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  1. They always seem to have CacaoBarry molds that others have run out of. Perhaps that's why. They had free shipping a while back. Now likely that was just in Canada.
  2. Or Design and Realization in Montreal - they have it listed. I don't see that exact one in Chocolat-chocolat anymore - but doesn't mean they don't have it.
  3. 26 by 26 by 34 cm 4.5 kg. I generally travel to trade shows with 2 in a suitcase along with other stuff.
  4. I did a week long panning course at the university with the NCA/PMCA a number of years back. Really did need to be hands on. But agree - there are some great brains there to be picked and if a lot of it can be done at home - I'd go for it.
  5. What Jim says - 10%. Your two options to make things opaque - add some titanium dioxide to the mix or spray the transparent colour then spray a layer of white behind it.
  6. Too small for two loaves side by side. I want to be able to do that.
  7. It's my CSO pizza stone - in the CSO I preheat using the Toast 3 setting, then turn it to Steam Bake for 30 minutes. Bottoms seem to brown well with that combination, Clearly it needs a bit longer preheat for the bottom browning as I discovered in the FB. This oven doesn't tell you how long preheat will be - and I'm not sure if it beeps when it reaches temperature. You can hit two buttons at the same time to determine the cavity temperature though - so I should probably check that before turning over to Combi. You can't program preheat into a two stage program either.
  8. Loaf one - combo 430º F lowest rack - minimal grill preheat - too dark and bottom not browned - had to flip it over and grill the bottom for 10 min or so. Loaf 2 - preheat baking for 10 min or so at 430º F - then combi 410º F for 30 min - bottom nice and brown. There is my 9 by 9 tile I use in the CSO in there underneath the parchment.
  9. Nope - had it sent to a friend close to the border - then couriered it across from there. Still awaiting the final accounting.
  10. I think the stainless pieces I have are even bigger.
  11. It's just a kiln shelf - the perfect stone I find. I preheat it and don't find steam causes any problem with it.
  12. Thanks for this - I messaged the company - they initially told me that I should return the oven - then I called them this afternoon and chatted with a delightful woman who was working from home and had an oven of her own. She was able to confirm that her oven had never had water in the drain tray except that had dropped off the door when it opened. So between your pics and her information I'm feeling much better about not trying to find a way to send this baby back across the border just to have them send me another that doesn't have water in the drip tray! Tonight bread - I don't have a stone of the right size yet - so I'm still going too have to bake a loaf at a time. I'll contact the Pottery Supply House tomorrow and ask them to cut a 14 by 14 by 1/2 corderite shelf down to 14 by 11 or so.
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