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  1. No idea - I assume the same as any powdered color.
  2. Aren't the colors that Stick with Me Sweets uses pretty much neon? Those are made by Chef Rubber. Look under their new cocoa butters - there are some pretty bright ones. They also make a riboflavin yellow powder.
  3. Can't say that I have - the closest I've ever gotten is forgetting a mold in the freezer that was supposed to be there for 3 minutes to help it release. The chocolates were actually fabulously shiny after the frost disappeared. You'd have to have an awful lot of molds in order for this process to be useful.
  4. I'd be screwed - a tsp is about the amount that I can put in the bottom of a cupped hand. I might weight flour - but very unlikely to weigh salt, soda, baking powder or flavorings.
  5. I found a truly beautiful pan - highly magnetic, right size, right shape, perfect finish. It had an intentional concave bottom. So disappointing when it wouldn’t sense it!
  6. I have one little pot - it's an all clad saucier - half the time it's not recognized - other half it is.
  7. Erythritol and monk fruit makes a very tolerable sugar free. Less laxation effect than other sugar alcohols.
  8. I just head out to a thrift store with a magnet in my purse and find a few pots that will work on induction. Watch for the magnetic ones with bottoms that aren't flat though - won't work.
  9. I have also found that most sugar free chocolate tempers well, acts as chocolate should. The issue I've found - folks ask if you have sugar free, you go out of your way to obtain it, pay for it, make things with it - then they don't buy it! But doing it for a friend wouldn't be so much of an issue.
  10. I suspect it does - sprinkled on the cooks treat it was definitely caramelly
  11. So here is what I made with the toasted sugar - Roasted-Buckwheat Custards Roasted Buckwheat obtained at Korean store yesterday. Custards cooked for 40 minutes steam at 190º F in CSO. I think these would be just as nice with 10% cream instead of 35%. Once of the added bonuses is the 'cooks treat' roasted buckwheat that has soaked in the cream then been strained. It's like a puffed rice cereal - a little of the toasted sugar on it - yum!
  12. The side of the house is the spot where I’ve planted a few things that I routinely forget are there. Today while waiting for the child to be delivered home on the bus I wandered over to see the plants that hubby mentioned had ‘gotten really big’. Guess I’d better cut some rhubarb soon. Some Angelica I planted a few years ago and wormwood. I planted the Angelica with thoughts of candying it. Might be a good time.
  13. I've certainly found when I have freshly tempered chocolate at a higher temperature - it has a tendency to run out of the molds - but not sliding off the mold entirely! Totally weird.
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