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  1. I love the green swirly one (Venus?). Nice technique!
  2. Nice wrapping! Any inclusions or flavors in your bars? I am thinking about doing some bars for the first time and looking for ideas.
  3. Sounds delicious. What’s in a “chocolate malted”?
  4. Late to the party on the dendrite technique, but I followed y’all’s advice and got some of that putty and tried my first batch. I’m practicing for my first time trying to sell (at a local holiday craft fair). These are filled with a dark chocolate peppermint ganache. I think I like the blue ones better (looks more like frost). Half of them looked terrible but these are my four best
  5. When you say "spatula" I am assuming you aren't using a regular 'ol spatula (offset or otherwise). I don't think that will give you good results. get yourself one of these scrapers (or something like it) that can do the whole mold in one go. And If my scraper gets dirty I simply wash it (hot water, then completely dry) before scraping. It's got to be clean if you want a smooth surface. And I second what others have said: press down firmly and evenly and try to do it one smooth, fast, hard swipe. going back and fussing over each one will lead to problems... Good luck!
  6. Those are fantastic! Nicely done. I love Great Red Spot
  7. Hello Chocolate Geniuses. I have been experimenting with adding toasted nuts to my molded bon bons. I’m filling with a cream ganache, and sprinkling chopped nuts in to try to get some “crunch” but instead everything is pretty soggy Thinking about adding a whole hazelnut instead of chopped bits but worried about it getting soggy too. Any advice? Do I have to pre-coat the nut? Or just drop it in? Help!
  8. Ah! What a clever idea to mould the two demis into a full sphere. I've got to try that. And of course feel free to "adopt" my coloring I tried several techniques and had the best luck with using a bit of sea sponge to dab in the colors (first gentle swooshes of white clouds, then a few dabs of light green, then slightly larger/harder darker green right on top of the first dab) then filled it all in with finger swipe of blue. Let me know how they turn out!
  9. are your earths spheres or demi-spheres (like mine)? they look completely round in your photo...
  10. Love it! Have you ever tried other planets? I am dreaming about a box of 9. Jupiter and Mars would be fun:)
  11. Hello new friends. Spent the weekend working on a batch of bon bons and I wanted to share my latest creations ("Earth-like Objects"). I am probably not the first person to think of this design, but I am super happy with how it came out.
  12. Hello beautiful people. Love this forum and finally decided to join. I am an amateur, home-cook. I started making chocolates earlier this year, and after a few frustrating, exciting and sometimes disastrous runs trying to hand-dip slabbed ganache, I recently switched over to molded bon bons (yay!). I am loving playing around with cocoa butter decoration. I have some decent and a few not-so-good fillings. Currently searching for some great “go-to” filling recipes for piping into my demispheres. And excited about stepping up and trying some “intermediate” ideas (ie: layering ingredients, adding a biscuit?!? Etc). These forums are inspiring and I’ve only scratched the surface. Looking forward to learning from and sharing with you all. seth