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  1. Great question! Sorry I don't know the answer but I agree, would be nice to have small scale automatic wrapping machinery. I would make a lot more caramel and taffy if I could give the wrapping job to a machine!
  2. Quite a selection @Haley! I really like the green one in the front with the two shades of green and a bit of white. Would you please tell us the flavors for all your chocolates.
  3. curls

    wrapping caramels

    I also use cellophane. Purchased mine from Glerup Revere. They work very well and are available in a number of precut sizes. https://glerup.com/shop-now-candy-packaging/confectionery-packaging/candy-cellophane-sheets.html
  4. Ah, sorry, thought I had included the link to the English version of the site. Glad you figured it out. Pretty moulds. I haven’t tried many other mould manufacturers. I like Chocolate World and Callebaut moulds. I would like to try the JKV moulds but haven’t foind a good US distributor. Some of the Italian moulds (Martelleto, Cabrellon, etc.) are good but they seem to make a lot of moulds with interesting shapes that are more prone to trapping air bubbles.
  5. @JoNorvelleWalker you should also consider the Chocolate World polycarbonate moulds (looks like they are calling them injection molds / polycarbonate molds) they have egg, tablet, bar, and many other moulds https://www.chocolateworld.be/winkel/vormen/kadervormen#0. Search their site to find what you want and you can order the mould from Tomric (https://shop.tomric.com/Category/16_1/Chocolate_World_Injection_Molds.aspx) or Chocolat-Chocolat -- they are both distributors of Chocolate World moulds.
  6. Canning jars should work if you don’t want to use foodsaver bags.
  7. Thank you so much for the detailed instructions @patris!
  8. Well that sounds doable! How much water do you put in the Instant Pot? Do you place the packages of white chocolate on a trivet? Natural release or quick release?
  9. @patris do you make your own carmalized white chocolate? If so, would you mind sharing your technique/recipe?
  10. Great setup. So organized! I hope everyone has lot of fun. How are you cutting your marshmallow? Confectionary guitar?
  11. curls


    Not done with chocolate moulds but an example of creating dendrite patterns And some discussion about how to do this in the pastry forum
  12. Gorgeous pottery! I also spy a wonderful collection of custom chocolate dipping bowls and the new dipping wires. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the results of this year's Tonawanda Workshop.
  13. Regular filling of 3D chocolate moulds or do they have some unusual techniques to share?
  14. Yippee, more posts to the hunting blog! 🙂 I really need to follow your lead and make my own egg rolls. Haven't had a really good one from a restaurant in decades -- they may fry them well but they don't fill them with much more than cabbage. The ones I remember enjoying were filled with a nice mix of veggies, shrimp, and meat (probably pork). The coleslaw mix idea sounds like a great shortcut. @Shelby what kind of dipping sauce do you like for your egg rolls? Have a recipe?
  15. I bought mine decades ago and mostly at the outlet store (back when there were true outlet stores). I still use & love my Le Creuset. My favorite colors are the reds/oranges and the blues. If I were buying now I'm not sure what I would get but I'd definitely consider the less expensive options.