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  1. Maybe they were using it to keep colored cocoa butter and an airbrush warm. Why not ask the other employees or previous confectioner what they used it for.
  2. I canceled my Misfits orders but I have lots of stores nearby that are doing curbside and/or home delivery. Also, I should soon be harvesting salad greens from my garden.
  3. ... My mother, my husband, and I were in Zwolle for a week visiting family so the trip to Hattem was one of many sightseeing trips. Thank you for finding video of the Bakery Museum in Hattem and for providing summaries of the videos in English. Yes, I would definitely recommend that you visit the Hattem museum. The demonstrations and the museum exhibits were very interesting. Lots of old bakery equipment to look at! I did not know about their 2020 expansion - will remember this for when I visit the Netherlands again. I have not been to the theme park in Efteling, perhaps next ti
  4. Thank you so must for taking us along! What a gorgeous sunset! Wishing you safe travels.
  5. Very interesting @CeeCee! I’ll find the time to watch those videos. I vacationed in the Netherlands September 2019 and visited another bakery museum, the one in Hattem. Very interesting museum. The lecture that day was about traditional shapes for special occasion breads. They were also making poffertijes in the attached cafe. https://www.bakkerijmuseum.nl
  6. curls

    Sweet bones

    Would something with the texture of a butterfinger work in this application? There are some good recipes for laminated sugar confections that are enrobed in chocolate to keep the sugar nice and dry.
  7. curls

    Passover 2021

    @Wolf the bitter greens would be fine. One does not serve lamb for a seder dinner (I suggest googling for more detail, probably not appropriate to post here as it would send us into a discussion about religion). Depending on whether or not the diners are Sephardic or Ashkenazi, beans may or may not be ok for Passover (search kitniyot for more information).
  8. What did the cake look like? A one layer round cake with multiple colors? A multi-layer cake? Just in case you are looking for a mad hatter cake, here is a link on how to make them https://www.cakecentral.com/tutorial/20224/how-to-make-a-topsy-turvy-whimsical-cake.
  9. curls

    Flan tin

    WebRestaurant has some cake tins with removable bottoms. https://www.webstaurantstore.com/bakers-mark-9-x-2-aluminum-cheesecake-pan-with-removable-bottom/176RCPAN92A.html I would also recommend checking with JB Prince. https://www.jbprince.com
  10. I've also really enjoyed the Cherry Tomato Baked Feta and have already made two batches of it. 6 ounces of feta to 2 cups of tomatoes is a bit too much feta for me... so for the 2nd batch I went with 3 cups of grape tomatoes to 4 ounces of feta and will probably stay with this new tomato to feta ratio. Like @blue_dolphin I have enjoyed this topped with shrimp. I have also used it with brown rice and chicken. If I have some pre-cooked pasta or rice in the fridge, this tomato-feta-little green dress mix, and some sort of protein, it makes a great dish to take to work and heat in the microwave.
  11. Welcome @jetfin. Looking forward to seeing your CSO, and other, cooks. Did you find the eGullet spreadsheet of CSO cook times and methods? If not, one of us will direct you to the link.
  12. Just a friendly reminder, tomorrow is Pi Day! I’m thinking pizza and a fruit pie... we’ll see what happens.
  13. No idea on the origin but fullproofbaking on Instagram says she first tried this technique in 2018. She offers a recipe and tutorial in this post https://www.instagram.com/p/CK6inzHJ6RA/?igshid=1i47o52pg2jrr
  14. For this morning’s breakfast I topped some sous vide egg bites with my latest batch of little green dress; they worked quite well together. @blue_dolphin your Anchovy Gateway Spaghetti looks great.
  15. The results of yesterday's labor... Little Green Dress. I added a quarter of a lemon from Citrus Shrine to this batch. R-Rated Onions. I'm happy with how they turned out but this batch of onions seemed to take forever to wilt down and caramelize. the beginning starting to wilt starting to brown the end... looking forward to having some of these in the freezer for when the whim to use caramelized onions hits. I ordered the Oxo Good Grips large ice cube trays to store these (trays are scheduled
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