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  1. The problem with an A/C in a 5' x 5' x 7' enclosed environment is that it will cool down the whole volume in about a minute and cycle off, then on/ then off -----. A peltier device can be on and off instantly with no mechanical problem, and it can become a cooler or heater simply by polarity reversal. I think most wine cooler/refrigerators are made with Peltier devices. The only issue with using Peltier is to have to provide DC power. May be the power supply to your LED light has spare watts to power the Peltiers. A very interesting project! dcarch
  2. Aren't you overdoing it? Painting you kitchen door to match your kitchen towel? LOL!! A very nice looking design that is also very functional! three thumbs up!! dcarch
  3. You realize that anyone who lives in NYC and buys one of those grow tents will be on law enforcement's watch list. LOL Anyway, if you use a regular window A/C to cool, you will need to program the thermostat and relay to delay start so that the compressor can have time to equalize. An A/C may create too much air movement. A 5,000 BTU may be too powerful to give you enough time to de-humidify. I bought a lot of Peltier devices, with heat sinks for hot and cold, for cheap, $3.00 each. dcarch
  4. What is your tent material? I use IR/AC greenhouse plastic film, which has anti-condensation and IR reflectivity qualities. Have you consider solid state thermal junction cooling/heating (Peltir devices)? No moving parts for heating and cooling and moisture control. I also use ultrasonic transducer to general moisture. dcarch
  5. Arduino? With the sensors, now you need the controllers and generators. dcarch
  6. Nicely pan seared charred steaks are really partially for aesthetics. Consider that grilled steaks only have about 30% to 40% of the meat grill marked. Sometimes you can even sear only one side of the steak. dcarch
  7. Google Pastry rack or cooling rack or something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Charmed-Silver-3-Tier-Stackable-Cooling/dp/B01N9FJRDU/ref=sr_1_19?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1487347813&sr=1-19&keywords=cooling+rack dcarch
  8. Why bother with all kinds of fancy knives? dcarch
  9. Meat cutting

    There is only one type of cooking which requires specific cutting methods, knives and extensive training and practice - Sushi making. Otherwise, you do what you want using whatever knife you are comfortable with. dcarch
  10. Fundamental difference Microwave convection oven VS regular: Regular oven bakes from top and bottom, and larger fan for convection is more effective. Microwave convection bakes from top, with not many watts, and the convection fan tends to be small. dcarch
  11. Give this idea a try: You can buy smoke bomb (emitter, generator). Get one going near your fireplace with the fireplace damper open. Now turn on your exhaust.hood. You can tell if you should have the fireplace going when the hood is operating. CO back draft is a problem with a powerful exhaust fan. That's why many areas have specific code requirements for makeup air. If you have gas or oil heat with no proper makeup outside air intake, you should really make sure that your boiler room door is well sealed. dcarch
  12. Amazing massive hood! Love the safety treatment of the sharp hood corner, or as I call that, a "hostile projection". :-) Someone tall in your family? dcarch
  13. Dehydrator as a warmer?

    When you have a long time before serving, setting the MW power at the lowest power, the conductivity takes over and will warm the food evenly without overcooking part of the food. You can't use ambient probe in a dehydrator to get an accurate measure. The metal shaft of the probe will conduct heat faster in a convective environment. Use an instant read thermometer will be better.
  14. Dehydrator as a warmer?

    Dehydrator is a very poor food warmer. It dries, warms and cools the food at the sametime. (Latent heat lost from evaporation). Use your microwave, cover the food and set the power at 1 or 2or 3, depending on your MW's power. For warming plates: Put a wet thin napkin in between every two plates and MW. You can stack as many plates as your MW can take. You can get all the plates boiling hot in no time. dcarch
  15. Thermapen hygiene

    Especially those who use wooden knife blocks. Years of crap inside those slots. Bugs can also get in an die inside. dcarch