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  1. PMCA coming up soon! Going to have a booth again. Gotta have frogs and mice - encourages people to send me the samples they promise! Tomorrow morning I need to struggle down under the front hall into the crawl space and dig out the boxes to package them in - the back wasn't quite up to the task this evening.
  2. Don't know - I know for sure I don't have room in my luggage for mine! Chocolot might be prepared to bring hers. I tend to do a lot of my chocolate work in the evenings at home - since I have a handicapped rug rat that is noise sensitive and a hubby who isn't a big fan of noise either - I'm more inclined to use the quieter airbrush here. I share the Fuji turbine with my hubby who has his own hoses and guns for regular paint. When I need a crap load of stuff done fast - I'll often head into @Alleguede's shop in Toronto and use his Fuji. That is also useful when I want to use the Selmis to fill the molds. Most of the time I don't really need to produce that much stuff at once. Even in a fairly small operation the time savings in painting your molds with the Fuji would allow it to pay for itself pretty quickly. I was down in the lab this evening preparing my frogs and mice for the upcoming PMCA using the Paasche - took a couple of hours to paint a dozen molds. I could have done it in less than 30 minutes with the Fuji. I splatter red, yellow, then black - then spray jade green jewel tone, then matte light green behind.
  3. Jim - Fuji put together a 'chocolate package' at my request - it has a 'quiet' turbine - relative term - and T-75 gravity feed with the smaller cup and the 0.8 needle. At the workshop there will be a draw between the interested folks to buy the package at a greatly reduced price - about 65 percent off I believe.
  4.,uk Compressor - not sure if reaches 35 PSI though
  5. The canned Badger air is not food safe. I'd get a Paasche external mix H-5 brush over the badger - and a Harbour Freight compressor that can put out 35 PSI. Paasche external mix
  6. I'm willing to bet the cookie factory we are going to tomorrow makes those Mocha Jo-jo's .
  7. Ah - then someone else might have to weigh in - I was thinking airbrush - @Chocolot will know - she has a few of the guns as well as the Fuji.
  8. I'm a fan of the Paasche external mix brushes with the H - 5 sized needle
  9. Can't speak to the quiet or reliability but the first one is up to 60 PSI which is more than enough. The second is probably overkill.
  10. No kitty or doggie bag - no leftovers!
  11. Out to lunch yesterday with a friend yesterday - Anna opted not to join us. She'll be sorry when she sees the pictures. Placed called the Brux House. Grilled calamari, lovely crispy chickpeas adorned it. Parsnip soup for me Moule frite for Francis. After lunch and a long gab we wandered through the market.
  12. Yesterday in our travels Anna N and I took my poor injured CSO off to the repair depot. When we arrived the whole staff were outside and there were firetrucks out behind the building. Since we had no marshmallows we decided to attend to our other planned stop and lunch before our return. I had noticed that there didn't appear to be a fan noise when in convection mode. Apparently the fan was not repairable so I was sent away with a new unit. (so now I have another tray!) New unit seems to have the default for toast set as 4 instead of the 3 of my previous unit. And on this baby 4 gave me smoke. Repeat piece on 2 was about where my old one would have been on 4.
  13. Cuisinart Recall

    Two out of 3 have arrived. Waiting for the one for my DLC-7