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  1. When I have frozen spanakopita, I have frozen them pre-cook and that worked out very well. But I make mine with phyllo dough... not sure how well it would work to freeze puff pastry spanakopita pre-cook. They look yummy!
  2. curls

    Breakfast 2021

    Good luck on the move. How does the kitchen in the old place compare to the new place?
  3. Did both boxes ship from the same location? If so, definitely weird that they sent it as two boxes! Your haul looks good.
  4. I'm guessing potatoes were easier than onions.
  5. And to add to Anna's post, a list of links for all the workshops 2009 - 2020 Reports · 2020 workshop Buffalo, New York, USA – postponed due to COVID-19 · 2019 workshop St. Louis, Missouri, USA · 2018 workshop Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada · 2017 workshop Las Vegas, Nevada, USA · 2016 workshop Toronto, Ontario, Canada · 2015 workshop Merrifield, Virginia, USA · 2014 workshop Las Vegas, Nevada, USA · 2013 workshop Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada · 2012 workshop Woo
  6. Quite a few of us met the owner of TCF; he joined us at one of our eGullet chocolate workshops in Vegas. I have also purchased guitar wire from TCF. Got exactly what I ordered and it was shipped quickly. I’ll second Kerry’s recommendation of getting the ends of your metal bars polished if you go the metal bar route.
  7. curls

    Coffee Gator

    I have their french press. I wanted something sturdy and insulated for camping trips. It works great.
  8. sage or marjoram or oregano, chili powder, cumin, salt, black pepper other additions: poblano chiles, jalepeno or serrano chiles, onion, garlic, tomato, cilantro, scallion, lime
  9. Yes that is $30 USD. I could probably get a better and/or cheaper selection of produce by shopping around myself but given these COVID times, this is a great solution. I’m going to the store for the larger / stock up shopping trips and using Misfits/Imperfect to keep fresh produce in the house. I’m also using this as a way to try new (or difficult to obtain) produce. I’m also enjoying the ordering and unboxing — kind of a mystery box with known parameters.
  10. The butternut squash from my Misfits Market box became but-a-nut soup. Great recipe, I'll definitely make this one again. My husband preferred the soup without Vivian Howard's suggested garnish (which included spiced pecans, leeks, and apples). I loved the soup and loved it even more with the suggested garnish. The soup reheats well and we were able to make a few meals from it.
  11. Ha! I wouldn't order the garlic again - it was a very small head of garlic and I paid an extra 50 cents for it. The mango smells good and I have it in the fridge, will try it soon.
  12. Including tax & shipping that box was ~$30.
  13. Instant Pot black beans from Melissa Clark's "Dinner in an Instant". I've made this recipe a few times, I really like the combination of peppers and spices that Melissa Clark recommends adding to the beans.
  14. curls

    Salad 2016 –

    Salad with lettuce, Instant Pot black beans, persimmon, steak, and boiled egg.
  15. The contents of my late December Misfits Market box. Package got lost for a few days and while everything looked great, some of the greens were a bit floppy (they were fine for cooking but not for salads). The mandarin oranges were fantastic. I think I'll give Imperfect a try next.
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