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  1. WANTED: Chocovision tempering machine. Looking for a gently used tempering machine. Anyone have one they like to sell? thanks!
  2. Thanks! I’m gonna try it the meltaway layer was a easy: 560g milk chocolate 95g coconut oil 95g peanut butter 1.5 teaspoons chipotle powder i melted and tempered it all together (I use slab method), then poured it onto my peanut nougat layer. It took a long time to set (almost 24 hours). You can find the whole recipe in this article about David Chow: https://www.thestar.com/life/food_wine/2015/12/24/how-david-chow-makes-his-delicate-sweets-and-chocolates.html
  3. Made some bars this weekend. These are a peanut nougat layer with a chipotle and peanut butter milk chocolate meltaway layer on top (dipped in dark and splattered with cocoa butter). Inspired by a David Chow recipe. There came out pretty yummy!
  4. Those look lovely. Can you share more about your delicious praline filling? I’ve never attempted it. Love to get your recipe
  5. Wow! what a great collection of confections. In particular, I am intrigued by your prickly pear pate de fruit. I've never made pate de fruit and would like to try it. and assuming that's what you incorporated into your lemon ganache bon bons? how's they come out? Nice work!
  6. Thanks. That recipe is a favorite of mine too, but it definitely needs more lemon and mint, especially when using only a small quantity as I did (maybe in a big truffle its fine?). The mold I used was a Martellato 30mmx30mm (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06Y59SY1M/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1) everyone loves it (I should probably buy a few more). And glad you like my colors. I don't own a airbrush, so splattering with a toothbrush is my preferred/only technique at this point Thanks again for the encouragement!
  7. Loving my new small square molds. Nice and thin so only a small layer of filling, so I went with something strong: a meyer lemon and fresh mint in a white chocolate ganache (from Greweling, but I pumped up the flavors a bit).
  8. I love the green swirly one (Venus?). Nice technique!
  9. Nice wrapping! Any inclusions or flavors in your bars? I am thinking about doing some bars for the first time and looking for ideas.
  10. Sounds delicious. What’s in a “chocolate malted”?
  11. Late to the party on the dendrite technique, but I followed y’all’s advice and got some of that putty and tried my first batch. I’m practicing for my first time trying to sell (at a local holiday craft fair). These are filled with a dark chocolate peppermint ganache. I think I like the blue ones better (looks more like frost). Half of them looked terrible but these are my four best
  12. When you say "spatula" I am assuming you aren't using a regular 'ol spatula (offset or otherwise). I don't think that will give you good results. get yourself one of these scrapers (or something like it) that can do the whole mold in one go. And If my scraper gets dirty I simply wash it (hot water, then completely dry) before scraping. It's got to be clean if you want a smooth surface. And I second what others have said: press down firmly and evenly and try to do it one smooth, fast, hard swipe. going back and fussing over each one will lead to problems... Good luck!
  13. Those are fantastic! Nicely done. I love Great Red Spot
  14. Hello Chocolate Geniuses. I have been experimenting with adding toasted nuts to my molded bon bons. I’m filling with a cream ganache, and sprinkling chopped nuts in to try to get some “crunch” but instead everything is pretty soggy Thinking about adding a whole hazelnut instead of chopped bits but worried about it getting soggy too. Any advice? Do I have to pre-coat the nut? Or just drop it in? Help!
  15. Ah! What a clever idea to mould the two demis into a full sphere. I've got to try that. And of course feel free to "adopt" my coloring I tried several techniques and had the best luck with using a bit of sea sponge to dab in the colors (first gentle swooshes of white clouds, then a few dabs of light green, then slightly larger/harder darker green right on top of the first dab) then filled it all in with finger swipe of blue. Let me know how they turn out!