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  1. Porridge would be oatmeal in my world.
  2. I believe this one that I got earlier this year has the GABA function and is small.
  3. Measuring cups in Canada are typically imperial. I have a set of rubbermaid cups that are metric and they just annoy me. All the cookbooks I grew up with are imperial. These days of course I usually weigh ingredients when I'm putting together a recipe - but not rice. Actually a lot of recipes - I weigh the flour, weigh the sugar - then I use a tsp or tbsp measure for other parts of the recipe - then some combination of weighing or measuring the liquid ingredients.
  4. I think glass does a nice job cleaning a disposal
  5. 3/4 cup measure works fine
  6. Seems to be going to every food website out there and joining to mention the contest.
  7. What I find interesting is there is no allergy statement at all on their label - Bechmel sauce, Parmesan cheese, pasta, tomato sauce and ground veal. I thought our labelling laws were a little stricter than that.
  8. So in somewhat the same vein - I got to thinking 'why shouldn't my pacojet make excellent mayo?' - like an immersion blender it goes up and down. And it makes fabulous whipped cream and amazing meringue with egg whites and sugar. But it doesn't make mayo! Probably because it doesn't start it's spin at the bottom and work it's way up.
  9. Was at Costco a couple of days ago and was surprised to see samples happening.
  10. Yup - my first microplane was from Lee Valley
  11. That's charging what the market will bear!
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