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  1. Bloomed truffle shells

    Been there, done that.
  2. They were squid cakes.
  3. Thin chocolate tablet moulds

    Do you have a picture of what you want? If you look for caraque molds on various sites you might find what you want.
  4. Bloomed truffle shells

    Ah - the million dollar question. Most of the time covering the untempered with tempered will be fine. On occasion I've noticed that they bloom. So not much of an answer I guess.
  5. Tasty ribs - tender and unctuous. Celeriac like candy! Housekeeper cleaning the sleep room enjoyed several pieces
  6. Started out this morning vacuum sealing a couple of hens that were no longer laying - so time to move on to the soup pot. I brought along a package of beef ribs cooked sous vide for 72 hours. Warmed up with the Joule then browned on induction. Chopped up a celeriac root - roasted for about an hour steam bake.
  7. Don't know much about the older Gocco's - the new ones are a very, very different thing. The YUDU is basically a light source and a fan - along with a plastic framework that is supposed to hold things in place.
  8. Playing with transfer sheets again after a few years - I picked up one of those YUDU units at Michael's before they stopped selling them. It's been sitting in the box probably for 8 years. I really only wanted it for the lights because the guy who exposed my screens for me died and his son told me he didn't want to take over the business. Found out a couple of days ago that the son and wife actually did take over the business - so all this time... I used one of the crappy YUDU coarse mesh screens to make this transfer - printed it out this afternoon and then realized it was BACKWARDS! DUH!!!!
  9. How about putting some of it in a shell, with a not so sweet ganache behind it.
  10. It's been a while since I've made any transfer sheets - I've forgotten a whole lot! I picked up one of the YUDU systems before they stopped selling them - figured I'd use it for the lights to expose my screens. I picked up some images to use with it when I found them at Michael's for a couple of bucks - so decided to use one of those to help determine exposure time required with the emulsion that I'm using. I need some practice coating the screens so there aren't any drips and the maximum amount of screen is covered (of course the right sized scoop coater is the key to that part). Don't think a single one of the images is complete between the drips and the coverage of emulsion. Printed a couple of transfer sheets (poorly). Tempered up some chocolate with the EZtemper silk. Made some plaques. It's a start! Next screens will be finer gauge (these are coarse - next will be 220), the area with the image will take up much less of the screen so the printing is easier. Fun to play with something I haven't played with for a while.
  11. Allspice Caribbean Cafe
  12. It's actually based on a cookie I've made for years from the International Cookie Cookbook by Nancy Baggett. The Pecan Praline cookie. So I kind of stole it too! Also changed the baking soda from the failed cookie to baking powder. Seems to have removed the spread problem with the original.
  13. What's New in Kitchen Gadgets?

    But you gotta love the part where she is sweating and her hair is all messy because she's using a knife and a cutting board!
  14. Doing a little recipe trouble shooting - a particular cookie was not working well so I fiddled with it. Took it from creamed butter and sugar to caramelized sugar allowed to melt the butter, converted to a slice and bake refrigerator cookie using pretty much the same proportions as the defective recipe. The original chocolate chunks were 1 part chocolate chips, 1 part Cacao Barry Inaya. I used Callebaut Brazil - which I wouldn't do again - it's a 70% that I find quite acidic and almost sour. I think it would be fabulous with 50 - 50 my regular belcolade milk and dark. Texture is pleasing and cookie itself is not too sweet which is my preference.