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  1. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    @suzilightning if you have a Charlie browns near you they have German specials right now.
  2. Methode Rotuts

    I've considered Soda Streams and similar items because I do love soda water but because it's almost the only carbonated beverage I like, I can't validate the cost. But if if it makes things fun for you guys then cheers!
  3. Methode Rotuts

    Ok so what exactly is the point here? To make crappy wine somehow drinkable? And to get the drinker drunk? I know carbonation enhances people's reaction to alcohol. Why not just buy a good, drinkable wine? Isn't this on par with adding bubbles to coffee to get the caffeine high faster? Crappy wine is crappy wine. Is this a budget issue?
  4. What Wine Are You Drinking Today?

    Ahh Santa Margarita. Such garbage. But when I first started drinking wine is was affordable at $11 a bottle. Now? It could be free and I wouldn't drink it. It's heartburn central. Way too acidic for my taste.
  5. Restaurant pet peeves

    And what's this glove law? For fast food establishments? Certainly not for fine dining or even any place that makes food to order in a restaurant establishment v. a fast food one. I'd prefer NOT to see gloves as well. It reeks of ignorance of sanitation to me.
  6. Restaurant pet peeves

    No no it isn't legal in NJ to not have a proper hand washing station.
  7. All Things Mushroom

    I'm not a particularly good home cook at all. That said, I love mushrooms. If I'm not eating them from a purchased marinated jar, I dry fry them them until almost all the water is extracted then pour a bit or more of sherry or Marsala wine, let that reduce and add as much butter as I want. simple and great alone or on a baked potato or a steak. Or in scrambled eggs. Or a hash!
  8. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    An English muffin "pizza". English muffins drizzled with olive oil and garlic salt, with cheap Classico pizza sauce and Galbini mozzarella in my Breville toaster oven. I love that toaster oven. In my defense we had nothing in the house after being away for two weeks and I hate seeing any NY team down except when those teams are playing my teams. It was quick and dirty and worked.
  9. Worst Halloween candy

    What about the people who give apples or toothbrushes? Like why bother? I always loathed those people.
  10. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Stone crab
  11. Restaurant pet peeves

    Yea for some reason I think the owners of the establishments I worked in wouldn't be worried about the water police!
  12. Restaurant pet peeves

    At that time I was working at both the ala carte and buffet at The Manor, as well as the Highlawn Pavilion and Rod's. None of them acknowledged such laws. And none of them have since. My husband proposed to me in the paulor cars at Rod's and we had our wedding at the Madison Hotel. Water was always a given.
  13. Restaurant pet peeves

    I only worked in high end restaurants by that time but the water flowed freely! Same with the vino!
  14. Restaurant pet peeves

    I have never seen that enforced. I worked in restaurants at that time and they served water automatically. It wasn't even mentioned.
  15. Restaurant pet peeves

    In all the years I've waitresses or worked in restaurants in NJ it was never illegal to serve water unless requested. That law must have existed prior to 1999. High end restaurants generally ask your water preference and bring it immediately and refill regularly. Yes, I specifically request water when I order a glass or bottle of wine or a cocktail. I've never found it to be an issue at home in NJ but here in southern Fl at more casual places, it's been an issue three times out of the four times we've dined out. I don't think it's really about tips- the more casual places assume people want their alcoholic beverages ASAP. I bring a Tervis of water wherever I go (I do leave it in the car) so suck down a lot of water prior to dining.