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  1. So I would work down to 27 for dark and 25 for milk. Reheat dark to 31 for dark and 30 for milk. As it starts to thicken over time push temps as high as 34.5 for dark, 32.5 for milk.
  2. It would appear that it is not sufficient - where do you suppose we can get some of those B sterothermopolis indicators? Or a remote temperature logger that can be put inside the IP?
  3. I wonder if it would be sufficient to put an autoclave strip in there to determine that it had reached and maintained temperature sufficient to sterilize?
  4. But this is what that same site has to say about electric pressure cookers - https://nchfp.uga.edu/publications/nchfp/factsheets/electric_cookers.html
  5. Looks like the basic recipe I started with too!
  6. Am I correct that there still isn't reassurance that this IP can safely maintain 15 PSI throughout the entire cooking time and therefore isn't really safe for pressure canning low acid foods?
  7. Funny @Chocolot and I were discussion this this morning and decided this was probably the mold being used by Stick With Me Sweets. I need to go through my domes - pretty sure I have one or two in there along with the deep difficult ones.
  8. There is an item called a Coolbot. It controls an air conditioner to make a closet into a coolroom. Homemade walk-in
  9. Blanch yes, toast no. Sugar added and heated just until dissolves - no syrup made. Might be fun to see what would happen using the Kuvings.
  10. Here's the recipe I put together the last orgeat phase - of course if you don't have a thermomix - blender and heating I'd say Orgeat Recipe By: various 250 gram blanched almonds 400 gram water 350 gram sugar 50 ml vodka or brandy 1 or 2 drops bitter almond oil 3 drops mixture of half cap of orange flower water , and half cap of rosewater Directions: soak almonds for 30 minutes, discard water grind in TMX, heat with water at 50 C for 15 minutes, strain through cloth, squeeze. Repeat two more times. (you are adding back the almonds to the same water you squeez
  11. It might have been. I would be interesting to see if the molds that Suzanna Yoon is using are the easier ones. Even the two that CW makes that are the same shape - one is a few grams less than the other seem to release differently.
  12. You can buff with a badger hair brush (I use a japanese varnish brush from Lee Valley) - but then your entire surface will be matte.
  13. I haven't found that using a set number of minutes is necessarily helpful. Milk and white choclate often don't show signs of setting until much longer than 2 minutes even if in perfect temper. Chocolate freshly tempered will take longer to start setting up than chocolate that has been in temper for a while. That being said - if I see no signs of my chocolate starting to set around the edges in 10 minutes then I'm pretty damn sure I'm not in temper. I agree that letting your molds sit at room temperature until you see signs of them starting to set around the edges before bunging th
  14. Jim - those deep dome molds are terrible for requiring coaxing of various sorts to get them out. I think it's suction created by the particular shape. I once made the mistake of using a couple at a demo for the Luxury Chocolate show in Toronto - there I was with no freezer and a few hundred people in front of me - whacking the molds on the table repeatedly. Not great when you are mic'd.
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