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  1. Dinner 2017 (Part 2)

    You guys are champs. I have central A/C and keep my home at 63 degrees in the summers (which are thick with humidity) and I still don't like to turn on the oven.
  2. Dinner 2017 (Part 2)

    Making sauce for a sausage lasagna (please excuse my filthy range):
  3. Capers

    @teonzo those caper fruits are generally refered to as caper berries in the US and aren't that hard to find. My old roommate and I would eat them by the jar on a weekly basis! I love them.
  4. Cooking and Eating Animal Genitals

    My golden retriever Loves them too. But she can demolish one in about a half hour.
  5. Sorry but anything government funded and paid by tax payers is going to have limits. We don't live in an egalitarian country. (Assuming people contributing to this conversation are from the US, as these are US programs). I've lived on ramen type of poor and now have a nice life. Soda shouldn't be covered.
  6. Fried Polenta question

    An Italian POW in the US? I'm confused.
  7. Dinner 2017 (Part 1)

    Oh @HungryChris those scalloped potatoes look perfect on a cold and snowy night!! Anticipating this storm and having been somewhat eaten out of house and home during the holidays (and accidentally leaving my second refrigerator door open for TWO DAYS) we have little to eat until our grocery delivery arrives tomorrow. So last night we ordered a pizza to eat tonight. Pizza reheated in a pan on a gas stove is better than pizza delivered. The bottom gets crispy, the cheese hot and oozy and it takes mere minutes from fridge to pan to plate. It was an easy and fast dinner while watching the adbomination that is "Neighbors Two". Maisey enjoyed the pizza crust fairy visiting her.
  8. Oh the irony of my having not cooked in ages. I had my inlaws at my home during Christmas for 8!! days!! I made a sausage lasagna, beef stew, and Christmas dinner. (steaks, roasted red potatoes and roasted green beans and Marsala mushrooms) and my husband made breakfast EVERY DAY. We eat a proper breakfast maybe once a month. My MIL also ordered those insanely over priced WS crossaints which I admit were very good. Going to 3 stores to find the appropriate recycled parchment paper I could have passed on. As nice as it was to keep busy I crashed HARD once they left. Like didn't leave the bed for 20 hours and slept for 19 of those hours and the came down with a stomach bug then a cold. I hope all of you who had a less than ideal holiday season are feeling ok and made it through unscathed.
  9. Thanks for the info. It is useful! I do not trust myself at all in the kitchen, having left the second fridge's freezer wide open (there way have been booze clouding my judgement) and I just lost a ton of food. Not at all happy. So I'm the type who fucks things up when I I am going by the book!
  10. See, I'm learning here. I leave all the protein cooking to my husband because 1- the BGE is his thing and he is vastly better at grilled than I and 2- despite knowing I should use thermometers and "trust my instinct" when cooking meat, I just don't. Even if it's a chicken breast. So maybe this is something I should look into- especially if I can use it as I might a slow cooker-- put things together and walk away and do laundry and clean, etc. I am a bit OCD about food safety. I call my husband the human garbage disposal- he will eat week old left overs-- they make me gag-- having an undiagnosed gastrointestinal disease. So thanks to all for breaking this down for me because it seems like something worth looking into. And I know there are threads to help with cooking if I try this. I also trust myself not at all, so I'd probably buy a food saver, an immersion circulator, bags and a proper vessel (I haven't amassed enough pots and pans to give one up or that I think is large enough) and hold my breath and dive in. I really appreciate all your input. (However if you want to make fun of the NY Mets? You'd be hard pressed to critic my (yes MY) team in recent years!)
  11. Does proper SVing not require and immersion circulator, bag sealer, bags and a proper vessel for the water bath? That's my assumption but it could very well be erroneous.
  12. I know I'm aware of all of this- I am - child of the Internet age. I've been using Al Gore's invention since 1990. I just think comparing sous vide cooking to using a microwave is offensive- as though I'm a culinary idiot, despite my bachelors in hotel and restaurant management. Also? A microwave cost what? $200 for a cheap one? Diving into sous vide costs more. I also think people overrate how easy it may seem to convert recipes. But yes you are right there are easily available resources.
  13. Dinner 2016 (Part 11)

    @HungryChris -- that dinner sounds perfect. Two of my favorites- shrimp cocktail and Caesar salad!
  14. I'm a child of the late 80s and early 90s. I grew up using a microwave- I don't remember a time when I didn't have one. I did not grow up with an immersion circulator. That said, my husband is very scientifically minded and I would get one if he expressed interest. It is also an investment-- at least as far as I understand. Having just spent tens of thousands renovating my kitchen it's off my radar for now. Also- it CAN be problematic for people to learn conversion from F to C or standard to metric. I have a math related learning disability where I am constantly inverting numbers. I was diagnosed at 19 and am 36 now. I don't feel the need to complicate my already complicated life at the current time. But I love reading about how people use sous vide for cooking. I find it very interesting.
  15. I love Chrissy Teigan's so I am biased. I haven't read more than a few pages but it has recipes most home cooks could come up with. All of them are simple. The pictures are gorgeous. Sometimes I like cookbooks to read them. Bourdains's "Appetites" references a food board where someone freaked about using a fork to stir scrambled eggs on a non stick pan. I am curious as to what board that was.