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  1. MetsFan5

    Lunch! What'd ya have? (2018)

    Where did you go?
  2. It looks nice but very minimalistic from my American point of view. Double ovens and excess of amenities were big factors for me.
  3. i didn’t find it too salty, more like aggressively seasoned. Certain spices just don’t sit well with me— it’s just a personal thing. The scallops and froze at 1609 were great. We enjoyed most of our meals!
  4. I didn’t enjoy the good much at Marcus’s. I found it aggressively spiced. The crab spaghetti wasn’t on the menu when I was there. I did like their burger.
  5. Maisey is sending kisses to Chum!
  6. MetsFan5

    100 Year Old Deli Opportunity?

    Is the business yours? I haven’t been to Worcester in a long time but when I was there after dark, I didn’t personally feel safe. I hope that’s changed.
  7. MetsFan5

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    I split a large movie theater popcorn with my husband while seeing “A Simple Favor”. The movie was good, the popcorn was good in a sickening way. I came home and ate a cucumber to cleanse my not so sophisticated palate.
  8. Any chance you need a guest who doesn’t mind doing dishes? ☺️
  9. MetsFan5

    Chocdoc Does Dallas

    That pizza looks rough!
  10. MetsFan5

    Gardening: (2016– )

    It’s been nasty in the NYC tri-state area this summer. I’ve gone nuts trying to get the dog inside— ironically she’s very casual about storms which most dogs aren’t.
  11. God. Too much. I am appalled that we moved into our home three years ago with things that expired before then. I have been on a binge throwing out OTC meds and canned goods.
  12. MetsFan5

    Strange Pizza Toppings

    I’ve never understood the flatbread craze. It just seems like a random marriage of ingredients on a subpar bread, at least in the NYC metro area. Since I live in that area, ultimately I judge pizza as a plain pie. I can appreciate a well made margarita pie, but I generally just prefer a plain pie. If I’m in the mood for toppings, it’s mushrooms, black olives and Italian sausage crumbles. And no, pizza is not meant to be dipped into any type of dressing or sauce. The best pizza to me is the simplest. A fresh out of the pizza oven, with goey melting cheese and the tang of a well made tomato sauce pizza is the best. And now I am craving one!
  13. MetsFan5

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Canning isn’t practical for my household either. Which is why I don’t grow my own produce despite having a large yard and decent growing zone.
  14. MetsFan5

    Grocery Shopping

    Maybe. I don’t live in Somerset Co. Drizly works with Gary’s in Madison to deliver to me as does Cambridge Wines in Morristown. When I lived in Hoboken, which was about 6 years ago, I used the delivery.com app to have everything from food to liquor to laundry available. I didn’t really use it often.