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  1. It's been a good ten years since I had chickens, so the word of someone who has them now is good enough for me.
  2. Reunion Baguette with country pate from The Staunton Grocery.
  3. Your mention of double yolks makes me curious. In my chicken experience, double yolks are more likely to come from older hens (larger eggs too). I wonder if an older hen, who may be past her prime in number of eggs laid per day, may produce richer eggs. Pure speculation here, but I am curious.
  4. The first time I walked into Reunion, I think the prices made me walk back out again. I think I was looking for an alternative to a McDonald's egg sandwich. I was not expecting a place like Reunion in Staunton (Now I know better!). But I think the two perspectives that each of you gives probably answer how they make it work. The steeply priced croissants probably fund the underpriced fancier pastries. On another note, The Shack has opened a shack sized gourmet grocery in the building next door. The are using Reunion bread for sandwiches and selling loaves as well.
  5. Anna, that thread contains some serious gold. Excellent digging!
  6. Until reading this thread, I used to think of myself as a fairly nonjudgmental person. Is that wrong? 😉
  7. From the same thread that @Kerry Beal linked. Since then, I have reflected more, and suspect that Tom Sietsema at the Washington Post may be to blame for my connection to Egullet. I used to follow his articles and chats regularly, and I know that he mentioned Egullet a few times in the early days.
  8. Liuzhou, I have been exploring eastern ingredients and techniques for the past few years, and even at a quick glace have picked up a few helpful tips from what you have posted here. I think that this will be a good tool to hone people's interest, and perhaps persuade them to explore further. Thank you for sharing it!
  9. That may be the best thing that I have seen this year. Redemption for 2020!
  10. Shenandoah Valley. There is no excuse for the unavailability. But there it is. I grew up in Nova. It really is world's different than the rest of the state.
  11. To elaborate on protein beyond chicken, pork, and beef, I do enjoy roasting a duck every once in a while. However, to find duck within a 30 minute drive, I would probably need to go to a particular international (Hispanic) foods market. I now live outside of a city that brags of being the most diverse in the state (Virginia), with natives of more than 40 countries in the city schools.
  12. Welcome to southern Ohio. (A lot of the US, truth be told.)
  13. Jungle Jim's has a decent selection of live fish. One of their many items of interest in their current sale flier includes cherrystone clams. They carry a pretty good variety of frozen "exotic" meats which I am confident would include duck. Squid might not be fresh either, but you will have to wait on the local report for that. All of that said, even thought Jungle Jim's has a massive collection of hot sauces, this really is very foreign territory for this area. Jungle Jim's is the extraordinary exception, not the rule. Unless Southern Ohio has undergone a massive change, this
  14. @Chileheadmike seems to know his ground well. 😜. Jungle Jim's is an icon of the area, and I was pleased to discover last summer that it has expanded to a couple of locations. That makes ingredients much more available in the region. They are pretty savvy marketers too. If you contact them, you may find a fair bit of helpfulness.
  15. Not a serious suggestion. Just a commentary on the reliability of descriptions and pictures on Amazon.
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