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  1. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    @Kim Shook can you share your creamed corn recipe? I've only had it at Lawry's Prime Rib and it was amazing!
  2. Home Grocery Delivery....

    @JoNorvelleWalker Drizly may deliver to you. I live in Northern NJ.
  3. Home Grocery Delivery....

    I use Drizly (it's an app) and can get alcohol delivered in less than an hour. Instacart is available to me and will delivery groceries from Wegman's, Whole Foods and even CVS in less than an hour. I've yet to try them as I already use Peapod for my home grocery deliveries and Amazon Pantry for my bulk items.
  4. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Oh I bet that was good. Are they similar to pickled mushrooms? I tend to put an order of Victoria brand marinated mushrooms in my shopping orders and eat them like candy with a bit of sea salt. My latest jar though- some of the shrieks are a bit gray in color and I'm unsure if that's normal.
  5. Thanks guys! I'm in New Jersey so the corn and tomato recipes are calling out to me now.
  6. Me too. I always re-read my books too, often up to 10 times. I bought my husband all of Bourdain's books for Christmas but he hasn't touched them yet. Bummer. Does anyone recommend easy recipes to start with for someone who isn't an intuitive cook? The book just came and it is HEAVY! But gorgeous.
  7. I had to have the hard copy. I read 99% of books on my kindle or kindle app ( and I average a book a day- I read a LOT) but this book just seems to be one I need to feel and see the pictures. It was less than $35 on Amazon.
  8. You guys did a good sell on this cookbook! I bought it (via Amazon should be here hopefully tomorrow) and even though I may not cook from it as I am not a great or even subpar home chef, I think it will be a really great read.
  9. @caroled my local Chinese take it as a kid (aka my birthday dinner the day before my bday) made amazing shrimp chips. I loved them as well. Especially their various pastel colors.
  10. I have an affinity for kitchen experiments gone sideways. Probably because they frequently happen in my kitchen!
  11. @Anna N so what was that pretty kitchen experiment you photographed?
  12. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    Ditto this! And if you could give the details on the ET croissants with the bacon jam I would be super grateful. They look incredibly delicious.
  13. No dinner for Anna?
  14. I'd love to see pictures! My inlaws split their time between their home outside of Sacramento and their place on Lake Tahoe and Newark just started United non stop flights to Sacramento (thank God!) and we have first class tickets for thanksgiving week. Also--EWR 's United terminal is unique in that every bar and bar/ restaurants requires the use of iPads to order everything. All the convenience shops are also self check out.
  15. Your commute to a major city is something in my husband's dreams! We live 22 miles outside of Manhattan but he has to take a 59 minute train ride before catching the ferry to lower Manhattan. It must be so nice to have the mix of the suburbs and city without a huge amount of traffic and or switching methods of commuting. Absolutely gorgeous pictures!