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  1. Thanks for the offer but I've got plenty in inventory.
  2. It's a shame that we lost Andres but I'm sure Lisabeth's talk will also be very good. Kerry, thank you for the update. I'm counting down the days till the workshop; looking forward to it!!! :-)
  3. They also might be marbling a bunch of colors together in white chocolate (or extra whitened white chocolate) and then shelling with the marbled chocolate.
  4. If your freeze dryer is accessible, some freeze dried ice cream and fruits would be nice additions to the workshop pantry.
  5. Was hoping for a bar with tahini (or halavah) and one with asian flavors (ginger or green tea or who knows...). Guess that might be something I experiment with during kitchen time. :-)
  6. Cooking on a Big Green Egg

    Is it ok to include Kamado Joe items in this topic or should I create a Kamado cooking topic? Moderators, please feel free to move this post to a better location if you like. So, went ahead and purchased a Kamado Joe at the Costco Kamado Joe event! Thanks to everyone for your advice and comments. I've cooked a few steaks, chicken thighs, and chicken kabobs and they have all turned out great. :-) Cooked some steaks for dinner tonight and decided to make use of the additional cooking time available to make a batch of skillet cornbread. So, my first bake in the Kamado! Have only used one half of the diffuser plate for cooks (until the cornbread) thus the odd used/unused look of the thing.
  7. Beautiful chocolates, what have you filled them with? Good luck at the show!
  8. Looking forward to your texture reports but this sounds very promising! Would be nice to be able to make this without needing the elusive thin boiling starch.
  9. How do the two compare? Can you make good Turkish delight with regular corn starch?
  10. Since they are having a wine & cheese, I would bring flowers. I know you mentioned that you don't care to deal with cut flowers but perhaps this couple does. It also gets them out of any obligation to serve what your hostess gift. Good luck, hope you have a nice time!
  11. Ok, will stay tuned! Looking forward to it. Think he might bring some bread and pastries with him? Loved the meals he made for us when the workshop was in Toronto.
  12. So @Alleguede what are you planning for the second master class...?
  13. Guitar base size?

    I guess it is all a matter of what you are used to. I am much quicker at dealing out paper cups for chocolates than separating a stack of plastic trays. Also, find it super easy to drop chocolates of many different shapes and sizes into those paper cups. I love being able to select from so many moulds — rounds, squares, flowers, windmills, hedgehogs, bunnies, hearts, etc.. Since I don’t airbrush or use a lot of colored cocoa butter, the mould shape is important for determining the chocolate flavor.
  14. Guitar base size?

    Another thought on the packaging front -- it is also an option to not use the plastic trays and to put your chocolates in paper cups. This gives you more options when picking molds and can allow you to make pleasant chocolate arrangements in your boxes based on the customer's selection of chocolates. Have a look at Chocolat's website to see some gorgeous tray-free chocolates in boxes https://chocolot.com/. Disclosure note: I do not use trays in my chocolate boxes and prefer the candy cup route.
  15. St.Patrick , AKA CornedBeef 2018

    I took the corned beef out of the packaging, rinsed it, dried it, cut it into ~1 pound pieces, sprinkled it with the included picking spice (because it was there — not sure it had any impact on the final product), bagged each piece, sealed, and sous vide’d Was worried it might be too salty and wondered if I should have given it an over night soak in water but it was delicious when done. I think the manufacturers are salting the pre-prepared corned beefs less than they used to. If you’re sensitive to salt, I would recommend an overnight pre soaking in water.