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  1. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    Your breakfast sounds yummy. I love the design on the rim of the plate. What is it he image under the quiche?
  2. Jin dipped the leaf stamp into a container with two colors of chocolate & then stamped.
  3. @Smithy most of the decorations that Jin demonstrated for us will be used on various desserts in the Vegas hotels... there are so many hotels & dessert buffets. As for the spirals with alternating strips of chocolate and clear, those are multiple chocolate decorations... the pastry chef will most likely use one chocolate spiral for each dessert.
  4. Photos from Jin's demo at her production kitchen. Jin concentrated on decor since she knew our demo with Melissa Coppel would include airbrushing and bon bon decorations. The entrance all those lovely marble tables & equipment some melters & and the assistants (there were two assistants working on items & helping Jin they day we visited) demo of making various custom transfer sheets making various chocolate cigarettes -- Jin discussed various color & flavor combinations & let us try to make some -- she makes it look so easy! marbling chocolate other decor pieces interesting & fast way to make leaves -- made a cardboard template to stamp these out and the amazing Jin (with @lebowits in the background)
  5. @Shelby those chocolate covered gummy worms are just too cute! :-)
  6. A few photos from the silk screen process & a shot of our most successful print.
  7. I apologize, may be repeating some photos. Here are photos from Jin Ju's chocolate shop. Next batch of photos will be for @Smithy -- the Gully silk screen. Tomorrow (or sometime soon) I will post pictures from our demo with Jin. #JinJuchocoholic
  8. I took a few photos of our Gully silk screen and transfer. Will post them this week.
  9. We made a few chocolates & confections. Will post more photos after I get home.
  10. Busy day today -- I'll share pictures from the beginning & the end. Hopefully some folks will share photos from the rest of the day's adventures. A donut sampling there were two or three more boxes. Quite tasty! Kerry gave a talk about the silk screening process. This is our custom silk screen that we are going to use to make transfer sheets. 10 or so partcipants enjoyed dinner at Bouchon. These photos are from my table of five. Deviled eggs Salad with goat cheese Seared foie gras Onion soup Chicken Lobster risotto Trout Anyone surprised that we didn't order dessert? The dinner was wonderful. Great food & service.
  11. Wonderful demo & tasting with the amazing Melissa Coppel.
  12. A few of us returned to the Vietnamese restaurant (Pho Khin Do) for dinner. Enjoyed two appetizers -- which we forgot to photograph -- and remembered to take pictures after we started on our soups!
  13. All set up & ready to go for Saturday morning kitchen time.
  14. We visited Jin Ju's retail store for a bit of shopping & her production kitchen for a demonstration of chocolate decor. Jin is a wonderful instructor & makes beautiful chocolates. #JinJuchocoholic
  15. Some of the early birds had dinner Wednesday evening at the scenic Mt. Charleston Lodge.