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  1. Can’t you extrapolate based on your current production metrics?
  2. @DJ Silverchild you may want to look at the various Selmi moulding lines. Here is a link to one of them https://www.selmi-group.com/mouldingLine275.html
  3. Paul I’d be happy to give you a few loaves so that I can bake more frequently. 🙂
  4. Another loaf of sourdough bread. Slice thru the center was a bit rough this time. I'm getting better at this... starting in the CSO and finishing in the regular oven to avoid burning the top of the loaf.
  5. Just curious, in your area what regulations do you need to comply with to sell online? Issues that I would have are sales tax collection, approved labeling for my product, working in a licensed kitchen, etc.. Did you build your own website? How many flavors do you plan to have available? Are you supplying flavor guides? What sort of packaging are you using for your chocolates? Interested in how this works in your area. I’m in Virginia and working under the cottage food laws of my county and Commonwealth. This limits me to in person sales but also means that I can work out of my home and don’t need extensive ingredient labelling. So far this works for me. If I want to expand, I’ll need to move beyond the cottage law rules and comply with additional regulations.
  6. If it is too hot I turn on the air conditioner. I wouldn’t want to work with chocolate in a kitchen hotter than 74F / 23C.
  7. @Anthony C based on your response I have another suggestion. To give your customer the colorful chocolates with a bit less work on your part you may want to look into adding a selection of chocolates that uses magnetic moulds and cocoa butter transfer sheets. You’ll have to run the numbers but this may be a way for you to make more pretty chocolates in a lot less time.
  8. Hi Anthony and welcome to eGullet. Pretty looking display and bonbons. As for your questions, I think you need to look a little bit larger picture than can I produce more. It is concerning that you mention that if you increase production by an additional 4,800 bonbons per month that you might actually make some money. So, some questions to ask yourself (and share with us if you feel comfortable). Is your current business profitable? What are your current bottleneck areas? Would it help to add additional staff or equipment to your business? Would having more moulds make your more efficient? Would having more tempered chocolate available each day help or do you have more than enough each day? Do all of your pieces need to be airbrushed? Would adding some other decorative techniques be helpful to your efficiency/cost? How about selling additional products that are not as labor intensive and/or have higher profit margins (barks, pate de fruit, enrobed bonbons (assuming you purchase a guitar & enrober), other enrobed product, bars, panned items). Can you make more product and keep some frozen inventory? I would suggest that you be more strategic. Constantly working long hours on highly repetitive tasks is going to wear you down.
  9. Understandable! Amazing space and hopefully a super place to work.
  10. EZTemper seen and mentioned in a tour of the Modernist Kitchen!!! referenced at about the 23 minute mark They also show a homemade spray booth that looks interesting. I have an EZtemper, wish I had some of the other equipment that is in the Modernist Kitchen. If I win the lottery… enrober, freeze dryer, vacuum sealer, and who knows what else!
  11. Also have him check with Chef’s Warehouse for the Valrhona and Barry Callebaut. AUI for Felchin.
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