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  1. My easy method, fail safe. Buy one orange, taste it. If it's good buy more. dcarch
  2. dcarch

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Before you accuse me of name-dropping, please hear me out. I don’t know anyone famous; I am not friends with anyone powerful; have no connections with anyone wealthy. I just have this bad habit of habitually running into interesting or strange people serendipitously. I was still in college, a friend had a family emergency and couldn’t attend a fancy high profile golf outing which he paid over $1,000 for. He gave me the invitation. There were many recognizable faces at the outing. In my foursome, there was Bryant Gumbel, and a famous baseball legend. I had no idea who he was, because I was not a baseball fan. At dinner time, Prescott Bush, father of then president George HW Bush, was the keynote speaker. Just as he was wrapping up his speech, someone went to the salad table and collected a large plate full of broccoli and handed it to Bush at the podium, “Mr. Bush, I hope you don’t hate broccoli like President Bush.” Prescott put one tiny piece of broccoli in his mouth, made a strange shriek and threw the whole plate down into a trash can nearby. That cracked everyone up. I often tried to play with ideas to create broccoli recipes for broccoli haters. On this sad occasion of our beloved president George HW Bush’s passing , I made this bacon flavored broccoli with SV hanger steak dish to honor him and thank him for his contributions to the world. RIP, President Bush. dcarch
  3. No problem. Have a couple of tennis balls to cover those corners when you have children visiting. Those corners are at children's eye level. (not my picture, From Google image) dcarch
  4. That and kids run right into those hostile corners! Otherwise a beautiful and functional design. dcarch
  5. Hi there,


    I read your message regarding the silent air compressor, can you give me some more direction of where to look? I will be opening an online shop making bonbons and we will be using the gun on a daily basis. If I can find a good machine and make it silent thats my goal. I have an industrial machine right now and when you switch it on it makes a lot of noice and when you do that everyday is really irritating. 


    Thanks for your feedback,


  6. It is very easy to silence an air compressor. Manufacturers do it all the time big time everyday everywhere. So silent that you can't hear it working just a few feet away. Think refrigerator. There is a powerful, reliable, ultra quiet compressor in there. As a matter of fact there are people who salvage the compressor from a broken refrigerator or air conditioner and use that as a air compressor. Search youtube. dcarch
  7. dcarch

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Speaking of citrus fruits and Chinese vegetables, may be you can tell us something about Pomelo rind? I understand it is a vegetable in some parts of China. dcarch
  8. May not be true. With fluid dynamics (air is a fluid) there is static pressure and dynamic pressure in the hose. In general, static pressure (PSI) will mostly the same regardless of the distance of the hose. but if the diameter of the hose is too small and the hose is too long, dynamic pressure (related to CFM) will suffer. An option is to have a large air tank and smaller motor/compressor. The compressor will be quieter, but operate longer. Or an active noise canceling system (expensive), or an active noise canceling earphone (much cheaper, some with Bluetooth wireless music). dcarch
  9. Why not get a 50-foot hose and have the compressor in another room or closet? dcarch
  10. dcarch

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    As I remember, those times I visited China, (very long time ago) I never saw limes or lemons sold. Perhaps the Chinese never used lemon on sea foods. dcarch
  11. dcarch

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    The ones here are the same size as regular oranges. I went back and got 20 more. Already ate 3 quickly. :-) They are so delicious. Very juicy, but with many seeds. dcarch
  12. So that is less than a typical stove top PC, which is about 15psi (250F) dcarch
  13. dcarch

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Is Green the New Orange? Shopping in NYC Chinatown, came across these green oranges. Haven't seen them here before. I tried one and surprised that it was sweet and had a very pleasant orange flavor. Then I found out that it is natural for oranges to be ripe and green. Supermarkets gas them and dye them to be orange. So I make SV crispy trout with orange sauce. dcarch
  14. The clear Plexiglas (polyurethane plastic) to go in between the sink and the window. I am a sloppy cleaner, a lot of times water will get on the window. So I installed the clear plastic on the window. dcarch
  15. I have not read through the whole thread. In case you have not planed to do this, mine suggestion; get a clear piece of Plexiglas, about 18" high, to put in front of the sink in between the window. Slash guard. Beautiful renovation! dcarch