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  1. Soft Shell Crab

    I love soft shell crabs. I’m curious about when they’re in season though. All the local sushi places offer it year round which makes me a bit skeptical. I prefer it lightly fried with a butter/ lemon/ caper sauce. I’ve never cooked it though.
  2. Roasted Cauliflower

    Ok I have a nice head of califower. Should I attempt to spice and roast it? If so what temp and how long? Of should I test my deep fryer out?
  3. New Lays Potato Chip Flavors

    Somehow my grocery delivery order brought me “mozzarella n marinara” flavored Ruffles and not the regular kind I ordered. My husband liked them a lot. I thought they lacked flavor but did not lack salt.
  4. Mail-Order Virginia Country Hams

    Yea I kinda gave up on the experience. Maybe I’m missing a taste for the ham but mine was very fatty. I should just toss it. I haven’t even bothered to try the bacon sampler. I’m a bit over reactive about things not being as advertised.
  5. First Steps in Cooking

    Adorable! Can you tell us more about what was in his sandwich creation?
  6. I made this tonight (picture below). It came out well and I would order it again. It’s via Peapod, which is through Stop and Shop here. They apparently partnered for this kit with Wildfire, which is a restaurant in Chicago with various outposts. The beef was of good quality and the ingredients were all fresh. The only thing was while they supplied both butter and olive oil, they weren’t measured out. So I had 4 tablespoons of butter and no scale to measure with. Of course I keep butter sticks so that wasn’t an issue and I also used my own olive oil as their had congealed in the fridge. I did marinate the beef for almost 48 hours due to life getting in the way of having made this last night. I added olive oil to the dry rub marinade. It was $18.98 — not inexpensive but certainly better than delivery, cost wise. I shy away from red meat so this was an easy way to make it approachable for me and please my red meat loving husband.
  7. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    They sure looked good and I love smoked ribs! My husband will probably make some on our BGE this weekend. How do you manage to prep and cook with such long nails!?
  8. My inlaws went to Stanford and Big Game has nothing to do with this. Boring college football; been there done that. Whichever team wins doesn’t diminish my husband’s degree. Cal is and has been the number one university worldwide for undergrad Chem degrees. So I will take my husband’s opinion, thanks. Obviously to each their own. But really, get a clue. I doubt there is anyone on this board with the chem credentials my husband has. And yes yes I read your citation as did my husband.
  9. I wouldnt personally do that. I don’t believe that’s what peroxide is meant for. I asked my husband who has a BS in Chemistry from Cal and he was appalled.
  10. Mail-Order Virginia Country Hams

    Yup and no one answered. I’ll try next week when I’m calmer!!
  11. I have one (nice to me) WS board I don’t put in the washer. I have put the others in maybe 2-5 times since I’ve owned them (5-6 years). I only use my wooden boards to slice and rest cooked meat or make a charcuterie board. I have a lot of nice wooden serving pieces meant for cheese and meats and wooden salad bowls and utensils I hand wash. I get why you cringed!
  12. Mail-Order Virginia Country Hams

    Oh forget it. Their hours are terrible. That speaks volumes.
  13. Mail-Order Virginia Country Hams

    100% sure— you can even see my order in an above post. So basically I should call them.
  14. I put my boards— all of them— in the dishwasher. My wooden ones a lot less often. Is that heresay?
  15. Mail-Order Virginia Country Hams

    Yes. That’s the one. I’ll get it out but the pictures will be on a paper plate since I’m not eating it at this moment so apologies in advance! I lied the cutting board was closer. Heres my ham: