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  1. Rumor has it our own gfron1 has also been doing some chocolate online as well. https://www.facebook.com/Gfron1.Rob.Connoley I'm looking at that EZtemper in the background - maybe we can talk him into using it!
  2. Not quite sure how you link to a Facebook page - but Brian Donaghy from Tomric has been doing some online chocolate demos. https://www.facebook.com/brianmdonaghy?__tn__=C-R&eid=ARBzjv2eWK8x0mOqxwC3stzE5TYqksyqNOilwux1ghLv5I_oL7d77hUuq_j666LBJiBm59F2-DTkFFXI&hc_ref=ARSsoXKtlAaGg2H9c6NQGnyOYSJBeUx_vcCp_j-V5MpA4wbxwjOMcb5Ela5VcY5B0FE&fref=nf&__xts__[0]=68.ARCgU_Y29bvLcz0A9TcW4M6GqbHU_f0Y2UovXm9wivoM3P0IkBpKZooflpTc4S8IyO9O5X1nybodpaX2zPDaTANpHCaQ2VmrdZExlrGXDhd8SN_7AQcq6-5CGz5cV-M7HAOjSHND0gbCXwuaCXw9-kuSY2VTMGrY18p-S7B1DoAWW-s7aPiMPj5pxpTiHJBD7JcYHQYHdUmNh6S6RfvMbrW6zrENFX9M8wZP0-TE16wQlkOrZlOp4zPXCXbKMiDZ5hAX4XxvzADskIL8h_IxdftOnr1XiivqWKQxm-FMb5khXDAE_KTjCIKDVzkqM-5xtsanOUG4WNFXR4VxPDA
  3. Course you can always temper the ganache!
  4. Thanks - I’ve got my hubby building UV sterilizer boxes
  5. Had a call from a neighbor. Wondered if she could drop some PB cookies on my back steps. I did not say no!
  6. I’ll get right on it! A handtruck helps with stairs but only up to a point.
  7. How long would it take amazon to bring you a hand truck? or does someone in the building own one and would drop it outside your door?
  8. my cookie butter recipe - 100 grams cookies 23 grams rice bran oil 23 grams coconut oil pinch lecithin
  9. And the reason that we were both doing leprosy research online last night. We do amuse ourselves!
  10. Today it will have to be the Lady who Lunches! I had noticed that Hamilton has an Owl of Minerva that Anna and I have not yet made it to - I corrected that today - became a line of 1 and picked up Kimchi jigae. Next teleconference starts in 7 minutes!
  11. This loaf had been slowly rising in the garage for 36 hours when I got around to baking it in the CSO this morning. I might be a little more sour than hubby likes I suspect but it had a nice crunch crust when it came out of the oven.
  12. Nope / There’s lots of pictures online of the colored shells going back into the selmi. I’ve done it - no problem at all
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