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  1. Easy! Confucius said, "She who is a good cook, wins the man's heart through his stomach." dcarch
  2. Try Google " Can too much antioxidant cause cancer?" dcarch
  3. I have not read the specs for all the SV circulators. It would be a good idea to make sure that they incorporate safety devices to prevent runaway heat buildup. My system had a thermal fuse, but the fuse was not functioning for some reason. dcarch
  4. OK, I am convinced. I will be microwaving my 16 OZ of white truffles for dinner tonight. We all need lots of antioxidants. Who cares about flavor. Right? dcarch
  5. Terrible! Please read on. Important for everyone. I got the pork loin seasoned in the sous vide bag, set the sous vide PID controller to 140F for 8 hours. A few hours later I was going to take a look and see if the bag was fully submerged. I was horrified that water in the cooker was boiling and half of the water had been boiled away. The cooker had failed. In all SV cookers, the high wattage heater power is controlled by a relay. Most likely, an electronic SSR relay (Solid State Relay). Those of you who are familiar with electric and electronics know that when an electric (mechanical) relay fails, it cuts out power totally. OTOH, when a SSR fails, it supplies full power none stop until something burns out, hopefully not your house. Go to Amazon and do a seach on SSR, read the reviews and you will see SSR failures are not that uncommon. dcarch
  6. Interesting chart. Interesting also that they did not point out that avocado pits can vary in sizes drastically. dcarch
  7. I may be wrong, but size may not have that much to do with prices. There are many varieties of avocados, they are fairly uniform in size of the same variety. Hass is very small, but more expensive than Florida avocados which are three times the size. dcarch
  8. Pork loin, sous vided at 212F (not a typo) for a few hours. dcarch
  9. Two more reasons why avocados keep rising in price: 1. Avocados for sushi making really is a new thing, and sushi is getting more and more popular. 2. People for some fetish squeeze every avocado in the basket before they buy one. Stop avocado abuse! dcarch
  10. Dinner 2017 (Part 4)

    Thanks! As I said, I incorporated part of the techniques of making Peking duck, which is to separate the skin from the meat. It was very easy using a long spoon to get under the skin. At the sametime I pushed under the skin lots of seasoning which I mixed in some 5 spice seasoning. Then came the boiling soy sauce wash. The duck was air dried in the refrigerator overnight. With a convection oven set at 170F, the chicken was roasted for about 8 hours. Then it was put in the freezer for about 15 minutes while the oven was being preheated to 500F. It didn't take long for the skin to be "Peking duck" crispy dcarch
  11. Dinner 2017 (Part 4)

    I find it always challenging to make the perfect roasted chicken. True crispy skin, not just browned skin, and juicy tender meat with a touch of pink. So I am trying again. Borrowing from Peking duck method, using SV, convection, ----. dcarch
  12. Come to think of it, my not wasting food has nothing to do with curtailing global warming, helping all the hungry people in xyz, etc. Not wasting food has lots of selfish benefits: saving money, convenience, good eating, saving time -------- I don't remember the last time I bought fertilizer for the garden. No smelly garbage -------. dcarch
  13. A plastic square bin to fit in the sink, and a bucket on the floor. Wash everything in the bin and pour the water into the bucket. Carry the bucket to garden to water plants. dcarch
  14. I am 100% no waste. All food stuff from the kitchen are used fully 100%. Any food that is not eaten is composted in the garden for next season's food. This include all fat, meat and bones. If you bury meat, fat, bones deep enough, critters will not dig them out. large bones are pulverized in my garden shredder and mixed with soil. Even water from washing food are collected for watering plants. dcarch