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  1. dcarch

    Dinner 2019

    Viaduct ? & Duck Soup? Not talking about The Marx Brothers, The well known old-time vaudevillians. Why a duck? Because no one likes turkey for Thanksgiving! Got a Three-Buck-Duck. Duck at $3.00 a lb is expensive compared to $0.39 a lb for turkey. I prepared the duck Peking style because that’s what everyone wanted. Peking duck is traditionally served on a steamed bun, like a sandwich. Just to be different, I used Italian bread for the duck meat duckwiches with Hoisin sauce, and the anothers with Bazlama bread with shattering crispy duck skin. Both sandwiches come with the very last indoor ripened garden tomatoes. What happened to the duck bones? Duck soup with potato dumplings. Speaking of three-buck-duck, a bottle of Champagne Cuvee Dom Perignon 1980 was served, way above Three-Buck-Chuck. It was a Happy Thanksgiving meal. dcarch
  2. Take away fat, skin and bones, $160 x 4 = $600 per goose. Don't get goosed. :-) Too bad, it's illegal to catch a Canada goose. dcarch
  3. Sounds like you have pretty good idea what you can do for your situation. Couple of things to consider - Find a dimmer that you can control the lighting level. Also, a driver for your LEDs which will not interfere your digital camera (flickering). Setup your lights (double duty) on a track so that you can have your lime tree lit for 12 hours and your other plants on the other 12 hours. dcarch
  4. I don't know if there are published spectrum data for these COB chips other than "cool white" and "warm white". I have both, but mostly I use cool white. They seem to work well. I use them almost year round. In the winter for growing salads, and spring for starting seedlings. None has failed so far. In my setup, I use two chips per fixture. that's 300 watts total. That does generate a lot of heat. So a heavy duty heatsink and powerful fan is a must. 110V muffin fans are not powerful enough, You can find cheap used powerful 12vDC computer room rack fans on ebay (mine was $3.00 each). However, they are noisy, so I used a 12vDC power supply + an adjustable low voltage regulator(controller) to slow down the fans. I was lucky to have found (ebay) those heatsinks. Actually it was one huuuuge heatsink that I cut to size. I use two fans in case one fails. That would instantly fry the LED chips. Those half -round clear plastic round lenses work well to focus the chips (ebay). 300 watts of LED can light up your whole apartment. May be you can get by with 50W to 100W. You can buy them rather them making them. dcarch
  5. A follow up to what I posted before. After I removed the hydraulic jacks, I was able to force the fig branches from 36" to 10". This makes it possible to use 1 1/2" foam board for insulation. 1 1/2" Foam board is much better than burlap or blankets. also smaller surface area can minimized heat /cold conduction. Just in time for the forecast of record breaking cold wave coming in the next few hours. dcarch
  6. I have not tried this, but I think this will work. In a very noisy restaurant, you and your companion both use your cell phones with earphones to carrying on your conversation. The cell phones have noise cancelling microphones and you can whisper into the microphones, and in-ear earphones cut out all background noise. dcarch
  7. No need to. You can eat the rind. Very soft after cooked. dcarch
  8. Then use my method of safely cut hard squash into small pieces, using only one hand. That vedio is designed for people who has the use of only one hand. dcarch
  9. It can be easy and safe. ( yes really) If you have a long thin knife with a pointy tip. Stab the squash with the tip of the knife. You should be able to enter the squash with your knife. Then you just rock the knife seesaw fashion, the squash can be split without much effort. Or use a Chinese cleaver and a small hammer. dcarch
  10. Happy Halloween to all!
  11. dcarch

    Dinner 2019

    Thanks For The Memory After buying my house, I realized that the magnificence huge tree in the garden is a ginkgo tree. I Googled and amazed that ginkgo is a very interesting tree. It is a dinosaur tree that it has not change much in 200 million years. It is a very tough tree that actually survived the atomic blast in Hiroshima. In addition, I don’t remember where I have read it, ginkgo nuts supposedly can improve your memory. A very beautiful decorative golden fall tree. Every year this time, I harvest a ton of ginkgo nuts for cooking. dcarch SV pork, + carrot, sweet potatoes, ginkgo nuts from the garden
  12. dcarch

    Food funnies

    It took me a little while to get the clerk in the Chinese store to say "pRessure" cooker and not "pLeasure" cooker. I was looking for a replacement gasket. Actually, I like "pleasure cooker" better. I use it so often to make cooking easier dcarch
  13. If that tank is above ground, you may not need a pump. There should be enough hydro-static pressure. If that tank is to be under ground, you may already know that you may have to anchor it down to prevent flotation, just like the installation of gasoline tanks. dcarch
  14. dcarch

    Dinner 2019

    Cephalopolitics Hope this can get you to smile a little more for the weekend. :-) Squid on daikon from my garden
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