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  1. If anyone is looking for a delicious cup of coffee and a pastry, a number of us from the eGullet Chocolate Workshop enjoyed Comet Coffee. http://cometcoffeestl.com/comet-coffee-the-menu
  2. Adding to the comments, so glad to see you posting again @Panaderia Canadiense! Also, what a lovely cake.
  3. Which Valrhona milk chocolate are you using? I use their Jivara milk chocolate and find it works quite well. Not as easy as a dark chocolate but quite acceptable for ganaches, shelling moulds, and eating.
  4. We have been at other schools where this has not been an issue. But yes, the list has the potential to be quite helpful.
  5. If you wouldn't mind, would you please share your recipe for hard candy? I think the batch size you made at the conference is that "just right" amount. Thanks again for sharing all your knowledge. Hope we see you next year!
  6. Open to other solutions but I don’t think that you can leave chocolate in a melter unattended for several hours and still have it be in temper. As you mentioned, it will over-crystallize and turn to sludge. When I am working with chocolate for several days in a row, I keep my chocolate in the melter overnight at a temperature high enough to keep all the chocolate melted and fluid. In the morning, I temper the chocolate in the melter and make adjustments throughout the day to keep the chocolate in temper.
  7. - chopping ingredients (nuts and other inclusions) - portioning items that can’t be cut with a confectionery guitar (nougat, caramel, etc.)
  8. I gave them chocolates! Wasn’t going to give up my caramel corn. 🙂. Bob thanks for bringing & making the caramel corn. Yum!
  9. Indeed I told them that our group rate / contract included free parking. The annoying bit is I confirmed the free parking when I checked in but they had forgotten all about that when it came to the final bill.
  10. Very true! It is quite helpful that patris’ bowls are narrower at the base. Makes it so much easier to dip when there is just a bit of chocolate in the bottom.
  11. FYI check your hotel bill before you leave. They charged me for parking— a visit to the front desk straightened that up.
  12. And some photos from the last day of the workshop. Today’s lunch Thrilled to use Melissa Coppel’s custom blended dark chocolate for my chocolate hazelnut nougat. Thanks to Melissa for everything she contributed to the conference! Dipped in this pretty bowl that another potter was inspired to make after hearing about @patris‘s amazing chocolate bowls. Chocolates made from the thermoformed moulds. And some general photos of yummyness...
  13. Breakfast at Comet Coffee. This place was recommended by @gfron1 and a number of us stopped in to enjoy their offerings. I’m going to try and stop by tomorrow before my flight home. Wonderful food and delightful employees. This morning mushroom & spinach quiche and a build-your-own cafe au lait.
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