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  1. I had not heard of this. Thank you!
  2. This looks great, Rob! Ian Boden is doing something very similar (less the in-car dining) at his restaurant, The Shack, near me. I have greatly enjoyed being able to get a taste of his cooking right now, as well as picking up Edwards bacon and Anson Mills rice grits. I hope it works well for you!
  3. I often see Ataulfo (sp?) Mangoes labelled as Honey Mangoes in Virginia.
  4. Whatever book you go with, I will pipe in to say that there are three things that made a huge difference for me in learning how to make simple, consistent, good bread (I make no-knead bread with water, flour, yeast, and salt). The first was learning to use baker's percentages. The second was moving to a slow rise (overnight, typically 10-12 hours). The third was using a meat thermometer to check the doneness of my loaf. I guarantee you that there are more accurate and scientific ways to approach bread making, and I am always learning new tricks and details, but these three will help you to develop a bread that you can repeat consistently and are happy with.
  5. I just had my memory jogged about this series of posts from Ellen. It is seriously too bad that the image links no longer work. However, I thought some of our newer members still might enjoy reading these, and some of the long time members might enjoy the nostalgia.
  6. donk79


    Based on the fact that my daughter is the one always wanting to get food from the food court... Sounds like a wise move to me!
  7. Bob Evans was my go to sausage 20 years ago, when I first started cooking for myself. Then I discovered that I preferred Jimmy Dean. Since then, I have concluded that when I am buying supermarket sausage, a lower fat content is a positive signifier. Tennessee Pride is one go-to. All that said, I have a friend selling sausage from their own pigs, and that is definitely our household favorite.
  8. I was thinking the same... But the picture looks rather syrupy. I am afraid the actual dish might be intolerably sweet. We will never know, until @liuzhou goes to taste it for us!
  9. My wife is from Pennsylvania and does the Bisquick thing. I will be quick to tell you that the sponge cake I grew up with is far better. But seeing as she is more likely to make the dish than me... I shut up and enjoy what I get! (Pound cake sounds like an awesome base!)
  10. LIFO is the essential tool to make your last bag of RG beans be a little more like those you are used to getting from the grocery store. That last extended aging step makes all the difference!
  11. That's true, @gfron1. I was thinking less on the idenfication end, and more about what to do with them once I have them. I grew up working outside, so ID is something I can take for granted. If you have not grown up with foraging and harvesting, you should not be so casual. And always double check your gathering regardless!
  12. Acorns and Cattails by our own Rob Connoley is worth checking out.
  13. donk79

    Chipped Venison

    Interesting. I'm born, bred, and living in Virginia. I may have heard the term dried beef, but chipped is definitely what it is called in my community.
  14. donk79

    Chipped Venison

    Thank you kayb! That reminds me of a biscuit recipe that I have which uses country ham and scallions. I think the venison might work well in as a sub for the ham.
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