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  1. I think I'm a bit too thrifty for that - when you find a shirt that fits...
  2. We are boarded the flight from Munich to Toronto - found a bottle of Ramazotti Amaro at the airport so all is not lost! I've already consumed the bottle of water provided and I'm most of the way through the glass they just brought around. Hoping I don't get anyone in the seat next to me since I've already spread all my projects across the common area.
  3. There was some strange looking equipment in there.
  4. Strangely I could see no smoke in there
  5. Haven't seen one of these outside the Vegas airport - I'm sure they exist
  6. My 55 min flight Meat salad, cheese - couldn't have planned it better!
  7. Seen in the airport! Not Delerium brand very short visit to the lounge - herbal lime and rosehip with raspberry - grabbed a couple of extra bags when I left if I need them for the flight
  8. Has L'Epicérie Closed?

    I think I'm familiar with them from the restaurant show.
  9. The cost in Europe is 99 euro - haven't found them for sale in the us yet - but I have an email out to the exclusive distributor and I'm asking the owner here to find out who his Canadian distributor is.
  10. I'd use the la Chocolatière to melt and hold the chocolate at temperature - when I have it at 33.5C or less I'd add the 1% EZtemper silk (likely 30 grams if it holds 3 kg of chocolate) and stir. Bob's your uncle. Small melters I find useful at trade shows as I really don't need a lot of melted chocolate for my demos.
  11. Remember this little baby from earlier in the thread? This is a 3 litre warmer assembled in Belgium that is sold to home chocolate makers. It comes with a thermometer, a polycarbonate mold, a scraper and a recipe book. But it apparently keeps a reliable temperature and would be a nice size for a small melter and is a fraction of the cost of the 3kg mol d'art melters that I have.There is a 110V wired version that was introduced in Chicago last year by the company and Laurent. I asked Laurent to see if he could get me one for assessment. If it works as reliably as he thinks - I'll be heartily recommending it. When I got home from dinner I was staring at my luggage trying to determine how I might fit it in if he was able to get it for me - when I noticed there was a box on the floor! My favourite front desk staff must have dropped it in my room. So - unpacked from it's box - and I see it's the 110V version so I'll be able to try it right away when I get home. Packing the luggage is still a bit of an issue though.
  12. If I were at home I would have binned this drink - how do I politely leave without drinking it - there are no potted plants.