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  1. forgot lunch - a run was made to Shake Shack. We were pretty peckish by the time we got food - the folks who were reaching across our booth to try to help themselves to the stuff we were making were threatened with stabbing by a dipping fork. My dipping forks are very substantial! And I was serious!
  2. Talad Wat - Thai for dinner Nice little Chefs table at the back Doing serious damage to the pickles while we wait for our food
  3. Hotel has breakfast never had tough tater tots before! Have however had pathetic French toast - no eggs harmed in the making!
  4. And then one goes to Trader Joes for a couple of things, Target to buy sugar and comes home to make white chocolate in the bathroom.
  5. Artichokes - strangely they were already picked before being deep fried. Glenn opted for the Mesqualito - good choice. Bianca and I - the Jaguar Negroni - I had them put mine in the proper glass! It was a bit smokier normal! Gnocchi for me - with the sauce for the rigatoni. Paparadelle for Glenn Burrata and prosciutto for Bianca The pineapple reimagined A stop for dessert at Van Leeuwen Ice cream in Hudson Yards
  6. After we dropped things off at the Javitz Center - we went in search of dinner. We found pineapple.
  7. If you are interested and not able to PM me I can probably be reached at EZtemper on Facebook or Instagram
  8. Is there anybody in New York who would be interested in coming to the salon for free. I just discovered that I have got 25 free tickets and I haven’t taken advantage of that
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