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  1. Kerry Beal

    Unflavored fudge base?

    Since you can use fondant (the non cake topping kind) to set fudge without beating it - I wonder if you could use fondant sugar in it's place to set the fudge.
  2. The last of my first big trials.
  3. Kerry Beal

    Buttermilk as A Substitute for...

    Likely not. It's not a really 'tender' custard to start with. I baked both of mine in the steam girl but with convection and 25º F less.
  4. I’m planning to put them in backwards - golf ball side down so there is more surface area buried. Though don’t know if that will help.
  5. Kerry Beal

    Buttermilk as A Substitute for...

    I've always just found you get a richer (more complex) flavour with buttermilk than regular.
  6. I use soft white fondant which would be 115º fondant I believe - I have a 50 lb pail of it in my chocolate room. I don't know about using lecithin in fudge. Not something I've done before.
  7. I think your first suggestion of sauce probably makes the most sense then! Or what if you made some cinnamon bun dough, mixed your fudge with sufficient butter and spread on the bun dough and rolled it up (maybe a cream cheese layer too), slice, proof and bake as for rolls.
  8. Do you have any soft white fondant in the house? You could heat to around 60º C and add some to 'correct' the crystals.
  9. Wonder if you could add some water, cook it back to the original temperature and crystallize it again?
  10. Kerry Beal

    Home Made Ice Cream (2015– )

    Jo - does he sell packaged ice cream with an ingredient list?
  11. Kerry Beal

    Home Made Ice Cream (2015– )

    There is also another company called Kwality - here - his has 14% butterfat.
  12. Kerry Beal

    Troubleshooting Caramels

    Last summer - working on caramel recipe development while up north - I used the pressure cooker we have up there with great success. And wouldn't have thought of it if Anna haven't suggested it!
  13. Next batch I’m going to use golf tees
  14. Kerry Beal

    Buttermilk as A Substitute for...

    This one I made this am - creme fraiche and milk - no curdle. There was no curdle in the buttermilk one either. I suspect the eggs and flour prevent the curdle.