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  1. I like the idea of the silicone molds for caramels. My question is , what method do you use to deposit the hot caramel into the molds?
  2. New York is the only state to allow candy without allowing chocolate or chocolate dipped items. In the FAQ section, this is the reason given. What is different in a rented commercial kitchen that addresses the above issue. Thank you for any comments
  3. I have been using Chocosphere and am pleased with them.
  4. Choosing the best brushes and then keeping them in optimum condition is what my question is about. Any advice is welcomed
  5. I am in NYC. The vendor I used to use has moved. I am looking fo a new place to purchase my couverture. I buy from Chocosphere mostly but am looking for suggestions Thanks
  6. I just want to say that I enjoyed being along on your visit to the Island this year.
  7. I have worked from rented kitchens, made chocolates for wholesale and farmers's markets, thinking "someday" my own place. That isn't going to happen for me, so why not escort chocolate lovers to my favorite shops in New York City Twice I have led small groups of about 10 friends to visit some shops. I used email to reach out to 5 of my favorites telling them I was bringing a group and requesting samples. All 5 graciously responded and treated my guests to samples. My group was thrilled and excited by the attention and some made purchases. I enjoyed the activity as well. The walk, the talk and the chocolate made everyone happy. I did not charge anything for these 2 tours. I would like to now design a monthly tour of these chocolate shops and charge a fee. I am wondering on how to approach the chocolate shops to set up visits where they will provide samples for up to 15 people. If I am now charging a fee do I need to purchase samples ahead of time ? I am wondering how to set up a good relationship between myself and these chocolatiers. I am looking to the experience and ideas of those of you here who might be able to help me.
  8. Unfortunately the way my month of May is unfolding, I will not be able to make the trip to the workshop. I was so looking forward to it and hate that I will miss out on meeting everyone and learning new ideas. So therefore I am off all the lists. I do hope I will get to attend one in the future.
  9. Update: Max will not be able to attend , please remove her from all. I, Carol, will attend the Workshop, Afternoon Master Class Bars and the Saturday Night Dinner Payment coming. Thanks
  10. Please add Carol Nd Max to Master Class Bars
  11. Travel questions: Does anyone know which would be the best border crossing coming from the Buffalo airport to get to Niagara College? We will be traveling to Buffalo airport either Sunday night or Monday morning does any know approximate time it takes to get across the border. Trying to decide on flight times. Thanks for any help.
  12. update Carol and Max will not attend the morning master class Master's Class - Nut Pastes, Giandujas, Praline
  13. Carol and Max would like to be on the list for Saturday night Dinner
  14. Would like to sign up for both master classes Carol and Max
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