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  1. After filling, they go into the vibrating surface and immediately into the fridge
  2. Update, things are going better but I'm still not at the right spot just yet. Got my fridge fixed and that helped a lot (thank Kelly), however today I got this result when tempering 1kg block of 70% dark chocolate. Got mixed results from the pure cocoa liquor I was tempering last time, some good ones, some not so good and a crack in the back. Currently working with my silk at 33,6C
  3. Kerry, what's the temp range where I should only have type V crystals for pure CB?
  4. Report: after 12+ hours at 33,2C it seemed too liquid 😭 Now I'm in the dark again!
  5. The cocoa butter doesn't seem lumpy, however I melted it to 60+, let it fully cristalize and then set the EZTEMPER to 33,2 put the cb back into the machine and let it go overnight. I know it's a bit lower than it should, but I'm hopping with your help we will be able to find the perfect temp tomorrow when I report back.
  6. Normally the lab room is at around 19-22C, I did some heavy roasting that day ending that hot! Yesterday I tried another batch double checking temps and stirring for each step, still a fail. Today I'm gonna try both melting my cocoa butter to 60C+ and letting cristalize normally before putting it back into the ez, and some fast cooling, my fridge is out of order at this time tho
  7. I do Always stir VERY thoroughly before measuring. Also did a lot of stirring after adding the silk.
  8. That's pretty much the way I did, except that the temperature of the chocolate (after stirring) was more around 32,5C. If it helps, it was pure cocoa mass, at around 100 microns (is meant for drinking chocolate so no need to refine further). I think It's somewhat possible I have some type VI on my seed, as the cocoa butter I used is an old one. Will check
  9. Like a madman! A lot of stirring, and some more stirring between every couple moulds filled
  10. Just checked my thermometer with the EZtemper silk, while the silk is at 33,7C my thermometer showed 33,3C Still not enough to justify the result I got yesterday.
  11. I have two thermometers, used the silk at around 32C, and got this results. If it helps I used pure cacao mass out of the melanger, let it cool at room temperature (25C aprox) moving from time to time. When at 32-33 range I used the silk, then molded and cooled in a fresher room (around 19C) overnight
  12. I'm super happy as i finally got my eztemper. The silk looks right at 33,7, however I'm having this problem when tempering. Hope you can enlighten me.
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