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  1. Virginia also has a state ABC monopoly, but our stores seem fine.
  2. I'm late to the party, but something associate with the manufacture of the pans would make sense to me. What material are we talking? Steel? Enamel? Copper?
  3. Truthfully, I love having it spread out. There's so much to take in! Thank you for sharing!
  4. My experience with cream cheese is that it helps with emulsification. I made pimentoish cheese recipe recently (no emulsification) and had a similar issue. I think you are on the right track regarding the peppers.
  5. I lied. Not going to used that much, but I have found that simmering a bulb's worth of garlic in butter before adding it to a batch of mashed potatoes is never a bad idea.
  6. I don't have any ideas, but I suspect this thread is going to result in me making some serious garlic investment!
  7. donk79

    Frying frozen crabs

    At first I thought that this was a recipe for disaster. Like you said, contained pocket of moisture being fried. The I realized I recently saw a video of someone doing it. BE WARNED. This video shows a chef battering and frying live crabs. I am a regular hunter and fisher, and it still made me cringe. But you may find some good tips in it.
  8. Makes enough for one to eat for a fortnight, but the last memorable thing I made with ground beef was timpano. It's been a while...
  9. Cabbage Rolls Stuffed Peppers Can't say I use much ground beef.
  10. donk79

    An Excess of Parsley

    Little Green Dress from Vivian Howard's "This will Make it Taste Good" is well worth trying out. https://gardenandgun.com/recipe/the-condiment-that-vivian-howard-would-save-in-a-fire/
  11. Bon Appetit has what appears to be the recipe. https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/momofuku-milk-bars-birthday-layer-cake I have the book on Kindle, which is not cut and paste friendly, but the only difference I see between the above link and the book itself is that the book provides all the measurements in grams as well as the measurements listed on BA. The BA link also seems to have everything in one place instead of all the separate individual recipes.
  12. My favorite coffee recently was from Blanchard's, Ethiopian Gedeb Worka. Lots of strawberry. Fairly aggressive in a pour-over (Kalita) but it balances very nicely in the Bunn 12-cup coffeemaker we use in the office.
  13. I prefer light roasts and my favorites are varietal roasts from Red Rooster, Blanchard's and Lexington. All three are located in Virginia, so are local enough for me to pick up without using the mail. I have a local coffee shop which sells beans by the pound, and carries selections from each of these roasters, as well as others. They curate very well, so that helps my selection process.
  14. Cream of coconut is definitely what I had. And it would have been in the baking aisle. Probably where it prompted decent ideas and I'll results! It took me a while to get passed that one and figure out that what I was looking for was available after all!
  15. A quick bit of Google suggests that this was a very particular poor experience and not representative at all.
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