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  1. Oh my god - there are two of you in the world?
  2. Neither of us carry a big enough purse!
  3. has some refurbished ones for a good price here. The CSO I have at work is a refurbished one - it was one of the newer models in one of the older boxes. Works beautifully.
  4. Thanks Stu - I shall await your video with bated breath!
  5. The Soup Topic (2013–)

    Baked potato soup.
  6. Portioning Parmesan

    Yup! Too cheesy.
  7. Portioning Parmesan

    Here is where the discussion starts on it. The version I made here at work - was a bastardized version of the two mentioned above - onion, garlic, chicken stock, italian sausage with no other meat, spinach, salt and pepper along with a chunk of rind and some pasta that looked like little tear drops as I couldn't find the round ones. So much more than the sum of it's parts.
  8. Portioning Parmesan

    I've used them in Italian Wedding Soup - great the first day - should have taken them out I felt for the second day.
  9. I tend to use boneless, no liquid, no salt. 72 hours at 55C. Then Big Green Egg at high temperature to brown (here I salt and pepper and perhaps a bit of oil). Slice. It's pretty rich.
  10. Portioning Parmesan

    I go one fineness - the texture I get with the larger blade on the Zyliss - other than that I might make shavings with a ceramic peeler.
  11. Portioning Parmesan

    My preference is a Zyliss Rotary Grater with the optional large blade. I usually break down the large piece with a chef's knife into vacuum sealable sizes. If I want chunks to nibble - something similar to this.
  12. But do you have 5 kg like I now do?
  13. Rob - Lookie here - just a bit back in this same topic I made a batch of this. Actually just made another batch today. And that stuff you linked to is likely not silicone - it can be remelted which silicone can't I believe.
  14. Dinner 2017 (Part 1)

    Butter and a bit of mint sauce.