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  1. Who are the lucky master class attendees?
  2. Acorns & Cattails

    From the set of bonus recipes when you ordered directly from Rob... brownies. Sorry it is not a better photo but these are wonderful! Looking forward to sharing with with the folks at work.
  3. When grocery shopping and saw turkey necks and backs for sale at a good price. They came home with me to make turkey soup! turkey parts in the Instant Pot with an onion, bay leaf, carrots, garlic clove, peppercorns, and a healthy pinch of salt. Let it cook on the soup setting for an hour & it went into keep warm mode for about an hour and a half more (was running errands while the IP was doing its thing). soup after its initial cook, then I removed the solids and let it boil on the saute setting to reduce. Separated the turkey meat from the bones and added it back into the reduced soup. Looking forward to turkey soup for lunch a couple of days this week.
  4. Chocolate mold heating

    @Choky no idea how large your planned operation will be... but curious about what other equipment you are considering... continuous tempering unit? cooling tunnel? packaging plans?
  5. Chocolate mold heating

    Joining in - I don't heat my moulds. @Choky are you just curious or are you having some issues with your chocolate that you think may be helped by heating your moulds? We might be able to give you a better answer if we knew more about your question. :-)
  6. Thank you @pastryani! I did use white chocolate with red cocoa butter - add enough and you don't wind up with pink. Just saw that keychris answered too... and guessed correctly.
  7. Valentine's Day is almost here... time to fill the heart moulds!
  8. Looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting some new folks too! Will need to start thinking about techniques & flavors I want to experiment with. Dinner at Lotus sf Siam!!! This is just about perfect... think you can convince @Alleguede to come to Vegas and bake for us? Missing the spread he put out in Toronto!
  9. Tried their Swiss fondue -- quite tasty!
  10. Hmm... they might be better off keeping Tysons and closing the Galleria store. Sur la Table is in Galleria too (I like their selection better than the current Williams Sonoma offerings). Would be nice to see a kitchenware store at Mosaic.
  11. Thanks for the heads up! Did you pick up anything?
  12. Very nice article. I like the plan for your new restaurant and look forward to having dinner at Bulrush! (A trip to St. Lois will be a lot easier than one to Silver City... of course, you may be booked solid.) Best of luck to you Rob.
  13. The Fruitcake Topic

    Kerry, do you add any sort of booze to this fruit cake? Should it be eaten right away or is it best with some aging?
  14. Today's work: chocolate dipped candied orange peel & almond clusters. Today's fun: chocolate dipped pretzels & almond bark.
  15. Kerry those are shiny & gorgeous! What did you fill them with and how large is that mold?