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  1. donk79

    Cooking with light

    My first thought was that the Easy bake patent must have expired... Now, someone, please put me in my place and explain why I should take this seriously!
  2. donk79

    The AeroPress Coffee Machine

    I would say that experimentation and record keeping is the way to go. I have been trying to "decode" coffee brewing for a while. I had a friend train with as a roaster for a very accomplished local roaster (Lexingtoncoffee.com) and experimentation was his encouragement. With lighter roasts, I often use a coarser grind, but that is only my personal call. I think it highlights the more citrusy flavors better. My standard grind is pretty fine, though. I use the inverted method, and one other thing that has improved my cup is letting it steep longer than I used to. I now use 2 minutes as my standard.
  3. donk79

    The Final Table on Netflix

    In my opinion, more worth watching than any other show of the genre recently. Is it stretching to say that a Victor in this competition is as qualified as those at the judges table. I would say certainly, if the competitors were not already so qualified. I will likely not sit at any of their tables, so I will have to let others judge. Not a bad show for a casual watch, though, and I found myself rewinding to try to catch a description I missed many times.
  4. Not sure how to post the link from my Amazon app, but I just bought Momofuku (Kindle, with Prime) for 3.99.
  5. Diagnosis is probably on point, but I wonder about her acumen when it comes to treatment...😁
  6. Golden Corral.... My father used to take us there when I was a kid. I cannot help but slip in there every once in a while still. I always leave feeling worse for the experience. And that pretty well sums up my relationship to Ranch, too.
  7. I could definitely see my mother buying it.
  8. I will not dispute you on theory. All I know is the results! Editing to say that I know the results of the 28 day brine. I cannot testify that a briefer brine would not be just as good.
  9. The other evening I borrowed an Anova from a friend and cooked up a beef tongue prepared according to Thomas Kellers Corned Beef Tongue Pain Perdu from Under Pressure. I skipped the whole pain perdu part, sliced it chilled, and warmed it in a non-stick skillet before placing on a baguette with some mayo and mustard. Amazing! The recipe called for 28 days of brining, so don't delay too long!
  10. donk79

    Great hard-to-find condiments

    A quick google of "hot sauce online" shows quite a few established competitors in that niche. How would you be able to differentiate yourself? I think a broader array of offerings would be a good idea. I cannot think of any other retailer with the focus that you have named in this thread, and I would look forward to browsing such a site, just to see what has been curated.
  11. donk79

    One Click Butter Cutter

    Have to share! A few days ago a friend posted on facebook that she was getting supplies together for a craft with her kids. Only the gluesticks were nowhere to be found. After a few minutes of searching she questioned her daughter. "In the freezer." she admitted. "Why are they in the freezer?" "To harden the butter." She had emptied all the gluesticks, melted butter, then poured the melted butter into the gluestick containers with plans to use them for applying to her toast in the morning. May be another option to the butter cutter!
  12. donk79


    Thank you, Kerry. That looks like a great site! You would not happen to know if they ship to the US, do you? I could not find an indication on the site. Everything there seems to assume you live in Canada.
  13. donk79


    Recently I have been looking for a new evening beverage. I have tried several herbal teas but would really like something that I did not feel a need to add sugar to. I can find this in coffee and tea easily enough, but then there is the caffeine I have to avoid in the evening (please don't mention decaf!). I n pondering the topic, it occurred to me that one thing that tea and coffee have in common is a fermentation process that contributes to their complexity. Google tells me that rooibos is processed similarly, and that it potentially may be much better than the spiced blends I have already sampled. So I would love some recommendations. If you drink rooibos, what is your favorite and why? And if you can tell me where to get it, so much the better! Thank you!
  14. The Costcos I have been to in the past couple of years, in Virginia and Maryland, do have exactly that. They do not, and have never had (to my knowledge) any sort of polish sausage or kielbasa.