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  1. donk79


    If we are including shrimp in the definition, then I would refer you to crawfish. And they do not need to be highly seasoned, though they often are.
  2. donk79

    Lasagna baked in bainmarie style ?

    Teo, I find the above to be one of the best reflections on how tradition could be considered that I have ever read. Thank you!
  3. Thank you to both of you. That it was not being called chocolate in the US was what felt out of step with the marketing I had read from Callebaut. And now it makes sense to me. And I am afraid that I will have to say that the marketing is out of step with the product. Of course, I guess that is what marketing is often all about...
  4. This is what I have been wondering about all along. The packaging on the Trader Joe's product stops short of calling it's contents chocolate. I believe (I do not have a package handy) I says it is made with Ruby cocoa. The package says it contains a confectionery. Is this really Ruby chocolate? Or is it really a product maid with Ruby chocolate? I am waiting for an authoritative answer.
  5. donk79

    creaming butter with honey

    Cheap is always relative. Around the Mid-Atlantic, $10 seems to be the going rate for small scale local honey. (This is what members of the local beekeeping clubs will charge). There are always much more expensive varietal honeys available, and I can usually find a beekeeper I trust who will part with a quart for as low as $5/lb. Any cheaper than that, and I would absolutely be suspicious, at least where I live.
  6. donk79

    creaming butter with honey

    Honey is also hygroscopic. Keep it sealed, it will last forever. Leave it open, it will slowly absorb more moisture until it ferments.
  7. donk79


    FlL is pretty dominant around me. They definitely aim for the lower end market, though some renovations I have seen recently suggest they are starting to aim higher. And they are not entirely bottom of the market. I have a local grocery near me that has a few good highlights, and local character going for it. When I want more, like a chance at decently fresh fruit, I spend 20 more minutes on the road to go to Food Lion. When I want good fruit, I spend 40 more minutes on the road to go to Martin's (Giant). I am eagerly waiting for for the day that Wegmans or Trader Joe's is less than an hour away.
  8. I found the "confectionery" label on the package suspicious as well. I would love to hear the tasting opinion of someone who has sample Callebaut's Ruby elsewhere.
  9. donk79

    Cooking with light

    My first thought was that the Easy bake patent must have expired... Now, someone, please put me in my place and explain why I should take this seriously!
  10. donk79

    The AeroPress Coffee Machine

    I would say that experimentation and record keeping is the way to go. I have been trying to "decode" coffee brewing for a while. I had a friend train with as a roaster for a very accomplished local roaster (Lexingtoncoffee.com) and experimentation was his encouragement. With lighter roasts, I often use a coarser grind, but that is only my personal call. I think it highlights the more citrusy flavors better. My standard grind is pretty fine, though. I use the inverted method, and one other thing that has improved my cup is letting it steep longer than I used to. I now use 2 minutes as my standard.
  11. donk79

    The Final Table on Netflix

    In my opinion, more worth watching than any other show of the genre recently. Is it stretching to say that a Victor in this competition is as qualified as those at the judges table. I would say certainly, if the competitors were not already so qualified. I will likely not sit at any of their tables, so I will have to let others judge. Not a bad show for a casual watch, though, and I found myself rewinding to try to catch a description I missed many times.
  12. Not sure how to post the link from my Amazon app, but I just bought Momofuku (Kindle, with Prime) for 3.99.
  13. Diagnosis is probably on point, but I wonder about her acumen when it comes to treatment...😁
  14. Golden Corral.... My father used to take us there when I was a kid. I cannot help but slip in there every once in a while still. I always leave feeling worse for the experience. And that pretty well sums up my relationship to Ranch, too.