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  1. Tree form for fig trees in my zone 6 area will not work. It's impossible to wrap a tall tree for winter protection. All the branches will die off. That's why it's better in cold zones to train fig trees to grow into bush form. What I am doing is to force the thick base branches much tighter so I can provide better insulation. It seams to be working well. dcarch
  2. Looks more like a Baorangia to me. dcarch
  3. OK, in many areas and if you grow figs (What?!! You don't grow figs?!!), time is coming soon to have to wrap and winterize your fig trees. My fig trees have gown to be too big and too horizontal and getting very difficult to wrap. I am reshaping the trees using jacks from my shop. Each day I give each jack a little turn so that I don't crack and break the branches. I think I should be able to get all the branches to vertical and be able to wrap them to be less than 12 inches columns. Good winter protection means greater harvest next year. It fig ures. dcarch
  4. Actually, this has a possibility to work for you: Go to youtube and search for "thin set tile laying". You will see tools and how construction workers spread out thin set compound evenly for laying ceramic tiles. dcarch
  5. I do a quarter turn of the trays once in a while to give more even drying. dcarch
  6. dcarch

    Dinner 2019

    Very resauceful recipe! dcarch
  7. My experiment with that container weighted about 25 Lbs. This method is not practical for some of you who live within walking distance from the farmers market or just buying a small quantity. But if you are buying in quantity, a small ice chest and a shopping cart is not that clumsy for heirloom tomatoes which can cost more than T bone steaks . dcarch
  8. I don't think so. Water enters the fruits thru the roots and some from leaves. dcarch
  9. Last night, I took out a large container, filled it with water and put about 20 very ripe tomatoes from my garden, some very big and some very small. I closed the contained with a lid. Then I shook and shook the container the hardest I could. I shook again for about another 5 more times. Now, I don't have huge muscles, but in the past few weeks, I have had to relocate and transported a clothes washer and a dishwasher all by myself with no problem. The shaking I did to the tomatoes were more violent than any deep potholes you would run into if you had to ship the tomatoes by car. Well I am happy to report that there is no damage to any tomatoes, not a scratch, not any sign of cracking or bruising. But I am not surprised. It's just very simple physics. I assume that if you have to ship a few hundred eggs over rough roads, the same method will work. Time for a BLT ! dcarch
  10. This may or may not be practical, but according to the law of physics, this should work very well. Get a big container and fill it with water. Put all your tomatoes in the water bath, makes no difference how big or how small the tomatoes are. Once you have all your tomatoes in the container, fill the container to the very top with water and close the lid very tight. Your tomatoes cannot bruise each other, doesn't matter how big or how small and how fast or slow you travel or if you slam on the brake. Tomato in water submersed has almost no weight. dcarch
  11. dcarch

    Dinner 2019

    Frost is forcast in another day here (NY). There will be a 50F temperature drop in one day. I guess this may be my last BLT for this season. dcarch Naan bread BLT
  12. dcarch

    Dinner 2019

    Beautiful! Just wonderful! I have to point out that it is too bad that most of the world do not use chopsticks. The only way we can enjoy lots of different kinds of fish is to use chopstick. We are endangering ocean life by wasting so much seafood. We eat very limited varieties of fish, and only filleted fish. It's wasteful filleting fish. Thank you Liuzhou for having shown the world how many different kind of fish are delicious in you posts. dcarch
  13. dcarch

    Dinner 2019

    Sometimes on ebay, and Amazon. Search "shatter proof mirror" or "stainless steel mirror" dcarch
  14. dcarch

    Dinner 2019

    Consider this: You can get mirror finished stainless steel sheets of the same size to put in front of the glass mirror. They are thin and will not take up room. After they collected enough grease, just put the sheets in the dishwasher. dcarch
  15. dcarch

    Dinner 2019

    Let me answer you in a different way. For me, GWR tomatoes satisfy me in every way about tomato growing, except for one thing: You will always have difficulty finding the ripe ones on a plant. ! dcarch
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