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  1. And I'm a genius, genius...
  2. How to get the supplies in the front door when they make you park a km away
  3. Strampalato was one of the places we were heading today on the pier - but that location is closed this time of year. Pasticceria Vecchi is where we had the hot chocolate. We have reservations for one of the other places - just can't remember which one now. Couple of them - she hadn't heard of before and was interested.
  4. They brought one English menu - a bit out of date. This is an entire community - restaurant, cured meat, cheese, animal husbandry, bakery - all in aid of rehab for individuals with drug addictions. They make leather goods and all sorts of fabulous products. Found this to take home to Kira.
  5. Out searching for gelato - all vendors on holiday But we found hot chocolate with a bit of cream
  6. Visit to seaside - piadini with Parma ham, fresh cheese and arugula.
  7. Good thing we have an Italian speaker with us - there are a lot of details need fixing!
  8. La Belle Époque for breakfast pastries
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