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  1. A tiny knife sharpener? Shown upside down in the picture. dcarch
  2. dcarch

    Dinner 2024

    Garlic scapes from the garden. squid on Garlic scapes dcarch
  3. dcarch

    Dinner 2024

    Yes, Hosta shoots and Hosta blossom scapes are vegetables in some Asian countries. dcarch
  4. Not very funny for whoever did this. After the picture taken, he/she had to eat scones for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday for a few weeks. dcarch 🙂 🙂
  5. dcarch

    Dinner 2024

    Hosta shoots are delicious, and free. Chicken with mushroom sauce on Hosta shoots. dcarch
  6. Garlic scapes time. More to come. dcarch
  7. I don't think Florida gets snow. dcarch 🙂
  8. 1. Develop a plan for summer outage and a plan for winter outage. 2. Develop a menu for power outage cooking. 3. If the restaurant has a parking lot, solar panels are nice. They keep the customer's cars cool in summer and your need to remove snow less in the winter. 4. If you have a truck, the truck generator with an invertor can give you some additional emergency power with a long extension cord. 5. You need to check your generator's specifications and see if it can work well with gasohol and the possible problem with "phase separation" with gasohol for all generators. 6. Review safety for dry ice use in enclosed areas. dcarch
  9. Hosta! Hosta! in NY they come before asparagus. I have been told a few times, " DC, how can you be so cruel?! Eating beautiful baby hosta?!" Well, hosta is a vegetable in some parts of the world. A trick for you to try: Just before the shoots break ground, cover them with black plastic. You get these incredible blanched shoots. crispy and tender. Delicious for cooking or in salads. They taste like a blend of endive and asparagus. A real delicacy from Mother Nature. Yes, hostas can be expensive to buy from a nursery, but its easy to start from their seeds. I have a few hundred clumps in my garden. You can't kill them. dcarch
  10. dcarch

    Dinner 2024

    Although we were only in 90% eclipse path, it was still a very amazing event. Even dogs in the area were barking when the sky was getting darken. It's been known that some animals (humans? 😊) behave strangely during a solar eclipse. When eggs were on sale, I bought a few dozens. They are taking too much room in the fridge. Have been trying to find ways to use them up. So made this dish for a quick dinner. Sunny Side Up Eggclipse Fried sunny-side-up eggs on squid ink pasta, painted with home made black garlic sauce. dcarch
  11. I have a laptop in the kitchen on news most of the time, in case WWIII starts. Other times the laptop is on YouTube. So if I am cooking French (food), it will be playing French music, if I am cooking Indian, it will be Indian music, so on and so forth. You can find music in any culture on YouTube. dcarch
  12. dcarch

    Dinner 2024

    A belated Easter dinner. SV roasted prime rib steak. I had a bone to pick with the butcher. The way he cuts the steaks. The rib bones are not parallel to the face of the meat, which makes it difficult to have a steak with uniform thickness. So I use my reciprocating multitool to slice the bone lengthwise. Not messy and quick. dcarch
  13. dcarch

    Dinner 2024

    Shelby, sorry that you have to go thru this not very pleasant situation. Plenty of folks here will give you food and eating ideas to minimize discomfort. Someone I know had gone thru the same thing during the pandemic. The dental office shut down in the middle of her procedure because the dentist died and a few of the assistants got infected. Hope everything will go smooth for you. Let us know your progress, all information are very much on-topic food/eating that would be beneficial for everyone here. dcarch 😒
  14. dcarch

    All Things Mushroom

    Not sure where to post this: Today's news- https://arstechnica.com/science/2024/03/deadly-morel-mushroom-outbreak-highlights-big-gaps-in-fungi-knowledge/ dcarch
  15. dcarch

    Dinner 2024

    A King's Ransom! A way to enjoy king crabs is not to look at the price tag and not to do the calculation to figure out how much is the meat per pound after shelling. This is to avoid indigestion.🤣 dcarch
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