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  1. Just rice crackers. Addictive little bastards!
  2. Hold up the mold and see if they have completely separated - if not - back in the fridge for a few more minutes.
  3. The dreaded de-molding marks! Are you putting your chocolate in the fridge for a short while after molding to carry off the latent heat of crystallization? Are you checking to make sure they have totally separated before you knock them out?
  4. Cut my brownies today - into much smaller pieces than what we had there! I made a white miso ganache - put some bits of it in the brownie and the remainder spread on the top after cooling.
  5. Kerry Beal

    Melanger experimentation

    Sounds sensible to me.
  6. Kerry Beal

    Melanger experimentation

    Guess it depends if you are looking at a milk chocolate bar with PB or a darker chocolate bar with PB.
  7. Kerry Beal

    2018 Holiday Cooking and Baking

    I measured out the amounts - mom's recipe was a bit more rudimentary!
  8. Brownies - but might as well be fudge I'd say! He's going to take it back to the team - let them figure out what can be done with it. They melt chocolate in the oven and temper on a slab - can't see that she would fit in with that - but perhaps for ganaches, giandujas etc. Ruth was watching when I demo'd tempering white chocolate - she says his mouth dropped open.
  9. With a bit of a rush to the airport hotel for @Gwbyls and to the airport for me - we went out in search of a bite. Never having tried a Chipotle - it seemed time. Next time - think I'll hold out for the In and Out Burger or Five Guys.
  10. A few assorted pictures of yesterday's production and one of Paul with his bundled up EZtemper.
  11. Dinner after leaving Milla Chocolates at a place called Public School across from our hotel. Guavalajara for me. A manhattan variation I can't recall the name of. A Moscow Mule with another name. The calamari at the table next to us! Steak Tacos for me. Fish and chips for @Chocolot Thai shrimp salad for @Gwbyls Burger and parmesan fries for @TandemChocoPC
  12. Totally bagged last night - I didn't post all the pictures of our day. The Guittard studio has every ingredient known to man. These are a bunch of peppers from Akesson's. A water ganache with Myer's rum and salted caramel. Prep before we started. The making of the salted caramel.