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  1. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    π x 50 = what size oven do you have? dcarch :-)
  2. Finished, the past few days as many of you who are in the area know, we had very high winds. Well The greenhouse passed the high wind test. It also passed the insulation test. It's rather warm inside . dcarch
  3. A Small NYC Kitchen Reno 2017

    The biggest problem with copper pipes is if the plumber does not electrically isolate the copper pipes from iron pipes (plumbing Code), causing destructive galvanic corrosion. For the plumber who does isolate the pipes, they sometimes forget to re-ground the electric power wiring to preserve electric ground for your appliances. dcarch
  4. Mice can bring in Lyme ticks. Get rid of them. dcarch
  5. Waffles!

    Made some pizzelles with my waffle iron. dcarch
  6. I went to a wedding in brooklyn a couple of years ago. The restaurant has a big attached outdoor garden which can hold maybe 150 to 200 people. It was a very nice wedding. I don't think it was expensive. In your case, March would be too cold for an outdoor wedding. dcarch
  7. Call me crazy. Always doing crazy things. I don't normally need a stepping stool in the kitchen. I use my cellphone with a selfy stick ($20) to look into high shelves. And I use a grabber ($10) to retrieve items on high selves. dcarch
  8. If you have an outdoor watering system, don't forget to drain all the pipes. dcarch
  9. A Small NYC Kitchen Reno 2017

    Not all LEDs are dimmable. Not all dimmers can dim dimmable LEDs dcarch
  10. Rare earth magnets are so strong, you can hang the knives by their tips. Nothing touches the body of the blades, and no wood strips to get germy and dirty. Germy and dirty? Yes, I have a few knives that I don't clean after every use. They are for dirty cutting. dcarch
  11. Worlds Largest Deliverable Pizza

    Vertically. dcarch
  12. I use my convection/rotisserie toaster over for roasting coffee beans. I bet this one can do a very good job roasting coffee also. dcarch
  13. Weather report says there will be another week before frost comes. So I am rushing to finish construction of my insulated greenhouse for all my potted plants and for seed starting for next year. dcarch
  14. Substitute for artichoke hearts

    Cardoon, which is in the same family as artichokes, tastes like artichoke. dcarch
  15. A Small NYC Kitchen Reno 2017

    90° bends are always a problem for regular fans to overcome back pressure. A centrifugal blower can work much better. But they don't make residential kitchen exhaust fans using centrifugal blowers. BTW, exhaust fans using more than one fan is not any better. Because the fans work against each other, not with each other. dcarch