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  1. Could it be that after years of the above, @liuzhouhas simply what good corn tastes like?
  2. I was wondering if there were any brands produced locally that you would recommend. If this is trending, I fully expect the market to fill with bad knock-offs.
  3. For great cherries, you need a tree. We had a terrific one years ago, but unfortunately it died and became firewood. Even a few hours after picking, the cherries were nowhere near as good as fresh off the tree.
  4. About a month ago I purchased some Lundberg brown Jasmine rice. I have been eating this for lunch a few times a week, enjoying the chew of it's grain, a few times a week. Then I stumbled across this thread and found the Rice Factory to be of great interest. So when I saw this video it seemed injust to not share it.
  5. donk79

    Grilled cod fillet?

    On a grill pan I think you may be okay. Many years ago, I did such a thing on a charcoal grill with a trout that I caught. I will never do THAT again.
  6. Amazing thread and photos, Shain. Thank you so much for sharing!
  7. @liuzhou I have very good friends, but I still envy you for your friends!😉
  8. If it's not the cheese, it could have been the cream you used. I have found some brands of cream to be more liable to separate than others. I suspect that the more industrially produced, UHT and gellan or carateenan type versions have produced poorer results for me in the past, but that is probably just prejudice!
  9. Also, if you can find a good tea shop, they will be happy to guide you.
  10. I'm hoping you have used those Lion's Mane by now. They are very delicate, both in terms of flavor, and shelf life. I think they are good, and my wife loves them!
  11. I tried one about a year ago, after they opened up near my mom's. It wasn't bad at all, but it was quite greasy and expensive. I'm not saying that I will never go back, but I am not in a hurry either.
  12. donk79

    Buying a half cow

    Yes, some big coolers would be good, but whatever you can improvise should do you fine. Think of it as over a hundred pounds of ice. Lots of thermal mass there!
  13. donk79

    Buying a half cow

    I just saw the steak thickness option listed toward the top of the sheet. I'd go for the full 2" there! Yes, it means that you are cooking a lot of meat at once, but it is so much easier to cook well!
  14. donk79

    Buying a half cow

    Okay, now we are talking! I am also wondering if the absurd amount of ground that I saw when we took steers to butcher was my parent's preference, instead of just what was available. We have used Fauquier's Finest for years. In fact, I really am not certain if there are other options in the area. So, once again, I would say avoid ground. You will want some, but it piles up quickly, and I have never been impressed by the ground we got from FF. I have a few pounds in the freezer, but I have never been excited by anything I made from it other than chili. Front Quarter I personally would get the brisket cut in half. You could save a few pennies by cutting it in half yourself, but you will be receiving it frozen, so… Rib plate- once again, I would leave the cuts as intact as possible, unless you know that you will want them cut shorter- For me, whole plate. Shank- I am torn here. I have cooked up the "soup bones" as a braise numerous times with wonderful results. But i still would probably go with the thicker "osso bucco" cut. Rib- Bone in steaks for me. A whole rib roast is more than I ever have occasion to prepare. If I want an eye for some reason, then I can cut that out and save or cook the rest separately. In fact, that is exactly what I did the last time I fixed these, a few months ago. I had a package of two that was too big to fit in my pan. So I removed the eyes and fixed them for my wife and daughter. Then I cooked the (chewier, tastier) rest for myself. Bones were cut off and refrozen for making stock later. (NB. From our animals, these have been cut thinner than I would prefer. Specify thicker cuts, if you can.) Steak/Roast – Bone in Chuck Roast for me B/L Chuck Steak – Check 4 of 4 options seems to be what the sheet says… Follow the instructions I guess. I am less certain in this section. Hind Quarter Flank – leave whole Short loin – this is one area where the Bone in does not do it for me. Maybe if ( once again) you can get the steaks cut thicker than my parents have. My experience is that on 1” or under cuts, it is difficult to get an even cook on these steaks with the bone in. So, for me, Filet and NY Strip The rest of the hind quarter I do not have strong opinions on. Others can probably say more than me. Organs- As you like. I would not pass up the tongue, myself. Give it the corned beef treatment and it is amazing!
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