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  1. Kerry Beal

    The Great Freezer Clean: 2019

    Here’s my other downstairs freezer Sort of like at the end of the movie where all the evil has been banished - and a bloody hand comes up through the ground!
  2. Kerry Beal

    The Great Freezer Clean: 2019

    Repacked - @Anna N had some lovely baskets for me There is an inventory on my phone of everything in there
  3. Kerry Beal

    Acorn liquors

    Translation sent in your general direction - translator willing to help with further questions.
  4. Kerry Beal

    First bonbon attempt(s)

    Look forward to watching your progress. Remember chocolate will always show you who's boss as soon as you get confident!
  5. Kerry Beal

    The Great Freezer Clean: 2019

    The ribs that’s package tore as I was extricating them from the ice - sous vide 48 hours at 63 C - then CSO Steam broil for about 20 minutes with some Blues Hog BBQ sauce.
  6. Kerry Beal

    First bonbon attempt(s)

    Pretty fine first attempt in my opinion. Welcome @beesknees - tell us a bit more about yourself.
  7. Kerry Beal

    bonbon filling

    I suspect a good wander through eG would lead to lots of suggestions - but longer life can be had with nut paste containing fillings (but then you may fall victim to fat migration and rancidity), adding alcohol as you noted, adding glucose, invert sugar, sorbitol, sugars. Making a caramel based filling also helps with shelf life. But like Tri2Cook - I will settle for a several week shelf life in the majority of cases.
  8. Kerry Beal

    Camping, Princess Style

    My father joined the navy and was on exchange with the Royal Navy during the war. He taught the local Sea Cadets and I recall a lovely little leather folio filled with knots that he had made. Of course the monkey's fist was my favourite. I never mastered it - try as I might.
  9. Kerry Beal

    The Great Freezer Clean: 2019

    Exactly - I love the calving process! It was aided by some water resistant rubberized on one side gloves that hubby had brought home recently.
  10. Kerry Beal

    The Great Freezer Clean: 2019

    My fridge freezers are frost free. I suspect my little upright in the chocolate room might be frost free as well - thought I don't open it as often so maybe it just doesn't get as frosty.
  11. If it’s for business testing cheaply before you send to lab for more expensive testing required by law might make sense though
  12. Indeed - if it were for business then lab testing would be required. For home use...
  13. We did. The basic water ganache that we made had no oil. There was a fair amount of sugar added.
  14. Kerry Beal

    The Great Freezer Clean: 2019

    I've got two of those - one day I'll clean those too.