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  1. This one stated 300º F on it - so I suspect it would cook.
  2. Heading to Dallas - what not to miss

    I'm seeing a lot of what looks like old school steak house places. Perhaps I should be thinking steak!
  3. I have a couple of those. But don't think they will go that hot.
  4. Nope - resisted the temptation - but did stop to get a picture!
  5. Heading to Dallas - what not to miss

    Good to know about the breakfast place - one of the things I always forget to ask about and always enjoy!
  6. Saw this Koolatron item in the Value Village today - about the size of a lunch box - it apparently heats around 300F. Made to heat a meal in the car I expect.
  7. Heading out in a few weeks for the Dallas Chocolate Festival. I suspect we will have a couple of nights to find dinners and wonder if there are some places I should consider and be looking to get reservations ahead of time? We will be staying downtown and likely won't bother with a car.
  8. The Fruitcake Topic

    It would apparently be 'unethical' to eat it!
  9. Plastic wrap

    It's not the big one for sure
  10. Plastic wrap

    Strikes me the box is blue and perhaps yellow
  11. Plastic wrap

    Costco in Canada doesn't call it stretch tite but it's the same stuff. But the dispenser is only available in the American Costco's
  12. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Back home with my full sized BGE
  13. I see that on .com but not on .ca