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  1. United from Montego Bay, Jamaica to EWR (I asked them to please omit the protein— rubber chicken): (I very grumpily slept through “breakfast” that was served from EWR to MBJ as our flight was delayed on ground for over three hours, the business class bathroom broke— yet the staff used it— and the only beverage offered while delayed was bottled water!)
  2. I found Greens in the Fort Mason area to be quiet enough to have a long conversation over a good meal. Admittedly, that was at lunch.
  3. I found Gary Danko to be relatively quiet.
  4. MetsFan5

    Mother's Day

    My therapist does a lot of groups for people who lost their mothers. I hope to hell I will never be a part of those groups for decades. My mom said to me yesterday “I’m 69 years old, how gross is that?” Then I reminded her I was 39 and hardly a child. We did fondue with zucchini, squash, mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli, baby potatoes, ham, mini meatballs and the $17 baguette. It came from Manhattan. We live 20 miles away and my husband works there. I’m still in shock. It was just.... bread.
  5. MetsFan5

    Dinner 2019

    My dog LOVES baby cukes especially Kirby’s. When I want to eat one in any way I have to sneak around her.
  6. MetsFan5

    Mother's Day

    My mom is temporarily on a low sugar diet until she gets another blood test later this month. She didn’t tell them she hadn’t fasted and just had a lot of coffee 🙈. So anyway I respect that so we are having mini (1 oz if that) crab cakes, procuitto, salami, bacon wrapped scallops and olives for apps. This is stupid of me, it’s four people. Because then we will have cheese fondue with a $17 baguette my husband put in the cart. I didn’t look because who in their right mind would actually buy a long piece of bread for $17? I don’t spend that much on wine (other than wines I store). So my mom can’t eat the bazillionaire bread but I bought precut veggies and that makes life a lot easier. We did go to a high end grocery store but other than buying a family in need a grocery bags worth of “Pasta Dinner” (they keep them at the check out and give them to the various local shelters. It does focus on children) and I was a bit curious about the total and the looked at this 3 fr baguette. I almost want to use it as a sword because I expect truffles to come flying out, but it’s a basic, long piece of idk, “French bread”? I thought he’d idk, maybe look at the various prices and not throw the most overpriced science experiment in our cart, ever?
  7. My local Ace Hardware store does a Traeger v. BGE competition every year. We didn’t go because 1- we have a BGE 2- it was drizzling and 3- they buy from a local butcher so it’s all things we can and have made. If it wasn’t raining it would have been a nice free lunch!
  8. They may freeze well but, IMO, unless you use the brown bag trick to ripen, heating an avocado makes it grossly foul to my palate. I got a Haas delivered a week ago. It looked and felt like it would be fine for guac in a few days. I forgot about it then thawed meat for tacos last night to have tonight. It felt ok. NOPE! It was impossible to cut. I tried the “microwave trick and felt sick looking at the oil slick it produced, plus it tasted nasty. Really? A week old Haas avocado delivered to NJ isn’t ripe in a week? It was so bad I probably won’t have anything with avocado for a few weeks and I love them.
  9. MetsFan5

    Burger King

    I think the meal names are hilarious but should in no way have anything to do with mental health. Let’s see how long this lasts.
  10. MetsFan5

    Dinner 2019

    @Shelby can you tell me more about the pea salad?
  11. Maybe fish tacos? I’m not familiar with the mango sauce.
  12. My brother died due to an accidental opioid OD. If a week later, I was grocery shopping and say “Percocet Pie” or Heroin Hash”, I would have LOST it. Now I’d be fine. But why even skirt the line here?
  13. My Californian husband hasn’t been north of Boston. I’d love to do a food centric road trip up to Maine and back within 4 days. Is this realistic? Should we fly to Portland or Bangor and drive down instead or just driving? I’m looking to eat lots of lobsters, both types of lobster rolls, fried clam bellies, clam pizza and anything else recommended. I’m going to research a few non chain hotels to mix in with two or so chain hotels. We have a lot of points with Hilton. Mostly I’d like to show him Rhode Island (I went to PC), Newport, I haven’t been to Maine for 25 year, and CT that isn’t Foxwoods. That was rough.
  14. That sounds SO good. I wish I could try it.
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