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  1. My favorite coffee recently was from Blanchard's, Ethiopian Gedeb Worka. Lots of strawberry. Fairly aggressive in a pour-over (Kalita) but it balances very nicely in the Bunn 12-cup coffeemaker we use in the office.
  2. I prefer light roasts and my favorites are varietal roasts from Red Rooster, Blanchard's and Lexington. All three are located in Virginia, so are local enough for me to pick up without using the mail. I have a local coffee shop which sells beans by the pound, and carries selections from each of these roasters, as well as others. They curate very well, so that helps my selection process.
  3. Cream of coconut is definitely what I had. And it would have been in the baking aisle. Probably where it prompted decent ideas and I'll results! It took me a while to get passed that one and figure out that what I was looking for was available after all!
  4. A quick bit of Google suggests that this was a very particular poor experience and not representative at all.
  5. My recollection is that coconut cream is typically sugar-laden confectionary type stuff. It was (unfortunately) not a suitable substitute for coconut milk at all.
  6. I guess you are saying that wasn't blue corn then?
  7. I am very curious about the technique for trimming the okra too. I would love to hear the justification for it. I confess to wondering if it's simply from inexperience with the ingredient, but I don't want to assume.
  8. I was imagining something encased in a candy shell. Almost texture wise like a soft caramel in a bonbon. I suspect straight sugar would not work, but I suspect the molecular wizards out there have some sort of answer. Editing to say that I missed the workshop side of your original question. Molecular is probably not the direction you want to go!
  9. Not only cites, but if you click "Continue Reading," it actually sends you to the thread on eGullet. Sketchy, yeah, but not sure it's actually negative.
  10. Given that one of the glories of chocolate is it's melting temperature, I think you may want to adapt to the idea of molten chocolate. Maybe think about how it can be enclosed. I have no expertise here, but this is how my mind responds to the problem.
  11. All I know is that between opening this thread and finishing reading it, I suddenly had to wrap up my improvised dinner with PB&J!
  12. Taylors are great for soft-serve, but I have never seen a countertop one that seemed to be in good working order. Also, I doubt they (the counter models) could keep up with the volume you would need for a successful ice cream shop. I would say instead that you would want a full size unit. Used could be a good option, but you would still need to be prepared to lay out tens of thousands of dollars (I have been away from ice cream for two decades, so am far from current.) I have a cousin who has started his own part-time ice cream business. We both grew up with soft-serve, and kno
  13. donk79


    And apparently you pick it up frozen and have to thaw and reheat.
  14. donk79


    A few minutes Googling says "slow roasted then flash fried" And yes, whole.
  15. donk79


    Popeyes came up in conversation with a friend yesterday. We were catching up on family happenings and I learned his brother-in-law is now a regional manager for the chain. Item of greatest interest there was the Thanksgiving Turkey. Apparently Thanksgiving Turkey sales are a huge thing for Popeyes. One store in Maryland sold over 9,000 this year. People drove hours to pick them up. All the managers received one as well. My friend reported that he would not spend $50 on one himself, but would be happy to join in consuming a free one! So take that for what it's worth. Anyone
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