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  1. Making Vinegar

    Out of sight - out of mind. For some reason the topic of maple vinegar came up while @Anna N and I were out driving around yesterday. I actually remembered to check it when I got home (of course the date I was supposed to check it was in February!) It's lovely - strong but balanced nicely. Filtering a bottle for sharing. The sludge is going back into the stainless barrel with some red rice rum at 55% that I found in the living room and a couple of cups of maple syrup that I had left over after some bourbon barrel aging experiments. Looking forward to the Spinzall so I can clarify in minutes!
  2. Food funnies

    Dishwasher salmon was around long before the Surreal Gourmet. I recall my folks doing it for a dinner party when I was a kid.
  3. Vaguely recall this one when it happened.
  4. Silicone lid - brilliant idea. Useful in so many ways - I'm going slip one in my travel bag. The Viancin ones are expensive (though Anna N and I found a collection of them in a clearance bin recently and added a few sizes to our collections) so I'd rather take along than try to buy when there. I have a little IR thermometer in my purse already. I've been in the habit of hitting thrift stores to get things that I want to use while away and leave behind. That might include tea pots, cups, knives, cheap cutting boards, pots and pans, real knives and forks so I don't need to use plastic in my room.
  5. I would only ever use this Rösle pie and cake server - it gives me the choice of serrated or non serrated depending on whether I'm cutting pecan or fruit pie.
  6. Would you consider taking along a Joule with a power adapter?
  7. Anyone hoping to take an EZtemper home from Vegas? I'm just trying to figure out how many suitcases I'm going to need with the freebies from a number of different companies that support our workshop.
  8. I've been reading her blog today and really enjoying it. Think we need to introduce the two of them to our own @gfron1 - I see a popup with elk's blood bonbons.
  9. I was trying to recall all the items in my travel bag (which is not yet unpacked after my return from Saskatoon late last night) - and had a flashback to having mentioned it on eG way,way back. A little research led me to this thread. So my little zippered bag hasn't changed - still has cutting board, paring knife, serrated knife, forks, spoons, pepper grinder, corkscrew and can opener. And I bring teapot, cup, water boiler - this trip I brought a bag of milk in an insulated lunch bag. Hotel had a great little kettle so boiler stayed in suitcase. My suitcase has Ziplock bags in it all the time. A trip that involves chocolate has a much bigger list.
  10. ✷✷WARNING✷✷ : picture contain canned peas - eyes may need to be averted! Rice and peas.
  11. I suspect you are right - it probably was the talk you had before the stage. Anyway - they seem to be doing nose to tail in the extreme - starting with an entire animal - using the skin, tanning the hide, making soap from the fat! Apparently in some quiet times staff get to paint egg whites onto violets and dip them in sugar to candy them. If I lived in Saskatoon I'd be in there like a dirty shirt!
  12. Had to vacate my room at 3 - plane leaves at 6:30. Decided to wander about and find a bite. Lots of panhandlers - I'm not a big fan of handing over cash but always happy to feed someone so grabbed some wonton soup for the fellow sitting outside the Chinese restaurant who was hungry. In a last ditch attempt to part me from some cash for 'coffee' later he insisted on showing me his partial foot amputations bilaterally - caused by frostbite when his sister threw him out on New Years. I could just picture how that played out - not an unfamiliar story in the world of the guys I care for. I had my eye on the bahn mi shop next door - but while there were still people inside the door was now locked - no good deed goes unpunished I guess. so lunch from the Smokes Poutinerie
  13. Funny - she talks about a huge long interview where you asked her a whole lot of difficult questions!
  14. Still sitting at the bar chatting with the bartendress who's sister is in med school at McMaster and likes to cook - we shall be seeing her soon I'm sure! i've had the Cook's tour of the back room where the illegal gambling used to take place - seen the hides that Christie and her hubby have tanned - what a wonderful old property!