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  1. According to my fat scientist it's not a linear relationship - so you will have to experiment
  2. That was rose - I didn't try what Anna made at the workshop. Mine was A bit old and dry so perfect for dipping,
  3. Dinner 2018 (Part 1)

    Last of the leftover standing rib roast from the Chocolate workshop - quick grind in the thermomix, added to the leftover gravy, some mashed spuds and cottage pie is dinner!
  4. I have had one absolutely fabulous cocoa butter sent to me by a bean to bar fellow who wanted me to figure out the best temperature to set the EZtemper - it smelled like the richest chocolate ever. Definitely not something you'd want to spread on your skin or you'd be hungry all day!
  5. Pimento Cheese

    Wouldn't that be more of a riff off fettuccini Alfredo?
  6. Cookbooks 2018

    Looking forward to the release of In the French Kitchen with Kids in July. Written by Mardi Michels - who is the teacher who invites me a couple of times a year to play with chocolate with her after school cooking club boys. Got mine preordered months ago.
  7. Went back down the the Royal St George's College boys school yesterday to play with chocolate with the young after school cooking club boys. They are such a delight. Mardi says they are usually not so attentive to the instructor - must be the magic of chocolate. Got all sorts of things done in an hour. Introduced them to Turkish Delight. Can you tell the ones the boys carried up the stairs to the fridge on this very, very hot day? The EZtemper in the trunk was alarming at about 36 degrees when I arrived.
  8. I was very happy that @chefmd decided to come along. I was sorry it was so crazy that I didn't have more time to visit with her and drag her over to the dark side though!
  9. yup - that's where I got the last two - think Rodney got the B2's elsewhere but I know CC carries them.
  10. They are all Cacao Barry molds - B2, MLD-090528-M00, MLD-090544-M00
  11. Homemade Creme Fraiche

    Mesophilic type B I believe. There is a guy leaving the country and looking to sell his centrifuge.
  12. Think that was @tikidoc - not sure of technique though.
  13. Homemade Creme Fraiche

    When I've made cultured butter - I've just added a pinch of the culture to some heavy cream and let it sit out on the counter until it's nice and tangy. I think this is creme fraiche if I'm not mistaken. This will then get chilled before either beating it into butter or running it through the centrifuge.