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  1. What are folks thoughts on oil in dough vs no oil in dough? My dough yesterday was the one that @scott123 linked to which is essentially 1 litre of water, 1.65 kg of 00 flour, 45 grams of salt, 1 gram yeast. I divided into 3 and added more yeast as I wanted to use it later same day. After the bulk rise I divided into 4 balls and put each in it's own lightly oiled plastic take out food container. Dumped out in an already nice round shape. It was a lovely dough to work with - easy to keep round (vs the dough from the day before) - with a judicious application of 00 flour during the
  2. No peel with this one
  3. Lessons learned today. Pizza dough catches fire if it gets too close to the heat source. A pair of tongs works better to spin the pizza than the peel - the peel pushes the pizza back towards the heat source where it catches fire! Let the stone get hotter if you want good spots on the bottom crust. Either slice the potato slices see through thin or cook them a bit. Bottom of the Marguerita - stone not hot enough yet clearly. Bottom of the potato and balsamic caramelized red onion. T
  4. Yeah - that's what I've done today - sans the glug of olive oil - I'll drizzle that on at the end.
  5. So true - Buffalo is so much more than just picking up pizza sauce! There is the visiting with @patris, there is the trying to stuff everything in my car that she has received for me, there is the walk around Wegmans, the walk around Trader Jo's... But the Don Pepino pizza sauce really is very nice and I thank @patris for introducing it to me every time I use it!
  6. New toy - arrived Thursday - set it up this am with help of hubby. Gave it a cleaning burn this am - then fired it up again this afternoon to cook some pizza. The IR thermometer I had outside was not the right one to determine stone temperature - it couldn't measure that high. So I think the stones weren't quite as warm as they could have been. Took about 3 1/2 min to cook and wasn't truly great, but it's a start. Scale turned off half way though measuring the flour - so when all was said and done the d
  7. That mold does have a number on it if it just can be read!
  8. I am not a fan of heating molds anyway - but opinions differ on this. I vote 'don't heat'.
  9. Try the leaving it alone a bit more and see what happens.
  10. Could it be starting with the vigorous stirring while melting? I'm not seeing anything too strange about your stirring in the video except I probably don't stir that much.
  11. Chocolate as warm as possible on the backs, scrape quickly with the tool you prefer - aimed away from you and at about 45 degrees. As few scrapes as possible, as quickly as possible to minimize scrape marks. here - go to about the 5 minute mark
  12. See if you can dig through eG and find Pichet Ong's Pate Choux.
  13. Yeah - clearly there is something weird going on.
  14. So giving this a little thought today - I don't think I've ever introduced a lot of air bubbles into my chocolate unless I was intending to. Bubbles in irregular molds of course... What chocolate are you using? Perhaps that's a component of the issue?
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