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  1. Second that - give Brian a call. You likely want one you can put an enrober on in the future.
  2. The flow of chocolate is basically fixed - some differences for viscosity of chocolate of course. So every item gets covered with the same thickness of chocolate then a combination of tapping and air blowing determines how much chocolate is left on the item. Selmi enrober
  3. So if you put a thin layer of chocolate on top of the slab and cut with the guitar while still wet - it will help a lot with those sharp corners. The coating thickness is determined by the amount of air you blow. And if those earlier pictures are Melissa - then it is a Selmi!
  4. You are correct - I should have said it's the blower on the enrober!
  5. That's the blower on the Selmi that does that.
  6. Was just going to post exactly the same thing! I buy mine in 30 kg pails from a local bakery supply. And in the past I've found the bottles of Happy something brand in a local bulk food store - think they were around 1 kg and didn't cost too much.
  7. Where in Canada are you located - I’m sure we can find you some glucose fairly easily?
  8. I've got this funny little sponge I picked up at the Japanese dollar store that does something different than other sponges - it's not as firm as it appears Used it on this one with the orange cocoa butter, backed by bronze powder if I remember correctly. I should probably start wring stuff down.
  9. Welcome @Sehkai. You have early on discovered what we all know - chocolate is the boss and she will take every opportunity to teach you that! Couple of thoughts - did you put the molds in the fridge for a bit after pouring the shells? Do you think your shell might have been too thin? It kind of looks like the shell didn't retract from the mold which the initial fridge step might have helped with. I'm a fan of putting my molds on the short edge after scraping - opinions vary considerably on this one - but I think it gives a nicer back.
  10. Art Pollard @Art here on eG made a rather respectable bar with the erythritol/monkfruit sweetener made by Lakanto.
  11. Here's the Basque Cheesecake - baked 450º F in the Blumlein on convection setting for about 35 min. This is the recipe I used - 7" pan with 1 1/2 recipe.
  12. Did all the things I would normally do to get a brown bottom on my bread in the CSO. The stone seems to be just too far from the heat to warm up no matter what I did. I stopped short of putting my metal 'stone' in there.
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