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  1. Uses for leftover cola?

    Depends on the carbonator - Sodastream is one that causes mopping incidents.
  2. Made 2 loaves of Modernist Lean Bread - one will be for the next shift Found some nice marrow bones at Sobey's this am. Perfect with the bread
  3. Modernist lean - crust is amazing!
  4. How kind! (she says in sarcastica font)
  5. I'm keeping an eye out for one required locally - but I suspect the trip back across the border might make it prohibitive for him.
  6. Chocolates with that backroom finish

    I also depend on an IR thermometer - actually a bunch of them! Where are you located? You are welcome to join our Chocolate Workshop in May. You'll learn a lot!
  7. Chocolates with that backroom finish

    And too cool - chocolate for backing off should be as warm as possible - quick scrape with the spatula at about 45 degrees - minimize the scraping.
  8. Camping, Princess Style

    Fellow I was talking to today showed me a bottle of vodka made from whey. Apparently you ferment the whey - then distill the beer it produces. It's called Black Cow Pure Milk Spirit. There's another Broken Shed from New Zealand.
  9. At his talk in Toronto he said you couldn't get suitable rye flour in the US without milling your own. So I think it applies to all.
  10. Nope - white sandwich wholewheat variation.
  11. Did the small Pullman this time - 800 grams of dough - it was bulging when I pulled off the lid! But the mixing in of the bran and germ went well this time so I'm prepared to take a crumb shot
  12. Glad it's working out for you. I usually melt chunks of chocolate in the microwave - rarely bother to bust it up anymore.
  13. The Bread Topic (2016-)

    Interesting - never would have thought of using it for pound cake. How much batter per round ? Shall have to dig mine out.