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  1. I'm hoping a sample will show up shortly that I can get to you. Spoke with them at the IBIE.
  2. Hot and a bit too brown nuts! Butter chicken
  3. In the lounge if you are willing to pay for just the Campari you can have a Negroni
  4. Cafe Breizh for breakfast parking for vegans - so weak from hunger they need to be close I guess followed by an uber ride with a driver who bathes in cologne / I looked like a dog with my head out the window - should have just jumped out - not worth the wheeze and headache
  5. Tonight's dinner was at Edo Wine and Tapa's. The waiter felt it necessary to explain everything to us ad nauseum. He seemed to feel I should be looking at girly drinks. I opted for the Bitter Andy. And @Alleguede was content with a coke. Amuse of gazpacho Patates Bravas - very interesting - they slice the potatoes on a mandoline - layer them 30 slices thick - then press between two sheet pans. They bake for 50 min at 350, then cut into these pieces and deep fry. They were quite wonderful! Pain con tomate - a pale imitation of the version we had at Jaleo. Meats. Carpaccio interpretation Bone marrow. Octopus And flan for dessert.
  6. It had a small hotel pan and a couple of jars in it
  7. So it’s around 32 lbs - I’m adding the spec sheet here. If you call Leo phone number 425-393-9397, or cell 425-941-4052 and order within the next 30 days they will honor the 30% off as a pre-order.
  8. Apparently you were going to need a compressor that blows at least 60 PSI in order to do the splatter with the .7 and color cocoa butter
  9. Went to Belgium with Rahier a few years back on the swan that Belcolade sponsored. He's an interesting fellow. Got that French haughtyness down pat!
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