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  1. Just in case someone else needs this or I need to view it again, I found a video of Luis Amado capping chocolates using an acetate sheet covered with chocolate. I tried this out and it worked quite well. I even made less of a mess than I thought I would! https://youtube.com/shorts/WdfBJ69kPk8?si=aHH_6LMOUhUV8fHY
  2. Does anyone have a video link of using an acetate sheet to cap a liquid filling? The links listed above are no longer available. I would like to try this technique soon to cap some brandied cherry cordials. The last few times that I made the cherry cordials I lost too much of my batch to leaks. Hoping this technique solves the issue.
  3. It is doable. It will be much more pleasant if you can live somewhere else while your kitchen is being remodeled.
  4. FYI there is a stainless steel version of the micro batch bowl & stones even though I don't currently see it on their website. There are a few pictures of it in the 2023 eGullet Chocolate Workshop report. https://forums.egullet.org/topic/165289-report-egullet-chocolate-and-confectionary-workshop-2023/?do=findComment&comment=2388574
  5. That shouldn't be happening. How much product are you grinding? I'm guessing you are running it with too little product. Try running a larger batch and see if that resolves your issue. We have tried many of those melangers at the eGullet workshop and they do a great job. Also, I think that the micro batch kit bowl and stones would work on your grinder model. If they do, you could work with small amounts and not have splattering issues.
  6. November chocolate selection. Dark chocolate with the following fillings: coffee ganache, caramel, fig preserves & port ganache.
  7. Baked some brownies today. Had some leftover raspberry ganache that I added to the base recipe, very happy with how they turned out. Nice fudgy brownie with a hint of raspberry.
  8. curls

    Remembering Anna N

    As Kerry has said, "none of us get out of this alive" but I was hoping to see Anna back posting on eGullet. I have enjoyed so many of Anna's posts and it was wonderful to meet her when she was helping Kerry with the eGullet Chocolate Workshops. Thank you Kerry for the links, I plan to go down those rabbit holes to enjoy and remember all the stories that the two of you have shared with us. My condolences to Anna's family and friends. She was an amazing woman and the world will not be the same without her.
  9. Cool to see him using the same melanger that many of us have gotten from Premier. Interesting flavors and some information on recipe development. @Kerry Beal while their chocolate looks well tempered, they could probably use an EZ Temper to help with their workflow. 🙂 https://youtu.be/E2g-QZG4Vbg?si=pyK4eF2uxU1LTluj
  10. Charelston and Petit Louis Bistro are both Cindy Wolf restaurants. There are a few more restaurants in her restaurant group https://foremanwolf.com/properties/. I haven't has a chance to go but know that her restaurants always get great reviews. I would recommend Bo Brooks for crabs - a wonderful crab house in the Inner Harbor but they closed earlier this year. Harbor Place in the Inner Harbor is not what it once was -- in fact, the mall is a ghost town now, https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/ground-lease-move-is-step-to-revitalize-harborplace/vi-AA1a4ndA?ocid=socialshare If you like trains, the B & O Railroad Museum is a must see. https://www.borail.org/
  11. What flavor of ice cream was this? Do you know how they make the design on the cone? Is the cone flavored too? It looks intriguing and delicious!
  12. Thank you. I ordered the one that I linked to above for $215.
  13. Still haven't had time to open up my broken CSO but found another one at a great price. Still hoping my original CSO can be repaired and then it will be my spare. This company in Canada has CSO's available at approximately $215 USD / $280 CDN - https://www.homecoffeesolutions.com/products/cuisinart-combo-steam-convection-oven-cso-300n1c?_pos=1&_sid=bb587864b&_ss=r
  14. If you set up some watches on ebay you may be able to get a used chocolate melter for $200 - $300. Also look at restaurant auctions.
  15. Yes, I'm hoping it is something easy to fix. Will see if my husband can take it apart and find the problem. In the meantime I'll do some internet searching.
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