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  1. It looks like there was something green in the yorkies. Was it just the photo?
  2. Considering the tipping standard in your country? Here in the US, I feel the norm is 20%. I tend to tip, on average, 30%. I have no doubt that I tip heavily due to having been a waitres, a bartender and a manger. If the service is poor I leave 20% as not to punish the bartender and busser. I realize my mindset is unique. I also tip on take out when it's at a restaurant where take out isn't the norm and tip 20% on all food (from restaurants) delivery. I also heavily tip my grocery delivery person.
  3. Eating vicariously

    Yelp differs drastically depending on the country and region where one lives. I certainly make my own opinion and don't take Yelp reviews as gospel but when people share pictures of their meals, it certainly makes an impression. The people I follow tend to work in the restaurant industry and know their shit. As a volunteer for my town's partnership I provide information about new restaurants as well as tourism locations for visitors. Yelp likely isn't applicable for your location, however it makes a strong impact in the NYC area and the people I follow on Yelp are those who have been on egullet from the beginning.
  4. Eating vicariously

    I do that with Yelp. I "follow" people who dine out (and post pictures) a lot in my area. Makes me jealous but also helps me to decide on future places to visit.
  5. Also I covet that Golden Girls shirt assume it was your daughter wearing.
  6. I thought the video was well done and really interesting. Obviously in a 12 minute video the viewer won't be able to determine the level of sanitation of the prep/event but considering it's something the OP has posted about for years, I can safely assume they are adhering to food safety and sanitation laws.
  7. I graduated high school 19 years ago but did take classes that were focused on Russian history. It's been a while so I'm likely mistaken about the pictures but I do know graduates of my prep school have rare privileges when accessing the Kremlin.
  8. That is so fascinating to me. I have amnesty? Permission? To take photographs in the Kremlin (although they may allow anyone to do it now but they didn't in 1998) because John Reed is a graduate of the same prep school as I am. I really need to visit.
  9. What did you think about the beer from Revolution Brewery? They recently released some of their beers in the northern Nj area and after sampling a few, I was impressed enough to buy a six pack. Awesome trip report.
  10. Dinner 2017 (Part 5)

    @chefmd your family is in my thoughts. Safe travels.
  11. Dinner 2017 (Part 5)

    I've never heard of that word. I'm literate.
  12. The Okra With The Fringe On Top

    Very weird. At least to me. Living in the NYC metro area the only okra I basically always keep on hand is specialty store bought pickled okra and I checked my new jar and it indeed is lacking fringe. Maybe your okra is making a fashion statement?
  13. Happy belated birthday! That meal looks like a great way to celebrate!
  14. Cooking for 100+...ideas anyone?

    I admire your willingness to cook for a crowd but personally i'd probably prefer to celebrate with the family and not be cooking my ass off. That said, if you can, I'd smoke a bunch of pork shoulders and pull it for easy sandwiches. That can easily be prepped in advance.
  15. Rethinking tipping culture

    Actually I tip my hairdresser and delivery drivers, as well as any home service provider that goes above and beyond. I tip Uber drivers. I tip my mailman, my garbage collectors, etc. I tip a lot.