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  1. I wouldn’t even bother to take laws into this. America is litigious enough. One example, you didn’t know what fennel was. Well, why not ask your server? Why just... blindly order? Especially being diabetic. If I had an allergy or health reason to avoid anything, I would tell my server to give them a fair chance. Tell me while I think Z sounds good, it won’t work for me entrees Y, W, etc would work or they could omit xyz. The restaurant in Jersey was wrong, absolutely. But from your description it was not a costly loss. Shit happens. It happens when you think yo
  2. Wrong answer is right! A large enough kitchen with storage to me is a big selling point. I went to realtor school but never bothered to get my license. I only went so I was educated from a realtors standpoint because we were about to buy a home. Learned all the state laws. Plus kitchen flooring is very subjective.
  3. It’s my opinion that upgrades, minor or major, depend on the market where you live. Looks good to me @Porthos @weinoo I wouldn’t be surprised if those Brownstones drop in price within the next year. I do think good appliances go a long way. Same with things like double ovens and lots of storage and outlets in a kitchen.
  4. @Shelby I’ve ordered from Goldbelly. I ordered pizza from Lou Mallenati’s (I’m sure I misspelled that) and cheesesteaks from Pats. They both came frozen with reusable freezer packs. Both were good. Not like the eating at the establishments but during COVID, without budgetary concerns, I didn’t mind the cost. Especially because in the worst so far of the pandemic, both places were losing money left and right. First time orders I believe get 10% off and they have sales. If you’re willing to spend the money, I’d give it a try.
  5. MetsFan5

    Dinner 2020

    That Pyrex some of the pulled pork was in, in my last post? I put it into a different bowl and my husband let the dog lick the pork fat it. 🙈 I tried to dry fry green beans but I should have done them in the wok. They were dull. I gave the dog some. We also had Mac and cheese. The dog didn’t get any of that. But she’s probably the most sated out of all of us.
  6. MetsFan5

    Dinner 2020

    About half of the pork pulled: (Please excuse the dirty oven! Husband is napping for a bit as he did this overnight)
  7. MetsFan5

    Dinner 2020

    Pork butt (shoulder) pre pull. Done on the BGE.
  8. I don’t mess with tap water in general. I wonder about the salinity difference between the Atlantic Ocean off Long Island and the salinity in Tonkin Bay. Those clams look gorgeous but not similar to Little necks except maybe in size, it’s hard to tell.
  9. MetsFan5

    Caesar Salad

    I think I might order the Zuni Cafe cookbook. I’ve also been wanting to try their roast chicken with bread salad. We were supposed to dine there in March (along with a bunch of other things that I can’t see happening any time soon).
  10. That’s so odd about the clams. Is the water the clams are given to you in salted? That I could understand better. But salt water, live clams in fresh water to me equates the clams being killed.
  11. I cooked 3 dozen little necks last night. I stored them in my refrigerator, with a cold, damp paper towel covering them. It was hours before I grilled them later and every single one opened up. None died. I’ve been doing that a lot this summer with very limited casualties. I also soak them for about 20 minutes in cold, salted water before cooking to help them express any remaining sand.
  12. Now I know I’m going to get Taco Bell sometime this week. My husband will mourn the loss of the Mexican Pizza. I will eat so many Cinnabon donut holes I may never want anything else.
  13. MetsFan5


    Ok, next in “MetsFan5” learns to cook is going to artichokes. Thanks to Jo, I know our local grocery store has artichokes. I have very limited experience with them. When my husband was growing up in the Bay Area, they had plants in their back yard. He doesn’t know how to cook them (I’m assuming steaming but I do also have an unused Instant Pot) and he remembers what I’m thinking is a very lemony aioli. Besides the IP, I have a gas range and a large pot with a steamer basket as well as a Big Green Egg. Any advice for a beginner? I know I can consult cookbooks but you a
  14. MetsFan5

    Dinner 2020

    @Margaret Pilgrim Artichokes! My CA born and raised husband loves and misses them. I’m completely unfamiliar with how to cook and eat them and what to dip them in. But I want to try!
  15. MetsFan5

    Caesar Salad

    Thanks for all the input! I really do appreciate it and will make adjustments going forward. My husband thanks you as well!
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