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  1. I think that's a great idea - both the Koda and Frya were not available when I purchased my Pro. Now that I've realized that gas is my preferred fuel and seeing the burner pattern on the Koda I'd get the 16 in a heart beat.
  2. I've told you before - resistance is futile! Of course you need boxes.
  3. Got one of those bait rollers sitting in the chocolate room - perhaps one day I'll get around to using it!
  4. This will be more like the tomric bar mold only a little more bendy. Do what you can to support them on a sheet pan, I'd probably pipe the tempered chocolate into them - then when they start to show signs of firming up on the edges - pop them in the fridge for 15 min or so until they have separated from the molds. You'll likely notice some de-molding marks because of the type of plastic.
  5. Most people have a separate machine for white because the changeover is a pain.
  6. They aren't heavy polycarbonate molds - but if all you need is to make some letters of a certain size - they should work just fine.
  7. Lemon Sorbet - a recipe from one of those California Culinary Academy cookbooks from the 80's - this is essentially an Italian Meringue with lemon juice added at the end, then spun in the machine. Only thing it needs is a raspberry coulis and to be shaped in quenelles!
  8. I use 140 grams for 1 cup of flour - and that’s what I’ve used for her recipes specifically
  9. Indeed - we will expect you at our next Chocolate Workshop!
  10. But I think it's just unroasted cashews ground then put in the melanger,
  11. You might have to make your own powder I suspect
  12. Not sure - you may have to experiment - I tend to use it to mark then still cut with a knife.
  13. @Stephen Beaumont welcome to eG. Sorry we didn't properly greet you back in March. When you say Lakeshore - which lake are we talking?
  14. Indeed - all wrapped up with sex and drugs and rock and roll!
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