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  1. More about Nicolas Vanaise the chocolatier.
  2. The Canadian one that I saw had an adapter on the wall end of the cord that I suspect steps it down to make it compatible with a regular wall outlet.
  3. I do peanut butter, cream fondant or meltaway for eggs that size
  4. I believe I have that cookbook somewhere
  5. Kerry Beal

    Peeps: Marshmallowly Goodness

    True that - dipping their butts then
  6. Kerry Beal

    Peeps: Marshmallowly Goodness

    I've just been down in the chocolate room dipping the feet of some Peeps. Will have to remember to take a picture in the morning.
  7. Kerry Beal

    Melanger experimentation

    Indeed I could! Wonder if it would be heavy enough.
  8. And besides - you know I have a few extra being used in different spots that I'd bring around if needed!
  9. Kerry Beal

    Melanger experimentation

    I'm working on him for a better lid for the little bowl - no joy so far!
  10. Add the juice after emulsifying the chocolate and cream.
  11. May want to add it after the cream as ginger will cause cream to coagulate and I suspect galangal might as well.
  12. In the original melt you just need to get it melted. If you don't get above 33.5 it will likely have the same texture as the silk so you need to get a little higher than that.
  13. And now to make your life even easier - don’t bother taking it all the way up and cooking back to 33.5 - just get it melted (likely will happen at around 34 or so) and cool down from there.