shown).
  15. My analysis: Some time before this happened, there was a small quantity of fatty material that got splattered and stuck at that spot. Afterwards, someone used the MV to cook. Since oil smoking point is very high (can be 572F), the temperature reached the plastic's melting point. At the same time part of the oil continue to heat up until it carbonized. Since carbon is a good electric conductor, a small arc started a small fire. you can use silicone glue to patch that hole, or have that round thing replaced. dcarch
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