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  1. MetsFan5

    McDonald's 2013–

    Brandeating.com will surely review them soon.
  2. MetsFan5

    Salty Snacks

    Have you tried the honey BBQ twists? They can be addictive. Fritos in small amounts and not frequently are great. Too many of them make me ill.
  3. MetsFan5

    Trader Joe's Products (2017–)

    I’m waiting until school is in session to go to my local TJs. It’s small compared to most and the amount of cranky children in there is enough to keep me away. Gosh I sound old. I’m still in my 30s!
  4. I’d kill for those steamers right now!
  5. Are you serious?! I sincerely doubt you are a “generous” tipper. “See you in court”?! Over what— at most $100-200? Petty. Any club I have gone to or been a member at automatically includes a gratuity charge. This has been the case at a slew of country clubs (including ones that host the PGA Championship), dining clubs and Yatch Clubs. I was at the Hamilton Princess Yacht Club this week and there was a mandatory 17% gratuity. I never tip less than 20%. The server is not always the issue. People have bad days. If I can afford to dine out then I can afford to tip. How does your refusal to accept an automatic gratuity on a check even make sense? 100% of the time I have encountered it, it was listed on the website and if not the menu of the establishment. If you didn’t read the fine print that’s your problem. Not the servers. How entitled you must be to think you can “speak to the owner” and have them adjust their business practices to suit your needs. I’m glad people like me can make up for people like you. I sincerely hope you do not fine out frequently.
  6. MetsFan5

    Anova Nano --- New

    I spent some time on Amazon looking at this tonight. I’ve never SV in my life. But the product looks easy to use and it’s a good price especially if you bundle the Rubbermaid plastic container with the lid for $128. That seems like a moderate investment if not a cheap one to test the water, so to speak, of SV. That said— I’m confused. It seems like I can use gallon sized ziplocks but some videos I’ve seen have them clipped on the side of the vessel with a binder clip. Is that actually necessary? Is using ziplocks risky in terms of bacteria versus buying a food saver and food saver bags? My interest in this is piqued in the same way I was interested in my slow cooker. I don’t have to deal with the heat of cooking, I can leave it alone for long periods of time and it’s kind of idiot proof. Do you use the recipes the app provides? I lack intuition in the kitchen so I appreciate clear steps. I’m thinking this could help me cook proteins like chicken and pork and seafood? Things I’m always worried about either under or over cooking. Thanks in advance!
  7. MetsFan5

    Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    @Kim Shook those veggies are two of my three favorite (the other being fresh corn) and I am seriously jealous. My husband isn’t a radish or cuke fan ☹️
  8. MetsFan5

    Golden Girls Cookbook

    I didn’t know she was a vegan. That’s going to clash with traditional Italian recipes.
  9. @liamsaunt thanks for sharing. I have been curious about The Frig and the Onion. We don’t land today (omg I need to go to bed) until 8:30pm and I’m worried we won’t be able to get dinner. Seems like the Lobster Pot May be open late. Also, the shopping is super appealing. I’ll add to this thread soon enough.
  10. I’m a bit young to have fully appreciated the show when it aired but I do like the reruns. I’m curious as to who will be writing the Golden Girls cookbook: https://people.com/food/golden-girls-cookbook-release-date-cheesecake/
  11. We ate at The Prime Rib. The food was good and they have a 2004 Duckhorn Merlot on sale for $75. Sold. Unfortunately the ‘gentleman’ next to me paid for his date as well as their meal and I was close enough to them to lose my appetite. Last time we went down a year ago we ate at Scarpetta at 9pm on a Sunday. The food was excellent. The table next to us all wore sunglasses (it was dark out and the restaurant is dimly lit), cursed in ways I’ve only done in a blind rage while one of the couples feral child ran around taking down chairs, glassware and anything else within reach while the parents did nothing. I don’t think Philly is my scene.
  12. I have never seen an aspic salad in my life. Same with any type of jello salad. Neither of my grandmothers made things like that and a result, my mother never did. The only “staple” salad in my home growing up was a caprese. I’m not a big fan over heavy, mayo based salads. I will occasionally mix cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and a bit of onion with some sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, a bit of sugar and a bit of fish sauce. Most of my “salads” just like cold noodle dishes are made by taste and I veer off the measurements.
  13. Mea culpa but is this even a real situation? It makes zero sense from all aspects aside of the obvious food safety one. The OP hasn’t responded. This smells of rotten meat in more than one way.
  14. @liamsaunt thanks for the advice. My husband has works dinner 2 of the 5 nights we will be there so I’ll be solo. Is there a grocery store in Hamilton? Do you have any recommendations for a solo female diner?
  15. @weedy is all the cooking for a lobster tail (it’s the part I cook the most) done cia SV? Or do you broil it a bit? I’ve never boiled lobster. Big surprise since I am a crappy cook.