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  1. I might like to do that. I need to read up on the dates and place, but it sound great.
  2. I want to thank everyone for the valuable help. The generosity of the people on this forum is amazing. I gained confidence to keep trying and I am getting moderate success.
  3. Thank you so much for your replies Robert and Jim. The comments were helpful. I have to remember that the chocolate is always the boss and I have to just keep working at it. An EZtemper is on my wish list.
  4. I know this question has been asked before, hope it is okay to ask again. I have begun using my colored cocoa butters again after they have been stored for more than 6 months in possibly non optimum conditions. I don't know the condition of the temper. I assume that the cocoa butter is not in temper. Hopefully I can learn from the group here, how to prepare the cocoa butter for successful use. Also is there a way of being sure that when you paint a mold with cocoa butter the finished shells will come out with the cocoa butter on the chocolate and not some of it still in the mold. Although I love the challenge, sometimes I find decorating with colored cocoa butter so stressful that I plan to never do it again.
  5. Remelting a chocolate bar

    Today was to have been the day to re temper my friend's chocolate bars. It has been cancelled til Thursday. I asked what kind of bars she has , she told me they were Holy Cacao, a bean to bar place in Israel. I looked them up and they do 100% cacao. Does that change any of the instructions that Kerry gave me? I did a practice run with some 64% Guittard and it was great. Thanks in advance for any comments
  6. Remelting a chocolate bar

    Thanks Kerry, I will let you know how it turns out
  7. Remelting a chocolate bar

    I have had an unusual request. A friend has a few high quality chocolate bars which have bloomed. I don't know the brand. She has asked if I could remelt and mold them. First, can I do this and second should I do it. I am open to all suggestions. My concern is that in re tempering the chocolate, the bar of course will be different than the original. Another concern is what tempering method to use. Thanks for any help.
  8. Colored Cocoa Butter

    How long is colored cocoa butter good to use. Is there a way to know that the colored cocoa butter is no longer usable. I have some Chef Rubber bottles for more than 2 years (maybe 3) and I am wondering wether to chuck it all and start fresh. Is there a taste test? Any way to know? Even if it tempers properly, I wouldn't want to spoil my hard work with "off" tasting cocoa butter. The cocoa butter has not been stored under ideal conditions, My NYC apartment temperature fluctuates sometimes unfavorably. Any advice is welcome
  9. I emailed Notter when I tried the Key Lime recipe and received the following reply: "Thank you for question. Step 4 should tell you to add the soft butter. Sorry about this mistake, didn't catch it." It is most likely the same for the same for the Mint Praline.
  10. Confections! (2006-2012)

    Those a beautiful!
  11. Kerry, I am enjoying reading about your culinary experiments.
  12. Confections! (2006-2012)

    The caramel apple caramels are beautiful. What color green did you use, do you blend it yourself?
  13. Using Leftover Ganache

    I have some leftover ganache in a sealed pastry bag. Can it be left at room temperature or must it be refrigerated. I plan to use it the next day to fill shells.
  14. As Kerry said, NY Cake has ingredients and chocolate. 56 West 22nd St. http://www.nycake.com
  15. I like the changes. Love the colors of your banner. Your chocolates look great on the two levels.