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  1. @liamsaunt best of luck making it thru the storm, hope you're soon back to your regular schedule of wonderful meal and beautiful sunsets.
  2. curls

    DARTO pans

    Please report back when you do. Hope you like them.
  3. curls

    DARTO pans

    Started seasoning my 20 using the stovetop method from Serious Eats (https://www.seriouseats.com/2019/06/how-to-season-carbon-steel-pans.html). Liked the way that it looked so switched to the Serious Eats oven method and added seasoning to the 25 & the 20. Here is a picture of the 20 with 6 coats of seasoning (the 25 has more but I've lost count). Will cook on the 20 tomorrow (and clean the cooktop!) and see if it does as well with eggs as the 25. @Hassouni, @j89k, and other new Darto owners how are your pans doing?
  4. Concept sounds similar to a pizza chain restaurant we have in Virginia, Mod Pizza https://modpizza.com/.
  5. @Nickos perhaps you may be interested in the online courses at Savour... a number of people here have taken these online classes and spoken well of them --> http://www.savourschool.com.au/online-classes.aspx What in particular do you want to learn from Ksenia Penkina? Perhaps if we know that, people can provide a better answer to your question.
  6. Looks like the OP x-posted on Facebook and Renee from Chocolat-Chocolat has a packaging solution for him.
  7. Have you checked Nashville Wraps, Gleurp Revere, and ULine? Please let us know where you have oozed so we can suggest other shops.
  8. curls

    DARTO pans

    Started seasoning and using the 25. Was able to cook a sunny side up egg and some potatoes after following one round of the oil, salt, potato skins stove top method. Following up with some thin coats of oil done on the stove top. May try an oven seasoning method on one of the other pans. Really enjoying the Darto pan!
  9. Just wondering how much chocolate you usually work with at one time and how long you want to hold the temper of your chocolate... knowing the answers to this may help us give you better advice. As Jim D. mentions, the Rev 2 machines are very noisy. They also do not hold a lot of chocolate. When I first started, I was given a Rev 2 as a very generous gift from a wonderful and well-meaning person. Honestly, I haven't pulled it out of its box in years. It may be the right solution for you but I would not recommend it for many scenarios. Where do you live? If you're nearby, perhaps you would like to purchase my lightly used Rev2. The larger Rev machines are far more capable and quiet... still, my general recommendation is getting a melter and the EZ Temper.
  10. curls

    DARTO pans

    Mine have arrived! Next, find the time for cleaning, seasoning, and cooking.
  11. curls

    Virginia wineries

    Some great recommendations donk79. To your list I would add the following recommendations: Linden Vineyards and Pearmund.
  12. curls

    DARTO pans

    Haven't gotten mine yet but I also got a DHL shipping notice.
  13. Looks delicious. How was their croissant?
  14. @BVWells wonderful that you will be taking a class with Melissa Coppel! I would suggest that you email her and ask her your question about which class would be the best fit for you. She might have additional questions for you but I suspect that this would be the best way to ensure that you take the right class. Enjoy!
  15. More info about Peter Yuen and his expertise in Viennoiserie, https://pastryartsmag.com/people/peter-yuen-interview/.
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