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  1. Kerry Beal

    Old School Buttercream Candies

    Yes - I've made a number of the cream recipes from that book. What dissatisfies you about the chocolate cream recipe you are working on?
  2. Kerry Beal

    Old School Buttercream Candies

    Here’s the extruder they use to form the creams at a shop I was down consulting for in June.
  3. Kerry Beal

    Old School Buttercream Candies

    Indeed I have - way back when I made an imitation of one of the popular Sees recipes - lost it in the great hard drive crash of 2014!
  4. I'd say that's a very fair assessment of what she is dealing with and the two of you share many similar challenges.
  5. Kerry Beal

    Old School Buttercream Candies

    This picture shows old fashioned 'creams' - you'll get your best recipes for these from our own @Chocolot's book Candymaking. It's out of print - but you'll notice used copies for a very reasonable price.
  6. Mango Sticky Rice for Kira
  7. Bastardized version of a Bourbon Decay
  8. Went to visit with Lisabeth of Ultimately Chocolate - all the places under consideration for lunch were closed so we went to the Bistro in the new health food store Didn’t really think a Taco salad wouldn’t contain taco meat!
  9. Kerry Beal

    Old School Buttercream Candies

    You can forward
  10. Kerry Beal

    Old School Buttercream Candies

    Buttermints? Or are you meaning chocolate bonbons with a buttercream filling?
  11. I recall there was one boule in there where they proofed 'upside down' and didn't slash - but can't recall which one it was.
  12. Looks good - can't wait to see how it goes with the colours.
  13. Kerry Beal

    Melanger experimentation

    Never had any luck tasting warm chocolate and determining what it is going to taste like as a bar.
  14. Avocado with Hellman’s doctored to make it like Miracle Whip
  15. @paulraphael's Brown Butter Muscovado Chocolate Chip Cookies You would not believe how good they smell in the bowl!