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  1. I absolutely agree. Plus most of the time I toss the left overs.
  2. i actually cannot imagine the potato situation. Ages ago my ex and I went to Jamaica for two weeks and when we walked into the apartment I immediately noticed a smell. He went looking in the kitchen and yelled “go into a bathroom and close the door”. My gag reflex kicks in easily. I’m still grateful that he dealt with that. And I always check any potatoes I have.
  3. I (think?) I may be a bit younger but I loved to those sugar dots on paper. Candy cigarettes- not so much the bubble gum ones but the sugar stick ones. I love anything banana flavored like the Now or Laters. I’d be scared they’d mess with my veneers now. Pop Rocks were always a lot of fun. A few years ago I ordered a “vintage” candy collection from Dylan’s Candy Bar and they had those wax mini bottles with sugar syrup and a Candy necklace along with a ton of things. I’m going to go brush my teeth at the thought of all this sugar! 😂
  4. I did pick up some Chinese food but wasn’t feeling it so I had the same dinner as you. I need to replenish my cheese supply. Fortunately I have a good local source.
  5. I spent a birthday in Charleston a few years ago in a very cool historic VRBO— occasionally I check to see if it is up for sale because it is a perfect little pied e terre and is a great income property. We had a fantastic dinner at Halls and I got an antique ring at Crogan’s— they have fabulous estate jewelry. It was at times, uncomfortably humid in March at the time! Savannah is on my list too!! Thanks for sharing!
  6. MetsFan5


    I have one of those formerly trendy stand up popcorn machines that I forgot I had until unearthing things to move. It’s cute and it does pop well so I just bought some Orville kernels to try it out with. Now I really want popcorn and I have no way of making it. I don’t think I could put a pouch of microwave popcorn in my air fryer.
  7. @Steve R. maybe I took too many treats home from Montreal but I am really bewildered by the murals. Is that Kramer from Seinfield? A random famous Canadian I have never heard of? An odd interpretation of Anthony Bourdain?
  8. Welp, Misfits caught up with me. I genuinely thought I had paused all delivered until August because that option was right in my face. Canceling? Not so much. I was wrong. And now I have a pre determined “box” where I didn’t choose any items coming to me Saturday. I will likely offer it to my neighbors and family. By the time it gets here I’ll have less than 2 weeks until my home closes and for now I am packing and not cooking. I’m also going to try to get customer service on the phone to see if they can either donate the box or re-route it to the local soup kitchen if they accept donations of food. I’m exhausted by the efforts needed to try to be as sneaky as the companies we rely in order to cancel memberships. Next up on the docket is MetsFan v. Ready Refresh, aka Poland Spring. To be fair, if I was not in the middle of packing and preparing for a move, the items they automatically choose are all things I could and would use. They stuck to the basics and I think that is a plus.
  9. @Chimayo Joe the only time I recall eating those “Smiles” potato product was when I was in college and and deemed them a fun late night snack. I wasn’t sober when I ate them. I have the basket style air fryer. I have a toaster oven. I haven’t used my toaster oven (a Breville but not a combi or APO or anything fancy) in months. I throw bread into my air fryer and it makes toasts quickly. It’s not amazing toast but it’s earned a spot on my soon to be limited counter space. The air fryer does a good job at reheating left overs. Not all of course; but most things it does a lot better than a microwave and the clean up is minimal.
  10. I also cook hotdogs this way. I love the results. Worth the time. My college roommate’s grandmother taught me that trick.
  11. I looked into Misfits. In order to view their products I had to sign up, credit card and all. Their prices are good. But I am a single person and $35 even a month with all of their offerings is my limit. So I’m off to attempt to deactivate my account.
  12. They’re definitely still legal here. I’m 42 and remember having them as a kid so they’ve been around for a while. They’re generally considered “retro” candy.
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